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Technology to be exhibited, shared at international event.

While learning of the latest technology, foundrymen will test the waters of the best foundry equipment in the world at GIFA '94.

On June 15-22, 1994, the Super Bowl of foundry trade shows and congresses will be kicked off in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Sponsored by the Committee of Foundry Technical Associations (CIATF), GIFA '94, the 8th International Foundry Trade Fair with Congress, will showcase the latest technology from across the globe that foundrymen are seeking to compete in the never-before-equaled international markets emerging today.

Under the banner, Technology Forum International, two more of the world's most important industrial trade fairs will participate. They are: METEC '94, an international trade fair for metallurgical technology and equipment; and ThermProcess '94, an international trade fair for industrial furnaces and thermic production processes. Both events also offer technical congresses.

Held only once every five years, the three shows attracted 624 exhibitors and more than 133,000 visitors from 113 countries in 1989. As of press time, GIFA's numbers were expected to exceed 1989's attendance.

Tomorrow's Foundry

GIFA's Congress program focuses on the central issues of foundries in industrialized and developing countries. New foundry production systems will be shown under the motto, "People-Quality-Productivity."

The initial focal areas for GIFA are gains in productivity, quality improvement and environmental compatibility. Emphasis also is placed on the use of computers and waste disposal technology at foundry plants. An important contribution will be made to exchange information on trade topics and intense discussions.

The program is planned around current issues affecting the very foundation of the global metalcasting industry. Three precongress foundry tours offer attendees an opportunity to visit modern foundries.

Located in the heart of Europe, Dusseldorf is an ideal location for companies all across the globe to introduce their products to an international audience. More than 50 million people live within a radius of 300 km, one-sixth of all European Community citizens--currently the largest combined economic region in the world.

According to Fritz-Otto Thielmann, project manager for GIFA '94: "To remain competitive in the future--and this means with a view to the single European market and the markets of Eastern Europe as well as the challenge posed by the Japanese--all businesses worldwide must bow to one common objective--the fastest possible production flow, the highest degree of flexibility and unimpeachable product quality."

"The most advanced technology for foundries is at our disposal to fulfill these tasks and will be showcased at GIFA '94."

As they did for the first time in 1989, U.S. firms will band together to form the U.S. Pavilion. Anchored by AFS and the Casting Industry Suppliers Assn., the pavilion is an effective tool for promoting U.S. foundry products and technology.

Technology is the key to competing globally in the foundry market, and this is why GIFA is vital to the future of metalcasting.

modern casting editors will be on hand to relay critical issues and news of upcoming (and current) technology used by foundries internationally as they secure their place for tomorrow.

For more information on GIFA '94, contact Dusseldorf Trade Shows, Inc. at 312/781-5180.
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Title Annotation:GIFA '94
Author:Lessiter, Michael J.
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Date:Dec 1, 1993
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