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Techtextil South America 2003: semi-annual show has record attendance.

The third Techtextil South America exhibition, a major fair for the South American technical textiles and nonwovens industries, took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil November 11-13. The event attracted 15% more, or 4680 visitors from 26 countries and 20% more, or 181 exhibitors from 17 countries.

Outside of Brazil, the best-represented visitor countries were located in South America and included Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. Also represented at the show were European nations including Italy, France, Germany, the U.K., the Netherlands, Belgium and Austria. Other visitor's came from Latin American countries like Costa Rica and Panama, Japan, Turkey, Georgia and Columbia.

Characterized by a high level of optimism, Techtextil South America attracted 181 exhibitors from 17 countries, 20% more than 2001. In addition to Brazil, exhibitors came from Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bielo-Russia, China, Colombia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, South Korea, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and the U.S.

The largest exhibitor group at Techtextil was machinery and accessories, representing a 34.5% share. Additionally, raw material suppliers (fibers, yarns and binders) represented 20.5% of exhibitors. Associations held a 13.5% share, nonwovens producers held 10% of the space, fabric and knit manufacturers represented 8%, Bondtech (technical adhesives) held 6.3% and coated textiles and composites represented 3.6%.

Michael Janecke, brand manager of Techtextil worldwide, said his organization is introducing a new concept of business in Brazil designed to extend into areas of great growth potential and make efforts to attract users/visitors with high technical know-how. "We believe that, in this way, we are contributing to an improvement in business and establishing new partnerships between textile-producing and textile-using companies," he said.

Peter Thomaschewski, director of Guazzelli Messe Frankfurt, the organizer of the Brazilian edition of Techtextil, pointed to the "extremely positive atmosphere" felt among the exhibitors, a fact that he thinks "confirms the potential of the South American market, which offers a region with great possibilities for business and growth within new applications of technical textiles,"

The first surveys conducted among exhibiting companies indicated encouraging results regarding the contacts and business done and showing a positive outlook for the future.

Machinery Exhibitors Show Potential

Among the Brazilian exhibitors in the hygiene machinery field were Fabio Perini S/A (Diatec technology), a large manufacturer of converting machines for the tissue industry. This company featured a compact line for producing disposable hygiene products. Other exhibitors in this area were Maqmantas, MS Maquinas, Fameccanica, MD Viola and GD do Brasil, which presented the Chroma Incontinence machine for incontinence items.

Nordson presented the hot melt tank Versa Blue, which belongs to the third generation of tank models in the series Blue. The ProBlue version is used for packaging and cartridging. Meanwhile, Robatech showed a new application system--PFC Tissue Ply bonder--the latest solution for hygienic tissue application and laminated fabrics, without contact.

Albrecht, a large supplier of textiles and nonwovens finishing, featured the most wide-ranging line of machines including foulards, ovens, calenders and inspection machines.

Basseto, an agent of Schlumberger, Rieter Perfojet and others, and SellMack, the agent for Dilo, Fleissner and others and Miklautz, the agent for Fehrer, were also present at the show, despite its proximity to ITMA in the U.K.

Among companies making theft" debut at Techtextil South America were Emma Recyding (plastic recycling machines), Fare (spinning lines), Weldotron (shrink packing machines), Optima do Brasil (packing machines), Rieter South America (machinery and integrated systems for converting fibers and plastics into yarns and manufacturing manmade fibers), Ring do Brasil (high precision perforation machines), Neumag Ason (manufacturing spin]bond lines), Zimmer (machinery for finishing Industries) and A.Celli (cutting, winding and unwinding systems).

Zulai displayed its machine for surgical mask/ duct beak/industrial components, surgical cap and shoe covers as well as ultrasonic sewing machines.

Reisky Maquinas, a manufacturer of calenders with hydraulic floating cylinders, showcased machines from Hermann Ultraschall, the manufacturer of cutting, fusion and engraving for ultrasound equipment.

Raw Materials Shown At Techtextil

Suppliers of raw materials ranging from fibers and yarns to binders and plastic films to superabsorbents, came out in full force at Techtextil South America. Ecofabril, a South American producer of polyester fibers 5'om PET recycled bottles, showed a complete color fibers line designed for automotives and hygiene items. Mossi & Ghisolfi came to the show for the first time after purchasing Rhodia-Ster. This company presented the polyester fiber Alya Tech for nonwoven through spunlacing technology.

Rhodia Technical Fibers showed the latest developments in polyamide fibers for all kinds of nonwovens with fiber types such as 6, 6.6 and 6.10 from 1 to 220 Dtex. Cobafi, a leader in the production of industrial polyester in South America, presented its Diolen line for rubber reinforcement, security belts, conveyors, anchorage cables, cords, ropes and other materials.

Ledervin showcased multifilament yarns of high-tenacity polyester, high-tenacity polypropylene multifilament and technical and industrial multifilaments.

Polycarpet a represenative for R.Stat, a French company, featured special and new fibers for health and security applications.

Polystar, since January 2003 has operated a new production line in its technical fiber division Bluestar. The line produces high-tenacity polypropylene yarns. Meanwhile, Mazzaferro displayed technical monofilaments and yarns for sewing as well as technical bristles. Sans Fibers and Honeywell with its performance fibers also showed complete ranges of fibers for industrial and technical applications.

Tencel showed the cellulosic fiber that has been chosen by many nonwovens producers worldwide for new applications, particularly in market niches; Lenzing FR showed its truly inherent flame-resistant viscose fiber which is used in blends with high-performance fibers like Aramid and natural fibers in order to produce flame resistant fabrics for personal protective apparel.

Garratex introduced new fiberglass yarns for applications in V-belt.

For the first time, Clariant participated in the show through both of its two divisions: Masterbatch and binders for the nonwovens and technical textiles markets. Other important exhibitors for this group included chemical company BASF, textile chemical company Ciba and coating and substrates producer Wacker Quimica.

Techtextil also attracted producers of many types of raw materials for the hygiene market. These include Adelbras, Akza, Allpac, Avery Dennison, Buckeye, Clopay, BASF, Degussa, Bostik Findley, HB Fuller, Henkel, Emztreck, Invista, Lord, Parafix, Resinpo, Techgrip, Thermoadesao, National Starch, Zimmer & Schwarz and 3M do Brasil.

Nonwovens And Technical Textiles Exhibitors

The most important manufacturers of nonwovens and technical textiles exhibited at Techtextil South America. Kami (Companhia Providencia) one of the industry's leading Brazilian companies showcased its SSMMS polypropylene nonwoven product with 13 gpsm for the hygiene fields.

Meanwhile, Fitesa, the second largest nonwoven spunbonded producer in Brazil, announced during the show the investment of a new melt-blown line and the upgrade of its spunbonding polypropylene line.

DuPont featured Sontara spunlaced nonwovens produced through its joint venture company, DuPont Cipatex. This material targets mainly wipes and footwear applications. Ober, another major nonwovens producer in South America, featured a range of products from different technologies including hydroentangled, needlepunched, spray bonded, stitch bonded and several converting processes.

Fabril Scavone, an important producer and supplier of finishes for non-wovens used in the automotive industry, introduced nonwovens that resist heat up to 500[degrees]C. These can be used in many applications.

Other important nonwovens manufacturers exhibited their range of products. Texfyt showcased needle-punched products for automotive, footwear and household cleaning; Inbrape displayed stitchbonded and needlepunched materials for vertical blinds, shoes and footwear; Austex exhibited thermal bonded, resin bonded and needlepunched nonwovens; Feltros Santa Fe presented needle-punched nonwovens and Etruria showcased needlepunched and thermal bonded nonwovens.

Also exhibiting was DNS-PGI, an Argentinean producer of SMS and SS nonwovens, made from 100% polypropylene for the hygiene and medical markets. Polystar a manufacturers of of 100% polypropylene for medical, surgical and hygienic markets and Renner a maker of nonwovens for filtration and shoe industry.

On the technical textiles side, some important companies participated in the show. Teadit showed its large range of products including packing, compressed sheets, industrial and isolating sheets. Texiglass featured fabrics, tapes and cords of glass fiber, carbon fiber and aramid fiber for many different markets.

Since 1973, Texindus has worked with industrial fabrics for conveyors, production for transport, automotive batteries, laid webs and coated textiles. Since 1998 in Brazil, Ferrari, a French company, has shown membrane systems laminated by polyester with liquid PVC for ceiling and wall coverings, truck and boat canvases among others.

Fibertex offers fiberglass fabrics, customized filters, abrasive reinforcement and gaskets and Fil Man Made Groups showed yarns of all different polymers such as PP, PES, PA, aramid, cotton, nomex among others.

Dusa, a joint venture between Sabanci Group and DuPont was offering a solution for reinforcement materials. Ernetex, a 100% Brazilian company with 50 years of experience in the field of technical textiles exhibited a range of knitting products for different final uses.

Porcher showed a wide range of products designed for fire protection, industrial filtration, printing ribbons and thermal isolation markets.

TS Cabos presented its entire range of products including polyester multifilaments coated with flexible PVC and glass fiber multifilament coated with flexible PVC and Ciamarro showed synthetic textiles of polyamide and others.

Other exhibitors included Progtex (a German company with experience producing high quality fabrics, knits and coated technical textiles), Platingtech (a company from Austria offering its product named Polymet an innovative solution for material combinations with an excellent efficiency).

Techtextil South America Congress 2003

The show also featured a Congress, coordinated by Freddy Gustavo Rewald from NT Naotecidos Consultoria, a partner of GMF. The three-day congress received 350 attendees and featured 30 lectures broken into six blocks including Mobiltech, Medtech, Protech, Indutech, Marketing and Development, Rules and Quality and two Keynote lectures concerning brand names and nonwovens and technical textiles: trends and markets.

To the importance of the congress, 11 lectures were given by international speakers, coming from Italy, Spain, the U.S., Mexico and Austria.

Mr. Rewald said that the quality of the lectures were better than those from two years ago and international speakers brought and launched new products, ideas and technology during the event.

Upcoming Techtextil Events in South America

For 2004. GMF and Naotecidos Consultoria are planning two nonwovens education seminars. Preliminary dates are scheduled in June and November. Contact, the consultancy at for more information.

The 2005 edition of the Techtextil South America Trade Fair and Congress will be held from 22 to 24 November, More information: Guazzelli Messe Frankfurt. Sao Paulo, Brazil: 11-4688-6019.

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* Gilberto Campanatti, technical manager for Tencel, Inc: The participation was excellent and it generated much curiosity among visitors about the new applications for Tencel.

* Oswaldo Ingarano, marketing regional manager from Ciba Especialidades Ouimicas: The fair was terrific, with much work. We came with the objective to know this new market and to show the benefits that our company's pigments and textiles products can provide to nonwovens and technical textiles.

* France Faldini, marketing and sales manager of Invista Brasil Ltda, formerly DuPont Textiles & Interiors: The participation in Techtextil South America was appropriate for the launch of the brand. We are optimistic because we are a global enterprise, with revenues of $6.5 billion and we trust in our good performance in the Brazilian market as well.

* Astrid Pummer, vice consul of the Austrian trade commission: All Austrian companies were satisfied with their success at Techtextil South America 2003. According to statements made by the exhibitors, they were very pleased by the excellent quality of the visitors and were impressed by the design concept of the Austrian pavilion. Certainly we will be back in 2005 with even more companies at the Austrian Pavilion.

* Keith Misukanis, new business development manager of Conwed Plastics USA: The fair and the congress are the two best events focused on the sector in South America and I will be back in two year also.

* JSV Poltsk-Stekiovolokno, a manufacturer of fiberglass and the only exhibitor from Belarus at the show: There was an increase in the number of visitors compared to the last show and a high level of technical knowledge of the visitors that were in my booth. As there isn't a specific fair for our sector in South America, Techtextil reveals as extremely useful for our interests in the region," evaluated Sergey Homich, the company's representative.
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