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Jaguar XE updated with new connected technologies. Oct 10, 2020 798
Is stainless steel technology of past? Oct 6, 2020 944
PREPARING THE FINANCE FUNCTION FOR TECHNOLOGICAL CHANGE: With the plethora of new technologies available to businesses and finance teams, determining where and how to begin a digital transformation can be a challenge. Lawson, Raef; Hatch, Toby Oct 1, 2020 3183
Leaders UAE 2020: Traditional construction v/s tech adoption. Disha Dadlani Sep 21, 2020 546
New Fujitsu tech blocks facial recognition fraud. Sep 20, 2020 559
The US-China tech cold war has turned hot - but would a Biden presidency change it? Sep 17, 2020 1642
'Smart tech' could help revolutionise rural areas. Sep 8, 2020 758
Fawad calls for adoption of new technologies to bring social change. Sep 8, 2020 256
STEL CORE DISCIPLINARY STANDARD 1: Nature and Characteristics of Technology and Engineering. Jones, Virginia R. Editorial Sep 1, 2020 608
PM links country's development with promotion of science, technology. Aug 22, 2020 379
Our future linked with science and technology: PM Imran. Aug 22, 2020 379
PM links countrys development with promotion of science, technology. Aug 22, 2020 360
Well-known personalities and ordinary citizens who are fighting the same battle, doing positive things in time of pandemic using technology to help others. Luna, Enzo Aug 20, 2020 1442
Purpose-built-technology solutions'll improve access to justice' - Osinbajo, Tanko, Usoro, others. Aug 19, 2020 1170
Osinbajo, Sanwo-Olu endorse legal technology for improved justice. Aug 19, 2020 217
Kingdom 'needs tech upgrade'. Aug 11, 2020 1023
UK tech stocks solid despite tumbling FTSE. Aug 4, 2020 2906
Lift truck tech: Trends converge around labor efficiencies: The shiny new technology may be autonomous lift trucks, but the driverless truck is far from the only trend--and may not be the best step for some operations. Other technologies, including fleet management and telematics, cameras and virtual reality training present a spectrum of technologies that can make lift truck operations more efficient. Michel, Roberto Aug 1, 2020 2129
The rise of advanced technology in construction. Jul 28, 2020 957
The rise of advanced technology in construction. Jul 27, 2020 1541
How the industry can embrace touchless technology post COVID-19? Jul 26, 2020 707
Dell commits to bring advanced technology to Africa. Jul 20, 2020 347
How Huawei landed at the center of global tech tussle. Bloomberg Jul 19, 2020 1384
Is technology making us dumber or smarter? Yes. Jul 18, 2020 986
How Huawei landed at the center of global tech tussle. Jul 16, 2020 1462
New group to develop technology for para-xylene production from CO2. Jul 14, 2020 503
Fujitsu develops unique AI technology. Jul 13, 2020 575
Whose 5G technology! Jul 6, 2020 1116
Five tech trends to focus on in 2020: Deloitte. Jul 6, 2020 593
Why techno enthusiasm works for schools. Adelle Geronimo Jul 1, 2020 752
Qatar-based financial technology startup, C Wallet Services secures more than QR2mn in funding. Jul 1, 2020 470
US tech restrictions ill-considered. Jun 29, 2020 881
Katamba's passion for tech is paying off. Jun 28, 2020 1195
Pak-China to promote bilateral relation in science, technology. Jun 25, 2020 616
Emerald Clinics expands digital health platform with new technology. Jun 23, 2020 691
China as Mirror. Mitcham, Carl Jun 22, 2020 2052
Katamba's passion for tech is paying off. Jun 21, 2020 1233
Study reveals that during COVID-19, we are falling in love with tech. Zaira Lakhpatwala Jun 18, 2020 935
Construction technology that will save you money and time. Jun 17, 2020 2062
6 reasons to consider investing in tech in a post-pandemic world. David George / Head of Content - Reach Jun 14, 2020 1115
Black Lives Matter could change facial recognition forever - if big tech doesn't stand in the way. Jun 13, 2020 1700
Uni's tech project makes connection; Findings show benefit to seniors at risk of isolation. KAIYA MARJORIBANKS Jun 10, 2020 499
It will require a lot of tech to re-adjust now. Mohammed Amin, Special to Gulf News Jun 9, 2020 897
Combating Coronavirus: Breakthrough technology for mass testing to be rolled out in UAE. Staff Report Jun 9, 2020 449
Prediction vs. Reality: Cyber Risk in the COVID-19 World. Winchester, Lauren Jun 8, 2020 1137
DOST's agencies develop more tech vs Covid-19. Jun 7, 2020 1577
Pakistan's soybean may move towards self-production with Chinese tech. Jun 1, 2020 764
Molding Medtech's Future: Reassessment of supply chains and technology advancements make domestic molders attractive options for medical device manufacturers. Crawford, Mark Jun 1, 2020 3414
Pakistan's soybean may move towards self-production with Chinese tech. May 31, 2020 813
Archer Materials contributes to new quantum technology roadmap. May 27, 2020 359
Next generation Volvo cars to be powered by Luminar LiDAR technology for safe self-driving. Press Release May 21, 2020 553
Transformative technologies and Slovakia's path towards an innovative economy. May 18, 2020 3933
Korea's high-tech industry alarmed over brain drains to China. May 6, 2020 839
Coronavirus: Three reasons why the construction industry must fully embrace digital tech in a post COVID-19 world. Guest Authors May 4, 2020 724
With Customer Service Spiking, Investments Should Focus on Productivity: Gartner suggests spending on technology that will increase employee performance. Britt, Phillip May 1, 2020 627
RADTECH 2020 COVERS LATEST IN ENERGY CURING: Speakers offer insights into new technologies for coatings and inks. Savastano, David May 1, 2020 2116
THE EVOLUTION OF E-COMMERCE: Shaping benefits from emerging technologies: It's not only the growth of e-commerce, but also the ever-tightening delivery timeframes that have logistics pros eyeing emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain and the Internet of Things. The challenge is to determine which of these can alleviate concerns like spiraling transportation costs and pulling together final-mile delivery resources. Michel, Roberto May 1, 2020 2153
Retail technology on the rise, according to new study. Apr 27, 2020 483
Katerra's "growth on the horizon" for construction tech in KSA. Ashley Williams Apr 24, 2020 1083
The anatomy of a design brief: The hallmark of engineering/technology education should continue to be to promote technological literacy through engineering design, and a design brief is an important part of this heritage. Kelley, Todd R. Apr 1, 2020 3060
increasing female enrollment in technology and engineering classes: an all-female class. Walsh, Thomas; Geoffrey, Wright A. Apr 1, 2020 2745
ETHICS IN THE DIGITAL AGE: Help your organization to adopt new technology, promote ethical leadership, and avoid negative impacts on employees. Ratigan, Gerald Apr 1, 2020 1036
Cooperative research and development behavior in technology-based small enterprises: The formation mechanism. Cai, Lu; Ma, Zhiqiang; Li, Zhao Apr 1, 2020 7386
Waveguides seek to welcome consumer AR: Fabricating novel light-guiding structures from glass and plastic will prove instrumental in whether augmented reality becomes an everyday technology, finds Andy Extance. Extance, Andy Apr 1, 2020 2070
Wired For Deer: A close look at new tech for an old sport. Johnston, Jeff Apr 1, 2020 1063
A study on the evolution of post-smartphone technologies in the 5G technology environment. Kwak, Jeong Ho Report Apr 1, 2020 6297
Microsoft are 'banking' on technology. Mark Forker Mar 29, 2020 990
Predicting the business of technology. Osama Al-Zoubi, Special to Gulf News Mar 12, 2020 1091
Ex-Seoul Semiconductor engineer found guilty of leaking LED technology. Mar 12, 2020 379
How technology is fighting the coronavirus outbreak. Giorgia Guantario Mar 10, 2020 1036
Seasonal storage technology has the potential to become cost-effective long-term electricity storage system. Baset Asaba Mar 10, 2020 605
Think people and morality before letting technology run riot. Dani Rodrik (Top Post) Mar 7, 2020 1016
Huneed, MBDA sign 3D manufacturing technology development contract. Mar 4, 2020 376
Coming Together: Two Catholic fraternal benefit insurers joined forces to create a groundbreaking technology initiative that they hope will bring back-office efficiencies and lower costs for their organizations. Chordas, Lori Mar 1, 2020 1801
soft robotics as emerging technologies: preparing students for future work through soft robot design experiences: Students prepared with strategies for learning now will be able to apply the same strategies when faced with new situations in the future. Jackson, Andrew; Mentzer, Nathan; Kramer-Bottiglio, Rebecca Mar 1, 2020 4217
Standards for Technological and Engineering Literacy: The Role of Technology and Engineering in STEM Education. Mar 1, 2020 2391
ALL THAT GLITTERS ISN'T GOLD (IN TECH): New technology presents organizations with exciting opportunities and paths for growth, but the approach shouldn't be adoption at all cost. Markelevich, Ariel Mar 1, 2020 991
The benefits of investing in smartdrive technology: PWE takes a look at the top five ways to improve ROI on industrial drive technology. Mar 1, 2020 1138
THE EVOLUTION OF E-COMMERCE: Shaping benefits from emerging technologies. Michel, Roberto Cover story Mar 1, 2020 2184
How Incumbent Cultural and Cognitive Path Dependencies Constrain the "Scenario Cone": Reliance on Carbon Dioxide Removal due to Techno-bias. Braunger, Isabell; Hauenstein, Christian Mar 1, 2020 9450
Cloud technologies drive cybersecurity spending: study. Adelle Geronimo Feb 23, 2020 533
New tech platform to revolutionise vehicle rentals in the UAE. Adelle Geronimo Feb 20, 2020 401
Beyond imagination - the power of technologies like 5G and Blockchain. C.P. Gurnani Feb 9, 2020 783
Smart technology helps Abu Dhabi retain its safest city tag. Ismail Sebugwaawo Feb 4, 2020 540
Trending Technology: 2020 will see Alaska fall in step with Lower 48 tech innovations. Joyal, Brad Feb 1, 2020 1628
BioLargo's subsidiary tackles PFAS toxic chemicals head-on with new treatment technology. Jan 30, 2020 758
Opinion: How technology shapes apparel sector supply chains: Shifting to nearshoring and reshoring. Nipuni Perera Jan 27, 2020 1397
Digital development 'key' to secure industry future; New technology presents 'massive opportunities' to oil and gas. MARK LAMMEY Jan 24, 2020 464
High-tech products to level the playing field for disabled pupils. Jan 22, 2020 577
Hannes Niederhauser, CEO S&T AG: "These five technology trends will shape the industry in 2020". Jan 22, 2020 1256
Grove Smith Turkeys brings new technology to traditional farming. Jan 21, 2020 713
Retail pharmacy's embrace of technology. Jan 20, 2020 7107
Electric taxis to go wireless thanks to new charging tech trial. Jan 17, 2020 800
Cumulus Networks and Infradata join forces; Open network technology offers scalability and flexibility in the modern data center. Jan 15, 2020 788
Pakistan should send more students to China to learn advanced technology: Prof Atta ur Rehman. Jan 14, 2020 559
Retailers investing in new technology solutions to succeed with consumers: study. ANI Jan 14, 2020 505
Oracle OpenWorld: "Autonomous technologies are allowing us to reshape our approach to IT". Mark Forker Jan 14, 2020 452
How NCC is bringing flexibility into technology. Giorgia Guantario Interview Jan 12, 2020 907
New technology to help boost profits. Jan 7, 2020 327
67 tech firms represent UK at world's biggest trade show. Jan 7, 2020 628
Dynabook looks back at a decade of tech. Jan 5, 2020 747
TruTrace's blockchain-secured seed-to-sale cannabis tracking technology is a game-changer. Jan 4, 2020 1635
Sudbury mining centre to fast-track new tech: Cambrian College's Centre for Smart Mining was designated a provincial Technology Access Centre in June. Romaniuk, Colleen Jan 1, 2020 597
The Future of 5G for Alaska: The Last Frontier at the forefront of technology. Barbour, Tracy Jan 1, 2020 1951
Healthy Dose of Technology: Integrating technology helps hospital deliver enhanced care with more beds on the same budget. Craven, Valerie Dennis Jan 1, 2020 2149
The State of Artificial Intelligence: As AI becomes ubiquitous, voice technologies improve and expand into more areas. Pophal, Linda Jan 1, 2020 1284
CHINA AND 5G: Beijing's techno-nationalist approach to digital innovation puts the United States at a disadvantage, with serious ramifications for economic, military, and political security. Now is the time for a strategic response. Bartholomew, Carolyn Jan 1, 2020 5622
Towers of Power & Sustainability: At K 2019, developments in blown film highlighted recyclable film structures for new applications and technology aimed at making product changes more efficient. Callari, Jim Jan 1, 2020 1521
Elevating the lift truck platform: Forklift manufacturers are drawing inspiration from the tech sector's rapid pace of innovation to create equipment with ever-evolving capabilities. Bond, Josh Jan 1, 2020 1752
MENA Blockchain Hub: Blockchain in rise amid Egypt's interest in emerging technologies. Egypt Today staff Dec 31, 2019 594
How technology will help us improve our lives. Giorgia Guantario Dec 30, 2019 888
EGA completes historic Bahrain project tech deployment. Dec 29, 2019 470
Ericsson highlights technology's positive societal impact. Giorgia Guantario Dec 19, 2019 515
Airport Biometrics Market Future Trends ,Industry, Features, Business Opportunities ,Top Companies, technology innovation With Size, Share, Analysis, Growth And Research Report By Forecast To 2023. Report Dec 18, 2019 1309
President urges industrial sectors to prepare for challenges of emerging technologies. Dec 18, 2019 464
Industrial sectors should prepare for challenges of emerging technologies: President Alvi. Dec 18, 2019 382
Sri Sri Ravishankar, Jal Shakti Minister Gajendra Shekhawat unveil world's first zero water wastage technology RO. ANI Dec 17, 2019 865
Rehabilitative and remedial treatment technology wins top Science and Technology Prize. Dec 13, 2019 510
Dubai Future Foundation employs AI tech to attract talent. Dec 11, 2019 409
Turning Pakistan into tech based economy. Rahul Basharat Dec 10, 2019 989
Hyundai develops world's first Road Noise Active Noise Control technology. wheels Dec 10, 2019 765
Export Congress 2019 focuses on technology and innovation. Dec 7, 2019 553
Drive to boost tech gender balance debuts in Scotland. Dec 6, 2019 477
2020 tech trends survey by Triad Group Plc finds IT industry overwhelmingly positive about the future, keen to embrace new technologies but facing budgetary pressure. Dec 4, 2019 1063
President Aliyev: Azerbaijan has favorable environment for development of innovative ecosystem, high technologies. Dec 4, 2019 447
Elevating the lift truck platform: Forklift manufacturers are drawing inspiration from the tech sector's rapid pace of innovation to create equipment with ever-evolving capabilities. Bond, Josh Dec 1, 2019 1715
ENGIE signed a joint declaration with its European Works Council on digital technology issues for the Group. Nov 28, 2019 861
Cement facility paves the way for new tech. Nov 28, 2019 718
Internet Forum: Prioritize technologies most needed for sustainable development. Nov 28, 2019 538
Saudi entrepreneurs gear up for a high-tech future. Farah Heiba Nov 27, 2019 1321
Huawei's crucial role in tech development hailed. Nov 25, 2019 1161
UAE leading the way in adoption of 'smart technologies'. Mark Forker Nov 24, 2019 407
'Maximize the positive' from new technologies, for our digital future, Guterres urges. Nov 22, 2019 625
TMT (technology, media and telecoms). Nov 21, 2019 1180
'New tech is enabling consumers and reshaping retail industry'. Interview Nov 21, 2019 818
AMCS technologies to unveil innovative products at Big 5. Nov 18, 2019 477
Hyundai unveils road noise control technology. Nov 17, 2019 574
MTN begins process to develop 5G technology. Nov 14, 2019 543
Speedily adopt modern technologies in all aspects of the travel and tourism industry: IPS. LBO Nov 13, 2019 932
QAD Advanced Technology Program enables rapid identification and adoption of industry 4.0 technologies for manufacturers. ANI Nov 7, 2019 862
[INTERVIEW] Extended Reality (XR) exhibit merges fine arts, technology. Nov 7, 2019 798
Growing number of firms ready to invest in high-tech future. SION BARRY Business editor Nov 6, 2019 660
Is technology holding you back from delivering exceptional customer service? 5 ways to buck the trend. Nov 6, 2019 880
Holyrood urged to ban face ID tech. Nov 3, 2019 204
Global Future Councils discuss future of technology, infrastructure, and geopolitical transformations. Nov 3, 2019 1456
GENERATING VALUE: New technology demands, multifunctionality make signal generators more integral to testing than ever. Nov 1, 2019 3785
Innovation Sandbox: FSI's nexus of technology and diplomacy. Rivolta, Stefano Nov 1, 2019 940
NextGen Technologies: BUILDING THE SUPPLY CHAINS OF THE FUTURE: A new crop of supply chain technologies promise to increase efficiency, visibility and speed. Five technologists share their vision of the future. Forger, Gary Nov 1, 2019 3365
Adopting technology? Do your homework first. Rohma Sadaqat Oct 31, 2019 708
Dubai Government leads new technology adoption: Forum. Oct 31, 2019 799
'I believe there is a gross imbalance of gender in engineering' Chief executive of aerospace giant Rolls-Royce Warren East, who recently addressed Cardiff Business Club, gives his views on the impact of technology on the engineering sector and why he is opposed to gender quotas in the workplace in a wide ranging Q&A interview with Kara Buffrey from Clearly PR & Marketing Communications. Oct 30, 2019 859
Hi-tech industries. Kianat Shaheen - Islamabad Oct 30, 2019 339
Qualcomm to enable Deutsche Telekom nuSIM solution on its latest Qualcomm 9205 LTE modem; Integrated SIM technology to enable a new generation of IoT devices. Oct 30, 2019 741
Five emerging technology trends CIOs need to be aware of. Adelle Geronimo Oct 30, 2019 803
Need to redefine security concepts as world is getting more tech-savvy. Oct 29, 2019 714
UK technology headlines at CEBIT Australia. Oct 28, 2019 1095
New technology empowers consumers to steer toward a Sustainable Future. Oct 28, 2019 924
Nissan builds EV test car with twin-motor all-wheel control technology. Oct 24, 2019 708
Bengaluru Tech Summit invites start-ups and innovators to showcase latest technologies. ANI Oct 24, 2019 984
A.M. Best's Innovation Assessment Set to Roll Out in First-Half 2020. Hollmer, Mark Oct 23, 2019 655
Risk Strategies to Offer Cyber Risk Management Platform Underwritten by Berkley. Oct 23, 2019 295
Verizon--Verizon develops new 5G edge technology that will revolutionize mobility for virtual reality (VR)--18/10/2019. Oct 22, 2019 1253
MIT and Eni renew collaboration on low-carbon energy research and technologies. Oct 21, 2019 501
[INTERVIEW] Exploring cinematic potential of VR technology. Oct 16, 2019 1157
Aim for technology that remains contemporary for 10-15 years, Rajnath Singh tells DRDO. ANI Oct 15, 2019 549
State intervention or free enterprise: enabling payment technology; Cashless technology has transformed the way the world pays for things - but some nations are more receptive to it than others. Francis Wade reports. Francis Wade Oct 9, 2019 1078
IEEE Technology explores enhanced technologies and methodologies. Oct 9, 2019 287
IEEE Technology explores enhanced technologies and methodologies. Oct 9, 2019 287
Aberdeen based Deep Casing Tools develops transformational plugging and abandonment technology in collaboration with the Oil & Gas Technology Centre and Total. Oct 9, 2019 1094
The future is here; Region becomes a testing ground for new technology. Report by Richard Guttridge Oct 7, 2019 913
The future is here; Region becomes a testing ground for new technology. Report by Richard Guttridge Oct 7, 2019 899
HPE on how the Middle East can benefit from next-gen technologies. Giorgia Guantario Oct 6, 2019 837
GITEX Technology Week features roster of world-class tech visionaries. Adelle Geronimo Oct 6, 2019 771
Gitex Technology Week: Horses can explain a lot of modern tech. Scott Shuey, Business Editor Oct 6, 2019 760
Next-gen tech powering GCC governments' visions. Alvin R. Cabral Oct 5, 2019 1001
Ruto: ASK plays a key role in educating farmers on new technologies. Oct 4, 2019 332
Affle India sets up new R&D centre to drive mobile technology innovations. ANI Oct 3, 2019 229
Ruto: ASK plays a key role in educating farmers on new technologies. Oct 3, 2019 298
Audi, the city of Ingolstadt and Telekom cooperate on 5G technology. Oct 2, 2019 688
3D technology Market is Eyeing for a Higher Valuation in the Forecast Period. Oct 1, 2019 1038
Honeywell to showcase new technologies at GITEX. Oct 1, 2019 683
Honeywell to demonstrate technologies shaping the future of retail, supply chain industries at gitex 2019. Baset Asaba Oct 1, 2019 676
fashion design challenge. Roman, Harry T. Oct 1, 2019 616
New Era for Rotomolding? Innovative technology and equipment offer superior process control and produce better parts with higher repeatability and reproducibility. Malnati, Peggy Oct 1, 2019 1884
From enhanced collaborations to space advancements: technologies to bring libraries (and librarians) full circle and into the future. Anderson, Patricia F.; Hurst, Emily J. Oct 1, 2019 834
Experimental and Techno-Economic Analysis of Solar-Geothermal Organic Rankine Cycle Technology for Power Generation in Nepal. Baral, Suresh Sep 30, 2019 7635
Jabbar for coping with new technology at workplaces. Sep 28, 2019 206
Nimble tech firms must adapt as promised self-driving revolution hits speed bumps. Reuters News Service Sep 23, 2019 975
BP UK oil Ltd.--BP North Sea deploys Mars technology in world-first methane monitoring project--10/9/2019. Sep 23, 2019 813
Coffee Fiesta sells new technology, machines. Sep 22, 2019 747
Artificial Intelligence and the Customer Journey: The combination of AI and speech technology is transforming the way marketers think about customer experience, but many are still hesitant to put plans into action. Pophal, Lin Sep 22, 2019 2078
How Speech Technologies Can LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD: Speech tech is a major driver behind assistive devices for people with all sorts of disabilities. Britt, Phillip Sep 22, 2019 1919
Southwest announces promotions in its technology division. Sep 18, 2019 198
BP UK oil Ltd.--BP North Sea deploys Mars technology in world-first methane monitoring project--10/9/2019. Sep 18, 2019 814
New technology to detect knives in public places. Sep 16, 2019 748
GITEX 2019 to spotlight synergy between human and technology. Sep 15, 2019 959
Gitex 2019 to showcase next-gen technologies. Sep 15, 2019 470
Surigao bank pioneers cloud technology in the Philippines. Sep 15, 2019 2530
Masdar ties up with Swedish firm for clean-tech project. Sep 13, 2019 537
Masdar City to have new clean-tech pilot project. Sep 12, 2019 582
Dubai tech firm brings workforce management innovation to US market. Sep 8, 2019 371
Elon musk and jack ma disagree about AI's threat. Sep 8, 2019 138
Fawad for equipping police with latest technology to gain public confidence. Sep 3, 2019 787
Can't name the UK technology secretary? We don't have one. Sep 3, 2019 688
The potential of blockchain technology in the online retail space. Sep 1, 2019 868
THE OPTICS ARE GOOD: Vendors weigh in on developments in optical communications technology and test solutions. Hockett, Mike Sep 1, 2019 1783
The integration of artificially intelligent technologies with breast imaging. Massat, Mary Beth Sep 1, 2019 2642
Individual innovativeness features of family health personnels and their attitudes towards technology. Report Aug 31, 2019 3661
Gartner ranks the top 10 wireless technology trends for 2019. Aug 26, 2019 935
Top 10 wireless technology trends for 2019. Aug 26, 2019 957
Innovative funding models and technologies to drive investment in new wave of low carbon energy. Aug 22, 2019 1689
Hoffman Estates embraces tech for greater good. Aug 19, 2019 835
NFCID in Georgia approves connected vehicle technology. Aug 15, 2019 276
NFCID in Georgia approves connected vehicle technology. Aug 15, 2019 265
NFCID in Georgia approves connected vehicle technology. Aug 15, 2019 276
Epicor helping manufacturers automate and embrace new technologies. Interview Aug 12, 2019 1478
A look into consumers' views on retail tech. Aug 12, 2019 380
Impact of technology on business activity. Aug 9, 2019 983
Hanergy's SHJ technology Sets New Record With 24.85% Conversion Rate. Aug 8, 2019 739
Four in 5 UAE parents see tech as a good medium for child development: report. Aug 7, 2019 598
GCC's tech push: Why AI is high on the agenda. Aug 6, 2019 2242
"Affordable and sustainable spectrum sharing technologies are crucial for digital inclusion and rural connectivity" says DSA President Martha Suarez. Aug 5, 2019 738
Techno gap getting wider between generations. Aug 5, 2019 473
UAE-based telco du to promote Light Communication technology. Aug 4, 2019 417
Dubai's du leads MENA to promote the adoption of Light Communication (LC) technology. Aug 1, 2019 294
How Vivo technology helps shape smartphones, industry. Aug 1, 2019 731
Evolving Healthcare: Innovative digital technologies increase patient access, decrease costs. Orr, Vanessa Aug 1, 2019 2167
Du joins global bid to spur light communication tech. Jul 31, 2019 370
Rolls Royce - Rolls-Royce and DSTA collaborate on digital technology - 23/7/2019. Jul 30, 2019 289
Students urged: Consider career in space tech. Jul 29, 2019 815
3 myths to bust about breaking up 'big tech'. Jul 20, 2019 1231
Innovation in Wales is fully reflected in our tech list. Jul 17, 2019 2738
DOST harnesses technology apps to upgrade hazard, risk assessment 'in a click of a button'. Jul 4, 2019 531
ADAPTING ACCOUNTING ETHICS TO NEW TECHNOLOGY: The IESBA has revised its code of ethics to clarify how ethical principles should be applied in today's tech-dominated business landscape. Butcher, Daniel Jul 1, 2019 1052
AI Gives Sales Teams a Boost: Enablement and engagement technologies are taking the tedium out of sales processes. Klie, Leonard Jul 1, 2019 1745
The convergence of convergence. Murray, Art; Calabrese, Francesco Jul 1, 2019 1294
How global tech can drive local healthcare innovation in China. Jun 30, 2019 1429
Workers 'shut out' of decisions on technology. Jun 26, 2019 295
Workers shut out of decisions on new technology, research suggests. Jun 26, 2019 334
Reading named as one of the UK's top digital tech 'cities'; A new census has identified 11,656 digital tech businesses in the town. Jun 26, 2019 786
Public cloud "important" for integrating future tech: UAE IT leaders. Jun 24, 2019 441
Penang to hold tech fest next year. Jun 24, 2019 281
Hope Beyond Technique: On Jacques Ellul: The French polymath renowned for diagnosing technology's evils found a cure not in more technology but in God. Lurie, Robert Dean Jun 22, 2019 3796
The "plutonium of AI": Facial-recognition technology. Marijan, Branka Jun 22, 2019 1085
Fawad Chaudhry forms five advisory boards for sci-tech research. Jun 20, 2019 397
AI seen as biggest technology challenge facing businesses. Jun 18, 2019 410
Samsung Electronics underscores its commitment to 8K technology at QLED Summit in New York. Jun 14, 2019 596
Need to double tech graduates to 40,000 annually by 2022: DEPA. Jun 12, 2019 540
China may restrict tech access in spiraling US trade dispute. Jun 9, 2019 407
New Methods of Tackling Old Problems: Removing profitability barriers with automation technology. Simonelli, Isaac Stone Jun 1, 2019 2035
Highlighting advances in light: Ahead of the Innovation award that will be presented at Laser World of Photonics, Jessica Rowbury talks technology development with Dr Jonathan Blackburn of welding research and technology specialist, TWI. Rowbury, Jessica Jun 1, 2019 751
THE DIGITAL RENOVATION: How and when to update your technology stack. Defalco, Marlena Jun 1, 2019 1102
Technology Will Change Multifamily Leasing: AI technologies, self-guided tours and short-term rental platforms are set to change the prospect and resident experience. Davidoff, Donald Jun 1, 2019 851
The sky's the limit: Keely Portway looks at new terahertz and infrared technologies being developed to inspect aircraft. Jun 1, 2019 1032
Processors Taking Pragmatic Approach to Industry 4.0: Recent survey reveals that processors evaluate any new technology--including Industry 4.0--by its contribution to improving operations and shop-floor productivity. Columbus, Louis Jun 1, 2019 1701
Nissan's technology could pay in Renault-FCA deal -sources. May 30, 2019 817
Tech in the future: 5 technology trends that are set to become big in the near future. May 29, 2019 1153
Government ready to adopt blockchain technology which is relevant-ICT Ministry. May 23, 2019 819
Will retail banks trip over tech disruption? May 15, 2019 862
Bridging the digital divide between technology creators and technology consumers. May 13, 2019 866
How to attract women, minorities to tech sector. May 9, 2019 585
Dans, Honeywell sign MoU to co-develop new technologies. May 6, 2019 785
A culture of technology; INNOVATION. May 6, 2019 532
Abu Dhabi Ports, Dell to develop tech-based maritme solutions. May 6, 2019 554
Bahrain ready for a new chapter in hi-tech schooling. May 4, 2019 575
How tech can transform Africa's health. Moeti, Matshidiso Rebecca Column May 1, 2019 702
MHI's annual report sees inflection point, investment spike, for digital technologies: Panelists highlight an industry ready to move forward with the next stages of adopting digital technologies. Discussion May 1, 2019 520
stem education calendar. Brief article May 1, 2019 272
project-/problem-based learning in STEM: impacts on student learning. Euefueno, William D. Report May 1, 2019 3322
TECH FEES BY THE NUMBERS: A data-driven look at funding technology to support franchise operations. Gerson, Keith May 1, 2019 1359
Health technology assessment in Brazil--an international perspective. Lima, Sandra Goncalves Gomes; de Brito, Claudia; de Andrade, Carlos Jose Coelho May 1, 2019 5747
WINDGO receives US patent for technology to proactively and interactively mitigate motor vehicle impact forces. Apr 24, 2019 283
"Smart mix" of measures needed to regulate new technologies, UN human rights official says. Apr 24, 2019 811
Aviation industry making innovation leaps in UAM technology. Apr 19, 2019 675
Urging pursuit of technology. Apr 16, 2019 653
Pakistan's progress in technology: challenges ahead. Apr 14, 2019 669
University to develop technology Finding a solution to concealed knives... Apr 10, 2019 580
Alvi emphasises need for adopting new tech. Apr 6, 2019 734
Regency signs MoU with Dell to boost smart tech solutions. Apr 4, 2019 412
The dawn of Ethiopian tech. Apr 2, 2019 1589
Transforming the Classroom: Dr. Rudolph Moseley, Jr. Prepares the Next Generation of STEM Leaders. Cutts, Evan; LaFontant, Andre Interview Apr 1, 2019 426
preparing technology- and engineering-literate students--it's not left to chance. Moye, Johnny J. Apr 1, 2019 3471
Intervening factors in the technological transfer in a science and technology institution: the case of FIOCRUZ/Intervenientes dos processos de transferencia tecnologica em uma instituicao de ciencia e tecnologia: o caso FIOCRUZ/Intervinientes de los procesos de transferencia tecnologica en una institucion de ciencia y tecnologia: el caso FIOCRUZ. Cavalcante, Fernando Victor; de Almeida, Monique Brandao Comes; Renault, Thiago Borges Apr 1, 2019 7653
Calamansi gets boost with new technology for off-season harvest. Mar 30, 2019 736
A hub for tech entrepreneurship: Companies grow and thrive in the Upper Valley. Rajala, Liisa Mar 29, 2019 1844
Agriculture goes hi-tech in Qatar. Mar 25, 2019 269
Ebdaa Bank to implement innovative tech solutions. Mar 24, 2019 535
BCI: Keeping a sharp eye on the future of technology. Mar 22, 2019 723
Time to Care About Machines Displacing Workers: The environmental, social and governance movement is adding a "T" for technology. Alexander, Jan Mar 22, 2019 1239
Raqmiyat on how advanced tech will transform services. Mar 21, 2019 897
UAE and Saudi Arabia emerging as regional 'tech powerhouses'. Mar 19, 2019 510
Pinoy Gen Z seeks companies with cutting-edge tech-study. Mar 17, 2019 675
The world's top 10 construction technology trends to watch in 2019. Mar 15, 2019 1242
DepEd to educators: Strike balance between technology, humanities. Mar 13, 2019 500
Fears over new technologies which are improving faster than human skills are; Yorkshire Bank's Group Business Banking Director gives his verdict on the biggest technology questions for small businesses in 2019. Mar 7, 2019 403
BANKING ON TECHNOLOGY; ADVERTISING FEATURE With technology moving at a faster rate than human skills, it is vital for small and medium sized businesses to keep up. yorkshire bank's group business banking director, gavin opperman, is here to ANSWER your questions... Mar 5, 2019 435
BANKING ON TECHNOLOGY; ADVERTISING FEATURE With technology moving at a faster rate than human skills, it is vital for small and medium sized businesses to keep up. Yorkshire Bank's group Business Banking Director, GAVIN OPPERMAN, is here to ANSWER your questions... Mar 5, 2019 435
BANKING ON TECHNOLOGY; With technology moving at a faster rate than human skills, it is vital for small and medium sized businesses to keep up. yorkshire bank's group business banking director, gavin opperman, is here to ANSWER your questions... ADVERTISING FEATURE. Mar 5, 2019 435

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