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Technology archive.

Behind on Tech Trends? ASAE's publications can keep you current with technology issues and trends that challenge--and benefit--associations.

Articles and columns published in ASSOCIATION MANAGEMENT.

June 2001

* "Turning a New Page in Publishing," by Jane Eisinger

* "News & Know-How: Tips on Telecommuting; Bidding Adieu to Data Maintenance"

July 2001

* "Out-Of-Site Marketing," by Joe Dysart

* "Marketing a Virtual Association," by Gerald Ash

August 2001

* "Guarding Your Gateway," by Dave McClure

* "Computer Parasitology," by Robert Clyde

* "Technology Tutorial," by Marge Dover, CAE

September 2001

* "Certification Testing: Still Waiting for Home Delivery," by Margo Vanover Porter

* "Going for It: Getting Revenue the New Electronic Way," by Gerry Romano, CAE

* "Budgeting for Web Business," by Nancy Perkin Beaumont, CAE, and Chuck Martin, CAE

* "The Dot-Coin After the Storm," by John P. Langan

* "Size Wise: Leading With Technology"

* "CEO to CEO: Disadvantages of a Telecommuting CEO"

October 2001

* "By Mail or By Mouse?" by Peter Westerhaus

* "E-Voting at INFORMS: A Case Study," by Mark Doherty, CAE

* "The People Speak, and Speak, and Speak..." by Willie Schatz

* "News & Know-How: Creating Cyberspace Policies"

* "Size Wise: Streamlining Governance With a New Schedule and an Online Presence"

* "CEO to CEO: Improving Communication Among Departments; Encouraging Member E-mail Lists"

November 2001

* "Size Wise: Simplifying and Streamlining Systems"

December 2001

* "Realizing the Limits of a Digital World," by Paul Duguid

January 2002

* "Legal Implications of Electronic Governance," by Jerald A. Jacobs and Thomas E. Arend

February 2002

* "News & Know-How: New Program Allows Society to Respond to Market Forces"

March 2002

* "Virtual Values," by Carole Schweitzer

* "The Small-Staff Side of Virtual Service," by David Coriale

* "Technology: Turning Organizations Inside Out," by F. Warren McFarlan

* "News & Know-How: IDRC Converts to Online Technology"

* "Size Wise: Maintaining Your Web Site: The In-House Option"

* "Intellectual Property and Internet Publications," by Jerald A. Jacobs and Lauren W. Bright

* "Size Wise: Taking Your Board Book Virtual"


* Net Worth: Shaping Markets When Customers Make the Rules, by John Hagel and Marc Singer (1999, Harvard Business School Press).

* The Cluetrain Manifesto: The End of Business as Usual, by Rick Levine, Christopher Locke, Doc Searls, and David Weinberger (2001, Perseus Books).

* Online Learning Strategies: Association Models for Success, by Don Dea and Hugh K. Lee (1999, ASAE Foundation).

* Cybercitizen: How to Use Your Computer to Fight for All the Issues You Care About, by Christopher Kush (2000, Griffin Trade Paperback).

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