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Technology innovation awards debuts at TAITRONICS 2012.

The first Technology Innovation Awards was held during the 38th Taipei International Electronics Show (TAITRONICS) on October 9-12, 2012. The award, organized by the quasi-official Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association (TEEMA), aims to become Taiwan's answer to Germany's iF Design Award for electronics and electrical industry.

The Technology Innovation Awards honors outstanding R&D work by Taiwan manufacturers of electronic components, electronic products, broadband communications, cloud, and Internet of Things (IOT) solutions.

The government-backed Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) conducted the award event. Experts from the private and public sectors were invited to select 19 excellent products from more than 100 entries by local companies. The gold medallists emerging from the two-round selection process were announced at the opening day of TAITRONICS and all 19 winning products were displayed at the Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall during the show.

Award-winning Products

Company: Zeroplus Technology Co., Ltd.

Product name: Logic Century PC-based logic analyzer

Properties: One-piece aluminum housing, brand new "Smart+" software, 16 gateway, high compatibility with peripheral equipment.

Description: A light, sturdy one-piece aluminum housing provides this analyzer with solid protection and efficient thermal dissipation. The Logic Century has a U-shape and anti-slip fillister that make the analyzer easy to carry. It also has energy-efficient LED lights.

Smart+ is user-friendly software that simulates analog control panels and buttons with intuitive function icons and channel trigger condition settings from a computer monitor.

The analyzer comes with 16 analyzing gateways and memory capacity of 4Mbits, with each gateway holding 128Kbits. The internal analyzing clock rate is 100-200MHz while external clock rate is 100MHz. In addition to PC screens, the analyzer also has an oscilloscope platform to display analyzed signals.

Company: AnaSystem Inc.

Product name: Cloud-based Senslink monitoring system

Properties: This system delivers a total solution built on an Internet-based cloud platform for straightforward, reliable, and efficient disaster prevention monitoring without the need to set up a data center.

Description: The Senslink system monitors hydrological systems, water quality, meteorological systems, seismic activities, traffic systems, energy systems, construction site security, and healthcare systems, among other functions. SensMini recorders transmit on-site data wirelessly via the Internet.

Company: Visionware Technology Inc.

Product name: MB-series multifunctional LED desk lamp

Properties: Screw-free joint connecting lamp holder with light arm and 360-degree adjustable rotating body.

Description: The MB-series lamp can be used as reading light, emergency light and camping light when the lamp holder is removed from the arm. It lights up instantly and has a glare-free optical lens. It comes with rechargeable built-in Li-ion polymer battery and streamlined aluminum casing.

Company: Systex Corp.

Product name: Etu Appliance big-data processing architecture

Properties: End-to-end solution in box

Description: The Etu Appliance integrates and optimizes the software and hardware required by enterprises processing terabytes to petabytes of unstructured and semi-structured data and delivers enterprises an end-toend solution in a box.

Company: APPA Technology Corp.

Product name: APPA IT-1 Infrared Thermometer

Properties: Industry's smallest infrared thermometer, measuring just 20mm (W) x 100mm (L) x 29mm (D); large LCD display; 8:1 distance to spot ratio; holds temperature readings for 10 seconds; easy switching between Celsius and Fahrenheit settings; an industry-leading maximum error of plus/minus one degree Celsius; non-contact AC60V-AC600V detection range; dual use as a flashlight with ultra bright LEDs; single AAA battery operation; low battery indicator; and pocket clip for easy carrying

Company: APPA Technology Corp.

Product name: APPA 138 Pro Clamp-On Power Meter

Properties: Automatic power-detection mode selection; active backlit display; innovative thumb-touch navigation key; suitable for high temperature work environments; torch light and automatic non contact voltage detection; easy power-mode switch; ergonomic design; 10,000-count display screen

Description: The APPA 138 automatically detects ampere and voltage of AC, DC and AC+DC with its embedded AC+DC True RMS function. It also detects temperature, capacitance, electrical resistance, rush current and total harmonics distortion. Torchlight activates when the clamp opens.

Company: Enova Technology Corp.

Product name: Enigma AES 256-bit hardware encryption drive

Properties: Easy to use; compatible with all laptop, PC and tablet USB ports; encrypts any USB storage device; powerful AES 256-bit hardware encryption; no software or drivers needed; compatible with Microsoft, Apple, Android and Linux operating systems

Description: Enigma ASE 256-bit hardware encryption drive is a USB ciphering dongle that encrypts data stored inside any type of USB drive, including thumb drives, hard drives, hybrid drives (PATA and SATA), card readers, digital cameras, smartphones, Blue-ray readers, DVD readers, CD-R readers and flash cards inserted into USB card readers. All data written to USB drives is automatically encrypted when passing through the Enigma dongle and, with the dongle, can be read without a password.

Company: Good Will Instrument Co., Ltd.

Product name: GDS-3000 Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Properties: 500/350/250/150MHz bandwidth and 2/4 input channel; 5GSa/s real-time sampling rate and 100GSa/s equivalent of time sampling rate; 25k points memory for each input channel; visual persistence oscilloscope technology to display less-frequently-occurring signals; 8-inch 800 x 600 high resolution TFT LCD displays; unique split screen system with independent setting and display for each input channel; 50-ohm/75-ohm/1M- ohm built-in input impedance selections; optional power analysis software for power source measurement and analysis; optional serial bus analysis software for trigger and decode of 12C, SPI and UART interface.

Description: The GDS-3000 digital storage oscilloscope is a full-featured and powerful tool that allows users to tackle error detection on increasingly complicated power switches and circuits with ease. The 8-inch SVGA LCD screen, combined with advanced VPO (visual persistence oscilloscope) digital signal processing technology, displays waveforms with extremely high detail and clarity.

Company: Good Will Instrument Co., Ltd.

Product name: GSP-930 3 GHz Advanced Spectrum Analyzer

Properties: Frequency range of 9kHz-3GHz. Extremely low signal drifting rate at 25 x 10-9 particle per billion (ppb) on 1GHz frequency; large LCD display; compact; built-in spectrogram and topographic display modes; extremely low noise floor of 142dBm.

Description: With its spectrogram and topography technologies, the GSP-930 can capture and display transient, drifting and hopping signals in detail. Its built-in on-screen help function provides definition description to guide user through measurement processes without the need to refer to operating manuals. A wake-up clock automatically powers up the GPS-930 according to user pre-set times, warming up the instrument in advance to ensure measurement accuracy. A Pass/Fail Limit function enables repetitive go/nogo measurements. The analyzer also has an easy sequence editing program for edited needed execution processes without a PC.

Company: Zero One Tech. Co., Ltd.

Product name: NaviZOT F2 GPS Tracker

Properties: Plug and play interface; integration with industrial components; GSM/GPRS/WCDMA compatible

Description: The NaviZOT F2 GPS Tracker incorporates onboard diagnostics II (OBDII) technology, doubling as a GPS tracker and an onboard diagnostic tool. Applications include insurance, real time fleet management, driver safety profiling, and rental car management.

Company: Chroma ATE Inc.

Product name: Model 17020 Regenerative Battery Pack Test System

Properties: Energy saving, eco-friendliness, low thermal output; test channels can be connected in parallel according to customer requirement; charge-discharge switching time of less than 10 milliseconds; constant temperature and humidity chamber; multiple test channels; maximum test capacity of four packs each channel; independent channel protective design; data recovery after power outage; less than 5% in total harmonics distortion.

Description: The 17020 system is specifically designed for secondary battery module and pack tests. It is equipped with multiple independent channels to support dedicated charge/discharge tests on multiple battery modules/packs each with discrete test characteristics. It comes with flexible programming function, which allows it to work with Chroma's "Battery Pro" software. Battery Pro utilizes the system to create cycling tests on basic charge/discharge and complex drive cycling tests for each channel or channel groups.

Company: Global Unique Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Product name: Fin Water-filled Radiator Heater

Properties: Water-based heat radiation; normal water operation at temperatures as low as -40C; silent operation; gas inflation depressurization; gas pressure discharge; leak-proof; explosion-proof heat pipe; seamless welding; quick heat flow balance; auto shut-off at tilting

Company: ADDA Corp.

Product name: ADDA Duster Fan for notebook computer

Properties: Automatic dust-port on-off switch; 30% more dust fanned away

Description: The ADDA Duster Fan is the first fan that can automatically switch between cooling and dusting functions. The dust port opens when the fan spins in the counter-clockwise direction and shuts when fan is in clockwise mode. It works as a dusting fan when the port opens and as a cooling fan when the port shuts, with separate air channels for cooling and dusting.

Company: Surgetek Technology Co.

Product name: PAT-5-C3-16-250 Combination Type Surge Energy Transfer Device

Properties: Series-connection surge suppressing structure; surging energy transfer circuit

Description: This device protects electrical equipment by suppressing energy surge caused by lightening, irregular on-off, electromagnetic pulse, successive electrical sparks, sunspots, and successive electrical sparks of 500kV/1kA. The device has been approved by Electronic Testing Center in Taiwan and conforms to ANSI C62.41 Category C High, IEC 61643-1 class III, and CE standards.

Company: Mean Well Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Product name: HVG(C)-150 high voltage LED power supply

Properties: Wide voltage input range (180-528VAC); short circuit/over voltage/over temperature/over current protections; built-in active power factor control; high efficiency (>91%); IP67/67 design; cooling by free air convection; C.V. +C.C. mode design; constant current design; output current adjustable through output cable or internal potentiometer; suitable for dry, wet and humid locations.

Description: This power supply makes most of natural air flow for cooling. It can operate in temperatures ranging from -40C to +70C, making ideal for the temperature requirements lighting fixtures in closed spaces. The HVG(C)-150 is certified by UL, CUL, FCC, TUV, CB and CE in accordance with UL8750 and EN61347-2-13 standards. It is suitable for LED streetlights, bay lights, office lights, outdoor billboards, and decorative lights.

Company: Avertronics Inc.

Product name: A2 Multi Space Wireless Control System

Properties: Intuitive design; simple control mode incorporating controls of house indoor and outdoor lighting

Company: Elite Optoelectronic Co., Ltd.

Product name: Transparent Flexible LED Display

Description: Elite's LED displays are made with chips and dies produced from self-developed flexible conductive thin film. Flexibility, lightweight, compact size, and penetrability make the displays suitable for a wide range of applications, including message display, moving word displays on car windows, show window advertisement panels, and flat-panel light sources.

Company: Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.

Product name: Cloud-based Intelligent Music Match System

Description: This system selects songs and music pieces from its cloud-based library for consumers by matching the mood type and music style they enter on the search zone of the website with songs and music pieces close to their data entries. "Audio Fingerprint" function enables the system to identify frequent users' favorite music and songs from past selections.

Company name: Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.

Product name: Integrated cloud-based service for retailers and logistics operators

Properties: Industry's first integrated cloud-based service dedicated to supplying S&M retailers and logistics operators with full information-communication technology (ICT) services for business management

Description: This service supplies management for shop opening, supplier base, supply chain, and decisionmaking backup.
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