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PCCI urges Duterte to issue EO to fast track Internet coverage. Sep 9, 2020 469
Cognitive Automation, Business Process Optimization, and Sustainable Industrial Value Creation in Artificial Intelligence Data-driven Internet of Things Systems. Bell, Edward Sep 1, 2020 2200
Only 10% of young women in rural areas have access to the internet. Aug 22, 2020 822
Egypt seeks enhanced cooperation with Pakistan in cyber security. Aug 4, 2020 288
Use of Messaging Apps and Social Network Sites Among Older Adults: A Mixed-Method Study. Rebecca, Ping Yu Report Aug 1, 2020 9205
Artificial Intelligence-based Decision-Making Algorithms, Internet of Things Smart Devices, and Real-Time Process Monitoring in Sustainable Industry 4.0. Dobson-Lohman, Elizabeth Jun 1, 2020 2160
Smart Connected Sensors, Cyber-Physical Networks, and Big Data Analytics Systems in Internet of Things-based Real-Time Production Logistics. Moore, Kelly Jun 1, 2020 2162
Internet of Things with SAP: Implementation and Development. Book review Jun 1, 2020 156
Internet of Things boosts leadership team to advance artificial intelligence technology and fuel growth. May 13, 2020 547
Medical Internet of Things-based Healthcare Systems: Wearable Sensor-based Devices, Patient-Generated Big Data, and Real-Time Clinical Monitoring. Moore, Christine Apr 1, 2020 2248
Promoting cybersecurity awareness in South Africa. Woody, Chickelle Feb 1, 2020 354
Firm is recognised for strong cyber security. Jan 23, 2020 165
PenTera Chosen by Swedish Construction Group to Automate Cyber Security Validation. Jan 7, 2020 286
PenTera Chosen by Swedish Construction Group to Automate Cyber Security Validation. Jan 7, 2020 286
PenTera Chosen by Swedish Construction Group to Automate Cyber Security Validation. Jan 6, 2020 286
PenTera Chosen by Swedish Construction Group to Automate Cyber Security Validation. Jan 6, 2020 286
PenTera Chosen by Swedish Construction Group to Automate Cyber Security Validation. Jan 6, 2020 271
Online guard greets hackers. DAVID WALKER Dec 28, 2019 463
Internet of Things for Healthcare Using Effects of Mobile Computing: A Systematic Literature Review. Nazir, Shah; Ali, Yasir; Ullah, Naeem; Garcia-Magarino, Ivan Report Nov 30, 2019 13311
Advanced Persistent Threats in 2020: Abuse of Personal Information and More Sophisticated Attacks Are Coming. Nov 24, 2019 832
Advanced Persistent Threats in 2020: abuse of personal information and more sophisticated attacks are coming. Nov 20, 2019 757
'As well a sending in tanks they send ads and Facebook posts...' In the first of a new series of his Martin Shipton Meets podcasts, our chief reporter talks to journalist Carole Cadwalladr, who has investigated concerns about misuse of the internet for political purposes... Nov 20, 2019 1039
Real-Time Big Data Processing and Wearable Internet of Medical Things Sensor Devices for Health Monitoring. Byerly, Kirsten; Vagner, Ladislav; Grecu, Iulia; Grecu, Gheorghe; Lazaroiu, George Oct 1, 2019 1641
The Internet of Everything: Advances, Challenges and Applications. Brief article Oct 1, 2019 142
Cyber security in the age of AI. Jul 28, 2019 909
A Quarter of People in EMEA Prefer Their Cybersecurity Managed by Artificial Intelligence. Barker, Jessica Jul 1, 2019 689
EVALUATING THE IMPLEMENTATION OF TECHNOLOGY IN NURSING HOMES. Hansen, Kevin E.; Johs-Artisensi, Jennifer L. Report Jun 22, 2019 7594
Resilient Cyber-Physical Systems and Big Data Architectures in Industry 4.0: Smart Digital Factories, Automated Production Systems, and Innovative Sustainable Business Models. Nica, Elvira; Potcovaru, Ana-Madalina; Hurdubei, Roxana Elisabeta "Ionescu" Jun 1, 2019 1668
The Social Sustainability of Smart Cities: Urban Technological Innovation, Big Data Management, and the Cognitive Internet of Things. Androniceanu, Armenia Report Jun 1, 2019 1830
Mozilla Firefox internet browser could be used to dodge UK porn block. May 21, 2019 390
Belgian Cybersecurity Center Finds No Evidence of Huawei Spying Threat, Despite US Claims. Apr 16, 2019 318
Cyber attacks on the rise with increased mobile apps. Apr 1, 2019 383
Today's the day for a safer internet. Feb 5, 2019 111
Mobile Banking Apps Prone To Cyber Attacks, Says Experts. Feb 4, 2019 461
Internet of Things: Beginning of New Era for Libraries. Bansal, Alka; Arora, Dipti; Suri, Alka Dec 1, 2018 3245
Cyber security, radiation threat echo in seminar on safe use of nuclear energy. Sep 13, 2018 354
Sikich conference to help executives address cybersecurity, automation and workforce challenges. Conference news Aug 31, 2018 362
Spirent extends CyberFlood. Aug 13, 2018 210
Chinese netizens love their social apps. Jul 17, 2018 480
DarkMatter to protect Expo 2020 digital network. Jul 4, 2018 530
UAE cybersecurity firm to safeguard Expo 2020 digital network. Jul 4, 2018 518
UAE Cyber Security Firm DarkMatter to Protect Expo 2020's Digital Network and Data. Jul 4, 2018 542
Expo 2020 to have advanced digital protection. Jul 4, 2018 314
Plagiarism, Internet and Academic Success at the University. Torres-Diaz, Juan Carlos; Duart, Josep M.; Hinojosa-Becerra, Monica Jul 1, 2018 5786
ST Engineering collaborates with SafeRide Technologies. Jun 19, 2018 205
The Advancing: Electronic Battlefield: IN A RECENT EDITION OF THE CDR RADIO PODCAST, LEADING EXPERTS FROM KPMG EXPLAIN HOW CANADA'S MILITARY MUST TACKLE THE CYBER SECURITY THREAT, DIGITAL AUTOMATION AND MORE: Here, CDR's Ottawa Correspondent, James Careless, offers a re-cap of his in-depth conversation with the KPMG executives on the cyber security topic. You can listen to the full podcast at: Careless, James Jun 1, 2018 1008
First-ever National Center for Cyber Security to be inaugurated today. May 21, 2018 102
Upcoming edition of Secutech Thailand to feature solutions for smart and safe city. May 1, 2018 539
Symantec Analytics Enables Customers to Uncover the Most Dangerous Cyber Attacks. Apr 16, 2018 585
Apps to ensure online safety of children may be counterproductive. Apr 4, 2018 734
LDRA Helps Ensure Automotive Cybersecurity with Support for SAE J3061. Mar 1, 2018 870
Telegram messenger being used to spread multipurpose malware. Feb 14, 2018 561
Internet tool for peace -- Fedotov. Feb 6, 2018 383
Digital gatekeepers: 5 key considerations for regulating web traffic to ensure safety and save bandwidth. Jackson, Nancy Mann Feb 1, 2018 1222
The Rewards & Cyber Risks of Internet of Things Devices. Jan 29, 2018 386
Indonesia introduces new Internet censorship system. Jan 3, 2018 498
Detecting Cross-Site Scripting in Web Applications Using Fuzzy Inference System. Ayeni, Bakare K.; Sahalu, Junaidu B.; Adeyanju, Kolawole R. Jan 1, 2018 7692
Miniaturized Printed Inverted-F Antenna for Internet of Things: A Design on PCB with a Meandering Line and Shorting Strip. Cheung, Cheuk Yin; Yuen, Joseph S.M.; Mung, Steve W.Y. Jan 1, 2018 2888
COMSATS' Int'll Workshop with ISESCO, INIT addressed Internet security challenges in the Member States. Dec 27, 2017 310
Experts urge schools in Bahrain to go hi-tech. Dec 27, 2017 451
Much work needed as Pakistan ranked 67th in global cyber security index: moot told. Dec 17, 2017 533
Pakistan ranked 67th in Global Cyber Security Index-2017. Dec 17, 2017 1157
Kobiton, App-Ray partnership improves security of mobile apps. Dec 14, 2017 304
Vodafone uses Augmented Reality to raise awareness on online safety. Nov 30, 2017 270
France's Internet exchange provider deploys Coriant Optical interconnect solution. Nov 22, 2017 416
France's Internet exchange provider deploys Coriant Optical interconnect solution. Nov 22, 2017 403
France's Internet exchange provider deploys Coriant Optical interconnect solution. Nov 22, 2017 416
Worry about risk management, not cyber attacks. Nov 21, 2017 546
Combining Technology to Combat Cyber Threats. Jul 21, 2017 439
Demisto, Vectra Networks solution reduces security operations workload from days to minutes. Jul 5, 2017 242
Demisto, Vectra Networks solution reduces security operations workload from days to minutes. Jul 5, 2017 242
Demisto, Vectra Networks solution reduces security operations workload from days to minutes. Jul 5, 2017 226
Overcoming your insecurity: apartment management firms must remain diligent when it comes to cybersecurity. Norrick, Wanda Apr 1, 2017 553
London Internet Exchange chooses Ciena for data center interconnect. Mar 21, 2017 225
London Internet Exchange chooses Ciena for data center interconnect. Mar 21, 2017 225
Pivot to internet plus: molding China's digital economy for economic restructuring? Hong, Yu Report Mar 1, 2017 9485
Internet of Things: Architectures, Protocols, and Applications. Sethi, Pallavi; Sarangi, Smruti R. Jan 1, 2017 19807
India Earns a "B" in Overall Cybersecurity Confidence, Ahead of US and Canada. Dec 19, 2016 487
Global Cybersecurity Assurance Report Card Falls to 70 Percent with a "C-" Overall Grade for 2017. Report Dec 7, 2016 658
Belgium, Brazil, US, UK, Norway and More to Discuss Network Protection at European Smart Grid Cyber Security 2017. Nov 23, 2016 604
Cyber attack protection: Los Alamos National Laboratory. Brief article Oct 1, 2016 132
Computer attack protection: Sandi National Laboratories. Brief article Oct 1, 2016 131
Study on intelligent stadiums system and development trend based on the internet of things. Wang, Tingxuan Report Oct 1, 2016 4953
Will artificial intelligence revolutionize cybersecurity? Jun 27, 2016 770
Will artificial intelligence revolutionize cybersecurity? Jun 27, 2016 809
A review of architecture and applications for internet of things. Kasturi, Kalyan S.; Reddy, P. Vishal; Rao, N. Achyuth; Vinod, S. Jun 15, 2016 2388
ICT driving development. May 1, 2016 2320
Power reliability, the Internet of Things, and harsh industrial environments: why it's important to safeguard industrial systems against harsh environments and Internet security breaches. Stout, Michael A. Cover story Apr 1, 2016 1088
India has the slowest Internet speed in APAC, South Korea fastest. Mar 29, 2016 301
3 cybersecurity threats to watch out for in 2016. Mar 25, 2016 462
Rules for using IT right. Branham, Darcee Jan 1, 2016 439
Cognitive Code offers solution to Internet Of Things security hacks. Dec 9, 2015 253
Cognitive Code offers solution to Internet Of Things security hacks. Dec 9, 2015 239
Cognitive Code offers solution to Internet Of Things security hacks. Dec 9, 2015 253
An analysis of the linguistic diversity of cyberspace. Vasilescu, Cezar Oct 1, 2015 2610
Use of smartphone-based messaging applications: an extended theory of planned behaviour approach. Rajput, Himanshu Report Oct 1, 2015 5579
Lack of cyber security, privacy hits businesses. Sep 9, 2015 223
DoD comprehensive military unmanned aerial vehicle smart device ground control station threat model. Mansfield, Katrina; Eveleigh, Timothy; Holzer, Thomas H.; Sarkani, Shahryar Apr 1, 2015 10137
CAUSE seeks to stop cyber attacks before they occur. Apr 1, 2015 232
Exploring the use of information and communication technologies and social networks among university nursing faculty staff. An opinion survey/Explorando el uso de las Tecnologias de la informacion y la comunicacion y las redes sociales entre el profesorado universitario de enfermeria. Una encuesta de opinion/ Explorando o uso das Tecnologias da informacao e a comunicacao.... Fernandez-Aleman, Jose Luis; Garcia, Ana Belen Sanchez; Montesinos, Maria Jose Lopez; Marques-Sanche Sep 1, 2014 6024
The light bulb gets a digital makeover. Talbot, David Jul 1, 2014 650
You're a hardware manufacturer, so how do you get on the Internet of Things bandwagon: As Apple announces a deeper foray into the world of the Internet of Things, hardware businesses need to take action now if they're to avoid obsolescence. Koka, Vikram Jun 1, 2014 387
Predisposition of citizens to use Internet-based channels to communicate with doctors in Spain/Predisposicion ciudadana en Espana a utilizar canales de comunicacion con el medico basados en internet. Herrera-Usagre, Manuel; Reyes-Alcazar, Victor; Valverde, Jose A. May 1, 2014 6158
BBBF to highlight cyber-security at luncheon. Apr 13, 2014 119
Practical swarm optimization based fault-tolerance algorithm for the internet of things. Luo, Shiliang; Cheng, Lianglun; Ren, Bin Report Apr 1, 2014 4820
Practical swarm optimization based fault-tolerance algorithm for the Internet of Things. Luo, Shiliang; Cheng, Lianglun; Ren, Bin Report Mar 1, 2014 4797
Eye-Scout, LLC Set to Lead Internet of Things Technology for Professional Sports. Feb 25, 2014 385
ISESCO, COMSATS, INIT hold workshop on internet security in Tunisia. Dec 7, 2013 318
What trends may come in 2014. Dec 1, 2013 2335
Cyber security risks on the rise. Sep 3, 2013 595
Twisted light transmits more data: spiral beams allow multiple information streams in one cable. Grant, Andrew Jul 27, 2013 378
NSA whistleblower used 'banned' USB device to breach military networks. Jun 15, 2013 201
Research on a mobile-aware service model in the Internet of Things. Jian, An; Xiao-lin, Gui; Jian-wei, Yang; Wen-dong, Zhang; Jin-hua, Jiang Report May 1, 2013 7591
Your gadgets are slowly breaking the Internet: the Internet isn't ready for the ongoing explosion of connected devices. Now research labs around the country are scrambling for solutions. Talbot, David Mar 1, 2013 931
Shifting to a visual web. Hane, Paula J. Feb 1, 2013 806
WARNING: Bugs could hit millions of devices. Jan 29, 2013 698
Two in three Cypriots use social media. Dec 4, 2012 294
Engaging older adults with modern technology; Internet use and information access needs. Book review Oct 1, 2012 211
Joseph Steinberg to Deliver Thought-Leadership Lecture on Sep 6th: Green Armor CEO to Discuss Combating Next Generation Cybersecurity Threats. Sep 1, 2012 316
'Internet freedom' under threat as Pak Govt. demands automated filtering. Apr 18, 2012 279
US at risk of 'full scale' cyber-attack by terrorists, warn intelligence experts. Mar 11, 2012 275
Where do your kids go online? Feb 9, 2012 917
The big promise of recommender systems. Martin, Francisco J.; Donaldson, Justin; Ashenfelter, Adam; Torrens, Marc; Hangartner, Rick Report Sep 22, 2011 4930
Redefining the security wall: with the proliferation of web 2.0 apps and mobile devices, internet security requires more than a simple firewall. Hua, Vanessa Aug 1, 2011 1228
The story of Ladino: from roots to branches. Roumani, Judith Jun 22, 2011 4265
Demand for tighter internet security on the rise. Apr 29, 2011 403
Information please: H'w'd dives into data, but decisions aren't easier. Graser, Marc Mar 7, 2011 1724
BLADE software eliminates threats of 'drive-by downloads' from Internet. Oct 7, 2010 592
Death of the top-down model. Editorial Apr 30, 2010 721
Accenture opens cyber security "threat analysis center" in San Antonio. Brief article Apr 1, 2010 156
Spencer OKs worker Internet use study; Southbridge GOP committee to meet. Feb 25, 2010 212
Kingsoft (HKG:3888) Teams Up With Taobao, Alipay & Maxthon To Form The First Safe Online Shopping Platform in China. Dec 9, 2009 543
WebMathematica-based tools for discrete-time nonlinear control systems/ Mittelineaarsete juhtimissusteemide ulesannete lahendamine webMathematica abil. Tonso, Maris; Rennik, Heli; Kotta, Ulle Report Dec 1, 2009 7906
Instant answers: to get the most out of modern hunting, learn to use this valuable hunting tool--the Internet. Samuel, Dave Nov 1, 2009 915
Mashreq Bank Implements Internet banking security solution. Aug 30, 2009 522
China filter debut date "unchanged" despite criticism. Brief article Jun 22, 2009 283
Safety net for parents is widened; INTERNET: Countywide access to new software. Apr 29, 2009 396
Commtouch GlobalView URL Filtering selected by Anchiva. Mar 18, 2009 126
Commtouch GlobalView URL Filtering selected by Anchiva. Mar 18, 2009 137
Cat and mouse game advances in the virtual world. Jul 13, 2008 290
Swedish IT security company Technology Nexus AB wins new orders from BankID. Jun 30, 2008 144
Sweden's Technology Nexus AB receives new IT security orders. May 8, 2008 156
Sweden's Technology Nexus AB receives new IT security orders. May 8, 2008 110
Spector 360 Internet use monitor: Spectorsoft. Feb 1, 2008 112
InstaGate internet use monitor: eSoft. Feb 1, 2008 83
Research on internet-supported learning: a review. Bekele, Teklu Abate; Menchaca, Michael Paul Report Jan 1, 2008 13812
Internet2 and libraries: serving your communities at the speed of light: if your internet limitations disappeared, how could it change your library's role in the community? Werle, James; Fox, Louis Cover story Nov 1, 2007 3056
Marshal launches MailMarshal e10000. Brief article Oct 9, 2007 142
Symantec introduces Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0 and Symantec Network Access Control 11.0. Oct 1, 2007 284
"Writeprinting" America. Mar 22, 2007 531
Automated patching: an easier approach to managing your network security. Schultze, Eric Apr 1, 2005 323
Who's snooping around your computer? Silbert, Marvin D. Sep 1, 2004 948
REALTrac release. Brief Article Jul 21, 2004 189
The lowdown on high-tech. Thill, Gary Brief Article Jul 1, 2004 175
The power of polices. Shiramizu, Lei Ann Apr 1, 2004 596
Communicator and advertiser web sites: how the right web model can boost a company's annual savings by 20%. (Special Focus: E-Commerce Integration). Boisvert, Hugues May 1, 2003 2301
The next step: developer and seller sites; how more sophisticated Web site models add value to a company. (Special Focus: E-Commerce Integration). Boisvert, Hugues May 1, 2003 2134
Is the doctor online? Doctors and especially health-providing institutions have a vested interest in encouraging folks to consult the Internet. (Perspectives). Conhaim, Wallys W. Feb 1, 2003 1689
Knowledge and anonymity. (Opinion). Weinberger, David Feb 1, 2003 689
Nuns advertise for new recruits on the Internet. Brief Article Dec 2, 2002 126
Tekla Corporation develops software for the Finnish pre-cast concrete industry. Brief Article Oct 29, 2002 116
Four agencies join WiredRed's customer list. Oct 28, 2002 375
Spaulding & Slye Colliers announces new initiative. (Technology Update). Oct 2, 2002 489
Level the playing field. (Executive Essay). Phillips, Greg Column Oct 1, 2002 653
Beyond boardrooms: From breakfast clubs to videoconference centers; gone are the overhead projectors. Today's boardrooms are high-tech. Williams, Colleen M. Oct 1, 2002 1753
ProQuest completes digitization projects: New York Times and Wall Street Journal. (New/Enhanced Database). Brief Article Oct 1, 2002 184
MusiCat system makes library searches more fruitful. Hansen, Per Hofman Oct 1, 2002 3143
Wearable computers get more fashionable. (Breaking News You Should Know). Brief Article Oct 1, 2002 103
Blue-light special: 13-digit bar codes: The Uniform Code Council and data capture experts are urging North American retailers to update their databases to handle global bar codes. (Automatic Data Capture). Oct 1, 2002 498
Sorting to success: efficient sorting can improve a facility's productivity and accuracy, while reducing manual handling and product damage. (Equipment Report). Maloney, David; Sunwear , Pacific Oct 1, 2002 2074
Ford takes control with AS/RS: sequencing car bodies in automated storage and retrieval systems improves efficiencies of the automaker and its suppliers. (Manufacturing Spotlight). Maloney, David Oct 1, 2002 1148
Web Converting. (Converters' Roundup). Brief Article Oct 1, 2002 183
Toolbox: improving IT efficiency. (Current Research). Ackermann, Joachim; Talgar, Levent M. Sep 22, 2002 381
Web site launched to help woman divorce her husband. Brief Article Sep 6, 2002 177
New Web-wise campaign for small businesses. (IT News). Sep 1, 2002 421
Morbark utilizes advanced computer design technology. (Techno News). Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 164
Deere Ag tractors join IVT ranks: featuring unlimited ground speed options, new hydromechanical packages debut in North America. (Ag Equipment). Osenga, Mike Sep 1, 2002 2286
Surfing Safari. (Teck Talk). Sep 1, 2002 257
US web site asks for return of stolen native American artefacts. Brief Article Aug 23, 2002 127
Computer Economics report examines the dangers of an Internet attack. Brief Article Aug 21, 2002 131
Majority of students to buy back-to-school items online claims BizRate survey. Brief Article Aug 20, 2002 104
Overspent shopper launches begging web site. Brief Article Aug 8, 2002 118
Overspent shopper launches begging web site. Brief Article Aug 8, 2002 128
IDC survey examines European use of streaming technology. Brief Article Aug 6, 2002 111
VPNs--blessing or curse? (Networks). Kilpatrick, Ian Aug 1, 2002 792
Church, state and editors. (From the Editor). Blair, Robin Editorial Aug 1, 2002 529
Interpenetrating polymer networks based on carboxylated nitrile rubber and poly(alkyl metharylate)s. Manoj, N.R.; Ratna, D.; Dalvi, V.; Chandrasekhar, L.; Patri, M.; Chakraborty, B.C.; Deb, P.C. Aug 1, 2002 2817
Integrating contact center channels. Carothers, Michael Aug 1, 2002 2511
Stockholm trying to stop Internet domain being used for pornographic web site. Brief Article Jul 4, 2002 148
Pornographic spam has increased by 450% in one year - claim. Brief Article Jul 4, 2002 136
UK Government research shows a quarter of UK homes are online. Brief Article Jul 3, 2002 136
Reading, writing, and the internet. Richmond, Heather Book Review Jul 1, 2002 857
Adaptivity through the use of mobile agents in web-based student modelling. Patel, Ashok Jul 1, 2002 4750
Transforming to e-Gov and e-Defense. (Workshop Report). Sherman, Galoria J. Jun 22, 2002 1967
The Department of Defense Financial Management Modernization Program the DoD Blueprint--an Enterprise Architecture. (Workshop Report). Smith, Vickie Jun 22, 2002 819
An analysis of student learning at a testing web site emphasizing descriptive chemistry. Brooks, David W. Jun 22, 2002 6640
Place in Cambridge United football squad auctioned online. Brief Article Jun 19, 2002 109
Using e-learning to educate call center agents. (Outsourcing). Raman, Arjun Jun 1, 2002 1672
What are web services? (Monograph). Jewell, Tyler Jun 1, 2002 3881
Chapter 18 lapping and honing. Schneider, George, Jr. Jun 1, 2002 2378
New web cam shows peregrine falcon chicks' development. Brief Article May 17, 2002 106
Wide open wireless? May 10, 2002 1416
US job seekers use one site for searches claims Jupiter Media Metrix. Brief Article May 7, 2002 81
Klez found to be most prevalent virus for April 2002. May 1, 2002 134
UK citizens take part in online voting trials. Brief Article Apr 29, 2002 127
Online World Cup highlights to be available online. Brief Article Apr 29, 2002 130
More couples blame the Internet for their relationship breakdown claims Relate. Brief Article Apr 15, 2002 99
More couples blame the Internet for their relationship breakdown claims Relate. Brief Article Apr 15, 2002 114
New web site counts down to upcoming movie releases. Brief Article Apr 10, 2002 80
Internet voting to be trialled at UK local elections. Apr 9, 2002 136
UN Assembly on Ageing to be broadcast live on the Internet. Brief Article Apr 8, 2002 90
New survey on web site searches finds more demand for business, travel and jobs. Brief Article Apr 2, 2002 105
Survey shows decrease in cookie use. Brief Article Apr 2, 2002 111
Condolences for Queen Mother flood in to official memorial site via e-mail. Brief Article Apr 2, 2002 83
Online counselling service launched by children's charity. Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 99
Mobile code - there is nowhere to hide. (Viewpoint). Duke, Dave Column Apr 1, 2002 846
Maporama places location features on Pizza Hut web site. Brief Article Mar 26, 2002 112
What's a "hit"? an analysis of a web-based learning environment. Clark, Kevin A. Mar 22, 2002 3578
Over 1m Finns have made purchases over the Internet - study. Brief Article Mar 14, 2002 136
Cat recovery web site receives almost 250,000 visitors. Brief Article Mar 11, 2002 127
New survey shows employees' attitudes to online work-life software. Mar 11, 2002 184
Cat recovery web site receives almost 250,000 visitors. Brief Article Mar 11, 2002 140
Legacy app moves to the Web. (Trends). Mar 1, 2002 367
Answering IP telephony's call; VoIP solutions enhance education communications. (Telephony/CTI). Mar 1, 2002 576
IDC examines business to business online sales. Brief Article Feb 22, 2002 164
Keynote monitors Valentine's Day-related web site performance. Brief Article Feb 11, 2002 115
Building your database and mounting it on the web: A model you can follow. Brown, Christopher C. Feb 1, 2002 3017
Creating a Global Information Portal: Our 9-month Odyssey. Srodin, Sharon; Strupczewski, June Feb 1, 2002 3467
Canadian web site reunites owners with lost pets. Brief Article Jan 30, 2002 111
Most Swedish companies to increase usage of streaming technology - study. Brief Article Jan 16, 2002 179
New IDC survey examines effect of integrating the Internet with enterprise applications. Brief Article Jan 16, 2002 117
TechNet lobby group appeals for more emphasis on high-speed Internet access. Brief Article Jan 16, 2002 104
Yankee Group survey examines US households with a PC and no Internet access. Jan 16, 2002 137
Most Swedish companies to increase usage of streaming technology - study. Jan 15, 2002 206
New IDC survey examines effect of integrating the Internet with enterprise applications. Jan 15, 2002 146
New report looks at consumers' online buying habits. Brief Article Jan 14, 2002 122
UK and Germany accounted for almost two-thirds of European Internet use. Brief Article Jan 14, 2002 114
New '' domain names soon to be available. Brief Article Jan 14, 2002 109
Book examines Internet relationships phenomenon. Brief Article Jan 2, 2002 95
Religion and astronomy sites experienced increased visitors shows new survey. Brief Article Jan 2, 2002 148
Meeting the needs of the pay-at-the-pump generation. (Viewpoint). Holton, John Jan 1, 2002 915
Catching (and Keeping!) E-Patrons. Puacz, Jeanne Holba Jan 1, 2002 2747
Big ten school in Cyberspace: a brief history of Penn State's World Campus. Hons, Christopher Jan 1, 2002 2011
How We Stay Ahead of Our Web Users: Librarian intermediation, like a ladder-in-progress, is the basic framework that connects users with the information they seek. Hall, Philip Jan 1, 2002 3108
Distant and Distributed Learners are Two sides of the Same Coin: "Is there a Difference between Distant and on-campus students anymore? or is that Distinction Disappearing in our current state of Academic 'Wired-Ness?'". Barron, Brette Barclay Jan 1, 2002 2805
Working with, Not Against, Web-Savvy Users. (Digital Librarianship). Jacso, Peter Jan 1, 2002 1484
Maintaining Services That Tomorrow's Patrons Will Expect. (Coming Full Circle). Pace, Andrew K. Jan 1, 2002 1711
WebNet Journal & International Journal on Educational Telecommunications evolve into the International Journal on E-Learning. (Editor's Note). Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 320
An e-Learning manifesto. VanderVeen, Arthur Jan 1, 2002 1677
Meeting the assessment demands of networked courses. Mason, Robin Jan 1, 2002 7040
Collaborative knowledge building in web-based learning: assessing the quality of dialogue. Takle, Eugene S. Jan 1, 2002 3446
A reference model for online learning communities. Stanoevska, Katarina Jan 1, 2002 7820
The case for cartridge valve technology. (Hydraulic Systems Trends). Henke, Russ Jan 1, 2002 883
LINX experiences increased Christmas data flow. Brief Article Dec 31, 2001 155
Microsoft and Yahoo! report increase in online Christmas shopping. Brief Article Dec 31, 2001 102
PC World survey reveals importance of technology to business workers. Brief Article Dec 24, 2001 144
Promoting interactive learning through contextual interfaces on a Web-based guided discovery CAL. Jih, Hueyching Janice Dec 22, 2001 2937
A case study of math and science teacher education in a collaborative virtual learning environment. Murfin, Brian Dec 22, 2001 7097
New virus alert issued from Sophos. Brief Article Dec 20, 2001 102
New streaming video cartoon strip launched. Brief Article Dec 20, 2001 86
New survey looks examines online habits of finance and accounting organisations. Brief Article Dec 18, 2001 142
Virus warning issued by anti-virus companies. Nov 27, 2001 209
Tiscali to stream web show of MTV Europe Music Awards 2001. Brief Article Nov 8, 2001 128
Spam causing problems for a third of UK businesses - report. Brief Article Nov 2, 2001 133
Authentic tasks as the basis for multimedia design curriculum: virtual reality project enables students to pursue their own interests and guide their own learning. Basden, Jonathan C. Nov 1, 2001 2146
RateMyTeachers. (F*Y*I). Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 129
High School Receives Cutting-Edge Library. Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 151
PL Improves Advanced Technology Center. Nov 1, 2001 188
Most Britons waste a lot of time when trying to find relevant online information - survey. Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 169
Simple Techniques for Using the Internet as a Supplemental Course Resource. Owen, Dennis O. Nov 1, 2001 420
'info' domain name registrations pass half million mark in less than three months. Brief Article Oct 23, 2001 148
Web site suggests alternative way to fight Internet porn. Brief Article Oct 10, 2001 89
URAC Poised to Accredit Healthcare Websites. Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 132
Senate Examines "E-health". Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 96
Laying the Foundation. Seliger, Robert Oct 1, 2001 2074
Collaboration, Internet Style. Townsend, Todd Oct 1, 2001 974
The World at Bedside. Hampton, Dave Oct 1, 2001 1430
E- Commerce: using e-Business to gain advantage. Tobias, Mark Oct 1, 2001 2070 (FYI). Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 139
UpMyStreet to deliver content for Your Guide Post Office initiative. Sep 17, 2001 181
ICANN accreditation received by Internetters. Brief Article Sep 14, 2001 109
Untangle the Web. Sep 1, 2001 1613
Stop and smell the Titan Arums. Bersch, Carren Product Announcement Sep 1, 2001 281
Use of hidden information collectors on company web sites on the increase - study. Brief Article Aug 16, 2001 176
UK Internet users happy to surf for holidays. Brief Article Aug 9, 2001 155
Uptake of Internet use in US farming operations increasing. Brief Article Aug 8, 2001 146
New Code Red worm detected. Brief Article Aug 7, 2001 120
Fears of false sense of security after Code Red hype - claim. Brief Article Aug 3, 2001 124
Boost VoIP options. Kingsley, Lawrence E.; Fakhari, Bruce Aug 1, 2001 799
Online Lectures: Benefits for the Virtual Classroom. Wang, Alvin Y.; Newlin, Michael H. Aug 1, 2001 2476

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