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Teen Life resources from A to Z.

For more information related to the A-to-Z news articles featured in this issue, check out the following Web sites:

A Achy Feet

* For more information about flip-flops and foot pain, read the press release from the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons at: press-releases/conditions/prachingheels.htm

* This site features a fascinating look at the history of sandals, including flip-flops:

B Basketball

* Read about the Johns Hopkins University students and their basketball invention. Go to the Johns Hopkins Gazette's Web site:

* One of the first games ever adapted for blind players by using sound was "beep baseball." The National Beep Baseball Association's Web site provides a history of the game. It includes information on how it's played, and even features a beep baseball hall of fame:

* For information about the science of blindness, visit the Web site of the American Foundation for the Blind:

C Condiments

* Read how rosemary's antioxidant power can help get rid of cancer-causing compounds in meat. Visit: art.asp?articlekey=47599

* Herbs aren't the only foods that contain antioxidants. Read about the top 20 antioxidant-rich foods at: nutrition/May05BerriesBeans.htm

* Learn how cooking certain meats at high temperatures could create cancer-causing chemicals. Go to: Risk/heterocyclic-amines

D Dazzling!

* The American Dental Association has basic' information about teeth whitening. Visit:

* Teens can learn how to take better care of their teeth at:

* This Web site has full information about oral hygiene. Includes a hands-on experiment on how fluoride works:

E Ewww!

* To read about the pillow-fungus research, go to the University of Manchester press release: pressreleases/pillows/

* This Web site is full of fungus fun! The site, created by the Virtual Museum of Canada, features activities and fungus facts: Mushroom/English/index2.html

* This Web site from the Mayo Clinic shows how to allergy-proof your house:

F Fizzy Fruit

* The Fizzy Fruit Company's Web site includes more information about their product. Go to:

* To read a news article about how Fizzy Fruit was invented, check out:

* Here's a fun hands-on activity to help students learn how carbon dioxide adds fizz to soda: wondernetdisplay.html?DOC=wondernet% 5Cactivities%5Csoda%5Cpasta.html

G Glow

* For more on how human hands emit light, check out this news story.: 20050905/handlight.html

* Discover what makes fireflies glow at this Ohio Slate University Web site: projects/FFiles/

* Visit this Web site from the San Diego Natural History Museum to learn about organisms that make their own light:

H Headache Help

* Here are two articles about how acupuncture helps ease headaches and other body pain: 2004-03-03-acupuncture-blood-usat_x.htm

* For information about acupuncture, visit The American Academy of Medical Acupuncture's Web learning center. Go to:

* Get the scoop on different types of headaches--from stress to migraine headaches--at this teen-friendly site:

I Itsy Bitsy

* You can read more about the Uni-ball Signo pen at:

* Learn about nanotechnology, including nano-products, and play the fun and educational "Nanoland" game at:

* Visit the Museum of Writing's Web site to see some examples of early writing instruments:

J Justice

* You can read the press release from the California Stale Senate about Paula Abdul testifying in support of a bill to protect manicure and pedicure consumers at this Web site: a12/press/p122005058.htm

* The press release on the outcome of the senate vole is located at this Web site: members/a12/press/p122005103.htm

* Activity idea: Have your students read the above press releases. Then, stage a debate on the outcome of the bill.

* Students can learn about the science of fingernails at:

* For information on how to protect yourself at nail salons, go to:

K Kick!

* To read a news article along with a chart on high school sports' participation, go to this ESPN Web site:

* Teens can get tips on how to handle the pressures related to playing competitive sports at: sports/sports_pressure.html

* This Family Education Web site contains lots of articles about teens and spot-Is, including girls in extreme sports:

L Linguini

* Here's a news article about the ancient noodles found in China: science/nature/4335160.stm

* China holds another record for noodles. Go to the following site to read how one young chef stretched just one kilogram of dough into 2,852 kilometers of noodles: asiapcf/east/05/10/china.noodles/

* Learn about the different types of food eaten around the world, and read about the foods' nutritional value and history at:

M Movies

* To learn more about the research linking teen exposure to R-rated movies with smoking, read this press release from Dartmouth Medical School: 2004_h2/06jul2004_media.shtml

* You can learn about the movie rating system, including its history, at this Motion Picture Association of America's Web site:

* This Centers for Disease Control and Prevention site has a hove of information on the hazards of smoking:

N Noggin

* To learn more about the license-chanting cheerleaders, read:

* For resources and activities related to memory, be sure to check out this Newton's Apple site:

* The Brain Connection's Web site is filled with information about the brain, including teaching material and learning games:

* Students can lest their memory skills at this Neuroscience For Kids site: chudler/chmemory.html

O Odor Eaters

* To read more about the odor-eating bacteria, read: "Bacteria feed on stinky breath," by Christen Brownlee, Science News, August 6, 2005.

* Teens can learn about the causes of bad breath at: your_body/take_care/halitosis.html

* This teen-friendly Web site from the American Society for Microbiology includes online activities and information on microorganisms:

P Pedal Power

* To learn more about the bike-renting program in Lyon, France, see: culture/0,1284,68576,00.html

* Be sure to visit the Smog City site. It features an interactive air pollution simulator that shows how different factors contribute to air quality:

* To learn about the health and environmental benefits of bicycling, visit:

Q Quick!

* You can read a news article about the quick-thinking study at: -insight-news-status-15-newsID-3212.html

* This interactive BBC Well site helps you learn which parts of the brain are responsible for certain functions: interactives/organs/brainmap/

* Do you think quicker while sitting up or lying down? Find out by trying to solve the brainteasers on this Web site in both positions:

R Ray-Catching Purse

* Read this press release from Iowa State University to learn more about the solar purse:

* This teen-friendly Web site features answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about solar energy:

* The U.S. Department of Energy hosts an Energy Kid's Page. It is filled with teen-friendly information about energy. The site also includes ideas for classroom activities. Visit: s/index.html

S Sandcastle

* Read all article about Arshad Kudrolli's research on sandcastle physics at:

* For more information on sandcastles, read: "Sandcastle Physics," by Victoria Marcinkowski, Science World, May 9, 2003.

* To see pictures of some amazing sand sculptures, visit the Web site of the World Championships of Sand Sculpture at:

T Tanning

* To read the results of the American Academy of Dermatology's sun exposure survey, go to: 2005++Skin+Cancer+Survey+Fact+Sheet.htm

* This Web site from Texas A&M University has great information for teens who want to learn about the risks of tanning:

* For helpful information on sun safety, visit the Web site of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's SunWise program:

U Uniform

* To learn more about how red uniforms can lead to success in competitive sports, check out this news story: biology/ 050518_red_wins.html

* Read about colors and the emotions usually associated with them. Visit:

* Learn about the history of your favorite sports teams' uniforms at:

V Vote

* Read a news article on the voting program to pick Malaysia's first astronaut: hi/asia-pacific/4244214.stm

* Visit the Web site of the National Space Agency of Malaysia:

* For facts about cell phones, visit this Web site created by the Food and Drag Administration and Federal Communications Commission:

W Wash Up

* Learn more about the American Society of Microbiology's hand washing survey at:

* To promote their "Clean Hands Campaign," the American Society of Microbiology developed this site:

* The Microbe Zoo is a fun and informative Web site about the many different types of microbes, and where they exist: sites/dlc-me/zoo/index.html

X X-Out!

* For background information about the United Kingdom's chewing gum-litter problem, read this fact sheet from the British Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology:

* The Chewing Gum Action Group raises public awareness about proper gum disposal in Manchester, England. Learn more about them at: localenv/gum/index.htm

* Learn how long it takes for different types of litter to decay:

Y Yodeling

* Read more about the new yodeling health trend at:,2144,1618369,00.html

* Learn about the possible health benefits of controlled breathing in yoga. Go to:

* This Web site has stress-relieving tips for teens: emotions/stress.html

* Read a news story about the 7th graders who got a mental boost from all extra daily dose of zinc:

* For health facts on zinc, visit this National Institutes of Health Web site:

* This teen-friendly Web site has information about zinc and other minerals:
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