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Technology of Reduced-Additive Foods.

Consumers do not necessarily understand very well how the food industry operates and certainly do not always understand the necessity of having certain additives in products. Having said that, there has been much talk of 'chemicals' in food and the fact that 'they can't be good for you'. This sort of thinking and the publicity surrounding it has led manufacturers to attempt to follow the requirements of the marketplace, which has entailed the reformulation of many products to remove or reduce their additive content. Still, the consumer wants 'better' foods and certainly more natural ones, which has led to changing practices in the whole food manufacturing business.

In the this volume the various authors discuss areas where great strides have been made to avoid the use of additives in the production of certain foods or the reduction of their use to create new products in their place. Activity around the industry has not necessarily been even but in some areas considerable progress has been made - these are the areas examined here. The book's nine chapters carry titles: Starter cultures; New animal-derived ingredients; New marine-derived ingredients; Reduced additive breadmaking technology; Novel food packaging; Antimicrobial preservative-reduced foods; New plant-derived ingredients; Food from supplement-fed animals; and Reduced-additive brewing and winemaking.

There are numerous references to further reading and a full index.
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