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LATEST COMPANY NEWS. May 4, 2021 17908
Application of remote sensing technology in the analysis of periodic precipitation change in China's Northern semi-arid area/Aplicacion de la tecnologia de teledeteccion en el analisis del cambio periodico de las precipitaciones en el norte semiarido de China. Zhang, Yannan; Liang, Chuan Mar 1, 2021 6273
APPS, LOCATION DATA, AND MILITARY TECH. Marijan, Branka; Jamal, Tasneem Dec 22, 2020 390
Predicting Phosphorus and Potato Yield Using Active and Passive Sensors. Jasim, Ahmed; Zaeen, Ahmed; Sharma, Lakesh K.; Bali, Sukhwinder K.; Wang, Chunzeng; Buzza, Aaron; Al Nov 1, 2020 12876
Fibre lasers and EDFAs for wind lidar: To obtain optimum performance for wind lidar applications, certain fibre laser specifications must be considered. Oct 1, 2020 758
Guiding the light: Japanese researchers have employed a bespoke prism lens to reduce the size and cost of lidar technology. Aug 1, 2020 1424
Spatiotemporal analysis of land-use and land-cover changes in Kainji Lake National Park, Nigeria/Nijerya Kainji Gol Milli Parkinda arazi kullanimi ve arazi orts degisikliklerinin mekansal analizi. Adeyemi, Adesoji Akinwumi; Ibrahim, Taofiq Maijindadi Report Jul 1, 2020 6667
Automated Localization and Classification of Expressway Pole-Like Road Facilities from Mobile Laser Scanning Data. Ha, Tran Thanh; Chaisomphob, Taweep Jun 30, 2020 10140
Sony To Develop New Vision Sensor For Self-Driving Vehicles. Amit Nag Jan 3, 2020 309
Intel RealSense Lidar Camera Technology Redefines Computer Vision. Dec 12, 2019 533
LeddarTech Partners with First Sensor to Accelerate LiDAR Deployment for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Autonomous Driving Applications. Dec 10, 2019 935
Small but mighty: Professor Emir Salih Magden updates on plans to commercialise an on-chip broadband optical filter announced last year. Magden, Emir Salih Dec 1, 2019 1593
Advancing silicones for LiDAR applications. Nov 1, 2019 653
SQU Hosts Forum on Remote Sensing and Space Technologies. Oct 30, 2019 143
In-Season Diagnosis of Winter Wheat Nitrogen Status in Smallholder Farmer Fields Across a Village Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Based Remote Sensing. Chen, Zhichao; Miao, Yuxin; Lu, Junjun; Zhou, Lan; Li, Yue; Zhang, Hongyan; Lou, Weidong; Zhang, Zhe Oct 1, 2019 11158
PM Modi takes India's remote sensing and space technology to world stage. Sep 9, 2019 271
Rockley Photonics eyes up new silicon photonics applications after raising $52m. Jul 1, 2019 142
Alluxa offers and manufactures high-performance optical thin films that are used in wide ranging applications including life sciences, research, semiconductor and lidar. Feb 1, 2019 121
Volvo Cars and Luminar Show Groundbreaking Autonomous Technology Development at Automobility La 2018. Nov 29, 2018 537
Vubiq Networks continues millimeter wave innovation. Nov 14, 2018 180
Vubiq Networks continues millimeter wave innovation. Nov 14, 2018 170
Vubiq Networks continues millimeter wave innovation. Nov 14, 2018 180
Optics for 5G: Prism technology that's now a major part of optical communications is finding its way into next-generation lidar systems. Nov 1, 2018 1223
SQU Forum Highlights Remote Sensing Applications in Physical Oceanography. Sep 26, 2018 305
Rainforest Alliance uses satellite tech to assist cocoa farmers. Jul 14, 2018 159
Energy Storage Advances for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Potential uses in the future of unmanned aerial vehicles for commercial and consumer applications are pushing researchers to develop more reliable and more efficient ways to charge them up. Guerra, Maria Jun 1, 2018 989
Innoviz, ADAS & LiDAR: Technology that will help drive us toward Level 5 driving. Vasilash, Gary S. Jan 1, 2018 867
YellowScan to leverage Velodyne's lightweight VLP-16 Puck LiDAR sensors for aerial Surveyor LiDAR system. Oct 26, 2017 467
YellowScan to leverage Velodyne's lightweight VLP-16 Puck LiDAR sensors for aerial Surveyor LiDAR system. Oct 26, 2017 484
Self-Driving Lidar Tech For Border Surveillance? Palmer Luckey Thinks So. Jun 5, 2017 516
Time-to-digital converter brings pico-second resolution to drones, LIDAR. May 1, 2017 294
Significant Remote Sensing Vegetation Indices: A Review of Developments and Applications. Xue, Jinru; Su, Baofeng Jan 1, 2017 12118
Cascade Convolutional Neural Network Based on Transfer-Learning for Aircraft Detection on High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images. Pan, Bin; Tai, Jianhao; Zheng, Qi; Zhao, Shanshan Jan 1, 2017 8444
Small UAS in agricultural remote-sensing research at Texas A&M. Thomasson, J. Alex; Valasek, John Jul 1, 2016 1604
Making Spatial Decisions Using GIS and LIDAR: A Workbook. Book review Apr 1, 2016 136
Making Spatial Decisions Using GIS and LIDAR: A Workbook. Book review Apr 1, 2016 136
Investigation of tree trunk extraction algorithms based on Least Squares using a 2D laser scanner. Wang, Yaxiong; Li, Wenbin; Kang, Feng; Zheng, Yongjun Mar 15, 2016 6059
LizardTech: compression technology plays a key role in military exploitation of imagery. Ryan, Terry Mar 1, 2016 1115
Neural networks technique for filling gaps in satellite measurements: application to ocean color observations. Krasnopolsky, Vladimir; Nadiga, Sudhir; Mehra, Avichal; Bayler, Eric; Behringer, David Report Jan 1, 2016 6331
GeoShot Technologies Successfully Completed 560 Kms Power Line Corridor Mapping. Jul 5, 2015 254
Now, satellite technology helps spot whales. Feb 13, 2014 378
A biological battlefield: the potential applications of using remote sensing technology and biomarker organisms for identifying, tracking, and differentiating persons of interest within an area of operations. Rivera, Jason Report Feb 1, 2014 3008
A place-based tool for assessing cumulative impervious surface outcomes of proposed development scenarios. Ramsey, Kevin; Poresky, Aaron Abstract Jul 1, 2013 8059
Now, Alzheimer's disease to be identified by space software. Jun 28, 2013 274
Microwave propagation and remote sensing; atmospheric influences with models and applications. Book review Dec 1, 2011 116
Remote sensing of the mine environment. Book review Dec 1, 2011 128
Advances in environmental remote sensing; sensors, algorithms, and applications. Book review Jun 1, 2011 112
Remote sensing and global environmental change. Brief article Jun 1, 2011 178
The theory of scintillation with applications in remote sensing. Book review Apr 1, 2011 131
President for satellite imagery to plan strategic projects. Oct 21, 2010 273
Adss - Advanced Distributed Sensor Systems. Company overview Jun 1, 2010 204
Remote sensing in extreme environments: taking measurements in hazardous, remote and ecologically important areas is becoming easier due to advances in wireless and new sensor technologies. Studt, Tim Cover story Aug 1, 2009 1607
Synthetic aperture radar interferometry coherence analysis. Dana, Iulia Florentina; Badea, Alexandru; Moise, Cristian; Olteanu, Vlad Gabriel; Jivanescu, Iulia E Report Jan 1, 2009 1379
Wireless remote monitoring of geotechnical systems. Abdoun, Tarek; Danisch, Lee; Bennett, Victoria Conference news Jan 1, 2005 1467

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