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Technology expands capabilities of all-electric injection molding.

Technology is available for the high-speed injection molding of precision thin-wall or thin-section parts from modern engineered thermoplastics. X-Melt expansion melt technology is being used in full production to mold thin-wall, lightweight parts, with a wall thickness of just 0.011" to 0.019" (0.3 to 0.5 mm) and an injection time of 0.08 seconds.

Traditionally, it was thought that a dedicated micro-molding or hydraulic accumulator driven machine was required for this type of molding, according to the company. It is now possible with the company's standard E-Motion (all-electric) series and Victory electric (hybrid) series equipped with the X-Melt technology package.

If the melt is kept under high pressure, which is suddenly relieved, the material will expand explosively, with no additional thermal stress to the material. With X-Melt, this is achieved by moving the screw forward to a desired axial position, then locking it in place to allow the pressure to distribute evenly in the melt, in front of the screw.

In addition, a shut-off nozzle is required to lock up the barrel and prevent the melt from flowing into the cavity, until the desired compression level has been attained and the nozzle is opened for injection. Alternatively, this shut-off can be integrated into a hot runner system.

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Date:Dec 22, 2004
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