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Putting technology to work. Link, Albert N.; O'Sullivan, Eoin D. Essay Mar 22, 2017 997
American Geophysical Union & Partners Launch Community Climate Resilience Program with the Office of Science and Technology Policy. Oct 31, 2016 656
United States : New members named to serve on federal Health Information Technology Policy and Standards Committees. Jun 24, 2016 342
Providing Consultancy Services For Monitoring And Implementation Of Uttar Pradesh Information Technology Policy And Start Up Policy 2016. Apr 7, 2016 143
Australia Public Service bans paper in boxes. Jan 1, 2016 335
White House budget guidance. Sep 22, 2015 319
Africa rebooting. Juma, Calestous Apr 1, 2015 1284
Future uncertain for COMPETES legislation. Jan 1, 2015 745
Center for Medical Technology Policy Awarded Grant from Edwards Lifesciences Foundation to Accelerate Adoption of Surgical Recovery Protocols in U.S. Hospitals. Dec 1, 2014 875
In brief. Sep 22, 2014 669
Jannati ridicules radicals fear of modern thingees. Jun 20, 2014 527
Center for Medical Technology Policy Hosts Stakeholder Forum on Enhanced Recovery Protocols for Surgical Patients in the U.S. Jun 17, 2014 614
Center for Medical Technology Policy, Green Park Collaborative-USA Convene Consortia in Baltimore. May 2, 2014 1246
And now for something completely different. Finneran, Kevin Editorial Mar 22, 2014 562
Center for Medical Technology Policy (CMTP) Names Elisabeth Houtsmuller to Lead Green Park Collaborative-USA. Jan 9, 2014 503
China's technology policy change: how effective has it been? Gao, Xudong Report Dec 1, 2013 10410
NTP Software's Bruce Backa in Washington DC to lobby on technology policy. May 20, 2013 596
The best countries for cloud computing. May 1, 2013 373
The SECURE IT Act, S. 3342. Brief article Aug 1, 2012 194
Academia Sinica to forward white paper on higher education, technology policy at yearend. Liu, Ken Brief article Jul 9, 2012 295
Global governance and the spread of cyberspace controls. Deibert, Ronald J.; Crete-Nishihata, Masashi Jul 1, 2012 10086
Improving S&T policy. Jan 1, 2012 1245
Science and technology policy in brief. Sep 22, 2011 327
Time for an update: the fundamental framework for managing science and technology, which has changed little since the 1940s, needs to adapt to what has become a very different world. Lane, Neal F. Sep 22, 2011 5485
Science and technology in brief. Jun 22, 2011 418
Promoting research and development the government's role: the rationale for federal support for basic research is well established, but the best policy for implementing this principle remains open to debate. Bernanke, Ben S. Jun 22, 2011 3349
Science for welfare and warfare; technology and state initiative in Cold War Sweden. Book review Jun 1, 2011 214
Call for making industry driven science & technology policy. May 19, 2011 469
Intuit Health to Demonstrate Patient Portal at DC Technology Policy Exhibition. Jan 7, 2011 628
European science and technology policy; towards integration or fragmentation? Brief article Jun 1, 2010 140
Privacy in context; technology, policy, and the integrity of social life. Book review May 1, 2010 140
The new economics of technology policy. Book review Feb 1, 2010 93
Odds and ends. Jan 1, 2010 497
Uruguay's "peaceful revolution". Cattivelli, Adrian Nov 1, 2009 400
Nanolessons for revamping government oversight of technology: nanotechnology is changing the world. Now the federal government must radically change how it oversees this and other technologies to best protect human health and the environment. Davies, J. Clarence Sep 22, 2009 5071
ICDL Saudi Arabia Certified Training Professional program. Jun 24, 2009 372
The Cloud, the crowd, and Public policy: a new age of more flexible, less expensive, and more secure computing will emerge soon if governments act wisely. Nelson, Michael R. Viewpoint essay Jun 22, 2009 3246
New Jersey's One EASE E-Link: harder than it seemed. Kowalski, William G. Jun 1, 2009 857
Kingdom makes ICDL necessary. Jun 1, 2009 618
Richard E. Chapman Appointed to Serve on National Health Information Technology Policy Committee. May 8, 2009 496
Technology Policy, Free Trade and the DTV Transition Focus of the 2009 CEA Washington Forum. Apr 24, 2009 960
The challenge for the Obama administration science team. Crow, Michael M. Essay Mar 22, 2009 1286
Effectiveness and efficiency drive storage into the clouds. Brief article Oct 1, 2008 122
How fast you can read this essay online. Thompson, Nicholas Aug 1, 2008 1033
Science in the developing world. Baltimore, David; Fedoroff, Nina Mar 22, 2008 1108
The Center for Medical Technology Policy Selects Software from HealthGate to Manage the Development of Protocols. Jan 29, 2008 513
Polishing Belgium's innovation jewel: although Flanders is already one of world's most prosperous and productive regions, the government sees opportunities to enhance its performance. Moerman, Fientje Sep 22, 2007 3887
Mexico's innovation cha-cha: the country has taken some encouraging steps toward strengthening its science and technology capacity, but it retreats when it comes to providing adequate resources and following through on implementation. Gonzalez-Brambila, Claudia; Lever, Jose; Veloso, Francisco Sep 22, 2007 3795
Excelsior: the Korean innovation story; By making continuous and massive investments in human resource development and R & D, Korea has succeeded in building a unique innovation system. Chung, Sungchul Sep 22, 2007 4135
The chrysanthemum meets the eagle: Japanese and U.S. innovation policies have been co-evolving since the 19th century. Flamm, Kenneth; Nagaoka, Sadao Sep 22, 2007 4705
Int'l Journals on Technology Policy and Law; Liability and Scientific Enquiry. Jun 1, 2007 282
Report recommends boosting energy S&T. Feb 1, 2007 374
Explosive Debates from CEA's Entertainment Technology Policy Summit Now Available via Podcasts; Digital Recordings Include Colorful and Animated Exchanges Among Industry Leaders on Intellectual Property, Fair Use and Telecommunications Reform. Mar 27, 2006 492
Don't "dis" Chinese Science. De Angelis, Alexander P. Mar 22, 2006 1303
Let the Internet be the Internet. Nelson, Michael R. Mar 22, 2006 2717
Passionate Debates on Intellectual Property, Fair Use and Telecommunications Reform Make for Lively Day Two at CEA's Entertainment Technology Policy Summit. Mar 20, 2006 1064
CEA Honors Recipients of the 2005 Academy of Digital Television Pioneers Awards; Winners Announced During CEA's Entertainment Technology Policy Summit. Mar 16, 2006 569
Technology and Government Leaders Converge to Discuss DTV and Digital Content at CEA's Entertainment Technology Policy Summit. Mar 16, 2006 1289
High Ranking Government Officials Added to List of Stand Out Speakers at CEA's Entertainment Technology Policy Summit. Mar 8, 2006 644
Top Industry and Government Officials Headline CEA'S Entertainment Technology Policy Summit; Two Day Event Features Debates on Intellectual Property, Network Neutrality and Digital Television. Feb 17, 2006 1024
Public R & D and industrial innovations at the project levels: an exploration of Taiwan's public research projects. Jang, Show-Ling; Huang, Guo-Gang Oct 1, 2005 7415
Cyberinfrastructure for research. Bachula, Gary R. Sep 22, 2005 538
New gender and ICT policy website helps women. Brief Article Jun 1, 2005 207
Japan: finalized on December 24, 2004, Japan's Science and Technology (S&T) budget for fiscal 2005 decreased a negligible 0.8% to [yen] 3,578.5 billion ($35.1 billion). Brief Article Jan 31, 2005 217
Technology and change: learn what the federal government is doing to make productive use of new technology; to constantly find ways to improve services to citizens, business, and governments; and to transform itself. Evans, Karen Sep 22, 2004 1197
Scientists organize to expose Bush administration distortions of scientific knowledge. Sep 1, 2004 81
Needed: a revitalized national S & T policy; The proposed 2005 federal budget puts the nation at risk by shortchanging support for critical research activities. Bingaman, Jeff; Simon, Robert M.; Rosenberg, Adam L. Mar 22, 2004 3306
Worldwide reach, passport optional: adopting and adapting emerging technology allows a small-staff start-up to attract a global community. Hewett, Julie K. Mar 1, 2004 2305
Earning a front row seat for the North. Robinson, David (American basketball player) Jan 1, 2004 646
Humanities for policy--and a policy for the humanities: scientists have been asked to demonstrate their value to policymakers; now humanists must show what they have to offer. Frodeman, Robert; Mitcham, Carl; Pielke, Roger, Jr. Sep 22, 2003 2564
R&D in Europe--state of the enterprise. de Wit, Hans; Dearing, Andrew Sep 1, 2003 3856
Putting "e" to work: whether it is in processes, products or markets, exporters who do not keep up with technological innovations in their field may fall behind. A solid investment strategy in "e", however, can help SMEs enter new markets and overcome or sidestep many traditional obstacles they face while competing internationally. Badrinath, R. Jul 1, 2003 1129
China: over the last two decades, a new plan for scientific and technological (S&T) research has emerged in China, largely based on Western models. (Region Watch). Brief Article Feb 15, 2003 195
R&D for Defense, NASA garner funding rise. (Budget Boosts and Busts). Perkins, S. Feb 8, 2003 1060
Bush's scientific relativism. (Note from a Worldwatcher). Ayres, Ed Jan 1, 2003 1274
Senate energy bill would create new OTA-like service. (From the Hill). Sep 22, 2002 640
Hong Kong's CyberPort: do government and high tech mix? Ostrov, Benjamin C. Sep 22, 2002 7954
Science and technology policy issues of concern to Ohio's leaders: a report of the Science Policy Advisory Committee of The Ohio Academy of Science. Geis, Philip A. Sep 1, 2002 1549
Improve tech literacy, expert group urges. (Corporate Strategy). Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 470
Research universities in the new security environment: some hasty government responses to September 11 posed problems for universities; with a more collaborative approach, higher education can play a vital role. Greenwood, M.R.C.; Riordan, Donna Gerardi Jun 22, 2002 3019
How and why to strategically finance IT projects. (State of the Art). Voorhees, William R. Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 2006
Parliament and democracy in the 21st century: the impact of information and communication technologies. Alcock, Reg Editorial Mar 22, 2002 1004
Drawing a blank: the failure of facial recognition technology in Tampa. Steinhardt, Barry Mar 1, 2002 2577
Technologies needed. Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 234
Marburger confirmed as science advisor; OSTP moves questioned. (From the Hill). Brief Article Dec 22, 2001 675
President appoints science and technology advisors. (From the Hill). Brief Article Dec 22, 2001 356
Homeland Security Technology: A new federal agency is needed to rapidly develop and deploy technologies that will limit our vulnerability to terrorism. Bonvillian, William B.; Sharp, Kendra V. Dec 22, 2001 4067
The Advanced Technology Program: It Works. WESSNER, CHARLES W. Sep 22, 2001 3340
Repositioning the Advanced Technology Program. FONG, GLENN R. Sep 22, 2001 3180
OTA reconsidered. Letter to the Editor Mar 22, 2001 8540
A Science and Technology Policy Focus for the Bush Administration. GUSTON, DAVID H.; WOODHOUSE, E. J.; SAREWITZ, DANIEL Mar 22, 2001 2417
The New Three R's: Reinvestment, Reinvention, Responsibility. Lieberman, Joseph I. Mar 22, 2001 3093
China Moving on Many Fronts To Boost S&T and Innovation. Larson, Charles F. Mar 1, 2001 1675
Rumsfeld Endorses Robust Science Funding. Book, Elizabeth G. Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 134
Space Commission Urges 'More Investment'. Book, Elizabeth G. Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 163
An aerospace council--roger that. (Tooling Around). McKenna, Joseph F. Column Mar 1, 2001 444
Senate approves bill to expand S&T spending, but House balks. Brief Article Dec 22, 2000 433
E-business in 80 countries under Electronic Commerce project. Brief Article Aug 1, 2000 306
Privacy, Anonymity and the Attack on Authentication Technologies. Baker, Stewart A. Aug 1, 2000 1191
California Assembly Passes Net Tax, Voting Bills. Brief Article Aug 1, 2000 196
Instant Democracy for Everyone. Weberg, Brian Jul 1, 2000 1549
Cities' Tech Challenge: Overcoming the `Communication and Vision Gap'. Cable, Susan Brief Article Jun 5, 2000 784
Literacy and the new technologies in school education: Meeting the l(IT)eracy challenge? Durrant, Cal; Green, Bill Jun 1, 2000 8666
Cyber-colonialism? EPSTEIN, JACK Jun 1, 2000 649
Africa's silicon valley? Nevin, Tom May 1, 2000 2594
Privacy and the Prying Eyes of Cyberspace. NEGRONI, ANDREA LEE Apr 1, 2000 2919
Leaders Seek Strategies to Close IT Skills Gap in Cities. Bynum, Marjorie Brief Article Feb 21, 2000 332
Web firms revive neighborhoods, expand Manhattan boundaries. LaGary, Wayne Jan 26, 2000 560
PTI Invites Local Input on Technology Convergence. Brief Article Oct 11, 1999 225
Technological capability building in South Korea: some lessons for Pakistan. Ansari, Javed A.; Khan, Rafique A. Report Dec 22, 1998 9237
Critical infrastructure: interlinked and vulnerable. Robinson, C. Paul; Woodard, Joan B.; Varnado, Samuel G. Sep 22, 1998 4129
Science in transition: searching for a role in the post-cold war era. Kevles, Daniel J. Sep 1, 1998 3729
Rethinking high tech in Texas: policy changes. Echeverri-Carroll, Elsie L. Aug 1, 1998 1127
Local government information technology trends: a 1995-1998 comparison for Virginia local governments. Philips, Robert H.; Chase, Bruce W. Aug 1, 1998 1444
Government's role in research studied. Jun 22, 1998 430
Sensible, coherent, long-term S&T strategy sought. Mar 22, 1998 351
Cyberpolitik: The Changing Nature of Power in the Information Age. Rothkopf, David J. Mar 22, 1998 13424
Speeding inventions along - from lab to marketplace. Johnsen, Peter B.; Watkins, C. Andrew Mar 1, 1998 725
Public-private partnership boosts public benefits. Lyons-Johnson, Dawn Mar 1, 1998 1601
New prominence for science and technology. Dec 22, 1997 615
Economic growth helps boost R&D budgets - at least for now. Dec 22, 1997 2081
Don't look back: science funding for the future. Smith, Philip M.; McGeary, Michael Mar 22, 1997 5392
From technology politics to technology policy. Branscomb, Lewis M. Mar 22, 1997 4952
Local governments honored for technology innovations. Nov 25, 1996 594
Helping states tackle technical issues. Guston, David H.; Jones, Megan; Branscomb, Lewis M. Jun 22, 1996 3245
Multinational firms and the diffusion of skills and technology. Blomstrom, Magnus; Lipsey, Robert E. Jun 22, 1996 1447
PTI at vanguard of technology providers for local governments. Kellogg, Camille; Borut, Donald J. Nov 20, 1995 3111
Technology. Ahlen, John W. Jul 31, 1995 702
The perils of techno-globalism. Tonelson, Alan Jun 22, 1995 4805
Improving industry-government cooperative R&D. Ham, Rose Marie; Mowery, David C. Jun 22, 1995 4081
End of Cold War cuts technological advances. Jun 1, 1995 1157
Trying to predict the impact of tomorrow's inventions. Rosenberg, Nathan May 1, 1995 2420
Executive selected to head group seeking to make California world center of a new industry; new director of Project California seeks to bring 400,000 jobs to state by 2010. Apr 6, 1995 425
Technology policy for a global economy. Florida, Richard Mar 22, 1995 4502
FEMA funds boost mapping of earthquake-prone areas. Feb 6, 1995 566
Technology traps: defunding the megaprograms. Rodgers, T.J. Feb 1, 1995 1563
Brains for hire: a look at the transfer of technology, from laboratory to application. Dunlap, Phil Feb 1, 1995 1145
Long-term science and technology policy key to sustainable economic growth. Gerrard, Jon M. Sep 1, 1994 1533
Seeking alternatives. Love, James Jun 1, 1994 835
Dangers in pinning our hopes on trickle down technology. Rifkin, Jeremy May 1, 1994 2431
The Clinton technology policy: boon or boondoggle? Cowhey, Peter F. Jan 1, 1994 2592
Getting serious about science-policy reform. Boucher, Rick Dec 22, 1993 2222
A design for new national laboratories. Morgan, M. Granger; White, Robert M. Dec 22, 1993 2439
Electronic democracy: can we retake our government? Bacard, Andre Jul 1, 1993 1632
Technology policy comes of age. Bloch, Erich; Cheney, David Jun 22, 1993 3477
Halting the erosion of America's critical assets. Tolchin, Susan J. Mar 22, 1993 5165
Can the U.S. cope with the techno-future? Haavind, Robert Mar 1, 1993 3150
The power of assistive technology. Brand, Jackie Oct 1, 1992 728
Two sites for catching gravitational waves. Peterson, Ivars Feb 29, 1992 450
Sudbury wants to become centre for mining technology excellence. Feb 1, 1992 418
The environmental agenda for leaders. Speth, James Gustave Jun 22, 1991 2131
The state of discipline. column Jun 1, 1991 1319
Intellectual roots of innovation: some myths and some facts, with implications for the third millennium. Vijh, Ashok K. Nov 1, 1990 3478
It's time to take science and technology seriously. Wilson, Kirk editorial Nov 1, 1989 580
Rating Canada's IQ. Kerwin, Larkin May 1, 1989 1133
Comments on cabinet gene-splice plan. May 4, 1985 293

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