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55% want curb on police use of face tech. Sep 7, 2019 391
Shopper pledges to keep up fight against police use of facial recognition. Sep 5, 2019 728
Police use of facial recognition ruled lawful. Sep 4, 2019 464
First court battle to challenge police use of facial recognition. May 21, 2019 255
Police used controversial technology to monitor EVERY visitor to one of UK's biggest shopping centres for six months; Greater Manchester Police were forced to call a halt to the scheme where they used Automatic Facial Recognition Software to scan shoppers. Oct 15, 2018 917
Fourth Amendment ramifications of Facebook 'searches' by police. Black, Nicole Aug 10, 2018 672
Police using new tech to hack phones; Device downloads files in secret. Apr 2, 2018 265
A survey on digital forensics trends. Damshenas, Mohsen; Dehghantanha, Ali; Mahmoud, Ramlan Report Oct 1, 2014 13542
Forensic evidence of copyright infringement by digital audio sampling analysis--identification--marking. Braun, Stefan K. Report Jul 1, 2014 6222
Face time: mug-shot matching. Tuccille, J.D. Brief article Dec 1, 2013 206
Clinical utility and analytical challenges in measurement of cerebrospinal fluid amyloid-[[beta].sub.1-42] and [tau] proteins as Alzheimer disease biomarkers. Kang, Ju-Hee; Korecka, Magdalena; Toledo, Jon B.; Trojanowski, John Q.; Shaw, Leslie M. Report Jun 1, 2013 9188
A survey about impacts of cloud computing on digital forensics. Daryabar, Farid; Dehghantanha, Ali; Udzir, Nur Izura; Sani, Nor Fazlida binti Mohd; Shamsuddin, Sola Report Apr 1, 2013 8615
Crime in the year 2030. Stephens, Gene Jan 1, 2013 3441
To catch a thief. Thilmany, Jean May 1, 2011 346
Combating gangsters online. O'Deane, Matthew Apr 1, 2011 3041
The use of computer technology in preventing and fighting crime. Bocaniala, Tache; Rusu, Ion; Coman, Varvara Licuta; Pocora, Monica; Savenco, Iulian Georgel Report Jan 1, 2011 1905
The truth hurts: scientists question voice-based lie detection. Ehrenberg, Rachel Jul 3, 2010 1341
The tell-tale bacteria. Ornes, Stephen Apr 7, 2010 660
Evaluation of clipped-sample restoration software. Koenig, Bruce E.; Lacey, Douglas S. Technical report Apr 1, 2010 4839
Three-dimensional laser scanning of "Crime Scene Gum" as a forensic method demonstrating the creation of virtual tooth surface contour and web-based rapid model fabrication. Siderits, Richard; Birkenstamm, Jennifer; Khani, Francesca; Sadamin, Evita; Godyn, Janusz Technical report Apr 1, 2010 1830
DNA's dirty little secret: a forensic tool renowned for exonerating the innocent may actually be putting them in prison. Bobelian, Michael Mar 1, 2010 4640
Innovative officer captures fugitives. Rayborn, Jessica Jun 1, 2009 657
WIT--the battlefield commander's force multiplier in the CIED fight. Britt, Chris Apr 1, 2009 2646
Innocence denied: DNA testing stalled. Balko, Radley Dec 1, 2008 370
Using technology to help solve crimes. Wimmer, Art Dec 1, 2008 1837
A modified image enhancement technique for forensic crime image processing. Santhalia, G.K.; Singh, Satish Kr; Kumar, Shishir; Kumar, Ajay Report Feb 1, 2008 1404
Exploring state-of-the-art software for forensic authorship identification. Guillen-Nieto, Victoria; Vargas-Sierra, Chelo; Pardino-Juan, Maria; Martinez-barco, Patricio; Suarez Report Jan 1, 2008 15892
Police use Bluetooth technology in hunt for killer of Rhys. Oct 30, 2007 331
Litigation support and risk management for pretrial discovery of electronically stored information. Ruhnka, John; Bagby, John W. May 1, 2007 3588
The CSI effect: forensic evidence and construction law. Schmeltz, Leigh Erin Sep 6, 2006 779
Google's China problem: U.S. technology companies come under fire for helping China police the internet. French, Howard W. Apr 3, 2006 1368
Where on earth are sex offenders? States are using satellites to track dangerous sex offenders, many of whom become lost to registration systems. Lyons, Donna Mar 1, 2006 964
Capturing DNA's crime fighting potential: DNA databases are expanding and solving many cold cases, but crime labs often lack the cold cash to fulfill their potential. Lyons, Donna Cover Story Mar 1, 2006 1445
Identifying the missing and the dead: as forensic DNA technology improves, new opportunities emerge to solve cases of missing persons and unidentified remains. Harrison, Blake Mar 1, 2006 1771
Benched science: increasingly, judges decide what science--if any--a jury hears. Raloff, Janet Oct 8, 2005 2500
A look at transportation forensics. Ormsby, Clay; Liu, Rongtang May 1, 2005 3303
To deal with terrorist threats and high-tech crime, police officers will rely more on training and mentoring, say police experts polled by criminologist Gene Stephens. Brief Article Apr 1, 2005 99
Specialized use of human scent in criminal investigations. Stockham, Rex A.; Slavin, Dennis L.; Kift, William Jul 1, 2004 5491
New technology and old police work solve cold sex crimes. Markey, James Sep 1, 2003 2718
A paucity of operable case facts restricts applicability of the guilty knowledge technique in FBI criminal polygraph examinations. Podlesny, John A. Jul 1, 2003 4098
Austin police department takes a bite out of burglary with GIS. Woodby, Kathleen; Sherman, Tess Jun 9, 2003 709
Tools for digital sleuths. (Tech Talk). Piazza, Peter Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 496
Considerations for managers. Apr 1, 2002 616
Introduction. Apr 1, 2000 1798
Guidelines for field applications of imaging technologies. Jan 1, 2000 4571
Forensic Science Legislative Initiatives. St. Clair, J.J.; Fisher, B.A.J. Jan 1, 2000 299
Blinded by technology. Dec 1, 1996 335
The key to capture. Richardson, Mack W.; Overton, W.C. Jan 1, 1991 1493

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