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Citizen juries could help resolve gene editing issue - Professor Colin Campbell; The need to start open discussions on the use of precision breeding techniques in agriculture - such as gene editing - means the use of citizen juries could offer a "more informed and constructive" way of arriving at consensus, it has been claimed. Feb 3, 2021 462
Next Generation DNA Sequencing Technologies. Sarton, Kelly Jan 1, 2021 465
SEARCA tells Filipino plant breeders to use genomics in crop dev't. Nov 23, 2020 314
Shades of the Daleks: Can DNA be Used as Circuits in Electronic Devices? Sep 21, 2020 488
Bluestar Genomics Study Highlights Promising Data for Multi-Cancer Detection from a Single Blood Draw. Jan 31, 2020 433
Co-Diagnostics' genetic detection technology on display at international agriculture conference. Conference news Jan 15, 2020 388
China-Pak symposium on genomics selection held. Dec 13, 2019 415
China-Pak symposium on genomics selection held. Dec 13, 2019 368
Researchers use wireless implants to toggle "boss" gene on and off. Jul 17, 2019 381
Governance and the Human Genome. Finneran, Kevin Mar 22, 2019 1522
Big data opens new avenues for generics research: CLARE SANSOM LOOKS AT THE IMPACT BIG DATA IS HAVING ON GENOMICS RESEARCH. Sansom, Clare Oct 1, 2018 2026
Comments Open on End of NIH Review for Gene Therapy Studies; NIH oversight panel no longer plans to review all applications for gene therapy experiments. Aug 17, 2018 307
10x Genomics Partners with BioLegend and Immudex to Extend Research Applications of Its New Single Cell Feature Barcoding Technology. Aug 1, 2018 471
WCM-Q Research Underpins International Effort to Create Genetic Map of Human Proteins. Jul 24, 2018 502
Drug company teams up with gene experts. May 2, 2018 208
Fabric Genomics Forges European Genomic Analysis Partnership with Server Provider ITTM. May 25, 2017 267
Lncident: A Tool for Rapid Identification of Long Noncoding RNAs Utilizing Sequence Intrinsic Composition and Open Reading Frame Information. Han, Siyu; Liang, Yanchun; Li, Ying; Du, Wei Report Jan 1, 2017 5736
New tool for the detection and amplification of cell-free DNA in blood. Jul 15, 2016 483
Limitless: from designer plants to genetic engineering, LEDs show infinite possibilities in agricultural applications. Desar, Leonora Jun 1, 2016 1698
Automating DNA Origami Advances Medicine. May 30, 2016 825
Pros and cons of recombinant DNA technology in animal diseases diagnosis, prevention and control. Deb, Rajib; Chakraborty, Sandip; Sengar, Gyanendra; Bhanuprakash, V. Report Mar 1, 2016 7479
Technology repairs blindness -causing genetic defect in patient-derived stem cells. Feb 8, 2016 632
Technology repairs blindness-causing genetic defect in patient-derived stem cells. Feb 8, 2016 631
CRISPR used to repair blindness-causing genetic defect in patient-derived stem cells. Feb 1, 2016 631
Variability of the reverse transcription step: practical implications. Bustin, Stephen; Dhillon, Harvinder S.; Kirvell, Sara; Greenwood, Christina; Parker, Michael; Shiple Report Jan 1, 2015 5011
Clinical exome performance for reporting secondary genetic findings. Park, Jason Y.; Clark, Peter; Londin, Eric; Sponziello, Marialuisa; Kricka, Larry J.; Fortina, Paolo Report Jan 1, 2015 5135
Genome analysis; current procedures and applications. Brief article Feb 1, 2014 200
Trovagene, partner to jointly study cell-free DNA technology for detection of EGFR mutations in lung cancer. Oct 17, 2013 153
From plant genomics to plant biotechnology. Brief article Oct 1, 2013 141
Ultrapure water drives RNA technologies: the use of ultrapure water in RNA research using in situ hybridization ensures contamination-free, reliable results. Nitzki, Frauke; Herbig, Elmar Sep 1, 2013 1584
Life Technologies gains Health Canadaa[euro](tm)s OK for 3500 Dx series genetic analyzers. May 20, 2013 126
Bridgestone decodes genetic sequence of rubber tree used in tyre production. Aug 1, 2012 343
Target enrichment strategies for next generation sequencing. Leproust, Emily Jun 1, 2012 1231
Broader applications of ZFP Therapeutics discussed at gene therapy meeting. May 21, 2012 336
An Indian tech to detect gene toxicity in drugs. May 13, 2012 320
Compact liquid handling system for genomics applications. Apr 23, 2012 214
Soon, gene technology to produce novel plastics and textiles from waste. Mar 17, 2012 490
Gregor Mendel and 21st century medicine. Murray, Michael F. Mar 15, 2012 701
Going digital: a new approach to disease research: droplet digital PCR technology has emerged as a leader in offering precision, sensitivity and accuracy for rare target DNA detection. Bizouarn, Frank Feb 1, 2012 1001
Automated diagnostic assay for HER2 gene status. Sep 1, 2011 124
Mutual information and cross entropy framework to determine relevant gene subset for cancer classification. Bala, Rajni; Agrawal, R.K. Report Sep 1, 2011 5881
Automated DNA extraction and PCR setup. Jul 1, 2011 137
Genomics; essential methods. Book review Apr 1, 2011 111
Modified plasmid DNA preparation for capillary automated DNA sequencing. Wu, Ning; Matand, Kanyand; Kebede, Wondwessen; Kebede, Bizuayehu Nov 1, 2010 1871
Symmetrical analysis techniques for genetic systems and bioinformatics; advanced patterns and applications. Book review Mar 1, 2010 198
Reflexive biotechnology development; studying plant breeding technologies and genomics for agricultural in the developing world. Book review Sep 1, 2009 188
Blood Exosomes Contain Tumor-Specific Genetic Brain Cancer Information. Nov 1, 2008 672
The DNA age: technology is ushering in new tools to break the genetic code, but can it help you outsmart your destiny? Harmon, Amy Jul 1, 2008 1835
Asiatic Centre for Genome Technology, Synthetic Genomics Completes Important Phase in Oil Palm Genome Research. May 21, 2008 628
SAVE OUR SALMON; Scientists will use DNA to discover why fish keep dying off Irish coast. May 17, 2008 193
Genomics heralded as new tool for improving public health: emerging science. Johnson, Teddi Dineley May 1, 2008 1376
Newcomer gets aid to take on big players. Jun 5, 2007 427
Calendar. Calendar Apr 1, 2006 3934
Proteins, Proteins Everywhere. Gleeson, Frank; Pearson, Mark May 1, 2002 2817

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