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Technology in Schools.

The top 5 technology investments planned for 2006

1. Computers for student use                 62%
2. Upgrades to network/infrastructure        41%
3. Software for instruction                  29%
4. Computers for faculty use                 24%
5. Upgrades to student information systems   24%

Source: MDR


Percentage of all districts, and all grade levels,
using Windows- and Mac-based
operating systems

Win XP               30%
Win 2000             20%
Win 98 or below      31%
Mac OS X              9%
Mac OS                9%
Mac OS 8 or below     2%

Note: Table made from pie chart.

Source: MDR

54% of all schools share laptop computers

Source: MDR


Districs were asked, "What is your greatest
technology need for 2006?"

Hardware                          43%
IT Support Staff                  36%
Software/Online Content           17%
Technology Training Materials     17%

Note: Table made from pie chart.

Source: MDR


From the 2003-04 school
year to 2004-05, about
1,450 more districts
offered online courses
for students

Offered online classes in 2003-04

Yes          31%
No           68%
Don't know   1%

Planned to offer online classes in 2004-05

Yes          41%
No           52%
Don't know   7%

Source: Quality Education Data. What Schools
Are Using, 2004-2005,
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