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Techspec UCi series of fixed focal length lenses.

Edmund Optics has released the Techspec UCi series of fixed focal length lenses. Designed for space-limited applications, these lenses are ultra-compact instrumentation (UCi) versions of EO's UC series of fixed focal length lenses, utilising the same optics. The lenses are the ideal solution for OEM applications requiring small, robust, and lightweight imaging tools.

Featuring 4K resolution, the Techspec UCi series is designed for small pixels less than 2.2[micro]m and are offered in multiple fixed apertures for a wide variety of applications.

The lenses are available in 21 models with focal lengths of 4mm, 6mm or 12mm and feature working distances that are very short or zero. Each lens is coated with an MgF2 antireflective coating, which offers maximum transmission from 400-700nm. RoHS-compliant Techspec UCi series of fixed focal length lenses are in stock and available for immediate delivery.

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Title Annotation:LENSES AND OPTICS
Publication:Electro Optics
Date:Jul 1, 2018
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