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Magaldi Technologies LLC. Magalid, Paolo May 1, 2020 440
Automating Metalcasting Operations: Metalcasting facilities can improve productivity and solve issues with labor shortages by automating. Wetzel, Shannon Oct 1, 2019 1565
Magaldi Technologies LLC. May 1, 2019 431
Anticipatory Organizations Know the Future, and So Can You. Jefferson, Rich Dec 1, 2017 775
AFS publishes third edition of Aluminum Castings Technology. Nov 1, 2017 243
Mold line operator hoping invention pops. Jun 1, 2017 732
Using a complexity factor to calculate cost benefits of 3-D sand printing: a part complexity-based cost metric has been developed to analyze decisions for economically viable implementation of 3-D sand printing. Lenner, L.; Gullapalli, R.; Manogharan, G.; Lamoncha, B.; Fang, M. Apr 1, 2017 2810
Creating positive air flow in a large roof-vented facility. Lewis, Mike Mar 1, 2017 897
Microwave reclamation of casting sand: microwave technology could offer the industry an energy-efficient, low-emission system for sand reclamation. Mathis, Milt; Plunger, Joe Apr 1, 2016 2547
Investment caster improves throughput with cleaning, cutting upgrades. Aug 1, 2015 431
Casting Technology Showcase 2015. Mar 1, 2015 956
Selecting the correct ceramic core in investment casting applications. Mar 1, 2015 804
Ohio State to open integrated diecasting cell for industry use. Jan 1, 2015 165
Investment casting metal matrix composites: the design freedoms inherent in investment casting help keep aluminum metal matrix composites cost effective. Mikkola, Paul; Willson, Bruce Jan 1, 2015 1130
Casting technology showcase 2014. Mar 1, 2014 983
Hybrid meta castings: low pressure permanent mold overcasting optimizes part characteristics. Chiesa, Franco; Morin, Guy; Tougas, Bernard; Centre Feb 1, 2014 2001
Joining the data revolution. Wetzel, Shannon Editorial Oct 1, 2013 524
Integrated, automated robot-based die casting work cell cuts energy consumption. Jun 1, 2013 105
German alliance focuses on liquid metals technology. Aug 1, 2012 142
New Automated Steel Saw at Industrial Tube and Steel Improves Delivery and Tolerances on Custom Orders. Mar 1, 2012 418
Chapter officer's conference: communication key to future success. Brief article Sep 1, 2011 234
Ministry of S&T sets up CM&FT center to facilitate business community. Jan 4, 2011 163
Ministry of S&T sets up CM&FT center to facilitate business community. Jan 4, 2011 163
Ministry of Science and Technology sets up Cast Metals and Foundry Technology center to facilitate business community. Jan 4, 2011 163
EnviroBlend[R] heavy metal treatment. Sep 1, 2010 104
Swedish NovaCast to supply ATAS system to USA. Brief article May 27, 2010 128
Mathematical modelling of heat generation in the slag pool in electroslag casting with melting-on of flange stop valves. Muzhichenko, A.F.; Poleshchuk, M.A.; Shevtsov, V.L. Apr 1, 2010 2076
AFS Global Technology Series includes Heat Treatment Theory and Practice. Mar 1, 2010 165
Newscast. Jan 1, 2010 90
Swedish NovaCast installs new software for graphite iron castings production. Oct 9, 2009 117
Swedish NovaCast installs new software for graphite iron castings production. Oct 8, 2009 119
Diecasting automation: an integrated engineering approach. Khanolkar, Rohit Sep 1, 2009 1743
Kuttner North America. Company overview May 1, 2009 338
The Schaefer Group, Inc. May 1, 2009 397
Automated casting finishing systems. Oct 1, 2008 96
Robot handles hefty castings. Sep 1, 2008 332
Automated grinding. Sep 1, 2008 93
Hydra-Wedge gives Dotson a degating solution. Sep 1, 2008 228
Automated casting finishing systems. Mar 1, 2008 96
Go lean with fluidized beds in aluminum heat treating. Feb 1, 2008 380
Multi-stage vacuum diecasting broadens process's applications. Feb 1, 2008 468
GM's iron finishing automation: GM's Defiance casting plant saw what aluminum casting facilities were doing in their automatic finishing departments and applied it to iron. Wetzel, Shannon Jan 1, 2008 1610
"International Journal of Metalcasting" from AFS. Nov 1, 2007 185
Automated Casting Finishing Systems. Oct 1, 2007 96
GM to invest $44 million in automated diecasting cells at Bedford metalcasting facility. Jul 1, 2007 295
Welding ductile iron to steel: a new welding process will allow ductile iron castings to be welded to steel, making fabrications using both metals a reality. Tani, J. Jun 1, 2007 1902
Automated casting finishing systems. Mar 1, 2007 96
Developing coatings for Mg: a permanent mold coating traditionally used with aluminum has been optimized for use with magnesium. Morin, G Feb 1, 2007 1359
Automated casting finishing systems. Oct 1, 2006 97
Automated pouring. Sep 1, 2006 100
Automated casting grinding. Sep 1, 2006 92
Aluminum bypasses iron as second most used metal in motor vehicle applications. Apr 1, 2006 203
Automated casting finishing systems. Apr 1, 2006 96
Neptune Technology Group benefits from customized automated pouring. Dec 1, 2005 647
Automated casting finishing systems. Sep 1, 2005 96
2005 foundry of the Year Hayes Lemmerz Montague. By increasing automation and improving efficiencies and quality, this plant has grown with its unique VRC/PRC casting process to be a leader in safety-critical automotive casting supply. Spada, Alfred Cover Story Jul 1, 2005 1738
Moving away from silica sand. Harris, Kenneth P. Jul 1, 2005 1547 Jul 1, 2005 88
Hodge Foundry to improve operations. Jun 1, 2005 117
Putting the brakes on leakers with PCRI. Schwarz, Jim May 1, 2005 2394
Semi-solid casting process shows muscle for Mercury Marine. Midson, Stephen May 1, 2005 1210
RCT takes layer-by-layer approach to mold, core production. Brief Article Feb 1, 2005 103
Getting more from your cleaning room: cleaning and finishing operations in low- and high-volume facilities have their problems, from automation to expenses. Although there is no immediate solution, there are several remedies for improvement. O'Shaughnessy, Kevin Jan 1, 2005 2680
Introduction of CAD/CAM into Croatian foundries. Budic, I.; Novoselovic, D.; Grizelj, B. Technical report Jan 1, 2005 1702
Are you nuts? Spada, Alfred T. Editorial Oct 1, 2004 674
Investing with rapid prototyping: with the ability to produce near-net shape engineered cast components in days, the combination of rapid prototyping and investment casting is a key tool for both metalcasters and design engineers. O'Shaughnessy, Kevin Editorial Oct 1, 2004 2111
The best of aluminum melt shops: Modern Casting asked aluminum melting experts to tell us what it takes to be a "prize" aluminum melt shop. Is it technology? is it engineering? This article reveals what we were told and profiles facilities that have earned the title of "Best Aluminum Meltshop" from their peers. Sep 1, 2004 2433
Metalcasting facility saves energy with compressed air system retrofit. Sep 1, 2004 775
Cast Iron Honorary Lecture. Brief Article Jul 1, 2004 211
Walker Die Casting achieves success with simulation software. May 1, 2004 344
Improving competitiveness through technological development: six AFS development projects aimed at improving quality, reducing cost and shortening lead-times are profiled. Bliss, Norman Mar 1, 2003 1545
Metalcasting virtual reality and strategies for growth. Ruff, Gary F. Jul 1, 1998 3194
Casting troubleshooting to be available through via Internet. Spada, Alfred T. Feb 1, 1998 1727
Survey provides profile of casting design software use. Jensen, Dean H. Sep 1, 1996 1835
Can you justify the simulation investment? Ask Sivyer Steel. Hickie, Jim Sep 1, 1996 1156
Computer models give accurate iron melting method economics. Cooley, Edwin M. Sep 1, 1996 2808
Automatic molding puts AC Foundry on the productivity path. Philbin, Matthew L. May 1, 1996 2511
Computers ease production monitoring, data capture. Schmidt, Dave Sep 1, 1990 1538
Forging update: warm forming is hot. Miller, Paul C. Dec 1, 1985 3537
CAD-CAM builds die sets faster, easier. Nov 1, 1984 2063

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