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Auto OEMs Tap AM/3DP for Low-Volume Parts: Polymer-based additive manufacturing and 3D printing technologies benefit automakers, parts suppliers, and consumers. Malnati, Peggy Oct 1, 2020 1696
Conducting Polymer-Based Composite Materials for Therapeutic Implantations: From Advanced Drug Delivery System to Minimally Invasive Electronics. Liu, Yang; Yin, Pengfei; Chen, Jiareng; Cui, Bin; Zhang, Chao; Wu, Feng Mar 1, 2020 10080
IDTechEx Discusses New Methods of Recycling Polymers. Jan 6, 2020 723
Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery: Advances in Polymer Flooding and Nanotechnology. Brief article Oct 1, 2019 122
Polymeric Nanogels as Versatile Nanoplatforms for Biomedical Applications. Sabir, Fakhara; Asad, Muhammad Imran; Qindeel, Maimoona; Afzal, Iqra; Dar, Muhammad Junaid; Shah, Ki Jun 30, 2019 11431
SANITIZED (China) Ltd. to feature Advanced Antimicrobial Additives for Flexible Polymer Applications. Aug 31, 2018 384
Something to Build on: Wacker polymer binders have applications in a wide range of building materials, including paints and coatings. Branna, Tom Jun 1, 2018 1699
Chinaplas 2018 in Shanghai Shatters All Size Records: Nearly 4,000 exhibitors packed a new venue to introduce a host of technological innovations. Grace, Robert Jun 1, 2018 2189
Lubrizol Uses HYPEBOX(R) Technology to Bring "Advancing Materials. Elevating Performance" Story to Life at NPE 2018. May 3, 2018 796
Lubrizol Participates at TCT Asia 2018 3D Manufacturing Technology Expo. Feb 28, 2018 664
Design and Construction of Capacitors with the Use of Nano-Barium Titanate's (BaTi[O.sub.3]) Composite Materials. Nikolarakis, P.N.; Asimakopoulos, I.A.; Zoumpoulakis, L. Jan 1, 2018 5739
Exploring the Capability of HAADF-STEM Techniques to Characterize Graphene Distribution in Nanocomposites by Simulations. Balades, N.; Sales, D.L.; Herrera, M.; Raya, A.M.; Hernandez-Garrido, J.C.; Lopez-Haro, M.; Molina, Jan 1, 2018 6450
Alginate: Current Use and Future Perspectives in Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Applications. Szekalska, Marta; Pucilowska, Agata; Szymanska, Emilia; Ciosek, Patrycja; Winnicka, Katarzyna Jan 1, 2017 12315
Imaging the Inside of Cells Using Polymeric Nanoparticles. Nov 1, 2016 731
Study on injection molding processing on conductive polymer composites based on computer-aided technology. Huang, Zan Aug 1, 2016 4436
Quaternized guar is a natural solution: the polymer has applications in a range of skin and hair care formulas, and, unlike other material, it does not build up on hair with repeated use. Schoenberg, Tom Jul 1, 2016 1596
Photostructuring the lab-on-a-chip. Apr 1, 2016 453
Polymer tantalum chip capacitors optimized for power management. Mar 1, 2016 187
Plastics get flexible for electronics: integrated circuitry, "wraparound" electronics, and other conductive applications are being made possible using plastics. Giordano, Geoff Cover story Feb 1, 2016 2605
Finite element based design of a polymer rotor of centrifugal pump. Allali, A.; Belbachir, S.; Lousdad, A. Report Jan 1, 2016 2943
Synthesis of (PVA-PEG-PVP-MgO) nanobiomaterials and their application. Agool, Ibrahim R.; Kadhim, Kadhim J.; Hashim, Ahmed Report Dec 1, 2015 1271
Polymeric Nanoparticles in Dermocosmetic/Nanoparticulas Polimericas en Dermocosmetica. Bahamonde-Norambuena, D.; Molina-Pereira, A.; Cantin, Mario; Munoz, M.; Zepeda, Katherine; Vilos, Cr Dec 1, 2015 3370
Electroactive Polymer technology. Jul 1, 2015 152
More with less: unique processing technology allows for part consolidation and efficient manufacturing, with a combination of Egmond Plastic's Fusible-Core Technology and a VICTREX PEEK polymer solution result in more than 30% cost and up to 50% weight reductions. May 1, 2015 449
Smart thermosensitive poly (N-vinylcaprolactam) based hydrogels for biomedical applications. Dalton, Maurice; Halligan, Shane; Killion, John; Murray, Kieran A.; Geever, Luke Report Dec 1, 2014 2659
Dream polymer project using even less petroleum for plastics production. Sep 1, 2014 360
A "Game-Changing" C18 diacid for the plastics industry? New technology for making diacid building-blocks creates novel polymer options. Beuhler, Allyson May 1, 2014 1749
Central composite design of zinc removal from model water using Chitosan biopolymer. Qudsieh, Isam Y.; Mirghani, E.S.; Kabbashi, Nasserldeen A.; Muyibi, Suleyman A. Report Mar 1, 2014 3792
Gold nanoparticle-graphene oxide nanocomposites that enhance the device performance of polymer solar cells. Chuang, Ming-Kai; Chen, Fang-Chung; Hsu, Chain-Shu Jan 1, 2014 5466
Volume Optimization of Polymer Tube-Bundle Heat Exchangers in Air-Heating Applications. Meng, Lingjun; Jacobi, Anthony M. Dec 22, 2013 3557
Engineered polymers. Oct 1, 2013 160
Interaction between sandy deposits and multimolecular organic solutions by stabilisation of soil/Saveika tarp smelio nuosedu ir daugiamolekuliu organiniu tirpalu stabilizuojant grunta. Mackevicius, Rimantas Report Sep 1, 2013 4270
Saudi Arabia continues to account for the majority of regional polymers capacity in GCC. Aug 14, 2013 350
Advances and challenges in medical micro extrusion technology. Maxson, Steve Jul 1, 2013 1349
Morphology and in vitro behavior of electrospun fibrous poly(D,L-lactic acid) for biomedical applications. Inami, Toshihiro; Tanimoto, Yasuhiro; Ueda, Masayuki; Shibata, Yo; Hirayama, Satoshi; Yamaguchi, Mas Jan 1, 2013 2625
Volume optimization of polymer tube-bundle heat exchangers in air-heating applications. Meng, Lingjun; Jacobi, Anthony M. Report Jan 1, 2013 3551
Overmodulation control in the optimization of a H-PDLC device with ethyl eosin as dye. Ortuno, Manuel; Riquelme, Marina; Gallego, Sergi; Marquez, Andres; Pascual, Inmaculada; Belendez, Au Report Jan 1, 2013 4108
Effects of chitosan alkali pretreatment on the preparation of electrospun PCL/chitosan blend nanofibrous scaffolds for tissue engineering application. Roozbahani, Fatemeh; Sultana, Naznin; Ismail, Ahmad Fauzi; Nouparvar, Hamed Jan 1, 2013 3289
Self-healing of ionomeric polymers with carbon fibers from medium-velocity impact and resistive heating. Sundaresan, Vishnu Baba; Morgan, Andrew; Castellucci, Matt Jan 1, 2013 7437
Nanocomposites of PVA/fluorinated hydroxyapatite: synthesis, characterization and its biomedical application. Dhanalakshmi, C.P.; Vijayalakshmi, L.; Narayanan, V. Oct 1, 2012 4571
Polymer/silica composites fabricated by sol-gel technique for medical applications. Bhat, Kalambettu Aravind; Venkatesan Prabhu, Narayanaswamy; Sangeetha, Dharmalingam Jul 1, 2012 5651
3-D printing opens door for drug manufacturing. May 21, 2012 174
Injection molding small complex bioabsorbable implants: injection molding intricate components for medical device implantables is a difficult task on its own. Add absorbable polymer to the equation and it becomes many times more challenging. This article reviews several of the barriers to success in this area of component fabrication for implantable medical devices. Hargens, Tanner May 1, 2012 780
Polymers for Electricity and Electronics: Materials, Properties and Applications. May 1, 2012 116
Engineers Create a Rainbow-Colored Polymer That Could Open Door to Handheld Imaging Devices. Feb 25, 2012 562
Polymer solutions. Feb 1, 2012 101
Solvay Advanced Polymers, LLC. Jul 1, 2011 247
Appiness: smart phone and tablet users enjoy benefits of polymer engineering applications. Jun 1, 2011 1059
TSB funds studies into chemicals from biotech. Brief article May 1, 2011 144
Unpigmented plastics make brilliant colours. Brief article May 1, 2011 223
New technology forums. Calendar Mar 1, 2011 2663
Splashing needleless electrospinning of nanofibers. Tang, Shan; Zeng, Yongchun; Wang, Xinhou Report Nov 1, 2010 2547
The Automation of Polymer Composites Manufacturing. Nov 1, 2010 108
Photopolymer 'most disruptive technology' in security printing - Pira. Sep 1, 2010 424
Biotage Introduces Highly-Selective ExploraSep 96-Well Screening Plates Based on Molecularly Imprinted Polymers. Jul 29, 2010 606
Specialized test equipment validates nanopolymers. Toensmeier, Pat Jul 1, 2010 2311
Sustainable water-soluble polymer for detergents. Jul 1, 2010 133
Polymeric nanofibers via flat spinneret electrospinning. Zhou, Feng-Lei; Gong, Rong-Hua; Porat, Isaac Report Dec 1, 2009 3448
Polymer nanofibres find strength in carbon. Jackson, Emma Sep 1, 2009 258
Australia: polymer nanofibres find strength in carbon. Jackson, Emma Sep 1, 2009 264
Electrospinning of heated gelatin-sodium alginate-water solutions. Moon, SungCheal; Farris, Richard J. Report Aug 1, 2009 2351
Designing cure systems to eliminate restricted substances for ECO, ACM and AEM. Bergmann, Christina; Saewe, Martin; Monthey, Steven; Chemie, Rhein Mar 1, 2009 2460
Polymer system. May 1, 2008 103
Polymer cure system. Apr 1, 2008 97
Polymer system cures by UV light and/or heat. Apr 1, 2008 120
Zinc oxide nanoparticle dispersions as unique additives for coatings. Hegedus, Charles; Pepe, Frank; Lindenmuth, Denise; Burgard, Detlef Apr 1, 2008 6603
Smart coatings: nanostructured conjugated polymer network ultrathin film using the Precursor Polymer approach. Advincula, Rigoberto Feb 1, 2008 1825
Conference looks at polymers in defense. Conference news Aug 1, 2007 528
Simulation software for polymer processing. Blanco, Alice Aug 1, 2007 277
Polymers used in Defence, Aerospace Applications covered at conference. Jul 1, 2007 140
Tackifying resins for use in rubber goods. Dec 22, 2006 171
Dow Reichhold develops antimicrobial polymer technology. Nov 1, 2006 114
Polymeric microporous membrane characteristics--indicators for pharmaceutical performance. Yaeger, Scott P. Aug 1, 2006 766
Sartomer implements sales control for Wingtack resins. Jun 1, 2006 90
Medical polymers conference planned. May 1, 2006 689
Rheometery and measurement range offered for polymer applications. Mar 22, 2006 234
Polymer technology. Nov 1, 2005 113
PC/polyester alloys make a splash in pools and spas. Molinaro, Hope Brief Article Aug 1, 2004 207
Polymer materials store data permanently. Goho, A. Nov 15, 2003 464

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