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Technology for sleep disorders.

Respironics, Inc., and Itamar Medical, Ltd., of Israel will codevelop and market sleep medicine devices based on Itamar's peripheral arterial tone (PAT) technology, which provides a noninvasive window to the autonomic nervous system. Itamar's PAT technology utilizes easy-to-use, noninvasive finger-mounted probes to capture the PAT signal--a neurovascular signal that has been shown by Itamar to reflect changes or anomalies of autonomic nervous system activity by measuring changes in the arterial pulsatile blood flow and volume in the fingertip. Clinical studies at leading academic and sleep centers worldwide are demonstrating that this unique window to the autonomic nervous system can provide clinicians with valuable information to help identify, diagnose, and monitor a wide variety of diseases and medical disorders.

Respironics plans to market a number of PAT-based products for sleep medicine, including the PAT Watch 100[TM], a lightweight, wrist-worn device for home use, and the PAT Sleep 200, a bedside unit for in-clinic use. In addition, the companies intend to develop products integrating the PAT technology into sleep lab diagnostic equipment. The commercial introduction of the new products in the United States is planned for next year, subject to obtaining the required regulatory approvals. The final agreement is subject to customary conditions, including required approvals and consents.
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Publication:Ear, Nose and Throat Journal
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Date:Oct 1, 2000
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