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Ted Blocker's Hersey 4-Way holster.

Although I generally write about guns of the past, firearms of all types intrigue me. I own modern arms and enjoy them thoroughly. The Government Model 1911 .45 ACP has long been my favorite auto pistol, so when Ted Blocker of Ted Blocker's Custom Holsters mentioned his new and innovative Hersey 4-Way holster designed with this auto pistol in mind, I was immediately interested.

This unique holster, designed by Fred Hersey, a Nevada gunshop owner/operator, can be worn in several position simply by inverting the holster itself--there are no buttons, clamps, springs or other adjustable contrivances. However, it does feature an adjustable tension device for maximum security of your sidearm. Incidentally, the tension device (a two-headed screw with a rubber washer in-between) works equally well from any position the holster can be worn in.

Ted supplied me with a sample of his Hersey 4-Way holster and I tried it in all positions. The holster can be worn (by right or left-handed shooters) in such a way that the gun can be carried comfortably inside or outside of the pants belt. It can also be positioned to angle either the pistol butt or the muzzle forward, whichever your particular situation demands. The holster can also be worn in cross-draw fashion with the pistol's butt angled forward, or by turning the holster upside down, the pistol can be carried with the butt angle slightly rearward for better concealment under a jacket. Incidentally, the 4-Way holster can also be worn comfortably in the small of the back--a fifth position!

Currently, Ted Blocker's Hersey 4-Way holster is available for the Colt Government and their Commander, S&W Models 59, 39, and 469, the Browning Hi-Power, Bren 10, the Randall, and the Beretta 92 SB and SBC models. According to Blocker, this holster will soon be made for several other automatics and revolvers. Because the Hersey 4-Way leaves much of the gun exposed for a rapid draw, yet holds it securely in position, it is sure to be popular with those handgunners who enjoy the combat competitions as well as law enforcement personnel and casual shooters. This unique holster is offered in plain brown only and retails for $29.95 plus $1.50 for shipping and handling. California residents should add state tax. For further information or ordering, write to Ted Blocker's Custom Holsters, P.O. Box 821, Dept. GA, Rosemead, CA 91770 or call (818) 442-5772.
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Author:Spangenberger, Phil
Publication:Guns & Ammo
Date:Jan 1, 1985
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