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Microsoft ready to introduce cloud platform for carbon emission analytics in Azerbaijan. Sep 16, 2021 197
Internet of Things Smart Devices, Sustainable Industrial Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence-based Decision-Making Algorithms in Cyber-Physical System-based Manufacturing. Shaw, Susan; Rowland, Zuzana; Machova, Veronika Jun 1, 2021 3549
How to select the right blower technology? PWE takes a look at how to select the right blower technology for industrial effluent treatment plants. Feb 1, 2021 1076
Apprenticeship programs provide valuable workforce solutions. Melissa Lachcik Joliet Junior College Jan 25, 2021 576
PH industries' automation level remains low. Dec 14, 2020 815
Automation could displace 19.3 M PH workers - study. Dec 12, 2020 501
Handbook of Nanomaterials for Manufacturing Applications, 2020 - Micro and Nano Technologies. Nov 29, 2019 856
Automation Readiness Tops Factors When Selling Manufacturing Companies According to Frances Brunelle President of Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers. Nov 19, 2019 570
Adopting new tech for advancing manufacturing sector top priority: MoCI. Sep 1, 2019 526
TEK: 3D printing will 'eventually' transform production, wide-scale use years away. Aug 15, 2019 267
3D Printing: Overview, Impacts, and the Federal Role. Sargent, John F., Jr.; Schwartz, R.X. Report Aug 1, 2019 7064
SPS Automation Middle East 2019 to build on demand for automation in region's manufacturing and building sector. Jul 31, 2019 655
Double Your Pleasure: Digital twins improve accuracy, save time, and enhance part quality. Romeo, Jim Jul 1, 2019 2579
Light Communications Alliance to lead global adoption of technology offering unprecedented wireless communications. Jun 28, 2019 280
Light Communications Alliance to lead global adoption of technology offering unprecedented wireless communications. Jun 28, 2019 263
Light Communications Alliance to lead global adoption of technology offering unprecedented wireless communications. Jun 28, 2019 280
Survey: Majority of middle market manufacturers recognize Industry 4.0 opportunity: BDO Benchmarking Survey finds that despite awareness, only 5% of executives are ready to execute. Bond, Josh Jun 1, 2019 781
DIGITAL MANUFACTURING AND THE CFO: The changes manufacturing companies need to make to thrive in Industry 4.0 extend beyond the factory floor. White, Larry R.; Simon, Todd D.; Jackiw, John May 1, 2019 3578
Will 3D Printing be a Catalyst for the 4th Industrial Revolution? Overstree, Kim Mar 18, 2019 372
It's not edge vs. cloud-it's both. Mar 8, 2019 1741
Putting smart manufacturing into strategic perspective. Clemons, John Mar 1, 2019 1165
High-fidelity analytics help optimize energy across process industries. Hand, Aaron Column Mar 1, 2019 814
Casting an Eye Toward Chinese Manufacturing Ambitions. Resser, Dave Feb 1, 2019 836
Putting Smart Manufacturing Into Strategic Perspective. Jan 10, 2019 1228
Plastics Engineering's New Frontier: Embracing the Brave New World of 3D Printing. Romeo, Jim Jan 1, 2019 2452
Augmented reality in the manufacturing space: Nick Boughton, digital lead at leading systems integrator Boulting Technology, examines how AR can be used across the manufacturing industry. Jan 1, 2019 594
Predictions for Manufacturing: Industrial Trends for 2019. Reuther, Stefan Jan 1, 2019 677
Motion Technologies Drive Down Automation Costs. Dec 5, 2018 2117
A hands-on experience keeps the personal touch in global setting. Dec 3, 2018 891
Elemica Introduces New Benefits to Its Digital Supply Network and Supply Chain Solutions for Improving Customer Experience and Digitization. Nov 10, 2018 404
The Automation Gap. Nov 1, 2018 734
Deploying the Edge for Real-Time Analytics. Anderson, Jason Nov 1, 2018 777
A Preview of What's to Come in 2019 and Beyond. Bowne, Michael Nov 1, 2018 1022
Using IIoT for Predictive Maintenance Is Nearer Than You Think. Marshall, Phil Nov 1, 2018 892
Pneumatics in the Age of IIoT. Latino, Frank Nov 1, 2018 612
EU funding boost will help SMEs maximise use of technology. Oct 27, 2018 247
The New Culture of Smart Manufacturing. James, Mike Oct 9, 2018 712
Roadmap Helps Companies Along Their Digital Journeys. Hand, Aaron Oct 9, 2018 978
AI Comes to the Shop Floor. Paul, Lauren Gibbons Oct 3, 2018 1588
Only Nine per Cent of Manufacturers Are to Invest in Digital Transformation Projects over the Next 12-18 Months. Oct 1, 2018 460
It's Not Edge vs. Cloud-It's Both. Stackpole, Beth Oct 1, 2018 1762
The robots are coming But that doesn't mean workers should panic #8212 not yet. Sep 24, 2018 836
Microlocation Brings More Value to Movement. Sep 19, 2018 813
Industrial Cyber Threats Assessed. Sep 10, 2018 1022
Retrospective digitalisation. Boughton, Nick Sep 1, 2018 627
The Business Value of Cloud-Based MES Technology. Aug 20, 2018 727
The Code Questions Raised by Industrial Ethernet. Aug 1, 2018 313
Shortening Industry 4.0 Implementation Time. Aug 1, 2018 680
OpX tools help manufacturers improve operational excellence. Jul 9, 2018 1179
What Lies Beneath a Cyber Breach. Jul 9, 2018 2780
Middle Market U.S. Manufacturers Predict Growth, Changing Risk as Technology Transforms the Industry: Report. Jul 2, 2018 412
Emerson Accelerates New Era of Manufacturing Productivity With Next Generation Digital Workforce. Jun 25, 2018 641
Conducting FATs is more essential than ever. May 30, 2018 864
China Races to Automate While Learning to Innovate. Headrick, Dan; Gobble, Mary Anne M. May 1, 2018 1246
Despite the hype as a new manufacturing trend, there is still considerable confusion surrounding Industry 4.0. Mar 8, 2018 182
The New Relevance For Packaging Automation. Uhl, Jack Mar 1, 2018 1136
Dubai to host first SPS Automation Middle East. Feb 22, 2018 641
Is Africa ready for the march of the ROBOTS? Li, Richard Feb 1, 2018 1707
Questions and Answers from IRI's Members. Jan 1, 2018 925
Rise of the Machines: A Preview of 2018's Plastics Machinery Trends: Experts reveal their expectations for the 2018 machinery market. Giordano, Geoff Report Jan 1, 2018 2943
Using Augmented Reality in Smart Manufacturing. Deac, Crina Narcisa; Deac, Gicu Calin; Popa, Cicerone Laurentiu; Ghinea, Mihalache; Cotet, Costel Em Report Jan 1, 2018 1661
Machine Vision in Manufacturing Processes and the Digital Twin of Manufacturing Architectures. Deac, Gicu Calin; Deac, Crina Narcisa; Popa, Cicerone Laurentiu; Ghinea, Mihalache; Cotet, Costel Em Report Jan 1, 2018 1473
Predictive Manufacturing Systems in Industry 4.0: Trends, Benefits and Challenges. Nikolic, Bojana; Ignjatic, Jelena; Suzic, Nikola; Stevanov, Branislav; Rikalovic, Aleksandar Report Jan 1, 2018 5102
Collaborative Work Between Human And Industrial Robot In manufacturing By Advanced Safety Monitoring System. Kuts, Vladimir; Sarkans, Martins; Otto, Tauno; Tahemaa, Toivo Report Jan 1, 2018 2613
Generic Challenges and Automation Solutions in Manufacturing SMEs. Grube, David; Malik, Ali A.; Bilberg, Arne Report Jan 1, 2018 5247
ABI Research: Manufacturer adoption of collaborative robots is strong. Brief article Oct 1, 2017 259
How to analyse CMMS reports: Sanjay Murthi, manager at SMGlobal, looks at how to analyse machine/ equipment breakdown reports from CMMS software. Oct 1, 2017 770
Defining roles in a digital age. Aug 21, 2017 831
Intelligent Vehicles and Materials Transportation in the Manufacturing Sector: Emerging Research and Opportunities. Book review Aug 1, 2017 117
Common drive technology challenges and solutions. Jul 1, 2017 888
Firms' expectations about the impact of AI and robotics: evidence from a survey. Morikawa, Masayuki Survey Apr 1, 2017 6934
Introducing a Novel Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Algorithm to Optimize Network of Industrial Applications in Modern Manufacturing. Azizi, Aydin Report Jan 1, 2017 10632
Telefacturing Based Distributed Manufacturing Environment for Optimal Manufacturing Service by Enhancing the Interoperability in the Hubs. Manupati, V.K.; Krishnan, M. Gokula; Varela, M.L.R.; Machado, Jose Report Jan 1, 2017 7801
Energy and material saving technologies in Slovenian manufacturing firms. Palcic, Iztok; Buchmeister, Borut Report Jan 1, 2017 3467
Clean air solutions. Sep 1, 2016 125
A review of architecture and applications for internet of things. Kasturi, Kalyan S.; Reddy, P. Vishal; Rao, N. Achyuth; Vinod, S. Jun 15, 2016 2388
Real-time location at your service: location data has its place: helping virtualize process control in high-mix, high-volume assembly operations. Gould, Lawrence S. Editorial May 1, 2016 883
The manufacturers' organisation. Scuoler, Terry Mar 1, 2016 379
Using Fisher's exact test in the engineering industry. Bicova, Katerina; Melichar, Martin Report Jan 1, 2016 1649
Keep printing the tablets. Blake, Tanya Oct 1, 2015 2241
Thriving advanced manufacturing sector is key to North East success, says LEP chair; Paul Woolston heralds the investment of more than [pounds sterling]200m at Hitachi, Nissan and Reece Group. Sep 8, 2015 527
By the numbers: U.S. in the manufacturing landscape. Brown, Alan S. Sep 1, 2015 681
Flipping to new ways. Falcioni, John G. Editorial Aug 1, 2015 605
Privatization in China: technology and gender in the manufacturing sector. Dammert, Ana C.; Marchand, Beyza Ural Report Apr 1, 2015 10869
AM3D India first of two manufacturing events. Conference news Mar 1, 2015 364
Manufacturing in: will 3D printing and the maker movement revolutionize modern industry? Piper, Arthur Mar 1, 2015 2456
Industrial intelligence: the risks and opportunities of smart manufacturing. Banham, Russ Mar 1, 2015 2128
In brief. Brief article Jan 1, 2015 212
Production of optimized layered products using intelligent support. Cekic, Ahmet; Rasovic, Nebojsa; Obad, Milenko; Kaljun, Jasmin; Dolsak, Bojan; Begic-Hajdarevic, Derz Report Jan 1, 2015 3926
Emerging Nexus of cyber, modeling, and estimation in advanced manufacturing: vacuum arc remelting to 3D printing. Beaman, Joseph; Lopez, Felipe Dec 1, 2014 4991
Advanced manufacturing: rethinking how things get made. Headrick, Dan Nov 1, 2014 1280
The Four I's of successful CMMS. Oct 1, 2014 706
4 ways the Internet of things will reshape manufacturing: equipment uptime and diagnostics among top-use scenarios, but experts agree that it is still early days for IoT adoption. Michel, Roberto Jul 1, 2014 2438
New study: are state and local agencies ready to deploy the 'big five' IT initiatives? May 1, 2014 478
3-D printing: a new manufacturing staple. Hock, Lindsay Apr 1, 2014 1380
Batch task scheduling-oriented optimization modelling and simulation in cloud manufacturing. C. F. Jian,; Y. Wang, Report Mar 1, 2014 3685
Method for determining the weight of functional objectives on manufacturing system. Zhang, Qingshan; Xu, Wei; Zhang, Jiekun Report Jan 1, 2014 5070
Why This Might Be The Model T Of Workplace Robots. Simonite, Tom Brief article Oct 31, 2013 218
Smart factories, smarter engineers. Falcioni, John G. Editorial Oct 1, 2013 513
Plan afoot to have laptop assembly plant. Brief article Aug 20, 2013 212
Robots at work: toward a smarter factory: many fear that a robotic takeover of manufacturing jobs will keep humans out of work. But one inventor shows how tomorrow's manufacturing robots will be smaller, smarter, and co-worker friendly--and they'll let manufacturers stop chasing around the world for low-wage workers. Brooks, Rodney May 1, 2013 1929
New Robotics Roadmap presented to congress. Brief article Apr 1, 2013 107
Congress theme is advanced manufacturing. Brief article Apr 1, 2013 159
Getting Ready To Print A New Future. Mar 12, 2013 856
The Rise Of The Robots. Brief article Feb 21, 2013 281
Social media effort seeks to make manufacturing a little more hip. Plenda, Melanie Dec 14, 2012 752
Facturing re-booting manufacturing. Aguilera-Hellweg, Max Brief article Nov 1, 2012 291
May 29--The Obama Administration announces a $26 million initiative to support advanced manufacturing clusters, a move intended to spur job creation by fueling innovation. Gobble, MaryAnne M. Brief article Sep 1, 2012 121
Robots Can Solve China's Labor Problem. Brief article Apr 24, 2012 183
GID Development leverages 3D Experience solutions from Dassault. Brief article Mar 12, 2012 203
The rise & rise: of Africa's consumer market. Jacobs, Sherelle Cover story Mar 1, 2012 5236
Strategies for aligning manufacturing with business and supply chain goals. Pearson, Mark Feb 1, 2012 831
Why It's China's Turn To Worry About Manufacturing. Wadhwa, Vivek Brief article Jan 12, 2012 166
The Fraunhofer Center Nanoelectronic Technologies (CNT), Dresden Selects and Implements Critical Manufacturing's MES. Dec 8, 2011 669
Foxconn, HSBC join global trend: technology reducing labor costs. Magee, David Brief article Aug 4, 2011 203
Strong backing for 'See Inside Manufacturing' campaign: industry has welcomed the launch of the government's 'See Inside Manufacturing' initiative. Brief article Aug 1, 2011 295
Manufacturers look to logistics providers for RFID; By Global Intelligence Alliance. Apr 27, 2011 268
Manufacturers look to logistics providers for RFID; By Global Intelligence Alliance. Apr 24, 2011 268
April 2011; Manufacturers look to logistics providers for RFID; By Global Intelligence Alliance. Apr 20, 2011 277
April 2011; Manufacturers look to logistics providers for RFID; By Global Intelligence Alliance. Apr 17, 2011 277
Singapore's A*STAR Offers Precision Engineering Industry Technology Capabilities to Venture into Growing Oil & Gas, Aerospace and Medtech Clusters. Mar 23, 2011 821
Evaluation of the operation expedience of technological resources in a manufacturing network/Tehnoloogiliste ressursside kasutamise otstarbekuse hindamine tootmisvorgustikus. Loun, Kaia; Riives, Juri; Otto, Tauno Report Mar 1, 2011 4453
Critical Manufacturing's cmNavigo is Selected and Implemented by ASE. Feb 2, 2011 399
Moving to midsize: enterprise planning isn't only for big guys. Thilmany, Jean Dec 1, 2010 1221
U.S. losing advantage in Clean Technology. Gobble, MaryAnne M. Editorial May 1, 2010 519
System-level communication synthesis and dependability improvements for Network-on-Chip based systems/Susteemitaseme kommunikatsiooni suntees ja usaldusvaarsuse parendamine kiipvorkudel pohinevates susteemides. Tagel, Mihkel; Ellervee, Peeter; Jervan, Gert Report Mar 1, 2010 5330
Guiding system doesn't get blocked by swarf or chips. Brief article Oct 7, 2009 236
Technology open day. Jul 1, 2009 386
Sense and sensibility: wireless sensor technology is dramatically impacting on daily life from streamlining manufacturing plants to caring for the Great Barrier Reef. But the technology is still in its infancy and needs fine tuning. Scoltock, James Jun 22, 2009 967
AOI-AXI duo improves product yield. Upton, David Mar 1, 2009 1728
Human's place and role within industrial informatics system. Coculescu, Cristina Report Jan 1, 2009 1742
Sweden's Arcam AB lands new order for direct manufacturing technology. Brief article Mar 25, 2008 106
Company AVA Solar Inc. Peterson, Eric Jan 1, 2008 573
Engineering meets manufacturing: software that links engineering and manufacturing may be around the corner, but it's not here yet. However, many companies are finding ways to cope. Thilmany, Jean Dec 1, 2007 1766
Real fruit in jelly and gum. Sep 1, 2007 329
Inner-city futurism: a new kind of high school in Chicago's ghetto will train its students for high-tech, high-pay manufacturing. Klein, Ezra Jul 1, 2007 2920
A new wave in thin films: advances in thin films technologies are transforming traditional manufacturing processes and whetting the appetite of industry. Livingstone, Paul Apr 1, 2007 1723
Project-based manufacturers face challenges, find success. Cutler, Thomas R. Dec 1, 2006 840
Technological advances ensure value throughout the market. Christman, Alan Nov 1, 2006 2695
Best in class measure more often. Brief article Oct 1, 2006 125
Keeping South Carolina manufacturers competitive: Manufacturing Extension Partnership: the South Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership is aiding the state's smaller manufacturers by offering business and technology assessments, engineering expertise and lean manufacturing solutions. Vonasek, Wade Interview Aug 1, 2006 885
Efficiency is its own reward: building a green factory was intended to be a neighborly gesture, but it wound up making fundamental business sense. Winters, Jeffrey Editorial Mar 1, 2006 1088
New benefits for UK manufacturers just a click away. Dec 1, 2005 341
A new generation of working stiffs: robots can save factories, jobs; derail off-shoring. Modic, Stan Jun 1, 2005 788
Speaking a hybrid language: thermal management specialist EMP finds growing opportunity in hybrid vehicle markets. Brezonick, Mike Jun 1, 2005 1190
Connect to manufacturing power. Lorincz, Jim May 1, 2005 429
CAM solids--the best of both worlds: solid models are even better in CAM. Gibbs, Bill May 1, 2005 1325
Evidence on wage inequality, worker education, and technology. Wheeler, Christopher H. May 1, 2005 10134
Are we there yet? Winters, Jeffrey Editorial Apr 1, 2005 332
Leadership: manufacturing's best performers embrace innovation. Apr 1, 2005 316
Simulation expands its role: long used to model materials handling systems, simulation software is now solving other problems too. Trebilcock, Bob Apr 1, 2005 1719
Manufacturers embracing wireless solutions. Brief Article Mar 1, 2005 127
MES in 2020. Jan 1, 2005 276
Revving up performance: real-time data shared on dashboards across integrated systems will power manufacturing gains in 2005. Michel, Roberto Jan 1, 2005 1373
The diffusion of electronic business in the United States. Dinlersoz, Emin M.; Hernandez-Murillo, Ruben Jan 1, 2005 12363
Information technology for the processses of manufacturing. Kamble Prashant, G.; Uppin, M.S.; Hebbal, S.S. Report Jan 1, 2005 2003
Development of database of business processes for SME on the base of quality system. Karaulova, T.; Otto, T. Report Jan 1, 2005 1395
Managing the product lifecycle: a strategy to increase productivity. Hakola, Tony; Horning, Michael Dec 1, 2004 1940
CAD/CAM software report: the experts weigh in. Cover Story Nov 1, 2004 4687
IDC study on mobility solutions in Western European companies. Brief Article Oct 29, 2004 145
Between water and earth. Thilmany, Jean Aug 1, 2004 356
Taking the mechanical pulse: data acquisition systems go well beyond just counting the numbers. Thilmany, Jean May 1, 2004 1733
Cell manufacturing: the hard part is to get people in step with the program. Hyer, Nancy; Wemmerlov, Urban Mar 1, 2004 1420
Automation: your investment in productivity. Advertisement Jan 1, 2004 2834
Pluses of RFID will exceed supplier costs. Dec 8, 2003 365
Simplicity for digital thermal analysis. (Computing). Thilmany, Jean Brief Article Nov 1, 2002 237
What's advanced manufacturing? staying competitive through better technology and newer techniques. (Manufacturing). Kaelble, Steve Jul 1, 2002 1515
CyberResearch Inc. (From the Manufacturers). Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 80
Transforming low-tech environments into high-tech environments: Strategies and developmental barriers. Hopkins, Shirley A.; Hopkins, Willie E.; Thornton, Billy Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2002 4601
A BREATH OF FRESH AIR. Valenti, Michael Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 358
Private Exchanges The Smart Path to Collaboration. Whitaker, Jonathan D.; Murphy, Matthew D.; Haltzel, Andy H.; Dik, Roger W. Illustration Jul 1, 2001 2158
What you need to know about the Internet-Enabled Supply Chain. Ljungdahl, Lars G. Nov 1, 2000 4253
Automation strategy stars in this Philadelphia story. McKenna, Joseph F Brief Article Feb 1, 1999 649
Programmable automation and the locus of decision-making power. Collins, Paul D.; Ryan, Lori Verstegen; Matusik, Sharon F. Jan 1, 1999 11319
Taking the first steps toward automation--VMCs. Jan 1, 1999 1719
Innovative EDM machining. Jun 1, 1998 1370
Eliminating the paper trail. Jun 1, 1997 1251
An integrated production performance measurement system. De Toni, Alberto; Nassimbeni, Guido; Tonchia, Stefano May 1, 1997 3927
Client/server infrastructure: a case study in planning and conversion. De Vries, Wietze A.; Fleck, Robert A., Jr. May 1, 1997 5763
Putting the "T" in IT. Monk, Clare May 1, 1997 1391
Plantwide control system makes Unix-type power affordable. Knights, Mikell Nov 1, 1996 1054
An expert system for implementing successful quality circle programmes in manufacturing firms. Aravindan, P.; Devadasan, S.R.; Reddy, E. Narasimha; Selladurai, V. Sep 1, 1996 3695
Trends in NC simulation. Giaconia, Paul Jun 1, 1996 1142
Beyond MRPII: a new approach to manufacturing planning and simulation. Chambers, Nick Apr 1, 1996 1811
A profile of successful US manufacturers: a starting point for evaluating the effectiveness of manufacturing strategies and practices. Yasmin, Mahmoud M.; Wafa, Marwan A.; Zimmerer, Thomas W. Dec 1, 1995 3482
New manufacturing software relies on real-time data. Nov 1, 1995 292
Robots serve up new directions. Jones, Katina Z. Cover Story Apr 1, 1995 935
NC software surges with manufacturing growth. Feb 1, 1995 1516
What's in a CNC module, anyway? Miller, Paul C. Feb 1, 1995 2319
Agile manufacturing in a responsive factory. O'Connor, Leo Cover Story Jul 1, 1994 2618
Running with the pack; JIT & automation for small manufacturers. Phillips, Thomas E.; Ledgerwood, John R. Jun 1, 1994 1989
CNC makes press brakes work smarter. Stovicek, Donald R. Jan 1, 1994 1802
Technical change, efficiency, and capital-labour substitution in Pakistan's large-scale manufacturing sector. Zahid, Shahid N.; Akbar, Mohammad; Jaffry, Shabbar A. Report Jun 22, 1992 6299
Supercomputers on the factory floor. Feb 1, 1992 534
Smooth program speeds rough machining. Feb 1, 1992 391
Sizing up in-process gaging. Sprow, Eugene Dec 1, 1991 2229
The systems-integrator edge. Hyduk, S.J. May 1, 1991 892
The workless society: how machine intelligence will bring ease and abundance. Toth, Kalman A. May 1, 1990 3457
Keep mind open on "open" systems. Bushnell, Rick Dec 1, 1989 438
Bar codes in manufacturing - part 3, learning the basics. Oct 1, 1985 379
Bar codes in manufacturing - part 2, uses on the shop floor. Quinlan, Joseph C. Sep 1, 1985 2678

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