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Studying Mars climate will help humans understand Earth better: UAE scientist. Nandini Sircar Jul 18, 2020 578
Monitoring of crops through satellite technology started Food Minister lauds Suparco scientists. Jul 17, 2020 253
Food Security: Scientist urges govt. to domesticate global technologies. Jun 11, 2020 645
Accurate modelling widens the use of hybrid bearings: A new modelling approach for hybrid bearings gives a more accurate picture of their performance and helps engineers justify their use in the correct application, writes Guillermo Morales-Espejel, Principal Scientist at SKF Research and Technology Development. Mar 1, 2020 1225
Leading scientists from 21 countries to discuss strategy to fight Corona virus. Feb 29, 2020 600
Leading scientists from 21 countries to discuss strategy to fight Corona virus. Feb 29, 2020 600
Leading scientists from 23 countries to discuss strategy to fight Coronavirus. Feb 26, 2020 182
50 scientists participate in Comsats meeting. Feb 25, 2020 234
5 international scientists to participate in Comsats meeting in Karachi. Feb 24, 2020 498
World renowned 50 scientists to participate in COMSATS moot. Feb 24, 2020 364
Over 50 top scientists from 21 countries expected in Pakistan. Feb 24, 2020 448
A simple solution to scientific success; Research parks can help turn the light-bulb moments of scientists into big businesses. Malcolm Parry Feb 17, 2020 590
Scientists from 20 countries starts deliberations in Turkey to cope with global challenges. Dec 5, 2019 493
Scientists from 20 countries to meet at COMSATS' workshop in Gebze, Turkey. Dec 1, 2019 243
New 3D Printing Tech Allows Scientists To Produce Living Cells. Darwin Malicdem Oct 24, 2019 363
Scientists create world's thinnest gold - and it's just two atoms thick; The material could have wide-scale applications in the medical device and electronics industries. Aug 7, 2019 539
Scientists construct 3D facial models using identity information stored in the BRAIN; Scientists claim to have "reverse engineered" the information that characterises someone's identity. Jun 18, 2019 340
Welsh scientists in quest to solve lunar riddle. Apr 3, 2019 138
How old is the moon? Bangor scientists' bid to solve lunar riddle; HOW EXPERTS ARE USING TOOLS LEFT BEHIND ON MOON TO PUT AGE ON EARTH'S SATELLITE. Apr 3, 2019 338
Scientist Urges Africa To Prepare Youths For Automated, Data Future. Mar 5, 2019 429
Indian scientists have always contributed to the well-being of humanity: PM Modi. Feb 28, 2019 403
Harry Potter invisibility cloak is one step closer to becoming a reality thanks to scientists; The spectral cloak operates by selectively transferring energy between certain colours of the light wave. Jun 29, 2018 517
Loch Ness Monster finally FOUND? Scientists will use DNA to determine whether the mythical creature actually exists; Scientists are going to collect DNA from the Scottish lake to hunt for Nessie. May 24, 2018 411
Scientists urged to invent environ-friendly tech for fish farming. Apr 22, 2018 180
Dr Ishfaq praised for his contributions as scientist. Feb 2, 2018 356
Harnessing the power of big data research: Social scientists need to take their expertise into the data science realm. Metzler, Katie Feb 1, 2018 791
From "Knowledge Brokers" to Opinion Makers: How Physical Presence Affected Scientists' Twitter Use During the COP21 Climate Change Conference. Walter, Stefanie; de Silva-Schmidt, Fenja; Bruggemann, Michael Report Jan 1, 2018 7523
Onu urges Nigerian scientists to show interest in space technology. Dec 20, 2017 400
Scientists uged to make strategy to cope with climate change. Nov 23, 2017 210
Scientists urged to develop nanotechnology applications for textile sector. Nov 20, 2017 147
China's Ambitious Push for Geoengineering Research: Backed by $3 million in federal funds, Chinese scientists are assessing how geoengineering would affect agriculture, glaciers, sea levels, and more. Temple, James Nov 1, 2017 516
Scientists' 3D tech to scan cancer cells. Oct 19, 2017 205
Scientists develop new regenerative tissue technology. Aug 9, 2017 234
Scientists Now Using Wi-Fi to Read Human Emotions. Jul 23, 2017 449
Scientists use Wi-Fi to take 3D photographs through walls. May 24, 2017 371
Gartner: More than 40% of data science tasks will be automated by 2020. Jan 27, 2017 506
Scientists restore long-term vision in blind mice using stem cells: suppressing immune rejection was key to success. Jan 16, 2017 569
European scientists puzzle over Mars lander's radio silence. Oct 20, 2016 278
I don't need any sports scientists or monitors..I'll just take one look at them and know if they're ready; EURO 2016 COUNTDOWN GAFFER IS A SCOTS FAITH HEALER SAYS GORDON STRACHAN. Aug 25, 2015 1097
Gujarat scientists develop driverless car that can be controlled via an app. Apr 13, 2015 321
Scientists for cultivation of recommended seed varieties for development of agriculture sector. Apr 2, 2015 646
Iranian Scientists Apply Nanotechnology to Produce Electrical Insulator. Mar 6, 2015 267
Iranian Scientists Use MOFs to Eliminate Dye Pollutants. Jan 29, 2015 265
Nigerian scientist develops cheap, efficient technology. Jan 26, 2015 855
Iranian Scientists Use Nanotechnology to Increase Power, Energy of Supercapacitors. Dec 18, 2014 274
Iranian Scientists Use Nanotechnology to Produce Dielectric Microwave Ceramics. Oct 14, 2014 254
Scientists Develop Biodegradable Implants for Orthopedics Applications. Oct 6, 2014 267
Scientists Use Nanotechnology to Improve Mechanical Properties of Ceramics. Sep 3, 2014 282
Scientists and experts issue a call to fight malaria 1 mosquito at a time, altering DNA. Zimmer, Carl Jul 18, 2014 792
Scientists warn vs use of pesticides on coco pest. Jul 6, 2014 558
Brazilian scientists help Omani farmers increase citrus and mango yeild. Jun 16, 2014 597
Scientists Use Nanocomposites to Improve Properties of Thermal Block Coatings. Jun 8, 2014 253
Current Species Loss 1000 Times Higher Than Normal, Say SavingSpecies Scientists. May 30, 2014 454
Scientists Use Nanotubes to Boost Fracture Toughness of Zirconia-Based Ceramic. Feb 23, 2014 309
Scientists Use New Technology to Count Whale Population from Space. Feb 13, 2014 276
Like Nikes for horses. Winters, Jeffrey Brief article Dec 1, 2013 280
Iranian Scientists Use Nanoparticles to Remove Microorganisms from Aqueous Media. Oct 26, 2013 301
Therapy cells' scientist receives US patent for new cell therapy for use in human applications. Warren, Jim Sep 1, 2013 294
US scientists claim world's most accurate clock. Aug 23, 2013 252
Scientists advance in ability to target skin cancer. Jul 9, 2013 187
Scientists Use Manganese Oxide Nanoparticles to Detect Hydrogen Peroxide. Feb 4, 2013 276
Scientists Hack Into Fish Brain, Observe Thoughts Swimming. Jan 31, 2013 465
'Refreezing Arctic' can help stop global warming, say scientists. Dec 12, 2012 286
Pak scientist develops highest yielding rice strain. Nov 23, 2012 206
Scientists stressed for "farmers' field" instead of labs. Nov 19, 2012 164
Scientists get President's medal. May 29, 2012 338
VistaGen to collaborate with duke scientists on cardiac stem cell technology. Interview Mar 12, 2012 159
VistaGen to collaborate with duke scientists on cardiac stem cell technology. Interview Mar 12, 2012 159
Digital tools can save languages from extinction: Scientist. Feb 19, 2012 267
SCIENTISTS have used a cloning [...]. Oct 10, 2011 262
High-speed digital cameras help researchers see fluids at microscale level. Aug 1, 2011 1048
Reflections on the role of science and scientists in the energy industry. Folse, Laura Jan 1, 2011 325
Scientists produce mice from 2 fathers using stem cell technology. Dec 9, 2010 332
Scientists one-step closer to designing methane-powered laptops. Nov 24, 2010 335
Filipino scientists may team up with Taiwan to make batteries. Oct 27, 2010 566
Scientists set sights on green combustion system for cars; WELSH RESEARCH MAY HELP MOTORISTS USE LESS FUEL. Oct 13, 2010 569
Scientists hope to save energy with engine project. Oct 13, 2010 190
Zero-waste powder coating process lands CSIRO scientist state honours. Sabto, Michele Brief article Oct 1, 2010 210
Scientists from IOC & TERI are using a cocktail of microbes that eat up oil in soil. Aug 23, 2010 434
Scientists 'to virtually raise Titanic using 3D technology'. Aug 21, 2010 306
Indian origin scientist develops new projection technology. Jul 7, 2010 613
Scientists harvest waste energy to turn water into usable hydrogen fuel. Mar 13, 2010 416
Scientists Find More Applications for Oron Nitride Nanotubes. Jan 23, 2010 385
Scientists use lasers to create macroscopic yarns. Dec 3, 2009 424
Scientists using laser light to generate underwater sound. Sep 6, 2009 243
IBM scientists use DNA Scaffolding to build tiny circuit boards. Aug 27, 2009 467
The nano generation. Peters, Rita C. Editorial Aug 1, 2009 430
It's a nano world: while 20 to 30 years ago particles were measured in the micrometer range, today the trend in measurement has gotten even smaller. Move over micro; it's a nano world. Hock, Lindsay Aug 1, 2009 528
Scientists move closer to making replacement bones using stem cell technology. Jul 27, 2009 369
Scientists use microbial cultures to convert organic wastes to eco-friendly plastics. May 20, 2009 423
Scientists move a step closer to creating ideal neural cells for clinical use. Apr 14, 2009 357
Indian origin scientist reveals new applications for carbon nanomaterials in hydrogen storage. Mar 13, 2009 363
Scientists recruited to help fix failing U.S. infrastructures. Jean, Grace V. Sep 1, 2008 748
Tech talent trends: where will tomorrow's engineers and scientists come from? Klayko, Michael Sep 1, 2008 536
SAVE OUR SALMON; Scientists will use DNA to discover why fish keep dying off Irish coast. May 17, 2008 193
America's next top scientists. Gaidos, Susan Brief article Mar 10, 2008 216
EU scientists develop hydrogen plane. Dobie, Monica Jun 1, 2007 207
The race to fiscal fitness--it's as easy as rocket science: what are the three highest hurdles in your organization's race for fiscal fitness, and how would you overcome them? Heilman, Craig L. Column Jan 1, 2006 4680

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