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Technology Shift: Securing Middle East Customers on the World Wide Web.

The World Wide Web is global and is benefiting anyone who has access. However, with any great benefit, criminals will find ways to exploit the riches of the Internet.

Any person or organisation anywhere in the world, can have their IT infrastructure attacked, or compromised from anywhere in the world. The worrying trend is that while the threats are global, the attacks are now becoming more geographically targeted.

The take up of the internet in the Middle East is growing exponentially. The risks to Middle East customers by cyber criminals are real. Trend Micro is delivering a regional speaking tour, at which experts will explain the threats and the steps that need to be taken by organisations to protect themselves.

Any website from any organisation can be at risk and the ones most targeted are those that have a steady stream of trusting visitors, or those that are easily compromised. Customers need to know that when they link to a website, it is safe to do so. The reputation of that website can often be a key business differentiator.

"There is a wholesale effort underway by cyber criminals to subvert and compromise Web services around the globe to use for their own criminal purposes and the goal is simple, it's financial gain," says Justin Doo, Managing Director, Trend Micro Middle East/North Africa. "Cyber criminals last year really started focusing their attention on Web threats, taking advantage of the lack of security measures employed," he continued."I've said this many times, and I'll repeat it here: The days of simply putting a Web page up on The Internet and forgetting about it are long gone. An ongoing effort to do due diligence must be a focus and we are doing our share by taking this message and solutions to the Middle East customers," Doo added.Trend Micro will address IT and security professionals initially in Dubai (5 February), Riyadh (10 February), Doha (12 February) and Kuwait (18 February).

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Date:Feb 3, 2008
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