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Tecwen Whittock: STUCK AT pounds 1,000 (and no coughing).

WE challenged Tecwen to our own general knowledge test. He stumbled at pounds 1,000 - but could have won as much as pounds 64,000 IF he'd successfully "asked the audience" or "phoned a friend" as the real show allows.

pounds 100 Which fictional diarist had a girlfriend called Pandora Braithwaite? A: Archie Rat, B: Adrian Mole, C: Alan Mouse, D: Alaister Hedgehog. Tecwen stares into the distance. Then answers B - Correct!

pounds 200 Who marries the bride at a wedding ceremony? A: Best man, B: Usher, C: Groom, D: Prince Charming. Tecwen looks puzzled, but opts for C - Correct!

pounds 300 What type of structure is built "in Spain" or "in the air" when referring to an unreliable dream? A: Castle, B: Ivory tower, C: Gatehouse, D: Jewellery shop. He nods. No problem. A - Correct!

pounds 500 In cricket which fielding position is directly behind the receiving bats man? A: Stump man, B: Ball catcher, C: Back stopper, D: Wicket keeper D - Correct!

pounds 1000Who is the leader of a Brownie Guide or Boy Scout pack? A: Sixer, B: Fiver, C: Niner, D: Tenner. He would have asked the audience. He goes for B - Wrong! (It's A)

pounds 2000 What do abstainers do in elections? A: Refuse to vote, B: Vote "for", C: Vote "against", D: Void the form. A - Correct!

pounds 4,000 What is the name of a lively solo Scottish dance? A: Highland Spring, B: Highland Sting, C: Highland Fling, D: Highland Ring. He plumps for C - Correct!

pounds 8,000 What did Steve Backley throw over 90 metres in 1990 to clinch a World Record? A: Javelin, B: Discuss, C: Hammer, D: Horse shoe A smile. Answer A - Correct!

pounds 16,000 What word follows Juliet in the phonetic alphabet? A: Kilo, B: Koala, C: Kayak, D: Kiwi. He would have phoned a friend and guesses D. Wrong! It's A.

pounds 32,000 Lerwick is the capital of which group of Scottish islands? A: Orkneys, B: Shetlands, C: Outer Hebrides, D: Inner Hebrides. He would have used 50-50 on the show. Is it Shetlands? Correct!

pounds 64,000 Which empire was also known as the Turkish Empire? A: Ottoman, B: Mogul, C: Mayan, D: Aztec. It's A - Correct!

pounds 125,000In which part of the human baby's body is the fontanelle? A: Arm, B: Skull, C: Abdomen, D: chest A wild guess - D. Wrong! It's B.

pounds 250,000 Complete the title of the Hans Christian Andersen story, The Tin... A: Drum, B: Soldier, C: Hat, D: Man. He goes for B - Correct!

pounds 500,000 What is the first name of the Queen of Spain? A: Sophia, B: Anne-Marie, C: Alexia, D: Marina He gives up. The answer- A.

pounds 1m What is the meaning of the word "domino"? A: Master, B: Winner, C: God, D: Player Not a clue. Not even when, from outside the door, there's a cough. The answer - A.


REAL TEST: Tecwen on the show; SCENE: The TV set for Millionaire
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 13, 2003
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