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'Exciting' results from research into cover crops; Soil: Bid to find ways to use digestate effectively. GEMMA MACKENZIE Oct 10, 2019 329
Villar pushes for modern farming to sustain food security. Oct 8, 2019 207
PHilMech: Farm equipment to be distributed under RCEP will benefit other crops. Sep 27, 2019 561
Agricultural Innovation and Technology key to poverty reduction. Sep 17, 2019 693
United States : Agricultural Innovation & Technology Hold Key to Poverty Reduction in Developing Countries, says World Bank Report. Sep 17, 2019 834
Taiwan cultivates the future of smart agriculture. Sep 17, 2019 523
We must embrace agro-technology for sustainable farming. Aug 30, 2019 473
New farming technologies can improve production. Aug 26, 2019 414
Tunnel farming gains popularity in Punjab. Aug 1, 2019 241
Advanced Agricultural Science and Technology for developing knowledge and skill in coconut-based secondary agriculture. Jul 25, 2019 259
USAID PATTA holds consultative meeting to enhance the use of agricultural technology. Jul 25, 2019 392
Italy : Precision agriculture. Innovation and opportunities for the Italian system. Jul 19, 2019 855
Novel technology licensed for biological solutions to treat bacterial diseases in crops. Jul 16, 2019 380
Novel technology licensed for biological solutions to treat bacterial diseases in crops. Jul 16, 2019 378
Indonesia : Agriculture 4.0 Time Efficiency and Productivity Increase. Jul 15, 2019 751
Canada : Task force to boost B.C. agriculture through tech, innovation. Jul 13, 2019 451
Russian Federation : In Bashkir Research Institute of Agriculture, acceptance of experimental crops has begun. Jul 5, 2019 108
AgGateway's Agricultural Data Application Programming Toolkit (ADAPT). Jul 1, 2019 803
Digital technology key to transforming agriculture in Africa. Jun 26, 2019 377
Bayer promotes modern farming technology. Jun 22, 2019 465
Centre to use digital technology to transform agriculture, double farmers' income by 2022. Jun 22, 2019 351
Punjab pivots to agriculture 2.0. Jun 18, 2019 757
Use new farming technologies -Tsogwane. May 28, 2019 392
Technology - Pakistan News - Telenor velocity is uplifting pakistani agri sector through technological intervention. Brief article May 19, 2019 129
Loader Wagon For Mechanized Recovery Of Crops In One-man Operation". Mar 28, 2019 144
Agriculture goes hi-tech in Qatar. Mar 25, 2019 269
Somaliland turns to greenhouse-farming technology to feed itself. Mar 16, 2019 1153
Seeding Control: Agricultural monopolies diminish diversity and risk ecological disaster. Olmstead, Gracy Mar 1, 2019 4607
Management Strategies for Water Use Efficiency and Micro Irrigated Crops: Principles, Practices, and Performance. Brief article Mar 1, 2019 129
Converging Innovations Nourish Growth of Indoor Farming. Gobble, MaryAnne M.; Headrick, Dan Mar 1, 2019 1420
Mekong Delta farmers embrace agricultural technology, techniques. Feb 15, 2019 401
Cote Dlvoire,Malawi : Malawi: African Development Bank US$ 35 million loan to boost agriculture and natural resource management. Dec 8, 2018 348
Cherry pickers: Gene editing technology means scientists are close to changing small-scale crops into plants suitable for industrial production. Dec 1, 2018 356
Antimicrobial Applications in Agriculture: A Review. Nor, Yusilawati Ahmad; Johari, Farahanim; Ariffin, Fathin Nadhirah Kamal; Ali, Ainoor Mariana Mohd; Report Dec 1, 2018 5739
AfDB to boost rural farming with $120m investment in Agrictech innovation. Nov 27, 2018 200
FARMOBILE: Leawood, Kansas. Tatge, Jason Company overview Nov 1, 2018 621
A revolution is brewing in African agriculture: The spread of mobile and digital technology is bringing rapid advancement to rural Africa, and an increasingly self-confident and self-reliant continent is creating African solutions to African problems, says N. Muthukumar, Group CFO, Olam International. Muthukumar, N. Column Nov 1, 2018 1098
Use of modern technology in mango farming emphasised. Oct 20, 2018 326
Speakers for using modern technology to eliminate Aflatoxin from crops. Oct 18, 2018 455
Arab Agriculture Ministers: Technologies Achieve Food Security. Sep 26, 2018 130
LLCC listed in top 20 two-year colleges for precision agriculture. Sep 26, 2018 215
Pak becomes first to use multi-spectral imagery to map crops. Aug 31, 2018 200
AI tech boosting smart agriculture. Aug 7, 2018 1122
Punjab govt seeks applications from cotton growers for reward. Jul 19, 2018 357
United States : Frost & Sullivans Webinar Identifies the Top 5 Agriculture Technologies Improving Productivity and Driving Growth. Jun 22, 2018 269
Agri production sees three-fold rise, thanks to high tech farming. Jun 8, 2018 495
European agriculture commissioner to visit Egypt in September. Jun 2, 2018 524
Bringing tech expertise to the business of agriculture. May 29, 2018 286
China,Sri Lanka : Chinese investors interested in Sri Lanka's agriculture sector. May 12, 2018 327
Drip irrigation system: growers in Sindh adopting it. May 9, 2018 729
ABB and Heliospectra working together to boost Middle East and Africa farming. May 7, 2018 242
ISLAMABAD:National Agriculture Research Center (NARC) in collaboration with private sector companies have developed and demonstrate an high efficiency portable solar irrigation system for the farmers living along the rivers and nullahs for the irrigation of large scale land holdings to enhance per-acre crop output in the country. Apr 6, 2018 491
Agric Commissioners Declare Weeds As Major Productivity Drawback In Cassava Farming. Mar 26, 2018 418
Russian Federation : A training seminar on the technology of rape cultivation in Transbaikalia was held in the Ministry of Agriculture of the Krai. Mar 24, 2018 259
Denmark : Drones and satellites can give agriculture a gain of at least 250 million. kroner annually. Mar 23, 2018 456
Installation Of Drip-fertigation System Precision Farming System With Automation Including Motors, Inline Drippers,panel Board, Timer Control And Complete Accessories For The System Including Installation Charges For The Following Fields:vegetable Plot Ar. Mar 11, 2018 103
Adequate finance, technological application key to agriculture revolution in Nigeria -AFEX. Mar 6, 2018 525
Ag's Future Belongs to Open Source. Ault, Aaron; Krogmeier, James; Buckmaster, Dennis Mar 1, 2018 1708
Russian Federation : The Ministry of Agriculture has approved the first 20 applications from Zaural agricultural producers. Feb 13, 2018 135
New Database Connects Students to Farming Mentors. Feb 1, 2018 239
FADAMA III AF trains farmers in Kogi in new farming technology. Jan 29, 2018 274
Cool Planet wins US patent for Enhanced Biochar for broad range of applications in agriculture. Jan 24, 2018 222
Sri Lanka : Thailand to assist modernize the Sri Lankan agriculture. Jan 23, 2018 279
Thailand to assist agriculture sector through many new programmes. Jan 22, 2018 282
India, Israel to focus on technology in science, industry, agriculture: MEA. Jan 15, 2018 348
Farmers urged to adopt new tech in mango farming. Dec 30, 2017 342
Why technology should be at the heart of farming. Dec 15, 2017 532
Agriculture dept planning to make twitter account. Oct 31, 2017 271
Cote Dlvoire : AfDBs agricultural transformation strategy to guarantee 513 million tons of additional food production. Oct 23, 2017 679
PS40k grants for farming technology projects. Aug 10, 2017 224
Elemental sulfur use and associations with pediatric lung function and respiratory symptoms in an agricultural community (California, USA). Raanan, Rachel; Gunier, Robert B.; Balmes, John R.; Beltran, Alyssa J.; Harley, Kim G.; Bradman, Asa Report Aug 1, 2017 8914
Fuel consumption in an air blower for agricultural use under different operating conditions/Consumo de combustivel em soprador de ar para uso agropecuario em diferentes condicoes operacionais. da Silva, Robson L. Ensayo Aug 1, 2017 4098
Bangladesh NATP-2: National Agricultural Technology Program - Phase II. Jun 23, 2017 416
Digitising the agriculture value chain for the benefit of East Africa's economies. Elliott, Michael May 1, 2017 799
Sociomaterial practices: Challenges in developing a virtual business community platform in agriculture. Hoppen, Norberto; Klein, Amarolinda da Costa Zanela; Rigoni, Eduardo Henrique Report Apr 1, 2017 9991
Technology acceptance model revisited for mobile based agricultural extension services in India. Verma, Pranay; Sinha, Neena Report Dec 1, 2016 3601
Danish Food and Agribusiness delegation visits Pakistan. Nov 18, 2016 333
Danish Food, Agribusiness Delegation visits Pakistan. Nov 18, 2016 327
Innovation and dissemination of technologies for adaptation of agriculture to climate change AGRIADAPTA. Oct 26, 2016 321
Regional: Using Information and Communications Technology to Enhance Efficiency in Agriculture in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Republic of Tajikistan. Oct 25, 2016 202
Limited use of improved technology major reason for low agricultural productivity. Oct 21, 2016 226
Simtrac--an application for simulation of traction efficiency of agricultural tractors with front wheel assist/ Simtrac--um aplicativo para a simulacao da eficiencia de tracao de tratores agricolas com tracao dianteira auxiliar. Santos, Fabio Lucio; de Queiroz, Daniel Marcal Oct 1, 2016 4137
Finance Mela to showcase modern technology, financial solutions for non-farm agriculture. Sep 7, 2016 271
Testing the usability of communication materials through heat maps in online survey platforms. Gorham, Laura M.; Qu, Shuyang; Telg, Ricky W.; Lamm, Alexa J. Sep 1, 2016 2747
Assessing the content of online agricultural awareness campaigns. Rumble, Joy N.; Settle, Quisto; Irani, Tracy Sep 1, 2016 6354
A scientific approach to food & fibre production. Spence, Kelly Sep 1, 2016 1354
Australia : Brisbane to showcase agricultural innovation at major conference. Conference news Aug 6, 2016 354
A time of change for agribusiness: a combination of old and new technology has the potential to revolutionise African agribusiness at a time when rainfall patterns are becoming more uncertain. Ford, Neil Aug 1, 2016 1469
Putting technology into agriculture. Ford, Neil Report Aug 1, 2016 983
e-finance begins automating agricultural holdings documents. Jul 27, 2016 433
Digital mapping agricultural land. Jul 15, 2016 359
May be another green revolution. Arslan, Hafiz Muhammad Jun 26, 2016 1129
Limitless: from designer plants to genetic engineering, LEDs show infinite possibilities in agricultural applications. Desar, Leonora Jun 1, 2016 1698
Smart-AKIS: European Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKIS) towards innovation-driven research in Smart Farming Technology. May 11, 2016 478
Agri scientists evoke growers on profitable off-season vegetables. Apr 15, 2016 280
UAF facilitating farming community: Dr Afzal. Apr 2, 2016 126
UAF facilitating farming community: Dr Afzal. Apr 2, 2016 126
Minister of Agriculture reiterates support to states' ministers agriculture for technological packages application. Mar 27, 2016 306
Kenya,United States : MACHAKOS COUNTY: USAID enlightening farmers on the value of new technology-based dairy farming. Feb 12, 2016 177
United Kingdom : Call for Farming Recovery Fund applications. Feb 11, 2016 274
From the factory to the fields: Engineering firms are taking their technology into the agricultural world to solve skills shortages and boost production. Blake, Tanya Feb 1, 2016 1983
Utilizing digital media in agriculture. Jan 1, 2016 2399
Supply of Software software for developing end-to-end automated system of weather based advisories for major crops in each block and sending SMS to fanners of 385 blocks by using the observration fro. Dec 7, 2015 148
Exploring the uses and gratifications of agricultural blog readers. Meyers, Courtney; Gracey, Kate; Irlbeck, Erica; Akers, Cindy Report Dec 1, 2015 5522
PARC set to sensitize policy makers on agri-challenges. Brief article Nov 22, 2015 135
Public must be on side if GM to become viable; FARMING ROBERT GIBSON Nov 20, 2015 396
PERSPECTIVE OF NANOTECHNOLOGY IN CROP FERTILIZATION. Shakoor, Abdul; Saleem,l M. Farrukh, Dr.; Wahid, M. Ashfaq, Dr.; Rehman, Samiya Abdul Oct 11, 2015 724
Let's convert CAFOs into SPOs. Oct 1, 2015 614
Agricultural transition and the adoption of primitive technology. Ang, James B. Oct 1, 2015 14107
Seaweed farming: a false promise. Brower, Kenneth Letter to the editor Sep 19, 2015 119
Precision Agriculture a new approach to crop management. Zulfiqar, Usman; Munir, Dr. Hassan; Maqsood, Dr. Muhammad Sep 13, 2015 1036
Farm Mechanisation' can boost agricultural productivity. Brief article Aug 30, 2015 212
Who needs soil?: Soilless aeroponics technology could help provide yam farmers with improved seed, but others insist that drawing on indigenous knowledge will be more sustainable and profitable. Matthews, Chris Aug 1, 2015 1088
Punjab: ICT based project planned for agri sector. Brief article Jul 12, 2015 144
Use of 3D printer in agri sector. Zain, Muhammad; Khan, Imran; Hussain, Sajid; Ilyas, Muhammad; Waqas, Ahmed Jul 5, 2015 713
Robot farmers, the future of agriculture. Waqas, M. Ahmed; Akhter, M. Javaid; Khan, Imran; Shakeel, M. Jul 5, 2015 610
Crop inspection and grading with hyperspectral imaging: hyperspectral imaging helps advance agricultural studies. Van Veen, Christopher Jul 1, 2015 1348
Role of IT in modern agriculture. Raza, Muhammad Mohsin; Khan, Muhammad Aslam; Iqbal, Waqar Jun 21, 2015 1151
Agri data collection is a big challange. Brief article Jun 21, 2015 139
Automated farming wins accolades at global competition. Mar 16, 2015 187
MagneGas files provisional micro-biology patents in municipal and agricultural industries. Mar 12, 2015 115
Growers urged to adopt latest technology for enhancing production. Jan 10, 2015 193
Productive pinning: a quantitative content analysis determining the use of Pinterest by agricultural businesses and organizations. Topp, Jessie; Stebner, Scott; Barkman, Lana A.; Baker, Lauri M. Report Dec 1, 2014 4216
Exploring agriculturalists' use of social media for agricultural marketing. White, Danielle; Meyers, Courtney; Doerfert, David; Irlbeck, Erica Report Dec 1, 2014 7111
The design and manufacture of a sample of wireless sensor's networks in the field of agriculture. Jamshidi, Amin Reza; Afrous, Ali Report Dec 1, 2014 1861
Software for developing end-to-end automated system of weather based advisories for major crops in each block and sending SMS to the farmers of 385 blocks. Nov 19, 2014 158
Shannon VanRaes. Brief article Nov 1, 2014 231
Japan,United Kingdom : NEC and Dacom collaborate on precision farming solution to maximize yields and reduce costs. Oct 27, 2014 454
Analysis of Management Information System Extension (MISE) in agricultural cooperatives of Khuzestan province in Iran. Noorivandi, Azadeh N.; Ommani, Ahmad Reza Report Jul 23, 2014 4342
Introduction of drip irrigation for agricultural crops to start in Chui region since spring 2015. Jul 21, 2014 147
Canada : CANADA endows $5 million to find innovative applications for FIELD CROPS. Jun 11, 2014 121
Pak agri expo concludes in UAF. Brief article Jun 1, 2014 175
NARC opens wheat harvesting exercise. Brief article May 25, 2014 129
Innovative, modern farming solutions stressed. Brief article Apr 27, 2014 159
An overview of the use of nanotechnology in the agrifood sector. Brief article Apr 1, 2014 159
COOPERATIVE NETWORK CODED RELAYING FOR SENSOR NODES IN AGRICULTURE. Menghwar, Gordhan Das; Pathan, Kamran Taj; Jalbani, Akhtar Ali; Soomro, Shazia Parveen Report Mar 31, 2014 2566
California's Cornucopia. Strailey, Jennifer Mar 1, 2014 2235
Merging technology with agriculture and transportation. Feb 27, 2014 551
Agricultural technology to be spotlighted at BIGS 2014. Feb 16, 2014 365
Speakers for exploiting IT to tap foreign markets potential. Brief article Feb 2, 2014 229
1,200 acres land brought under tunnel farming in Sialkot. Jan 6, 2014 232
New trends in robotics for agriculture: integration and assessment of a real fleet of robots. Emmi, Luis; Gonzalez-de-Soto, Mariano; Pajares, Gonzalo; Gonzalez-de-Santos, Pablo Report Jan 1, 2014 11640
Technology helps farmers grow: Arkansas agriculture finds apps, wireless essential to sector. Friedman, Mark Jul 29, 2013 1002
Biosafety of foods derived by modern biotechnology. Jun 16, 2013 878
RF propagation experiments in agricultural fields and gardens for wireless sensor communications. Balachander, Dhanavanthan; Rao, T.R.; Mahesh, Govindaraju Jun 1, 2013 4090
New technology in agriculture. Anwaar, Hira Apr 7, 2013 1600
Reforming farm sector through broadband. Mar 31, 2013 445
Precision Agriculture: Innovative management practices. Mar 17, 2013 2042
New technology for harvesting the power of beneficial fungi. Suszkiw, Jan Jan 1, 2013 630
Selected GO TEXAN members' online presence: a communications audit. Gibson, Courtney; Ahrens, Chelsey; Meyers, Courtney; Irlbeck, Erica Report Dec 15, 2012 6092
Total weather insurance. Hushon, Casey Nov 1, 2012 806
Spraying insecticide? O'Brien, Dennis Nov 1, 2012 603
United Kingdom : Government sets out ambition to drive growth and improve food security through agricultural technology. Oct 12, 2012 340
Updates on this important market. Editorial Sep 1, 2012 1434
Assessment of the use of social network tools (SNTs) by agriculture researchers in south west Nigeria. Banmeke, Tajudeen Oyekunle Amoo; Oose, Matthew Olalekan Report Aug 1, 2012 6112
AGRICULTURAL WEB SERVICES AS DECISION MAKING TOOL FOR FARMERS. Jalbani, Akhtar Ali; Yasmin, Aneela; Depar, Mansoor Hyder; Menghwar, Gordhan Das Report Jun 30, 2012 2469
Iran, Moldavia Underline Implementation of Joint Agricultural Projects. Jun 9, 2012 259
Agriculture growth through mobile phone. Jun 3, 2012 467
Hydroponic farming. Jun 1, 2012 108
Improved statistics. Brief article Jun 1, 2012 134
Oman : Farmers from all over the Sultanate are displeased by charges on applications to change the use of agricultural lands to other non-farm uses. Mar 30, 2012 177
Increasing Food Crops production needed, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Mar 21, 2012 294
Increasing Food Crops production needed: ICCI. Mar 20, 2012 294
Increasing Food Crops production needed: ICCI. Mar 20, 2012 294
Science-based agri to ensure food security. Brief article Mar 11, 2012 149
Tripura hosts agricultural fair to boost farm productivity. Feb 15, 2012 308
Counterpoint: increasing ASABE's visibility requires a stronger advocacy role. Thomas, Daniel L. Jan 1, 2012 552
Spain helps hi-tech farming. Oct 29, 2011 146
GHANA : IFAD to provide $31.5 million loan to Ghana for Rural Enterprises Project. Brief article Sep 30, 2011 196
Making the most of a career fair. Osmundson, Erika Sep 1, 2011 2266
Photographing land changes from low in the sky. Comis, Don; O'Brien, Dennis Sep 1, 2011 1741
Pawar calls for closer partnership between industry and agricultural research. May 23, 2011 237
Trends in market research. Semler, Jack May 1, 2011 811
ERITREA : Introduction of modern agricultural technology key to success of Gerset Project. Brief article Apr 15, 2011 124
Modern technology must for agricultural progress: Zaka. Apr 1, 2011 281
Farmers urged to embrace the internet. Mar 20, 2011 256
Farmers are urged to opt for euro pay. Feb 24, 2011 152
Kyrgyz farmers submit 825 credit applications for 93 million som under Affordable Credits for Farmers Program. Feb 22, 2011 120
The rush to condemn genetically modified crops. Conko, Gregory; Miller, Henry I. Essay Feb 1, 2011 5649
Aulakh for using media disseminate knowledge among farmers. Jan 13, 2011 220
FAO/WHO expert meeting on the application of nanotechnologies in the Food and Agriculture sectors; potential food safety implications; meeting report. Brief article Dec 1, 2010 136
Evaluation of innovative agricultural extension projects using novel investment tools/Inovaciniu zemes ukio pletros projektu vertinimas naujomis investicinemis priemonemis. Michailidis, Anastasios; Chatzitheodoridis, Fotios; Theodosiou, George Report Dec 1, 2010 6004
Designing technology to minimize environmental damage. O'Brien, Daniel Sep 1, 2010 919
Add value to harvest profits: profits in agriculture come from adding value - an area of growing industrial importance to Africa. The potential is enormous, from multiple use of cassava to finished chocolate. Aug 1, 2010 750
Growth corridors to agric profits: Yara, which operates in all seven continents of the world, is one of the world's leading producers of mineral fertilisers. The Norwegian company, which won this year's African business award as the Best Global Business in Africa, is dedicated to not only increasing Africa's agricultural output, but to make farming at all levels a profitable enterprise. Report by Omar Ben Yedder and Anna Rosenberg. Yedder, Omar Ben; Rosenberg, Anna Aug 1, 2010 1422
Manipur farmers learn about latest agricultural techniques. Jun 4, 2010 216
Icons of the pre wwii farm kitchens. Dye, Omer Jun 1, 2010 454
Building competitiveness in Africa's agriculture; a guide to value chain concepts and applications. Book review May 1, 2010 156
AG communication's future. Martin, Diane May 1, 2010 362
Insect-free seminar at AGRA. Conference news Mar 17, 2010 384
Farming success by satellite. Gage, Ritchie Jan 1, 2010 1769
Saudi agriculture show to focus on technology. Oct 8, 2009 340
NAMA Webinar. Brief article Oct 1, 2009 126
2009 NAMA Boot Camp leaves a great impression. Conference news Oct 1, 2009 446
Media mix matters more than ever. Oct 1, 2009 625
Workshop on use of textiles in agriculture to begin today. Sep 18, 2009 258
Workshop in Delhi on use of textiles in agriculture. Sep 17, 2009 258
Challenging corporate power and unregulated new technologies. Jun 22, 2009 1083
Micro-credit and technical efficiency in food crops production: a stochastic frontier approach. Tijani, I. Adewale; Aromolaran, A.B. Report May 1, 2009 6622
Partnering with industry pays off. Perry, Ann; Bliss, Rosalie Marion; Comis, Don; Durham, Sharon; Suszkiw, Jan Mar 1, 2009 1685
Tesoro Participating in Project to Evaluate Fuel Produced by Oilseed Crops. Jan 29, 2009 425
Attached at the hip (going mobile). Slump, Chet Jan 1, 2009 780
ARS national research program on Water Availability and Watershed Management. Jan 1, 2009 317
African research 'neglected' by donor policies. Brief article Dec 1, 2008 175
Green-fingered robots: fleets of small robots could one day be seen out in the fields planting seeds and harvesting crops. Reidy, Heath Nov 26, 2008 1363
ARA hosts EPA tour. Brief article Oct 1, 2008 108
Rainy River farmers take the market by the horns; Abattoir, farmers' market, eat-local campaign have growers, producers encouraged. Ross, Ian Oct 1, 2008 1153
Farm Market iD. Brief article Sep 1, 2008 94
The roller in the rye: managing cover crops with rolling and crimping techniques. McGinnis, Laura Sep 1, 2008 1065
Farmers use unmanned plane for crop decisions. Aug 9, 2008 176
False dawn, genetically modified future. Siewert, Rachel Aug 1, 2008 1132
A Fateful MENA Choice Between Crops & Water. Jul 28, 2008 1004
AGRICULTURAL PAYMENTS IN ROMANIA. Brief article Dec 20, 2007 125
SMS trading a boon for Zambian farmers: an SMS system which allows farmers in Zambia to compare prices in different locations is creating a revolution in the way farmers can now trade. Without comparative market data, farmers were often short-changed by middlemen who bought cheap and sold expensive. Dominique Magada reports. Magada, Dominique Nov 1, 2007 788
The plot against Mexican maiz. Ross, John Sep 22, 2007 1863
Show me the money: why economics is essential for sustainable agriculture. McGinnis, Laura Jul 1, 2007 1733
Smart irrigation. Brief article Jul 1, 2007 124
Company reaps the benefits of SSL VPN: employees, suppliers and business partners all gain from secure communications. Jan 1, 2007 1020
Stewards--for access to vital watershed data. Pons, Luis Aug 1, 2006 534
China growing ag S&T. Brief article Jul 1, 2006 113
Improving grape crop estimation methods. Caputo, Tina Jun 1, 2006 1389
Agricultural communication pros report on what's new. Long, Troy Mar 1, 2006 3263
Successful Farming Data Solutions. Davis, Tom Brief Article Jan 1, 2006 197
Chapter 1 Introduction. Brase, Terry A. Work overview Jan 1, 2006 8867
Chapter 6 Analysis and manipulation tools. Brase, Terry A. Jan 1, 2006 9599
Chapter 9 Issues and concerns. Brase, Terry A. Jan 1, 2006 2284
References. Bibliography Jan 1, 2006 124
Precision conservation: a guest editorial written by a leading conservation professional. Knight, Bruce I. Editorial Nov 1, 2005 811
AGRIX--an automation system for agricultural implements. Oksanen, Timo; Haapala, Hannu Oct 1, 2005 343
Automated soil mapping on-the-go: one way of making precision agriculture more precise. Adamchuk, Viacheslav Sep 1, 2005 475
Sensors cast light for nitrogen use. Brief Article Aug 1, 2005 309
Drought takes toll on citrus production. Brief Article Jul 1, 2005 285
The ag strategy: biocrossroads offers a plan to boost Indiana agribusiness. Hayhurst, Susan Apr 1, 2005 1189
Paying for prosperity: how and why to invest in agricultural research and development in Africa. Masters, William A. Mar 22, 2005 9026
Bringing your customers up to speed. Mar 1, 2005 770
Minding your beeswax. (Instrumentation and Control). Devico, N.J. Feb 1, 2005 333
Telecoms: mobile market finder for Kenya farmers. Brief Article Feb 1, 2005 298
Low lignin GM trees and forage crops. Cummins, Joe Jan 1, 2005 876
Technology and agricultural competitiveness: Brazil or Argentina vs. United States. Lowenberg-DeBoer, Jess Cover Story Nov 1, 2004 1447
Using electromagnetic induction to trace soil nitrogen. Brief Article Nov 1, 2004 264
The ripe stuff: innovative programs can ripen sales of underrated fruits, leading to juicy profits. Major, Meg Oct 15, 2004 2397
Seeing air in a new light with LiDAR. Pons, Luis Oct 1, 2004 972
Is driving as simple as going up and down the field? Mann, Danny Sep 1, 2004 381
The staying power of phosphorus. Halvorson, Ardell D. Brief Article Jul 1, 2004 248
Information-hungry farmers look to the Internet for answers. Akridge, Jay T. Mar 1, 2004 738
International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications. Brief Article Jan 1, 2004 157
Failure of GMO's in India. Shiva, Vandana; Jafri, Afsar H. Dec 22, 2003 2181
Battle over GM cotton in South Africa. Brief Article Dec 1, 2003 318
Remote sensing changing natural resource management. Johannsen, Chris J.; Petersen, Gary W.; Carter, Paul G.; Morgan, Mark T. Mar 1, 2003 2465
Views from the field: farmers steer tractors with satellites and cite improvements. Funk, Tim Nov 1, 2002 1567
Future farmers trained for space-age tools. (E-Buzz). Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 107
The distribution of new wheat varieties in the Pakistan Punjab: the role and functioning of institutions. Smits, Marie-Jose; Tims, Wouter Report Dec 22, 1997 11859
Satellites key to new farming aids. Becker, Hank; Senft, Dennis Feb 1, 1992 2381

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