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Teen-agers share a big room. Each has one side of partition.

"The girls are so close in age that we wanted them to experience sharing a room, yet we also recognized their neer for privacy," explained Candy and Kenneth caldwell of Lafayette. California.

Architect Donald King met this challenge when he added onto the family's 26-year old house. AT the end of a hallway, he designed a foyer and a partioned room for Lindsey, 13, and Pam, 15. The partition wall rises to the ridge of the peaked redwood is a mirror image of the other. Different color schemes and beds personalize each side.

on both sides of the dividing wall, three 9-foot-long shelves and a desk provide display and work space for each girl. Incandescent showcase bulbs under each bottom shelf illuminate the desk top. Cork boards glued above the desks are handy for pin-ups. A two-drawer unit for papers and art supplies fits under each desk.

In the foyer, the girls share a large custom-built cabinet for books, magazines, record albums, and games.

Each daughter enjoys a cushioned window seat overlooking a wooded hillside. To ward off the winter chill transmitted through the glass, small electrical heaters were mounted just below the windowsill and disguised by fascia boards. The heaters operate from wall switches. Under the window seats are storage drawers for extra bedding.
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Date:Jul 1, 1984
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