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Techspec Ultrafast harmonic separators and Techspec [lambda]/40 aspheric lenses.

Edmund Optics has launched Techspec ultrafast harmonic separators and Techspec [lambda]/40 aspheric lenses.

The Techspec ultrafast harmonic separators, also known as ultrafast harmonic beamsplitters, reflect second or third harmonic wavelengths from femtosecond lasers and transmit the fundmental pulse. The reflective surface is designed to be highly reflective and to minimise dispersion with a GDD of [+ or -]20 fs2, while the back surface is coated with an antireflection coating to maximise transmission. Manufactured from low wavefront distortion, 10-5 surface quality fused silica substrates, Techspec ultrafast harmonic separators are available in two designs for separating harmonics of 800nm or 1,030nm lasers.

The Techspec [lambda]/40 aspheric lenses feature a high numerical aperture design and a aspheric figure error of [lambda]/40 or better, achieved via precision magnetorheological finishing.

These aspheres are also available coated for specific NdYAG laser wavelengths as the Techspec [lambda]40 laser grade aspheric lenses. Each Techspec [lambda]/40 aspheric lens is individually measured individually for 3D surface profile and test data is provided for each lens.

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Title Annotation:LENSES AND OPTICS
Publication:Electro Optics
Date:Aug 1, 2019
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