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Technology allows wipes to be multitasking: New Jersey company is opening up new doors for high loft nonwovens.

Market Quest, a New Jersey-based organization recently launched a new variety of highloft products containing dry active site Ingredients for wipes, brushes mops brooms and other devices. The new technology allows nonwoven fibers and webs to be directly coated with any dry active ingredient in particulate form. This technology transforms the fiber and webs into assuming the characteristics of the coating. Hence fibers can disinfect, deodorize, clean, scrub and absorb great quantities of water or other liquids.

These highloft products can be transformed into a variety of diverse products for a number of market categories, including household cleaning, disinfection and sterilization, industrial, personal, pet, vet, diagnostic, medical, industrial and military, to name a few. The product lines have the ability to contain a diverse number of different active agents enabling them to perform a diverse number of tasks.

"The nonwovens using this technology contain a wide matrix that can contain a variety of active ingredients," explained Patrick Yananton, CEO of Market Quest, the Toms River, NJ-based company promoting and brokering this technology.

This technology can be applied to different pad designs such as preventative and active cleaning pads and products.

Active cleaning products consist of a durable, abrasive nonwoven, with or without backing, coated with dry particulate active ingredients that are water activated.

The dry compounds and mixtures can range in size from Nano-sized particulates to very coarse. These product lines are used to remove a variety of diverse soils by scrubbing, wiping, brushing, scouring, mopping, sweeping and other means of movement.

"Unlike the standard flat wipes of today, the sturdy, scrubbing fibers of the highloft do not tear and can be thickly coated delivering a heavy dose unlike emulsion-based technology. Also, aqueous solutions used in today's basic wipes market can degrade during manufacturing or limit shelf life. Our coatings are all dry elimination solution preparations and problems as is true with emulsion technology as well. This is a total dry particle loading technology," Mr. Yananton said.

Preventative cleaning entrapment products prevent soils, liquids and debris from entering into households or from migrating from their place of origination to other areas. Examples would be mats that trap soils in an industrial cleanroom, hallway entrance, pet litter box, car mats, etc. or a soil entrapping, moisture absorbing pad for wet shoes, refrigerator copartments and garbage pail bottoms.

These dry active ingredients can be coated directly onto the fibers, Mr. Yananton explained. "Since the particulate active ingredient coatings can be as diverse as the need for the intended use, many new products can be made."

Mr. Yananton offered the example of converting over spray and powdered cleansers as home cleaning products that can benefit from this technology. A user can activate this cleanser, already incorporated into a dry pad, through wetting, eliminating the mess often associated with powdered cleansers and sprays or thinly coated emulsion-based technology pads.

According to Mr. Yananton, licensing deals concerning this technology are being examined by several companies and the first commercializations of these products are expected in the near future. "We literally have the ability to do anything we want because this technology is so versatile," he said. Market Quest is acting as the broker for distributions of licensing and optional investigations.

Anyone interested in finding out more about this technology can reach Market Quest at 732-573-1888.
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Publication:Household & Personal Products Industry
Date:Apr 1, 2006
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