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Teen's tragic road death.

Byline: Joanne Emmerson

A teenage boy was killed after he was hit by a coach in a horrific accident in Stockton.

Andrew Ransom, 16, died after running into the path of the coach on Yarm Lane at around 5.50pm yesterday.

His distraught mum was on the scene within minutes after being told her son, of Leybourne Terrace, Stockton, had been involved in an accident. As fire crews battled to free the teenager, his mum Sandra Reed, of Raleigh Road, Norton, waited for news on the edge of the police cordon.

She told a Gazette reporter at the scene: "The first I heard was when his girlfriend Joanne's mother came to my house.

"She said Joanne had just phoned and was hysterical.

"His girlfriend told her mother that Andrew had been knocked over and he was dead."

Comforted by her 19-year-old daughter, Cassandra, and her son's aunties and cousins, Mrs Reed begged with police officers to let her through the cordon.

An officer accompanied the mum and her daughter to the scene near the junction with Yarm Road.

Just minutes later the distraught mother returned saying the police were taking her to the University Hospital of North Tees.

She said Andrew's uncle had just told her that his dad, Keith Ransom, had gone to North Tees University Hospital to identify him.

Visibly shaking, Mrs Reed then left the scene in a police car with her daughter.

Andrew is the second member of his family to be killed in a road accident within eight months.

His 18-year-old cousin, Ashleigh Reed, died after being knocked from a motorbike in Norton in November.

One witness, gym instructor Anthony Carter, of St Peter's Road, Stockton, was travelling along Yarm Lane when the tragedy happened.

"I was driving along and saw a young couple sat on a bench outside the doctor's surgery as I drove along the road.

"They were only young. He had his head down and was holding his head.

"I was driving along and saw the bus stop suddenly. I looked over and could tell he was dead."

The fire brigade and police arrived minutes later. Fire crews from three engines cleared the road.

Speaking from the scene the teenager's aunties, Audrey Waugh and Christine Henderson, told the Gazette Mrs Reed was just coming to terms with the death of her niece Ashleigh.

Earlier today, a police spokesman said: "A 16-year-old male ran into the path of and was in collision with the vehicle.

"He sustained fatal injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene."

* Police are urging any witnesses to the collision to call the officer in charge of the case, Steve Henderson, on 01642 301552.

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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Jul 31, 2004
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