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Schools Squandered Virtual Learning: A timid response, with lessons for the future. Horn, Michael B. Column Jun 22, 2021 1563
This startup pushes technology into schools with paper and pen. Jackie Davalos Bloomberg Sep 27, 2020 885
This startup pushes technology into schools with paper and pen. Sep 20, 2020 968
Harnessing the Power of Tech Amid the Age of Distance Learning. Sep 7, 2020 947
More schools turn to digital management using local IT solution. Jul 31, 2020 568
PH schools go cashless in the 'new normal' with the help of PayMaya. Jul 30, 2020 583
Education Ministry to establish new applied technology schools. MENA Jan 27, 2020 224
Third of world's poorest girls denied access to school. Jan 21, 2020 126
Shock classroom video-link plan to fill teaching gaps o; Schools recruitment crisis forces councils to turn to technology. Jul 6, 2019 171
IS WI-FI A HEALTH THREAT IN SCHOOLS? Sorting fact from fiction. Foster, Kenneth R. Jun 20, 2019 4463
Govt schools to be convert into 'Science technology schools' : Fawad ch. May 17, 2019 673
Govt schools to be convert into 'science technology schools': Fawad. May 17, 2019 462
Govt schools to be convert into 'science technology schools': Fawad. May 17, 2019 526
Govt schools to be convert into 'science technology schools': Fawad. May 17, 2019 671
Indian schools see big jump in applications for admission. Mar 11, 2019 419
Rolling Study Halls comes to Pelion Middle School. Brief article Jan 15, 2019 215
Schools on Clouds. Dec 17, 2018 699
Online applications for Japanese schools open in days: Education Min. Jun 22, 2018 385
Applications for Japanese schools open in days: Education Min. Jun 22, 2018 385
Getting teachers comfortable with technology: Surefire ways to increase knowledge and understanding of tech in schools. Frenzel, Sam May 1, 2018 588
Leveraging the Affordances of Virtual Reality Systems Within K-12 Education: Responding to Future Innovations. Jowallah, Rohan; Bennett, Luke; Bastedo, Kathleen Apr 1, 2018 4578
EYE ON ACCESS: Districts automate visitor management systems to enhance security and efficiency. Taylor, Kelley R. Apr 1, 2018 1229
Education the next battle ground for tech companies. Mar 28, 2018 732
Experts urge schools in Bahrain to go hi-tech. Dec 27, 2017 451
Toward a digitally friendly curriculum. Dec 9, 2017 486
How some schools are using Twitter to learn from other educators... and have fun. May 1, 2017 585
Ebook platforms: which one will you pick? Jun 22, 2016 2592
Desert Schools FCU integrates CFM into cash automation platform. Oct 16, 2015 222
Desert Schools FCU integrates CFM into cash automation platform. Oct 16, 2015 220
'Appy days for high-tech schools; EDUCATION. Jul 18, 2015 224
Notes in the New Year. Hamaker, Christian Editorial Jan 1, 2015 381
The challenge of a 21st century E-Rate. Zager, Masha Jan 1, 2015 1550
Mobile under control: software allows districts to manage and secure a wide range of tablets and other devices. Remis, Katie Kilfoyle Dec 1, 2014 1821
Putting students at the center: Samsung school provides next-generation digital learning platform for the alternative school for math and science. Nov 1, 2014 595
'Global competence' key to language instruction: studying foreign cultures prepares students for interconnected world. Rhor, Monica Nov 1, 2014 615
Morocco to Foster Digital Culture. Aug 7, 2014 560
PTA starts linkages with educational institutions. Brief article May 25, 2014 200
5 Reasons schools still need desktop computers: despite the growth of mobile learning, desktops still play important roles in the 21st century classroom. Meyer, Leila Apr 1, 2014 1066
Connected initiative. Feb 14, 2014 367
Learning at Georgia Virtual School. Teague, Courtney L. Dec 1, 2013 3500
Enhancing small group instruction through technology. Dec 1, 2013 1273
Request for prequalification applications from engineering consultancy offices regarding the QESP - Quality Education Support Program to be implemented at schools of Sohag & Assuit Governorates. This is a repeated tender with extended deadline. Oct 29, 2013 251
Request for prequalification applications from engineering consultancy offices regarding the QESP - Quality Education Support Program to be implemented at schools of Sohag & Assuit Governorates. Oct 12, 2013 242
The business of: parent engagement platforms: new technology gives parents a view into their child's school day. Lacey, Kylie Oct 1, 2013 1423
E-safety for the i-generation; combating the misuse and abuse of technology in schools. Book review Oct 1, 2013 127
Fingerprint bio-matrix to ensure teachers attandance. Brief article Sep 4, 2013 227
Beauty Schools Prepare Their Students for the Beauty Industry's Digital Future. Jun 27, 2013 491
Managing the unmanageable iPad: IT deserves praise, not criticism, for trying to make tablets work in the education enterprise. Mageau, Therese Jun 1, 2013 364
Forget ROI, the future of technology investment is all about value: when it comes to technology projects, the value of an investment should be defined by its educational return, not its financial return. Krueger, Keith R. Jun 1, 2013 1618
Need to popularise ICTs use in schools. Apr 7, 2013 457
Arrive to showcase latest solutions at Meiba. Feb 26, 2013 374
The real tech test: new minimum requirements for assessment have district leaders and policymakers talking about technology. As they consider upgrades, they should plan not just for testing, but for teaching. Fletcher, Geoffrey H. Jan 1, 2013 1491
Bring your own technology; the BYOT guide for schools and families. Book review Dec 1, 2012 146
Facilitating Exploratory Learning in Schools through Virtual Worlds: Experiences from a Course Run at a School. Iqbal, Ahmer Abstract Oct 19, 2012 478
Evidence-based strategies for leading 21st century schools. Book review Oct 1, 2012 114
An analysis of e-learning adoptability in the developing countries: the case of the Kingdom of Bahrain. Akour, Iman Sep 22, 2012 5177
Wateen installs 235 Wi-Fi hotspots in Punjab educational institutes. Brief article Aug 19, 2012 215
Protecting Your Child's Personal Information at School. Abstract Aug 1, 2012 179
Editorial. Cohen, John Editorial Aug 1, 2012 411
Mini Technology Manual for Schools: An Introduction to Technology Integration. Grismore, Brian A. Report Jul 1, 2012 203
e-Waste Recycles Ohio Schools Council Members' Technology for Students' Educational Advancement. Jun 22, 2012 450
UAE schools urged to opt for 3D glasses to aid learning. May 19, 2012 366
Social Networking in Schools: Benefits and Risks; Review of the Research; Policy Considerations; and Current Practices. Information Capsule. Volume 1109. Blazer, Christie Report Apr 1, 2012 435
Review of "Overcoming the Governance Challenge in K-12 Online Learning". Barbour, Michael Abstract Mar 22, 2012 304
Stress on latest teaching aids. Mar 16, 2012 793
UAE schools need better technology. Feb 14, 2012 341
AE schools need better technology. Feb 14, 2012 343
Cuts hit schools supplier. Feb 7, 2012 181
Odyssey Reading. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Abstract Jan 1, 2012 289
Are you an old school or a bold school? The time is now for some serious reinvention for schools. Richardson, Will Column Jan 1, 2012 683
Cyberbullying. Research into Practice. Williamson, Ronald Report Jan 1, 2012 414
E-rate goes mobile. Herbert, Marion Sep 1, 2011 365
Sustainable campus. Grassl, David L. Sep 1, 2011 2426
An iPad 2 for Every Pupil at UK School. Brief article Jul 18, 2011 236
Would Having a Lead Instructional Designer Position Encourage Change in a K-12 Educational Setting? Morris, John Abstract Jun 17, 2011 122
Going global by 2016. Brief article May 1, 2011 272
Potential Use of Course Management Systems in Higher Education Institutions in Jordan. Al-Shboul, Muhannad Abstract Feb 1, 2011 228
Getting to the bottom of vital industry data. Feb 1, 2011 307
Virtual Learning in Michigan's Schools. A Mackinac Center Report. Van Beek, Michael Abstract Jan 1, 2011 172
"WordSift": Supporting Instruction and Learning through Technology in San Francisco. The Senior Urban Education Research Fellowship Series. Volume IV. Hakuta, Kenji Abstract Jan 1, 2011 547
Learning English Language by Radio in Primary Schools in Kenya. Odera, Florence Y. Abstract Jan 1, 2011 550
Internet and Independent E-Learning of School Age Children in Thailand (One Study). Quigley, Donna Abstract Jan 1, 2011 237
Perception of Nigerian Secondary School Teachers on Introduction of e-Learning Platforms for Instruction. Ajelabi, Peter Ayo; Agbatogun, Alaba Abstract Dec 1, 2010 198
Skoolee Tools Went Live At Kuwait Bilingual School. Brief article Nov 18, 2010 286
Using cell phones in the classroom. Oct 1, 2010 500
A pathway to paperless: they're not there yet, but print management software has helped administrators make deep cuts in faculty and student paper use, trimming costs while protecting the environment. Artunian, Judy Oct 1, 2010 1508
A Counterargument to Ineffective Technology in Classrooms: Characteristics of High Achieving Schools. Falcon, Raymond Aug 1, 2010 164
pounds 15m solar panel boost for schools. Jul 5, 2010 193
Schools cut costs, gain health benefits. Wroblaski, Kylie; Morton, Jennie Jul 1, 2010 242
Use of plagiarism detecting software on rise in schools. Jun 21, 2010 347
Leading 21st-Century Schools: Harnessing Technology for Engagement and Achievement. Eisele-Dyrli, Kurt Feb 1, 2010 99
Ask Errol! Sull, Errol Craig Column Jan 1, 2010 1637
Getting Ideas into Action: Building Networked Improvement Communities in Education. Carnegie Perspectives. Bryk, Anthony S.; Gomez, Louis M.; Grunow, Alicia Abstract Jan 1, 2010 169
Web 2.0 and distance education: tools and techniques. Rogers-Estable, Michelle Dec 1, 2009 3363
The (almost) complete guide to effectively managing threaded discussions. Sull, Errol Craig Dec 1, 2009 3026
Wyse Technology reports deployment of Wyse WSM and zero client solutions in London school. Brief article Nov 24, 2009 269
Ektron Inc., a Web content management software firm, is offering a free Web site powered by its CMS40.NET to one New Hampshire school. Brief article Nov 20, 2009 93
Daily Wrap Up - September 15 Tech. Sep 15, 2009 166
Traditional products, technology coexist. Sep 7, 2009 362
Comfort, energy consumption, and economics of a school with energy recovery. Fauchoux, Melanie; Simonson, Carey; Torvi, David Report Jul 1, 2009 6404
Interactive whiteboards: creating higher-level, technological thinkers? Lacina, Jan Essay Jun 22, 2009 2261
Industry link-up benefits schools. Jun 5, 2009 219
Technology bringing knowledge to remote lands: live online courses and audio-conferencing, bridging the gap. Neeley, James Jun 1, 2009 746
False claims over places; SCHOOLS: Parents used fake addresses for admissions. May 14, 2009 325
Brazil's low-carb computing solution reaches more schools. Considine, Mary-Lou Apr 1, 2009 648
Resistance is futile: even as technology use grows embedded in education, some teachers still prefer the old ways. Here's how to make them understand that ... O'Hanlon, Charlene Mar 1, 2009 2008
The kids are all right: a major study on the impact of digital technologies on learning argues that students' online pursuits are productive and edifying, and should be exploited by teachers for educational gain. Waters, John K. Mar 1, 2009 2097
Drill down. Mar 1, 2009 455
Cyber safety & schools. Kaiser, Michael Brief article Jan 1, 2009 125
Keynotes. Brief article Jan 1, 2009 225
STEM picks up speed: the use of authentic scenarios to teach abstract concepts such as constant velocity is helping educators spark student interest in math and science. Demski, Jennifer Jan 1, 2009 2518
Using curriculum distance learning tools to implement a districtwide business IT project. Diamond, Daryl Jan 1, 2009 4389
The tangled Web(s) we weave: Internet2 and the net neutrality debate. Putz, Matthew Dec 1, 2008 2965
Keynotes. Brief article Dec 1, 2008 208
T H E journal innovators 2008. Cover story Dec 1, 2008 6165
Assistive technology and access for all: a slight revision to existing legislation has expanded the base of students eligible to receive assistive technologies, creating major changes in their implementation. Demski, Jennifer Dec 1, 2008 2668
Price Chopper Launches Program to Give Tech Tools to Schools. Oct 3, 2008 386
Trussville City Schools regains control of its network. Brief article Oct 1, 2008 141
Extracurricular: for technologists who do their homework. Brief article Oct 1, 2008 224
Gift cards for technology. Brief article Sep 1, 2008 133
The importance of accreditation and infrastructure for online schools. Morabito, Margaret G. Aug 1, 2008 3714
The roles of contemporary faculty, unbundled. Policastro, Chris Aug 1, 2008 2827
Leadership attributes bringing distance learning programs to scale. Diamond, Daryl Apr 1, 2008 2716
Mass notification alert systems spread on campuses. Magnuson, Stew Brief article Mar 1, 2008 207
Mix master: the Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF) has emerged as a cornerstone of K-12 data warehousing, enabling once-isolated information to be shared among diverse systems. Waters John K. Mar 1, 2008 2557
Software to track students in transition. Feb 1, 2008 304
Derbyshire schools to use text alert system to reduce truancy. Brief article Nov 19, 2007 179
MFPS: a bundle of possibilities: packaging diverse software with powerful hardware, vendors are turning out multifunction printers that offer educators options galore. Waters, John K. Nov 1, 2007 2603
Extracurricular: for technologists who do their homework. Table Nov 1, 2007 254
High-speed schools. Brief article May 1, 2007 88
School uses video-sharing web site for promotion. Brief article May 1, 2007 209
Technology in Massachusetts Schools. Report May 1, 2007 276
QUALCOMM announces partnership to bring wireless connectivity to schools in Guatemala. Brief article Apr 24, 2007 218
Hacienda La Puente school district to issue Dell notebook computers. Brief article Apr 2, 2007 243
School Based Leadership for Instructional Technology. Lesisko, Lee J.; Wright, Robert J. Author abstract Apr 1, 2007 256
OSS could be the answer for Africa: the Open Source (OSS) software system is cheaper and more adaptable than the more widely used proprietary systems. Bianca Wright argues that OSS could be the solution to Africa's increasing need for accessible and affordable ICT. Wright, Bianca Nov 1, 2006 1089
Viewpoint school gets new WiFi Network. Brief article Nov 1, 2006 112
Breaking up the bottleneck: the new affordability of ultra-high-speed networks is relieving K-12 schools of insufficient bandwidth and opening them up to a world of digital education. Leeolou, Stephen R. Oct 1, 2006 1090
Teachers' roles and professional learning in communities of practice supported by technology in schools. Hartnell-Young, Elizabeth Sep 22, 2006 6449
Evidence-based education: postcards from the edge. Vasu, Ellen Storey Sep 22, 2006 3174
Philadelphia opens its School of the Future. Brief article Sep 8, 2006 203
"It's back to school for applied tech educators". Brief article Sep 1, 2006 108
In an effort to prevent student-party riots or violence, an Ames, lowa, ordinance requires a permit if more than one beer-keg tap is to be used at a time. Brief article Sep 1, 2006 89
Facing the unexpected. Pascopella, Angela Brief article Sep 1, 2006 85
Gow picks CDW-G for laptop rollout. Brief article Sep 1, 2006 185
An open letter to Bill Gates: don't give up on schools, there is still much to be done. Stager, Gary Aug 1, 2006 1086
If you build it right, they will come: easy-to-use content management systems are helping schools and districts create websites that appeal to the eye--and to users. Starkman, Neal Aug 1, 2006 3133
As easy as AYP: data-driven strategies and personalized instruction are paving the way to higher test scores, one student at a time. Gamble-Risley, Michelle Aug 1, 2006 2500
A report from the future. D'Orio, Wayne Editorial Jul 1, 2006 558
No-nonsense networking: connecting dozens of schools in a high-speed network while on a budget is no small feat. The key to success? Finding partners who know what they're doing. Null, Christopher Jul 1, 2006 2054
A bridge to better schools. Youn, Jacy L. Jul 1, 2006 517
UK school establishes text messaging system to help with GCSE revision. Brief article Jun 12, 2006 218
What if schools were customized? Pascopella, Angela Brief article Jun 1, 2006 182
Join the A/V club: presentation equipment is a "must have" for districts. Used right, it's a boon; but without smart implementation, you may have just bought a $100,000 dust collector. Vogel, Carl Jun 1, 2006 1946
Laptops in adolescence: growing pains and disappointing the elders. Stager, Gary Editorial Jun 1, 2006 1093
Change the culture! The message brought forth at a recent ed tech conference came through loud and clear. Fletcher, Geoffrey H. Editorial Jun 1, 2006 559
Media a la cart: the once-painstaking process of getting audiovisual equipment into the classroom is now a whole lot easier. Villano, Matt Jun 1, 2006 2401
Scottish pupils to sit first online exams this year. Brief article May 2, 2006 210
Listening in: experts discuss the world of Data-Driven Decision Making. May 1, 2006 1228
The big picture: new projection systems are allowing teachers to bring the world larger than life right into the classroom. Gamble-Risley, Michelle May 1, 2006 2689
The wonders of interactive whiteboards: no cutting-edge classroom is complete without one. Starkman, Neal May 1, 2006 1249
One server fits all: e-mail, telephone, chat, instant messaging--so many communication technologies, yet we still can't track each other down. A single, centralizing unit is the solution. Villano, Matt Editorial May 1, 2006 2450
An integrative model to predict the continuance use of electronic learning systems: hints for teaching. Wu, Yachen Apr 1, 2006 5256
Technology and school leaders: overdue or overload? Daresh, John C. Mar 22, 2006 5421
Bridging a national divide, digitally. Brief Article Mar 1, 2006 137
The great debate: evolution v. intelligent design doesn't have to pull a school district apart and leave both sides gunning for the other. Sturgeon, Julie Mar 1, 2006 2609
Beat the hiring frenzy: to get the most qualified candidates, you need to be online. Ullman, Ellen Mar 1, 2006 2238
Sounds better, less expensive: will your school impede the creative development of your students or embrace tools that let you get out of the way? Stager, Gary Mar 1, 2006 641
LAN 2 LAN implements wireless solution for King's School. Brief Article Feb 16, 2006 215
LAN 2 LAN implements wireless solution for King's School. Brief Article Feb 16, 2006 202
Extreme makeover computer edition: Computer refurbishers are equipping cash-strapped schools with used hardware made good as new--or even better. Sweet, James Feb 1, 2006 1147
Really advanced technology. Van Horn, Royal Feb 1, 2006 1775
Heart monitors help track P.E. activity. Brief Article Feb 1, 2006 157
Create an online school paper for $25. Brief Article Feb 1, 2006 111
Student's perception of quality in online courses. Kidd, Terry Dec 22, 2005 3572
Keeping tech support in step with technology: maintaining a thriving, leading-edge learning environment requires a reliable base of tech support. But building that base is no easy task. Martinez, Sylvia; Umekubo, John Column Dec 1, 2005 1051
Asian Development Bank to help integrate ICT into basic education in Uzbekistan. Brief Article Nov 14, 2005 210
Schools accused of failing to adapt to the digital age. Nov 10, 2005 270
The enrichments of rich media: a high school student testifies to the benefits of bringing technology into the classroom. Brown, Tom Nov 1, 2005 1031
Display technology 'tradeoffs': educators face an array of options when shopping for the latest displays. To choose wisely, first carefully assess the needs of your schools. Moffett, Todd Nov 1, 2005 1291
CELT National Education Summit '05: the Center for Education Leadership and Technology's October Cape Cod forum focuses on bridging the gap between education reform and technology. Brief Article Nov 1, 2005 291
Teachers talk about technology. Brief Article Nov 1, 2005 176
Education institutions increase LiveTime Software use. Brief Article Oct 17, 2005 188
Broadband link for two of UK's most remote schools. Brief Article Oct 7, 2005 162
Laptops replace text books at US schools. Brief Article Oct 4, 2005 216
Internet2: Marking faster territory. Pascopella, Angela Oct 1, 2005 400
Schools race to restrict MySpace. Brief Article Oct 1, 2005 157
'Scrubbing' Data for D3M: is your school or district planning to develop or purchase tools and technologies to better enable data-driven decision-making (D3M)? First, you'll need to make sure that your data is top-quality. Mercurius, Neil Oct 1, 2005 2141
Educational inquiry and creativity: developing digital resources in Ireland's Information Age Town. McInerney, Claire R. Sep 22, 2005 8766
UK teachers wary of IT - report. Brief Article Sep 14, 2005 202
Use of IT in the classroom lacking in UK schools, says ESRC. Brief Article Sep 13, 2005 158
E-rate program beset by fraud and abuse, report charges. Brief Article Sep 1, 2005 168
Technology in Schools. Dianis, Laura Illustration Sep 1, 2005 191
Interactive learning environment keeps Modesto students engaged: the classroom performance system provides four district junior high math and science classes with a wireless, collaborative, instant-response learning solution. Hines, Larry Sep 1, 2005 889
Nevada State Educational Technology Plan. Abstract Aug 12, 2005 326
Used computers reach schools in Africa. Aug 1, 2005 373
$1m collaborative effort preps students for the future. Brief Article Aug 1, 2005 132
Discovery educator network to bolster virtual community. Brief Article Aug 1, 2005 130
The hidden costs of wireless computer labs: mobile labs may bring us a step closer to one-to-one computing, but with the proliferation of security problems and tech support issues, are they really ready to replace dedicated computer labs? Daly, Una Aug 1, 2005 1331
Doing more with less: despite a 'peanut-sized' budget, Georgia's Worth County Schools finds a tool to manage and improve network application performance. Haney, Pam Aug 1, 2005 769
Road warriors on Trojan horses: ensuring end user compliance reduces the cost of network security. Sandler, Irene Aug 1, 2005 959
Using Technology to Compare the Instructional Effectiveness of Read Aloud and Read Along Materials in an Elementary Classroom. Black, Narda; Brill, Ann; Eber, Debra; Suomala, Lisa Author abstract Jul 1, 2005 473
Relying on Web-based technology to secure top talent: to retain quality faculty, one missouri school district makes automation of job application and professional development programs a priority. Kelly, Paul Jun 1, 2005 1225
Report by Becta says that schools 'could cut software cost'. Brief Article May 18, 2005 147
Do these Web sites work? Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. Learn what our online experts, Odvard Egil Dyrli and Gary Stager, say is right--and wrong--with these district Web sites. Stager, Gary May 1, 2005 1014
Designing, developing and delivering a technology-based bullying prevention lesson for parents and communities. Tomei, Lawrence A.; Piecka, Debbie Burkey May 1, 2005 740
Radio-frequency ID tags fail to fly in one district. Brief Article May 1, 2005 115
Popular online school runs into academic trouble. Brief Article May 1, 2005 155
Boosting technology and communication in Big Apple. Sausner, Rebecca Apr 1, 2005 345
Assessing technology integration. Fletcher, Geoffrey H. Editorial Apr 1, 2005 935
Measuring progress with technology in schools: SETDA's PETI framework and suite of tools address state assessment needs. Lemke, Cheryl Apr 1, 2005 1581
Administrative technology: new rules, new tools: a pilot study of Excelsior Software's electronic gradebook solution reveals the impact and time-saving qualities of administrative software. Tetreault, Donald R. Apr 1, 2005 2129
Teachers, technology, and change: English teachers' perspectives. Mcgrail, Ewa Mar 22, 2005 7246
Strengthening educational technology in K-8 urban schools and in preservice teacher education: a practitioner-faculty collaborative process. Carman, Elizabeth Mar 22, 2005 5583
Technology never sleeps: summer in the West Grand school District is not entirely devoted to vacations. With students and teachers gone, the Internet technology staff at the school, which is located between Silverthorne and Steamboat Springs, bears down on special projects--with the significant help of a firm based in Broomfield. Advertisement Mar 1, 2005 1854
Integrating voice into the school network: benefits of wireless VoIP. Flatland, Jeanne Mar 1, 2005 924
Rick Johnson: a speaker and doer for technology, teaching and learning. Wilson, Leslie Advertisement Mar 1, 2005 626
Laptop initiative creates equal educational opportunities. Harless, Sarah; Harthun-Reed, Amanda Advertisement Mar 1, 2005 1623
Texas district uses radio tags to track student movements. Brief Article Feb 1, 2005 176
Kids hop aboard for a round-the-world ocean race. Brief Article Feb 1, 2005 116
Effectiveness of most ed-tech remains unproven. Jan 1, 2005 318
Blocking technology hangs up on cell phones in classrooms. Brief Article Jan 1, 2005 113
The Kids and the Demise of Frustration Tolerance. Benoit, Marilyn B. Abstract Jan 1, 2005 189
Preparing for the European Language Portfolio: Internet Connections. Glover, Philip; Mirici, Ismail Hakki; Aksu, Mualla Bilgin Abstract Jan 1, 2005 370
Grid Computing in K-12 Schools. Soapbox Digest. Volume 3, Number 2, Fall 2004. Report Dec 1, 2004 159
E-rate abuses lead to funding halt. Brief Article Dec 1, 2004 188
Putting tablet PCs to the test. Amirian, Susan Column Nov 1, 2004 1206
Equiinet to provide CachePilot to UK schools. Brief Article Oct 6, 2004 190
SEVIS at your service. Piazza, Peter Brief Article Oct 1, 2004 220
Enabling distributed learning communities via emerging technologies--part two. Dede, Chris Oct 1, 2004 3224
Integrating Technology in Classrooms: We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us. Hokanson, Brad; Hooper, Simon Abstract Oct 1, 2004 193
Use of an Innovation Component Configuration Map to Measure Technology Integration Practices of Higher Education Faculty. Javeri, Manisha; Persichitte, Kay Abstract Oct 1, 2004 143
Design, Development, and Evaluation of Electronic Portfolios for Advanced Degree Programs in Technology and School Media. Brown, Carol A. Abstract Oct 1, 2004 153
What Teachers Use; What Teachers Want. Michaels, Barabra J.; Johnson, Angel Abstract Oct 1, 2004 201
Jazz It Up, with Music Technology! Atkinson, Tom Abstract Oct 1, 2004 181
Public School Teacher Use of Instructional Technology from an Organizational Culture Perspective: An Explanatory Case Study of Two Middle Schools. Spitzer, Bruce Alan; Stansbury, Susan Report Oct 1, 2004 136
Learning in 3D: Students' Experiences of Online Projects in NSW Schools. Harriman, Susan Report Oct 1, 2004 213
Bye bye blackboard: tired of screeching chalk and dust-covered clothes? Such hazards of the trade are becoming a thing of the past as schools send traditional classroom tools the way of fountain pens and dunce caps. Loschert, Kristen Sep 1, 2004 1187
InterWrite SchoolPads take technology to a new level. Trueman, Anastasia Aug 1, 2004 494
Database system helps keep everyone informed in rural Vermont school district. Owens, Bob Aug 1, 2004 999
Building a technology-rich community. George, Melinda Jul 1, 2004 717
Professional development. Jul 1, 2004 366
Getting ready for online testing. Neugent, Lan W. Jul 1, 2004 1261
Penn-Delco School District reaches its goals by holding fast to technology vision. Abrutyn, Leslye; Crego, Keith Jul 1, 2004 1122
Internet funding for schools under fire. Brief Article Jul 1, 2004 231
Bus-tling with technology. Youn, Jacy L. Brief Article Jul 1, 2004 121
Evaluation of Online Learning Management Systems. Sturgess, Phillipa; Nouwens, Fons Abstract Jul 1, 2004 153
A Study on Students' Views about Blended Learning Environment. Akkoyunlu, Buket; Soylu, Meryem Yilmaz Abstract Jul 1, 2004 283
Literature review: reported educator concerns regarding cyberspace curricula. Czubaj, Camilia Anne Jun 22, 2004 2482
A fresh start: how the Middletown City School District re-evaluated an existing program to promote success: for a midsized school district with several schools in need of improvement, using FileMaker Pro 7 to create customized databases is proving monumental in enhancing the quality of the district's schools. Advertisement Jun 1, 2004 545
Magnet school showcases technology with a practical edge: CA district partners with HP at state-of-the-art high school. Jun 1, 2004 845
Dallas' challenge: upgrade IT but hold down high-tech costs: solution: HP servers deliver a 370% boost in Web access and speed. Jun 1, 2004 452
Pittsburgh builds an adaptive enterprise: technology meets changing needs of teachers and students. Jun 1, 2004 559
What does SBR mean for education technology? Schneiderman, Mark Jun 1, 2004 2989
Connecting people and information to improve student achievement. Duffey, Delia R. Jun 1, 2004 2622
West Clermont's 'small schools of choice' rely on student management software to evolve. O'Toole, Dave Jun 1, 2004 939
School District of Philadelphia uses Web-based system to increase student achievement. Williams, Creg E. Jun 1, 2004 1399
The Use of Multiple Monitor and KVM (Keyboard, Video, and Mouse) Technologies in an Educational Setting. Snyder, Robin Abstract Jun 1, 2004 263
Technology Planning Strategies. Decker, Kathy Abstract Jun 1, 2004 229
Learner Typologies Development Using OIndex and Data Mining Based Clustering Techniques. Luan, Jing Report May 2, 2004 245
Integrating Video in Electronic Portfolios. Walker, Victoria Lynn Report May 1, 2004 513
You've got mail! Griffith, Bob May 1, 2004 189
District moves toward paperless parent communications. Brief Article May 1, 2004 181
Technology for all students. Fletcher, Geoffrey H. May 1, 2004 1000
Computerized adaptive testing: effective measurement for all students. Clark, Linda May 1, 2004 2010
Putting data to work: how one school district works smarter. Advertisement May 1, 2004 817
Education technology helps unite school communities, improve academic achievement. Taylor, Faye P. May 1, 2004 1259
LightPointe offers cost-effective optical wireless solution for K-12, higher ed: Lemon Grove School District and New School University implement high-bandwidth network connections for increased productivity and faster connectivity. Advertisement May 1, 2004 555
K-12 search engine enriches the teaching and learning process of Memphis City Schools. May 1, 2004 666
Snowflake USD discovers a cost-effective way to deliver technology to all students. Wyman, Gregory A. May 1, 2004 931
Get your site reviewed. Apr 1, 2004 399
School tries broadband wireless. Brief Article Feb 1, 2004 284
Technology Planning Linked to Educational Goals. Backgrounder Brief. CoSN Essential Leadership Skills Series. Report Jan 1, 2004 209
Toward a New Golden Age in American Education: How the Internet, the Law, and Today's Students are Revolutionizing Expectations. Report Jan 1, 2004 279
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Technology in Our Schools. ACT Policy Report. Noeth, Richard J.; Volkov, Boris B. Report Jan 1, 2004 167
UK school trials online lunch ordering initiative. Brief Article Nov 28, 2003 124
Laptops not so free. Brief Article Sep 1, 2003 125
FCC revamps E-rate. (Update: education news from schools, businesses, research and government agencies). Brief Article Jul 1, 2003 97
Bridging the Digital Divide through Technology Integration into the Special Education Program: Faculty Attitudes toward Technology Accessibility for Diverse Learners. Kurubacak, Gulsun; Basal, Mine Abstract Mar 24, 2003 234
The Role of Wireless Computing Technology in the Design of Schools. Nair, Prakash Oct 1, 2002 203
The technology Hub: a cost effective and educationally sound method for the integration of technology into schools. Simplicio, Joseph S.C. Jun 22, 2002 2590
Bytes for beginners. (Tips For The Wired Classroom). Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 316
Data Collection and Use in Schools. PREL Briefing Paper. Farnsworth, Chenoa Apr 1, 2002 269
Managing Challenges to the Integration of Technology into Schools in a Developing Country: A South African Perspective. Mentz, Elsa; Mentz, Kobus Apr 1, 2002 263
Tips for the wired classroom. (Learning). Mar 1, 2002 588
Technology Use and Achievement in Idaho Schools: A State Wide Study of Schools, Teachers and Students. Final Evaluation Report. Ravitz, Jason; Mergendoller, John Feb 11, 2002 273
Learning in the fast lane: what emerging technologies mean for K-12 education. Angelo, Jean Marie Dec 1, 2001 1334
Investigating the Total Cost of Technology in Schools: Tools and Strategies for Managing Technology Investments. Best Practices for Alberta School Jurisdictions. Redhead, Pat Jun 1, 2001 265
Field Hearing on Technology in Schools: Preparing for the 21st Century. Hearing before the Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Youth and Families of the Committee on Education and the Workforce. House of Representatives, One Hundred Sixth Congress, First Session (Petaluma, California, August 30, 1999). Jan 1, 1999 320
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