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Providing much-needed health services in central New Zealand: The high rate of teen pregnancies and the lack of sexual health services in their area prompted a group of Taupo residents to take matters into their own hands and establish a local service. O'Connor, Teresa Mar 1, 2020 1562
Parents should talk to youths on sex to abolish taboo notion. Feb 27, 2020 227
Highland Park couple to be honored at Tuned In event. Submitted by David Brimm Feb 17, 2020 243
Access to info helps youth adopt safe sexual behaviour. Feb 6, 2020 223
Mum found out boyfriend is convicted paedophile after he got her pregnant; Lee-Jay Campbell had five previous convictions for breaking his Sexual Offences Prevention Order and failing to comply with the register, having been been convicted of two under age sex offences. By, Ted Davenport & Ryan Merrifield & Gayle McDonald Feb 4, 2020 866
Girls introduced to birth pills at tender age in Kwale - survey. Jan 26, 2020 408
Turkey could introduce new law allowing rapists to marry their underage victims; The "marry your rapist" bill would allow men accused of having sex with underage girls to avoid prosecution if they marry them. Lawmakers are planning to introduce the bill at the end of January. By, Elaine McCahill Jan 24, 2020 360
I didn't realise happening, wasnormal... ten years after her abuser was jailed, one victim tells a court how her life changed. Jan 21, 2020 276
Parent's Perception regarding the Delivery of Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) Education in Secondary Schools in Fiji: A Qualitative Study. Ram, Sharan; Andajani, Sari; Mohammadnezhad, Masoud Report Jan 1, 2020 6310
Interventions for preventing unintended pregnancies among adolescents. Davids, E.L.; Kredo, T.; Mathews, C. Jan 1, 2020 2487
Investing in rural youth in the Asia and the Pacific region. Briones, Roehlano Dec 18, 2019 10033
'She's telling the truth' - father of Andrew's underage sex accuser. LAURA ELSTON Dec 4, 2019 1213
'Form Ni Gani?': Changing the narrative on contraception. Dec 3, 2019 783
He knows the truth, says woman at centre of PrinceAndrewsex scandal. Reuters News Service Dec 2, 2019 609
Effects of a life skills-based sexuality education program on Korean early adolescents. Lee, Gyu-Young; Lee, Da Ye Dec 1, 2019 5077
Netflix and chill?: Exploring and refining differing motivations in friends with benefits relationships. Stein, James B.; Mongeau, Paul; Posteher, Karlee; Veluscek, Alaina Report Dec 1, 2019 8952
Man, 42, accused of teen sex offences. GARETH HUGHES Daily Post Correspondent Nov 28, 2019 104
Andrew resigns as patron of around 230 organisations; The Duke of York is standing back from all of the organisations of which he is a patron after the backlash which followed an interview he gave to BBC's Newsnight programme. SIMON STONE Nov 26, 2019 378
Warning over teenage sex choking trend; Expert blames rise in violent porn. LIZ FARSACI Nov 22, 2019 221
AAP: Emergency Contraception Should be Given to Sexually Active Teens; Pediatricians should provide education, prescription, and/or supply of emergency contraceptive pills for future use. Nov 19, 2019 247
Criticism and mockery greet Duke's bid to squash sex scandal story. Nov 18, 2019 502
Duke's defence attempt 'disaster' Interview on Epstein friendship labelled 'how not to do PR'. DAVID BANNER Nov 18, 2019 360
Duke's defence attempt 'disaster' Interview on Epstein friendship labelled 'how not to do PR'. DAVID BANNER Nov 18, 2019 360
IT WASN'T ME.. I DON'T SWEAT; PRINCE ANDREW DENIES UNDERAGE SEX CLAIMS; Royal claims he wasn't man accused of crime because condition meant he couldn't perspire. John Ferguson Nov 17, 2019 636
This hour-long grilling has simply added fuel to the fire. JENNIE BOND FORMER BBC ROYAL CORRESPONDENT Nov 17, 2019 347
This hour-long grilling has simply added fuel to the fire; BY JENNIE BOND FORMER BBC ROYAL CORRESPONDENT. Nov 17, 2019 340
SA to continue to improve access to reproductive health services. Nov 14, 2019 655
Four face arrest in Epstein under-age sex scandal. Nov 10, 2019 144
The shocking reasons why the number of youngsters self-harming in wealthy Richmond has doubled; The borough also has one of the worst mental wellbeing scores in the capital. Sian Bayley Oct 28, 2019 1037
When children turn baby makers. Oct 27, 2019 813
HPV DNA Identified in Oral Cavity of 6.2 Percent of Teen Girls; Oral HPV detection decreased with number of years since first engaging in sexual activities. Clinical report Oct 25, 2019 249
FBI will launch an inquiry into Andrew's 'link to Epstein'. CHRISTOPHER BUCKTIN, US EDITOR Sep 30, 2019 299
1 in 16 Women Say 1st Sexual Experience Was Forced: Study. Sep 18, 2019 451
Cervical cancer vaccine rollout at month end. Sep 13, 2019 631
EastEnders stalker hell and Emmerdale underage sex shock: Soaps 15 years ago; It was all kicking off on the soaps 15 years ago, as Emmerdale, EastEnders and Coronation Street aired huge surprises. Sep 7, 2019 676
1 in 8 Teen Girls Has Faced 'Reproductive Coercion'. McKiski, Kayla Aug 23, 2019 608
Teenager imported police-style batons. Aug 19, 2019 240
Sex offender back at court after ordering 'police style batons' from Chinese website; Regan James John Charlton bought the "extendable batons" from a website on December 12, last year. Aug 18, 2019 321
How could Andy paedo pal be allowed to die? Conspiracy claims as billionaire e is found hanged in his jail cell; Victim tells of anger pervert won't be tried. Aug 11, 2019 905
Andy's paedo pal feared for his life; Conspiracy claims as billionaire e is found hanged in his jail cell; Victim tells of anger pervert won't be tried. Aug 11, 2019 892
Second sex claim against Prince Andy A SECOND woman [...]. Aug 10, 2019 160
Interventions Aimed At Parents And Kids Boost Safe Sex Practices. Jul 29, 2019 828
West Pokot youths plan to reduce teen pregnancies. Jul 29, 2019 441
British socialite's legal bid to keep 'sex slave' documents under wraps. Jul 25, 2019 190
British socialite's legal bid to keep 'sex slave' documents under wraps. Jul 25, 2019 191
British socialite's legal bid to keep 'sex slave' documents under wraps. Jul 25, 2019 190
British socialite's legal bid to keep 'sex slave' documents under wraps. Jul 25, 2019 190
British socialite's legal bid to keep 'sex slave' documents under wraps. Jul 25, 2019 187
Sick Epstein's ex bids to halt case release. Jul 22, 2019 122
Sick Epstein's ex bids [...]. Jul 22, 2019 122
Sick Epstein's ex bids to [...]. Jul 22, 2019 122
Farmhand avoids jail over teen sex raps; Accused, 27, preyed on 15-year-old. Jul 17, 2019 337
Almaty police detain disabled woman protesting alone against Dariga Nazarbayeva. Jul 10, 2019 128
Belief Sex-Ed fuels premature sexual habits misleading. Jul 5, 2019 284
We're burying our heads in the sand on matters teen sex. Jul 5, 2019 778
Teacher is cleared of having sex with teen. Jun 27, 2019 232
Hopes and fears for young people. Jun 26, 2019 730
California Police Officer Arrested For Seeking Underage Sex. Jun 12, 2019 298
Early Marriage, Cohabitation, and Childbearing in West Africa. Avogo, Winfred A.; Somefun, Oluwaseyi D. Jun 1, 2019 6901
Views of Service Providers and Adolescents on Use of Sexual and Reproductive Health Services by Adolescents: A Systematic Review. Onukwugha, Franklin I.; Hayter, Mark; Magadi, Monica A. Report Jun 1, 2019 7348
... OR TO HAVE SEX! Brown, Elizabeth Nolan May 29, 2019 673
Girl's horror as dad gets herpes after she uses his razor - and her mum leaves him; Her dad is unable to explain how he got herpes, and her mum assumes he's been unfaithful. May 19, 2019 483
Rolling Stones filthiest sex scandals revealed - threesomes, teen sex and sharing women; Brian Jones, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts, and Ian Stewart certainly had a racy past. May 4, 2019 603
19-year-old accused of inciting teen girl into sexual activity; FORMER TEACHING ASSISTANT DENIES THREE CHARGES. May 2, 2019 161
Teen sex attack victim urges others to install life-saving SOS app. Apr 26, 2019 359
A trend analysis of sexual health behaviours of a national sample of Canadian adolescents using HBSC data from 2002-2014. Havaei, Farinaz; Doull, Marion; Saewyc, Elizabeth Report Apr 1, 2019 7333
A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Epidemiology of Risky Sexual Behaviors in College and University Students in Ethiopia, 2018. Amare, Tadele; Yeneabat, Tebikew; Amare, Yohannes Apr 1, 2019 4395
I just want to give my Wesley the resting place he deserves; mum's appeal for special headstone for 11-year-old killed by sex offender. Mar 27, 2019 480
Kenya dilly-dallies on sex education as other countries reap the benefits. Mar 22, 2019 650
Bryan Singer fired from 'Red Sonja' remake. Mar 17, 2019 368
Former Band Director Sexually Assaulted Student, Jailed Without Bond. Mar 8, 2019 514
Perceptions about abortion among college going late adolescent girls of Ranchi Women's College, Ranchi, Jharkhand--A pilot study. Yasmin, Erum; Kashyap, Vivek Survey Mar 1, 2019 2686
Tanaka's African mission for health awareness. Feb 20, 2019 441
'TEEN SEX TEACHER' ON 4 NEW CHARGES; Court told accused said she 'met alleged victim in over-18s club'. Feb 14, 2019 382
Is an IUD a good contraceptive choice for a never sexually active teen? Jan 1, 2019 825
EDITORIAL. Mitchem, Stephanie Y. Editorial Dec 1, 2018 676
Good parenting the only way out of teenage pregnancy menace. Nov 29, 2018 523
Let's replace obsession with Vera-Otile drama with candid talk on teenage sex. Nov 23, 2018 534
Unpacking the 2-year age-gap provision in relation to the decriminalisation of underage consensual sex in South Africa. Essack, Z.; Toohey, J. Report Nov 1, 2018 3103
New Name, Same Harm: Rebranding of Federal Abstinence-Only Programs. Boyer, Jesseca Nov 1, 2018 3523
Teenage sex slave's torment after 'rapist who got her pregnant takes her to court for say in son's care'; The woman says for 12 years she was kept as a sex slave, forced to have eight abortions, was beaten and given sedatives. Oct 28, 2018 616
Sexuality Now: Embracing Diversity, 6th Edition. Brief article Oct 1, 2018 141
Sexuality in Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood. Brief article Oct 1, 2018 119
Trends in adolescent sexual behavior, health, and education: A conversation with Laura Lindberg. Heller, Rafael Interview Oct 1, 2018 3140
EATING with My Ex, the Bafta-nominated [...]. Sep 14, 2018 194
'Your mother thinks you're a boy.. I know you're a man' UNDERAGE SEX TRIAL; Teen tells court how woman, 59, came on to him. Sep 5, 2018 570
Young population, sexually-transmitted diseases and rights. National and regional scenario in Argentina. Di Marco, Martin Hernan; Ferraris, Sabrina; Langsam, Martin Sep 1, 2018 6969
Experiment and learning in the affective and sexual life of young women from a favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with experience of clandestine abortion. Ferrari, Wendell; Peres, Simone; Nascimento, Marcos Sep 1, 2018 8032
Teen Sexual Violence: 'You Don't Want to Go There'. Rollins, Judy A. Editorial Sep 1, 2018 1258
Sexuality in Schooled Men Adolescents: A Comparative Analysis between Public and Private Institutions in Colombia/Sexualidad en hombres adolescentes escolarizados: un analisis comparative entre instituciones publicas y privadas en Colombia.... Orcasita, Linda Teresa; Palma, Diana; Sadeghian, Hesam Camilo; Villafane, Alejandra; Sanchez, Diana Sep 1, 2018 8418
#MeToo scandal lad 'ashamed to speak out before'. Aug 23, 2018 163
#MeToo scandal lad 'ashamed to speak out before'. Aug 23, 2018 163
HPV Legislation Doesn't Impact Teen Sexual Behaviors; No substantive or significant associations between HPV legislation and adolescent sexual behaviors. Aug 15, 2018 215
Paedo-sting dwarf killer is back in jail. Aug 12, 2018 136
Chester woman returns from Nepal on a mission; Anna Ashbarry, 23, helped educate young people on sexual health matters. Aug 8, 2018 637
What do South African adolescents want in a sexual health service? Evidence from the South African Studies on HIV in Adolescents (SASHA) project. Smith, P.; Marcus, R.; Bennie, T.; Nkala, B.; Nchabeleng, M.; Latka, M.H.; Gray, G.; Wallace, M.; Be Report Aug 1, 2018 4885
Anti-climactic: Investigating how late adolescents perceive and deal with orgasm difficulty in the context of their intimate relationships. Cormier, Lauren A.; O'Sullivan, Lucia F. Report Aug 1, 2018 10418
Capital boy charged for underage sex. Jul 30, 2018 244
483 HIV cases registered in Caraga region. Jul 27, 2018 375
Carter, T. E.: I Stop Somewhere. Hollindale, Peter Book review Jun 22, 2018 346
Hats off to Jilly for a Jolly Super and unbeatable sex education. Jun 9, 2018 1431
Why I don't envy today's generation of teens as they navigate sex education -- Carolyn Hitt; The days of traditional sex education are 'long gone'. Jun 9, 2018 1424
The economic imperative of protecting women's health. May 28, 2018 824
Youth leadership training reels off in Caraga region. May 24, 2018 470
The economic imperative of protecting women's health. May 18, 2018 820
County first ladies, Red Cross sign MoU on menstrual hygiene management. Apr 19, 2018 288
Sex health clinic saw 362 children in 12 months; NEWS WIRE. Apr 18, 2018 121
Quest Survey Suggests Beliefs about STD Risk, Poor Physician-Patient Communication May Impede Screening in Young Women. Apr 16, 2018 445
Schoolgirls of 12 get contraceptive implants on NHS; 'It exposes kids to exploitation'. Apr 16, 2018 238
Quest Survey Suggests Beliefs about STD Risk, Poor Physician-Patient Communication May Impede Screening in Young Women. Apr 12, 2018 445
The birds and the bees talk with LGBTQ teens. Apr 6, 2018 276
27 months for man who had sex with teen; CLAIMED HE SLEEPWALKED INTO BOY'S BED. Apr 5, 2018 457
THE TEEN SEX TRADE: My Story: JADE BROOKS. Tremblay, Lisa Book review Mar 22, 2018 315
Daughter of Telford child sex victim wants to be a 'voice' for her mum and demands investigation into murderer dad; Tasnim Lowe, 18, appeared on Good Morning Britain today and spoke about her dad Azhar Ali Mehmood, who is due for release after killing mum Lucy. Mar 15, 2018 767
Former NASCAR Driver Arrested For Attempting Underage Sex. Mar 5, 2018 248
Talking about teen sex. Mar 2, 2018 719
Undergraduate student's knowledge regarding benefits of using contraceptives. Chandrarekha, Ngathem; Kumar, Atul; Venakateshan, Mahalingam Report Mar 1, 2018 2220
Giving Young People a Seat at the Table: The Advocates for Youth Experience. Noone, Foster Mar 1, 2018 1340
Social Norms and Adolescents' Sexual Health: An Introduction for Practitioners Working in Low and Mid-income African countries. Cislaghi, Beniamino; Shakya, Holly Report Mar 1, 2018 5244
Reaching Urban Female Adolescents at Key Points of Sexual and Reproductive Health Transitions: Evidence from a Longitudinal Study from Kenya. Speizer, Ilene S.; Calhoun, Lisa M.; Guilkey, David K. Mar 1, 2018 8607
New Name, Same Harm: Rebranding of Federal Abstinence-Only Programs. Boyer, Jesseca Feb 28, 2018 3510
Oxfam releases report into aid worker sex scandal. Feb 20, 2018 258
Warning on abuse staff was ignored. Feb 19, 2018 117
Anal Sex Nearly Triples Among Heterosexual Young Adults, Study Finds. Feb 9, 2018 730
App offers help on sex health. Feb 7, 2018 172
Pervert jailed for teen sex messages. Feb 7, 2018 126
Telephone app aids teen sexual health. Feb 7, 2018 171
Emerging pathogens and antibiotic resistance make STIs an urgent challenge. Bhattacharya, Anjana Feb 1, 2018 960
1,000 Kids Charged For Facebook Messaging Underage Sex Video. Joe Difazio Jan 17, 2018 314
Sexual Intercourse Among High School Students--29 States and United States Overall, 2005-2015. Ethier, Kathleen A.; Kann, Laura; McManus, Timothy Jan 5, 2018 3065
Association between the risk of alcohol use and unprotected sex in adolescents in a city in the southern region of Brazil. Dallo, Luana; Martins, Raul Aracao Jan 1, 2018 6154
Feasibility and Efficacy of a Student Nurse-Delivered, Parent-Based Sexual Health Curriculum in Underserved Communities: A Pilot Randomized-Controlled Trial. Maria, Diane Santa; Reagan, Evan; Markham, Christine; Guilamo-Ramos, Vincent; Cron, Stanley Report Jan 1, 2018 4195
Parents' Experiences and Sexual Topics Discussed with Adolescents in the Accra Metropolis, Ghana: A Qualitative Study. Baku, Elizabeth AKu; Agbemafle, Isaac; Kotoh, Agnes Millicent; Adanu, Richard M.K. Report Jan 1, 2018 9989
'Toddlers too young to learn about sex' REPORT SAYS KIDS AS YOUNG AS THREE SHOULD BE TAUGHT ABOUT SEXUALITY. Dec 28, 2017 536
Dolphins. Uroff, Catherine Short story Dec 22, 2017 4988
Erectile dysfunction may up heart disease risk in young men. Dec 16, 2017 366
'Toddlers too young to learn about sex'. Dec 14, 2017 532
Addressing sexual health with teens must be a priority. Lacy, Ian Clinical report Dec 1, 2017 1262
Gendered risk factors associated with self-harm mortality among youth in South Africa, 2006-2014. de Wet, N. Report Dec 1, 2017 4257
Sex education is not at all comprehensive. Nov 24, 2017 146
Addressing sexual health with teens must be a priority. Lacy, Ian Nov 15, 2017 961
Practical solutions to improve sexual health care. Curran, Kelly Nov 15, 2017 296
Factors associated with first sexual intercourse among mothers with 14-16 years of age from Porto Alegre/RS, Brazil. Spinola, Mara Cristiany Rodrigues; Beria, Jorge Umberto; Schermann, Ligia Braun Nov 1, 2017 4692
BLIZZARD. Russell, Josh Short story Sep 22, 2017 383
Strengthening Youth Friendly Health Services through Expanding Method Choice to include Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptives for Ethiopian Youth. Fikree, Fariyal F.; Abshiro, Worknesh K.; Mai, Murtala M.; Hagos, Kidest L.; Asnake, Mengistu Report Sep 1, 2017 6610
Facilitating access to adolescent sexual and reproductive health services through legislative reform: lessons from the South African experience. Strode, A.; Essack, Z. Sep 1, 2017 4163
New allegation of underage sex and physical abuse against R Kelly. Aug 23, 2017 388
Who Is Jerhonda Pace? R. Kelly Facing New Accusations Of Underage Sex. Aug 23, 2017 707
UK lotto winner accused of underage sex with Irish teen; Court told millionaire recorded assaults. Jul 19, 2017 372
Millennial student embarrassment toward condom purchase/acquisition. Yannessa, John F.; Dunn, Michael S.; Yansick, Kristen; Jordan, Danielle Jun 22, 2017 3201
5 years jail for shamed ex BBC radio DJs. Jun 10, 2017 860
Effect of pornography on sexual beliefs and behaviors. DasGupta, Bikram Report Jun 1, 2017 5838
Analysis of Korean adolescents' sexual experience and substance use. Lee, Gyu-Young; Choi, Yun-Jung Report Jun 1, 2017 3768
Effects of adolescent smartphone addiction on cybersexual delinquency. Choi, Jin; Choi, Ok-joo; Kim, Joon-ho Report Jun 1, 2017 4786
Irish guys are going there for underage sex.. they'll come back and abuse children here; PRIEST WARNS OF THREAT LURKING IN PHILIPPINES; EXCLUSIVE. May 29, 2017 946
King charged with 18 teen sex attacks. May 26, 2017 125
Catalogue of failings which allowed brothers to carry on years of abuse; EXCLUSIVE. May 16, 2017 1182
Man on trial for underage sex. May 3, 2017 179
Understanding the sexuality and sexual health of Muslim young people in Canada and other Western countries: A scoping review of research literature. Wong, Josephine Pui-Hing; Macpherson, Fraser; Vahabi, Mandana; Li, Alan Apr 1, 2017 9111
Religious control and young people: comprehensive sexuality education in Bangladesh and India. Cader, Azra Abdul Mar 1, 2017 3997
Prevalence and correlates of adult attention deficit disorder (ADHD) among college going young adult males with risky sexual behaviour. Kumar, Shankar; Pandiyan, Kasthuri; Huilgol, Varun; Hongally, Chandrashekar Report Feb 27, 2017 2134
Legal Child Prostitution In California? Jan 4, 2017 407
Change the context not the girls: A critical analysis of efforts to reduce teenage pregnancy in Sierra Leone. Denney, Lisa; Gordon, Rachel; Kamara, Aminata; Lebby, Precious Report Jan 1, 2017 18587
Reproductive and sexual health awareness among adolescent girls: a micro study in Churachandpur District of Manipur. Nembiakkim, Rose Jan 1, 2017 6208
"I definitely want grandbabies": caregivers of adolescents with perinatally-acquired HIV reflect on dating and childbearing. Fair, Cynthia D.; Albright, Jamie N.; Clark, Devon M.; Houpt, Bethany Report Dec 1, 2016 5275
Soldier faces underage sex charges. Oct 7, 2016 122
Clifford cleared of teen sex attack; UK BULLETINS. Jul 8, 2016 108
PSNI HUNT MISSING TEEN SEX OFFENDER; 19-year-old with Irish links on run after bail breach. Jul 4, 2016 233
Dominios culturales de Salud Sexual y Virus del Papiloma Humano en adolescentes mexicanos. Palacios Rodriguez, Oscar Alejandro; Mendez Martinez, Silvia Larisa; Galarza Tejada, Dulce Maria; To Jul 1, 2016 7819
Prince William Graces Cover Of Gay Magazine. Jun 15, 2016 275
Self-efficacy mediates the association between partner trust and condom usage among females but not males in a Kenyan cohort of orphan and vulnerable youth. Goodman, Michael L.; Harrell, Melissa B.; Gitari, Stanley; Keiser, Philip H.; Raimer-Goodman, Lauren Report Jun 1, 2016 5521
Sexual health services are vital for Scots teens. Apr 7, 2016 208
What do adolescents with developmental disabilities learn about sexuality and dating? A potential role for occupational therapy. Krantz, Grace; Tolan, Veronica; Pontarelli, Kimmi; Cahill, Susan M. Report Mar 22, 2016 6754
Amendments to the Sexual Offences Act dealing with consensual underage sex: implications for doctors and researchers. Bhamjee, S.; Essack, Z.; Strode, A.E. Mar 1, 2016 3199
Tony Blackburn: BBC's memos are part of the whitewash & cover-up; DJ says he has no reason to lie about meetings over teen sex allegations. Feb 27, 2016 523
Adam cheated with other women... now we've split Sobbing girlfriend reveals break-up at football star's underage sex trial. Feb 26, 2016 424
Adam cheated with other women... now we've split; Sobbing girlfriend reveals break-up at football star's underage sex trial. Feb 26, 2016 423
No truth in teen sex claims, says teacher; Rape accused tells jury alleged victim had been blackmailing him and asked for PS200k. Feb 17, 2016 757
Sex ed lacking: CDC report. DeNisco, Alison Feb 1, 2016 430
Council Outlines Changes In Egyptian Youth's Sexual Health. Jan 19, 2016 1447
Matching Ode. Olds, Sharon Poem Jan 1, 2016 404
Demographic-socioeconomic profile and sexual behavior of pregnant adolescents in a city in northeastern Brazil/ Perfil demografico, socioeconomico e comportamento sexual de adolescentes gravidas de um municipio do nordeste brasileiro. Menezes, Layla Melize Santos; Delmondes, Leda Maria; Vieira, Igor Soares Jan 1, 2016 4548
Risky sexual behaviors and associated factors among Jiga High School and preparatory school students, Amhara Region, Ethiopia. Kassa, Getachew Mullu; Degu, Genet; Yitayew, Meseret; Misganaw, Worku; Muche, Mikiyas; Demelash, Tig Report Jan 1, 2016 5136
Criminal or gullible? Underage sex. Skenazy, Lenore Brief article Dec 25, 2015 272
Correlations between risky sexual behavior and parental communication among youth in Dilla town, Gedeo Zone, south Ethiopia. Abosetugn, Akine Eshete; Zergaw, Ababi; Tadesse, Henok; Addisu, Yohannes Clinical report Dec 1, 2015 8563
How reliable are reports of early adolescent reproductive and sexual health events in demographic and health surveys? Neal, Sarah E.; Hosegood, Victoria Report Dec 1, 2015 6827
'I was completely innocent of teenage sex charges yet branded a paedophile...'. Oct 22, 2015 662
Smart take on underage sex; MOVIES. Aug 2, 2015 112
Smart take on underage sex; MOVIES. Aug 2, 2015 112
Smart take on underage sex; MOVIES. Aug 2, 2015 112
'Underage sex' novel sent to Eisteddfod; POLICE INVESTIGATE 'OBSCENE' ENTRY FOR PS5,000 PRIZE. Aug 1, 2015 446
PR guru on teen sex rap. Jul 22, 2015 176
Rugby League player at centre of teen sex claims; 24-year-old left out of team to face Giants. Jul 6, 2015 470
At-risk "sex" teens respond to health texts. Brief article Jul 1, 2015 149
Unmet needs of adolescent and young people's sexual and reproductive health in Iran. Khalajabadi-Farahani, Farideh Jul 1, 2015 1140
Sexual behavior of street children/Seksualno ponasanje "dece ulice". Stojadinovic, Aleksandra; Batrnek Antonic, Daliborka; Perinovic, Marija; Roncevic, Nevenka Report Jul 1, 2015 3811
Head found guilty of under-age sex. Jun 24, 2015 459
Top head convicted of underage sex. Jun 24, 2015 204
Stanley headteacher Anne Lakey found guilty of indecently assaulting teenage boys; Lakey, 55, from Stanley in County Durham, had denied having sex with two underage boys in the 1980s at a Middlesbrough Crown Court trial. Jun 23, 2015 853
Sexuality information and education council of the U.S. applauds updated National HIV/AIDS Strategy: strategy recognizes sexuality education as a critical component of HIV prevention. Jun 22, 2015 338
Stanley teacher Anne Lakey tells court sex claims have left her devastated; Nationally-acclaimed teacher Anne Lakey denies a total of 13 counts of indecent assault on two teenage boys over a three year period. Jun 17, 2015 705
Anne Lakey trial: Headteacher accused of having sex with pupils was 'an inspiration', court hears; Anne Lakey, 55, denies a total of 13 counts of indecent assault on a boy aged 13 or 14 and another boy aged 15 when she was a history and RE teacher. Jun 17, 2015 434
Dynamic relationships between parental monitoring, peer risk involvement and sexual risk behavior among Bahamian mid-adolescents. Wang, Bo; Stanton, Bonita; Deveaux, Lynette; Li, Xiaoming; Lunn, Sonja Report Jun 1, 2015 7468
Curious about S-E-X. Weston, Carol Brief article Jun 1, 2015 190
Underage sex accused footballer in court switch. May 16, 2015 250
TOE THE LINE; HIBS ON TOUR GAFFER WARNS STARLET Stubbs orders Cummings to change his ways after Hibs kid was caught up in under-age sex party storm. May 12, 2015 1007
Snooker club shut after being used for underage sex. May 9, 2015 543
It's complicated: beyond the hookup culture: taking initiative and mitigating risk. Wallace, Stephen Gray May 1, 2015 3041
CDC: LARC is preferred contraceptive for teens. Chitnis, Deepak May 1, 2015 708
Demystifying data to advocate for young people's sexual and reproductive health. Brief article May 1, 2015 214
Underage sex charges for star. Apr 24, 2015 459
FOOTY ACE CHARGED; Three counts of sexual activity with a child Underage sex charges for Cats player Johnson. Apr 24, 2015 365
Underage sex verdict due. Apr 15, 2015 147
Andrew is still facing cop probe over teen sex claims; Judge ban on papers being public. Apr 13, 2015 403
Andrew is still facing cop probe over teen sex claims; Prince could be quizzed as witness. Apr 13, 2015 404
Early sexual debut: voluntary or coerced? Evidence from longitudinal data in South Africa--the birth to twenty plus study. Richter, L.; Mabaso, M.; Ramjith, J.; Norris, S.A. Report Apr 1, 2015 3292
CITY SOCIAL WORKER TO FACE TEEN SEX CHARGE; Claims of "inappropriate behaviour". Mar 18, 2015 285
Intersectorality as a strategy for promoting adolescent sexual and reproductive health/A intersetorialidade como estrategia para promocao da saude sexual e reprodutiva dos adolescentes/La intersectorialidad como una estrategia para promover la salud sexual y reproductiva de los adolescentes. Higa, Elza de Fatima Ribeiro; Bertolin, Fernando Henrique; Maringolo, Larissa Fernandes; Ribeiro, Th Medical condition overview Mar 15, 2015 6162
Footballer held 'over underage sex' UK BULLETINS. Mar 3, 2015 116
Low levels of sexual and reproductive health knowledge found among students in Sri Lanka. Melhado, L. Report Mar 1, 2015 983
Newcastle teenage sex victim should be placed in secure accommodation for own safety; Judge said 17-year-old girl from Newcastle had been a 'very significant victim of child sexual exploitation'. Feb 26, 2015 712
Cop team snapped him at an underage sex den; EXCLUSIVE. Jan 25, 2015 343
Prince Andrew denies under-age sex claims. Jan 23, 2015 351
Duke denies under-age sex allegations. Jan 23, 2015 196
Duke speaks out on under-age sex claims; Prince starts speech by denying sex allegations. Jan 23, 2015 649
ANDREW: I STAND BY PALACE DENIAL; HITTING BACK AS ACCUSER HITS OUT Prince speaks publicly for first time about 'underage sex slave' scandal in Swiss speech to business leaders. Jan 23, 2015 526
Prince Andrew's Sex Scandal With Teenage Sex Slaves, Duke Of York Denies All Allegations. Jan 14, 2015 396
Lawyers sue for defamation in Andrew'under-age sex'case; ROYALTY. Jan 8, 2015 103
RED ROCK SHOCK; Murder, underage sex and family fights as 'realistic and authentic' new soap explodes on to screens. Jan 8, 2015 417
Duke to 'push on' despite underage sex controversy. Jan 6, 2015 501
UK's Prince Andrew steps up denial of underage sex -- newspapers. Jan 4, 2015 377
Conducting ethical sexuality research with children and young people: Tensions, ambiguities and contradictions. Moore, Allison Jan 1, 2015 7262
Let's talk about sex: parents' and teens' comfort levels during these discussions. Thompson, Sharon H.; Yannessa, John F.; McGough, Fredanna M.; Dunn, Michael S.; Duffy, Jennifer L. Jan 1, 2015 7211
Knowledge and practice regarding contraception and population control among higher secondary school students in Ahmedabad. Thaker, Ravi B.; Patel, Jitendra R.; Desai, Rajesh M.; Parmar, Jasmin J. Report Jan 1, 2015 2507
Message from the president. Rodriguez, Monica Jan 1, 2015 385
President's fiscal year 2016 budget shows strong support for effective adolescent sexual health promotion programs. Jan 1, 2015 255
Federal Funding Available for Adolescent Sexual Health Promotion. Jan 1, 2015 136
Parents' under-age sex fears. Dec 14, 2014 104
Perceived risk and condom use among adolescents in sub-Saharan Africa: a latent class analysis. Cederbaum, Julie A.; Gilreath, Tamika D.; Barman-Adhikari, Anamika Report Dec 1, 2014 4245
Client and provider perspectives on adolescent reproductive and sexual health services in India. Dec 1, 2014 982
Alcohol and sexual health in young people: the role of PSHE. Rowlinson, Louise Report Dec 1, 2014 4005
Perspectives on "pornography": exploring sexually explicit internet movies' influences on Canadian young adults' holistic sexual health. Hare, Kathleen; Gahagan, Jacqueline; Jackson, Lois; Steenbeek, Audrey Report Dec 1, 2014 8825
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My dad's pal groomed me for sex at 13 ...but the law is powerless to touch him; TEENAGE SEX VICTIMS WHO ARE DENIED JUSTICE; Woman abused as a girl describes ordeal; EXCLUSIVE. May 26, 2014 1175
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Underage sex suspects to remain in custody. May 7, 2014 306
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Teens' app for sexual health. Mar 1, 2014 279
Teen gamblers more likely to indulge in sex. Feb 26, 2014 245
Charlotte admits her regrets on being a teen sex symbol. Feb 18, 2014 733
Trial of Ribery, Benzema over 'under-age sex' charges begins in Paris. Jan 21, 2014 267
Pre-teen sex abuse up 4%. Jan 13, 2014 134
Sexting among early teens could lead to risky sexual behaviors in future. Jan 7, 2014 206
President's fiscal year 2015 budget continues investment in adolescent sexual health promotion programs. Jan 1, 2014 329
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Police say sorry over teen sex abuse probe. Nov 9, 2013 145
At age of 22, she posed as a teenage sex abuse victim called Dakota Johnson.. TROUBLED PAST OF MYSTERY OZ GIRL. Nov 8, 2013 983
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