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Quality Driven Approach for Product Line Architecture Customization in Patient Navigation Program Software Product Line. Ashari, Afifah M.; Halim, Shahliza Abd; Jawawi, Dayang N. A.; Suvelayutnan, Ushananthiny; Isa, Mohd Report Jul 1, 2021 6473
Bayer Submits Regulatory Applications for Oncology Treatment Investigational Combination of Aliqopa (copanlisib) and Rituximab in the US and EU. Jun 21, 2021 683
The evolution of digital decision support in cancer care. Heaney, Denise L. Nov 1, 2020 1216
Global Cancer Tumor Organoids Modeling, Technology & Personalized Cancer Research Insights, 2025. Jan 7, 2020 631
Prostate-specific Membrane Antigen-Based Nanomedicine Applications in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Prostate Cancer. Bolat, Deniz; Haydaroglu, Ayfer Report Mar 1, 2019 5228
Bicycle Therapeutics Paper Demonstrating Utility of Bicycles as Imaging Agents Published. Feb 19, 2019 491
Hitachi's Heavy Ion Beam Therapy System Starts Treatment at Osaka Heavy Ion Therapy Center. Oct 16, 2018 638
PharmaCyte Biotech PCT Patent Application for Cancer Therapies Published. Oct 11, 2018 600
Microwave Non-invasive Temperature Monitoring Using UWB Radar for Cancer Treatment by Hyperthermia. Fiser, Ondrej; Helbig, Marko; Sachs, Jurgen; Ley, Sebastian; Merunka, Ilja; Vrba, Jan Report Jun 1, 2018 5400
The Big Data Revolution for Breast Cancer Patients. Ibnouhsein, Issam; Jankowski, Stephane; Neuberger, Karl; Mathelin, Carole Editorial Apr 1, 2018 1400
PharmaCyte Biotech Seeks to Broaden Protection of Cancer Therapy Worldwide, Files Patent Applications. Mar 28, 2018 234
Saudi university team treats breast cancer patient with intraoperative electron radiation therapy for first time in Arab world. Mar 24, 2018 404
KSU uses IOERT technology for breast cancer treatment for 1st time in Arab World. Mar 15, 2018 220
Walgreens system gets patent. Feb 12, 2018 242
The Advancing of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications. Jiang, Jinhuan; Pi, Jiang; Cai, Jiye Jan 1, 2018 12782
Scientists' 3D tech to scan cancer cells. Oct 19, 2017 205
Label-free Detection for a DNA Methylation Assay Using Raman Spectroscopy. Kim, Jeongho; Park, Hae; Kim, Jae; Chang, Boksoon; Park, Hun-Kuk Aug 20, 2017 3934
Eisai Submits Simultaneous Applications in The United States and Europe for Lenvatinib in Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Jul 26, 2017 928
Medical Applications of Cerium. Dkhar, Barilin; Bhatia, Abhijeet Jul 1, 2017 3435
An automated diagnosis of breast cancer using farthest first clustering and decision tree J48 classifier. Devi, R. Delshi Howsalya; Deepika, P. Jun 30, 2016 3582
Metamaterial Antenna Arrays for Improved Uniformity of Microwave Hyperthermia Treatments. Vrba, David; Rodrigues, Dario B.; Vrba, Jan; Stauffer, Paul R. Report Jun 1, 2016 5891
Immune engineering: genetically engineered immune cells are saving the lives of cancer patients. That may be just the start. Regalado, Antonio Mar 1, 2016 2678
Fighting for Zach: the treatment for cancer is often as devastating as the disease itself. Guillot, Julie Jul 1, 2015 647
IBM aims to make medical expertise a commodity: Big Blue thinks its Jeopardy! champion Watson can make money by offering health-care providers new expertise without hiring new staff. Simonite, Tom Sep 1, 2014 1223
Patent applications filed for treatment of liver cancer. Mar 24, 2014 336
U.S. patent covers use of drug in immunotherapy. Mar 24, 2014 391
Patent applications filed for treatment of liver cancer. Mar 24, 2014 335
U.S. patent covers use of drug in immunotherapy. Mar 24, 2014 391
Sperm cryopreservation before testicular cancer treatment and its subsequent utilization for the treatment of infertility. Zakova, Jana; Lousova, Eva; Ventruba, Pavel; Crha, Igor; Pochopova, Hana; Vinklarkova, Jaroslava; Te Report Jan 1, 2014 3747
Low-risk prostate cancer gets high-tech treatment. Moon, Mary Ann Jul 1, 2013 697
Applications of nanoparticles for MRI cancer diagnosis and therapy. Blasiak, Barbara; van Veggel, Frank C.J.M.; Tomanek, Boguslaw Jan 1, 2013 10313
New applications of flow cytometry in the clinical lab: the technology has gone from inside the cell to outside--and back. Shankey, T. Vincent Report Dec 1, 2012 2010
New tool may aid in personalized cancer treatment. Oct 1, 2012 164
Improved thermal ablation efficacy using magnetic nanoparticles: a study in tumor phantoms. Garcia-Jimeno, S.; Ortega-Palacios, R.; Cepeda-Rubio, M.F.J.; Vera, A.; Leija, L.; Estelrich, J. Report Jun 1, 2012 5831
Cancer drug firm wins investment. May 11, 2012 727
Proteomic analysis of the molecular response of Raji cells to maslinic acid treatment. Yap, W.H.; Khoo, K.S.; Limb, S.H.; Yeo, C.C.; Lim, Y.M. Report Feb 15, 2012 6424
Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corporation's technology for prostate cancer drug APC-100 granted US patent. Jul 22, 2011 150
Thinking small: nanotechnology offers new options for cancer treatment and management. Dolan, Tamara B. Feb 1, 2011 634
Patient specific radiation field shaping masks through low temperature thermal-spray. Van Der Walt, Jacobus Gert; De Beer, Deon; Booysen, Gerrie; Truscott, Michele; Du Plessis, Freek Report Jan 1, 2010 1210
Reinventing the pharmaceutical industry, without the industry: the founder of the Pink Army Cooperative is bringing the open-source development model to breast cancer therapies. Hessel, Andrew Jan 1, 2010 1145
More Precious Than Gold: A Cure for Cancer?. Brief article Nov 15, 2009 86
Better living through plasmonics: mixing light with nanotechnology could help treat cancer and build faster computers. Lee, Jenny Lauren Nov 7, 2009 2101
Husband of cancer sufferer hits out at 'callous' NHS system; WOMAN PAYING pounds 1,100 A WEEK FOR TREATMENT. Jun 3, 2009 466
Gold spheres seek and destroy melanoma cells. McBride, Deborah Brief article Apr 1, 2009 307
Calibration tester offers hope for cancer patients: electron accelerator could result in more accurate radiation doses. Brief article Nov 26, 2008 421
Fatal attraction: nanomagnets tackle disease: technique uses heat to kill cancerous cells. Raloff, Janet Clinical report Aug 16, 2008 1042
High-energy ultrasound offers clearer liver images. Brief article Apr 1, 2008 193
New technology helps optimize cancer drug delivery. Apr 1, 2008 127
New cancer ablation technique introduced. Kiefer, Dale Brief article Mar 1, 2008 253
Applications of nanobiotechnology in clinical diagnostics. Jain, Kewal K. Nov 1, 2007 5743
Channeling the data stream; how analytics can radically improve clinical performance. Brooks, Michael Oct 1, 2007 1533
The cutting edge: killing cancer with protons: proton therapy is one of the most intriguing developments in cancer treatment, offering new hope to patients around the globe. Perry, Patrick Interview Jul 1, 2007 2407
Mini-robot sets new course for cancer therapy. Bateman, Chris Brief article May 1, 2007 109
Nanotechnology aids in cancer fight. Oct 1, 2006 393
Scientists' developing cancer treatment. Jul 6, 2006 181
Dana Farber and 454 Life Sciences announce breakthrough in DNA sequencing for cancer research. Jun 1, 2006 693
Grid and cluster computing for radiotherapy: Monte Carlo simulations bring much-needed accuracy to benefit cancer patients. Chin, P.W.; Lewis, D.G.; Giddy, J.P. Mar 1, 2006 2438
Progression criteria for cancer antigen 15.3 and carcinoembryonic antigen in metastatic breast cancer compared by computer simulation of marker data. Soletormos, Gyorgy; Petersen, Per Hyltoft; Dombernowsky, Per Jul 1, 2000 6314
Automated assay for HER-2/neu in serum. Payne, Robert C.; Allard, Jeffrey W.; Anderson-Mauser, Linda; Humphreys, John D.; Tenney, Donald Y.; Report Feb 1, 2000 5977

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