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Teen mauled by croc after creek 'dare'.


A BRITISH backpacker watched in horror as a teenager was mauled by a crocodile after jumping into an infested river.

Sophie Paterson said Lee De Paauw had been bragging about swimming in the creek before he dived in.

The 18-year-old suffered multiple fractures and wounds when he was tossed about by the 10ft crocodile.

He escaped by repeatedly punching the croc in the Johnstone River in north Queensland, Australia.

Sophie, 24, of Yeovil, Somerset, said: "He was talking about the local creek, saying, 'I can swim out' and so we said, 'Go on then'. But we didn't think he would do it."

Lee was taken to hospital, where he had surgery to save his arm. It is now hoped he will make a full recovery.

Officials said the crocodile would be removed from the creek.



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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Geographic Code:8AUST
Date:Mar 20, 2017
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