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Toyota goes for it, digitally. Jun 19, 2020 664
Volvo Cars collaborates with Unicom. Jan 15, 2020 123
Volvo to apply blockchain technology for global traceability of cobalt used in batteries. Dec 27, 2019 169
Nissan to invest JPY33bn in production technologies for future automobiles. Dec 2, 2019 189
Tesla patent hints at new fluid-based cooling technology. ANI Oct 2, 2019 133
MOTOR Data Drives New Technologies at AAPEX 2019. Sep 24, 2019 509
Startup of the Week: Car rental industry in the Kingdom undergoes digital transformation. Ruba Obaid Sep 24, 2019 524
Yanfeng pioneers Hygiene Technologies for Shared Mobility in Smart Cabins; Advanced, health-focused smart technologies for a premium user experience. Sep 5, 2019 509
BMW, Daimler Aim To Beat Tesla With Own Automated Driving Technology. Jul 5, 2019 519
BMW and Daimler collaborate to develop automated driving technology. Jul 4, 2019 113
BMW, Daimler Aim To Beat Tesla With Own Automated Driving Technology. Jul 4, 2019 519
Blackberry - BlackBerry's QNX Software Now Embedded in More Than 150 Million Vehicles - 24/6/2019. Jun 26, 2019 297
Rubber Nanocomposites and Nanotextiles: Perspectives in Automobile Technologies, 2nd Edition. Book review Jun 1, 2019 130
Hitachi Automotive Systems to Showcase Wide Range of Automotive Technologies at Auto Shanghai 2019. Apr 8, 2019 793
Bugatti Automobiles SAS to use Additive Manufacturing to develop and build number of functional components for range. Mar 15, 2019 124
A fleet of more than 8,000 vehicles. Mar 11, 2019 354
VOLVO TO CAP THE TOP SPEED OF ITS CARS BY 2020. Brief article Mar 1, 2019 165
On-board thermal management protects vehicle components. Feb 1, 2019 107
Volkswagen Connect: Quick Hands-On. Jan 29, 2019 923
Arabian Automobiles Announces Arrival of the All-New Renault Megane R.S. Dec 9, 2018 286
BMW, Vodafone, Ericsson urge EU to weigh 5G car technology, Reuters says. Nov 14, 2018 115
Kia Motors Showcases Next-Generation Separated Sound Zone Technology. Nov 13, 2018 372
Ford Motor to use graphene in vehicle parts. Oct 18, 2018 488
Vauxhall uses iVendi technology. Oct 5, 2018 134
This is Audi's answer to Tesla's Model X. Sep 18, 2018 244
Automated Guided Vehicles for Small Manufacturing Enterprises: A Review. Kumbhar, Surajkumar Goraksha; Thombare, Rachana B.; Salunkhe, Amitkumar B. Technical report Sep 1, 2018 3802
Volkswagen Group of America collaborates with various suppliers. Jun 27, 2018 144
SQU to hold meet on unmanned vehicle systems. Jun 24, 2018 449
New Renault Koleos come with latest technology. May 23, 2018 379
BlackBerry, Baidu tie-up to accelerate connected and autonomous vehicle technology. Jan 4, 2018 428
BREAKING THROUGH ON YARD VISIBILITY: Technologies that enhance yard management systems such as RFID and drones promise a new level of visibility into asset location in yards, but they may not be ideal for all yards. Simply using YMS workflows with bar code scanning, as well as integration to TMS and WMS, can vastly improve visibility and throughput. Michel, Roberto Editorial Jan 1, 2018 1845
Automobile Conferences. Conference news Dec 12, 2017 147
Automatic system unloads, loads trailers in 3 minutes. Jun 1, 2017 109
Hitachi Automotive Systems to Exhibit Advanced Driver Assistance System, Automated Driving System at the Automotive Engineering Exposition 2017 Yokohama. May 17, 2017 565
Automatic system unloads, loads trailers in three minutes. May 1, 2017 111
Systems Engineering Approach for Voice Recognition in the Car. Wheeler, Joshua; Richardson, Brigitte; Amman, Scott; Ji, An; Huber, John; Rangarajan, Ranjani Report May 1, 2017 1646
Metric-based Evaluation of Powertrain Software Architecture. Venkitachalam, Hariharan; Granrath, Christian; Gopalakrishnan, Balachandar; Richenhagen, Johannes Report May 1, 2017 8959
Connected vehicle pilot enters phase two. Brief article Jan 1, 2017 172
Dynamic Route Choice Prediction Model Based on Connected Vehicle Guidance Characteristics. Wang, Jiangfeng; Lv, Jiarun; Wang, Chao; Zhang, Zhiqi Report Jan 1, 2017 4417
Perspectives of Biogas Conversion into Bio-CNG for Automobile Fuel in Bangladesh. Shah, M.S.; Halder, P.K.; Shamsuzzaman, A.S.M.; Hossain, M.S.; Pal, S.K.; Sarker, E. Report Jan 1, 2017 7581
Load, unload cargo with live floor belt conveyor built into 53-foot trailers. Dec 1, 2016 117
The Internet of cars: the current revolution in automotive technology. McDermott, Irene E. Sep 1, 2016 2143
Infrared systems said to save time, money. Sep 1, 2016 375
Accelerated public safety concerns of connected cars need to be addressed. Morrow, Stephen Aug 1, 2016 1057
Rethinking the city. Sturges, Dan Jun 1, 2016 800
Hitachi Automotive Systems to Exhibit Advanced Driver Assistance System, Automated Driving System, and Other Technologies at the Automotive Engineering Exposition 2016 Yokohama. May 17, 2016 553
Incorporating ISO 26262 concepts in an automated testing toolchain using simulink design verifier[TM]. Khastgir, Siddartha; Dhadyalla, Gunwant; Jennings, Paul Technical report May 1, 2016 4150
A framework for virtual testing of ADAS. Zhou, Jinwei; Schmied, Roman; Sandalek, Alexander; Kokal, Helmut; Re, Luigi del Report May 1, 2016 4700
Positioning simulation using a 3D map and verification of positional estimation accuracy in urban areas using actual measurement. Komatsu, Satoru; Nagao, Akira; Suzuki, Taro; Kubo, Nobuaki Report May 1, 2016 5803
Hitachi Automotive Systems to Exhibit at Auto China 2016. Apr 11, 2016 582
Microchip's MOST150 technology implemented in Volvo V90. Apr 6, 2016 231
Microchip's MOST150 technology implemented in Volvo V90. Apr 6, 2016 220
Microchip's MOST150 technology implemented in Volvo V90. Apr 6, 2016 231
Hacking your car. Castelluccio, Michael Apr 1, 2016 798
Fairmount Santrol completes proppant field trial. Brief article Feb 1, 2016 252
Automatic. Sheppard, Alyson Brief article Sep 1, 2015 102
Advanced styrenic lets molder shed new light on automotive part: Polyoptics teamed up with Styrolution to develop a 'breakthrough' process for light guides. Sherman, Lilli Manolis Sep 1, 2015 547
Rebooting the automobile: Automakers and tech companies are racing to bring safer and more useful smartphone-style interfaces to cars. Can any of them go further and reprogram vehicles completely? Knight, Will Jul 1, 2015 3011
Driving into the future with the internet of big things. Kirk, Richard Jul 1, 2015 1737
The connected car: you're not supposed to text or talk on the cell phone as you drive, but cars are becoming computerized hubs of communication on the road. Brown, Allan S. Jun 1, 2015 456
Criteria for building automation dashboards. Shadpour, Frank; Kilcoyne, Joseph May 1, 2015 2757
Gujarat scientists develop driverless car that can be controlled via an app. Apr 13, 2015 321
Enclosure Security and Vehicle Components - EMKA Production Technologies Revealed in New Whitepaper. Mar 21, 2015 385
Clever vehicles: the way we go online in our cars makes no sense. Oz, Seval Mar 1, 2015 442
New Bayer way to coat plastic auto parts. Feb 4, 2015 474
Better assembly through software: software packages are available to make sure that not only is the object designed right for assembly, but that workers can physically assemble that object. Gould, Lawrence S. Feb 1, 2015 913
Co-rotating twin screw extruder compounding technologies. Kimura, Yoshitaka Report Nov 1, 2014 1836
Alarming! Security aspects of the wireless vehicle: review. Chockalingam, Sabarathinam; Lallie, Harjinder Singh Report Oct 1, 2014 4591
Where GM, Ford Motor Company And Google Inc Are With The Automated Car. Jim Probasco Sep 30, 2014 722
Lexus RC F is set to flex its muscle. Aug 29, 2014 196
In-car networking technology: using Ethernet in advanced automotive systems. Bergner, Bert; Wuelfing, Jens; Engel, Andreas; Ginsberg, Thomas Jun 1, 2014 1212
Poo fuelled cars set to hit roads. Feb 25, 2014 222
HITACHI AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS to Exhibit for the First Time at the 12th Delhi Auto Expo. Jan 28, 2014 690
Fiat chooses styrenics to prepare its vehicles for a rainy day. Jan 1, 2014 252
Bayer makes no bones about power of nature for lightweight car parts. Jan 1, 2014 301
Improving fuel economy 21% with software. Peterson, Zachary Interview Jan 1, 2014 641
Mercedes Benz heads to Silicon Valley with massive focus on car tech. Nov 27, 2013 307
JLR and Intel tie the knot to develop next-gen connected cars. Nov 21, 2013 410
Ford cars' fabric to flaunt Coca-Cola 'green bottle' technology. Nov 17, 2013 164
Pot pies and auto supplies: finding the right ERP solution can be challenging for any operation, but food processors face their own unique set of challenges in choosing the right software to manage their businesses. Mengel, Jeff Oct 1, 2013 930
Are speech-enabled in-car systems really safe? Myron, David Sep 22, 2013 441
Citroen Cactus. Sep 13, 2013 317
Your car will be an application platform. Harrison, Guy Sep 1, 2013 618
Renault-Nissan sells 100,000th EV. Jul 24, 2013 472
Audio zones in cars. Rosen, Meghan Brief article Jul 13, 2013 119
Radio digs its own grave as cultural currents shift: stolid biz loses a generation; Wi-Fi in cars could deliver a crushing blow. Lefsetz, Bob Jun 18, 2013 706
Ford plant chosen to produce new engine. Apr 23, 2013 443
Smart, connected and electric: the future of the automobile. Phillips, Anthony M.; McGee, Ryan A.; Kristinsson, Johannes G. Mar 1, 2013 3750
Fluidigm completes C1 single-cell auto prep system early access program. Jan 14, 2013 467
Toward adapting cars to their drivers. Rosenfeld, Avi; Bareket, Zevi; Goldman, Claudia V.; Kraus, Sarit; LeBlanc, David J.; Tsimhoni, Omer Report Dec 22, 2012 6552
Daimer Debuts Vapor Steam Cleaner for Car Rental Industry Auto Detailing Applications. Dec 13, 2012 740
-PocketFinder devices to be used by Midway Fleet Leasing. Aug 22, 2012 303
-PocketFinder devices to be used by Midway Fleet Leasing. Aug 22, 2012 291
-PocketFinder devices to be used by Midway Fleet Leasing. Aug 22, 2012 293
Making connections: the days of simple replaceable components are past: everything now is an interconnected interacting system. And that impacts the testing that is required. Pullin, John Aug 1, 2012 1574
Tesla Will Provide Drivetrain, Batteries for Electric Mercedes-Benz B-Class Car. Jul 5, 2012 137
General Motors continues plant changeover to BASF's environmentally friendly CathoGuard 800. Jul 1, 2012 804
BWM i8 concept Spyder with BMW eDrive shown in Beijing auto show. Apr 24, 2012 226
Honda develops process to extract rare earths from used components. Apr 23, 2012 170
The cars of 1932: things seen at the recent National Automobile Show in New York: free wheeling. Brief article Mar 1, 2012 247
Sona Koyo to supply off-road vehicles parts in the US. Feb 6, 2012 440
Cross belt sortation system uses smart cars on monorail. Feb 1, 2012 126
Thermo King undermount truck solutions for straight trucks and drawbar trailers save fuel and increase refrigeration capacity and sustainability: lighter and more compact units offer best-in-class efficiency and performance. Jan 1, 2012 543
On electronics. Brief article Nov 1, 2011 267
Modelling and simulating a controlled press-brake supply system. Lovrec, D.; Kastrevc, M. Report Sep 1, 2011 3297
Destination News - Car Rental. Jul 11, 2011 974
JAPANESE car maker Toyota [...]; plugs& POINTS. Jun 24, 2011 113
To automate or not to automate: German auto parts manufacturer febi bilstein is reaping big gains from automation. Here's what the company learned when it automated conventional distribution processes. Trebilcock, Bob Cover story Jun 1, 2011 1729
Chinese car makers look at majority in Saab. May 16, 2011 135
Vans roll out at select airports. May 1, 2011 148
Ford accelerates development of 'talking' intelligent vehicle. Liang, Quincy Mar 16, 2011 1161
Guill Tool & Engineering Co. Brief article Mar 1, 2011 196
Volvo develops a new technology to stop the car while pedestrians are crossing. Feb 28, 2011 330
Bright sparks: most people believe that batteries are key to future automotive development But exactly what kind of battery will do the job is far from clear. Pullin, John Feb 1, 2011 1411
Ford announces auto stop-start technology in vehicles from 2012. Dec 28, 2010 197
Google takes the wheel. Brief article Dec 13, 2010 192
Developing an innovative auto seat with aero tech. Nov 1, 2010 346
OSMIS offers units visibility. Brief article Nov 1, 2010 254
Scientists hope to save energy with engine project. Oct 13, 2010 190
Scientists set sights on green combustion system for cars; WELSH RESEARCH MAY HELP MOTORISTS USE LESS FUEL. Oct 13, 2010 569
BASF offers solutions for auto manufacturers. Oct 1, 2010 166
Driving results: how AAA Mid-Atlantic turned database marketing into member retention. Martinez, Juan Organization overview Jul 1, 2010 2438
Stop swerves. Thilmany, Jean Brief article Jul 1, 2010 195
Auto calibration sensor adapts to changes in fluid type. May 1, 2010 115
Lexus ticks all the boxes. Feb 6, 2010 786
Auto conference explores cross-strait synergies. Liang, Quincy Dec 25, 2009 1157
Over 50% of cars produced by 2012 have wireless connectivity: Gartner. Dec 14, 2009 354
About Alias: trends that are making design exploration, modeling, visualization, and communication even more important. Vasilash, Gary S. Editorial Nov 1, 2009 946
Intelligent automated guided vehicle systems. Oct 1, 2009 125
Ford harnesses fighter jet technology for its cars. Sep 13, 2009 419
'Straw' Will Fuel Cars Used During Climate Conference in Denmark. Conference news Jul 1, 2009 219
Autonomous driving in traffic: boss and the Urban Challenge. Urmson, Chris; Baker, Chris; Dolan, John; Rybski, Paul; Salesky, Bryan; Whittaker, William "Red"; Fe Report Jun 22, 2009 6216
The future of wireless ICs in automotive security applications. Cerede, Gilles May 15, 2009 921
SPEED DEVICE'WILL MAKE US ZOMBIES' Fears over car limiter. Dec 31, 2008 321
Manual admission. Morin, Mike Oct 24, 2008 523
10% CARS MUST BE ELECTRIC BY 2020. Oct 16, 2008 123
Data logging for FlexRay, MOST, CAN. Case, Lenny Sep 22, 2008 334
Auto's changing manufacturing technology: Chrysler's top manufacturing exec describes the future of auto manufacturing--which will arrive faster than you may think. Vasilash, Gary S. Aug 1, 2008 1507
Hoyt lecture: time, money for auto R&D worthwhile. Jun 1, 2008 771
Handling parameters: virtual development is changing the car industry but physical chassis testing is still essential to be sure a car rides and handles. Bickerstaffe, Simon Mar 1, 2008 996
Providing a grip on auto engineering. Interview Jan 1, 2008 2120
New web gadgets launched by the Met Office. Brief article Nov 21, 2007 146
Dashboard tests. Thilmany, Jean Brief article Nov 1, 2007 148
Glamour and status beat green when buying a car. Oct 15, 2007 322
Getrag PowerShift. Palmen, Nick Jun 22, 2007 1040
SCRT gets ready to roll for on-highway vehicles: fleet tests near completion for Johnson Matthey's combined CRT/SCR package. Wilson, Rob Apr 1, 2007 1402
Auto "V" Grooving of Weston, ON, is readying plans for its first U.S. fabrication plant in Las Vegas, NV, a new business model that will allow small custom cabinet shops and countertop fabricators to submit their solid surface countertops and cabinet production orders to be fabricated using v-grooving technology. Feb 1, 2007 110
And now for a car that's completely different. Brief article Jan 1, 2007 341
Dynamic simulation. Ki, Nohoon Jan 1, 2007 682
Going full auto with SFA: separate the wheat from the chaff by automating key sales processes for maximum return on SFA dollars. Lager, Marshall Dec 1, 2006 559
European Commission develops hydrogen car standard. Nuthall, Keith Jul 1, 2006 114
Car body paint conference scheduled for July in Germany. Jun 1, 2006 107
Chrome launches Carbook Showroom. Brief article May 8, 2006 170
Applications of auto CPAP. Stegmaier, James May 1, 2006 781
FIORES & the mathematics of style. Gould, Lawrence S. Editorial Oct 1, 2005 775
Big name nano alliance. Brief Article Oct 1, 2005 150
Is there a psychic car in your future? Brief Article Sep 19, 2005 106
Limited EU support for eCall. Brief Article Sep 15, 2005 212
Thread inspection poses a challenge: automated gaging saves axle supplier time, money. Sep 1, 2005 734
Speeding telematics development. Brief Article Aug 1, 2005 281
Look ma, no hands. Thilmany, Jean Aug 1, 2005 375
Study Predicts Rise in Heavy-duty Hybrid Powertrains. Brief Article Mar 9, 2005 184
This car feels your pain. Ehrenman, Gayle Brief Article Mar 1, 2005 306
The promise of data communications. Hansen, Paul Feb 1, 2005 681
Driving and side task performance: the effects of display clutter, separation, and modality. Horrey, William J.; Wickens, Christopher D. Dec 22, 2004 8141
The innovation imperative. Anderson, Melissa Column Dec 1, 2004 919
Pleas mom, I'd rather do it myself! Witzenburg, Gary Nov 1, 2004 709
Accord goes hybrid: Honda uses integrated motor assist technology and cylinder deactivation to bring the first V-6 hybrid to market. Peter, John Nov 1, 2004 1635
Ford is fully flexed in flat rock: adding 2005 Mustang production to Auto Alliance International's flat rock facility took five years, lots of planning, and the belief that rear- and front-drive vehicles could be produced together on the same line. Sawyer, Christopher A. Nov 1, 2004 902
Gas and diesel convergence: to fend off fuel cells, gas and diesel engine experts are swapping efficiency secrets. Sherman, Don Oct 1, 2004 943
The ticket to your 'train. Brief Article Sep 1, 2004 208
Safety matters: advanced crash avoidance technology finds its way into production vehicles in Japan. Aug 1, 2004 621
Bluetooth's dirty little secret. Brief Article Aug 1, 2004 289
Telematics for the people: falling electronics and software costs and new approaches promise to move navigation systems out of the realm of pricey gadget and into mainstream use faster than you might think. Whitfield, Kermit May 1, 2004 1067
DDC to Utilize EGR, Diesel Particulate Filters in Engines. Brief Article Mar 17, 2004 156
Toward the "connected car"; Two big trends in automotive electronics: in-car entertainment and wireless connectivity are merging to make vehicles full-fledged "nodes" on the infotainment superhighway. Whitfield, Kermit Mar 1, 2004 1105
Forum for hydroforming: taste of the real world just may catalyze a transition from art to science. Wilson, Rob Jan 1, 2004 1190
Green isn't cheap: at Michelin's fifth Challenge Bibendum we discover the internal combustion engine can be nearly as clean as an electric vehicle, and economics may make hydrogen a "future technology" for longer than expected. Sawyer, Christopher A. Dec 1, 2003 817
IBM's near-future technologies for telematics. Gould, Lawrence S. Nov 1, 2003 986
Is hardware dead? (Top Dead Center). Osenga, Mike Jul 1, 2003 473
The new automotive service technician--this is not your father's mechanic: forget the old "grease monkey" stereotype. It was an unfair and insulting name in the past and is even more of a misnomer for today's automotive professionals. These technicians now work on complex machines that are filled with computers and high-tech equipment--the automobiles of the 21st century. (Automative Service). Reese, Susan Nov 1, 2002 997

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