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Comfortable and Precise Viewing, Imaging and Archiving in Microscopy

A concern for user-comfort has greatly impacted the design of modern microscopes, along with sophisticated digital imaging and innovative focusing and illumination systems. Modular systems allow the user to choose accessories to make their microscopes customized for specific applications. Every area of laboratory activity seems to demand a microscope for investigations. Applications abound in clinical, educational, industrial research and materials testing laboratories, covering areas such as biomedical research, drug discovery, microelectronics manufacturing, hospitals and forensics.

Carl Zeiss, Inc. Scott Alexander, Product Manager, Materials Microscopy

Carl Zeiss, Inc. is the world leader in Imaging and Microscopy solutions. We manufacture and provide Upright, Inverted, Stereo, and Laser Scanning Microscope Systems for laboratory and research applications in Biomedical, Industrial, and Materials applications. Our systems include advanced digital imaging and analysis for many of today's most discerning disciplines.

The techniques employed in today's laboratories include, Brightfield, Darkfield, Phase Contrast, Polarized Light, Nomarski Differential Interference Contrast (DIC), Varel Contrast, and Fluorescence. Carl Zeiss microscopes are designed to optimize ergonomics, high contrast, and fast throughput to meet the demands of the modern lab environment. From the basic clinical microscope, Axiostar, to our personal laser scanning microscope system Pascal, our unique pyramid design offers greater stability, and a lower center of gravity, thus minimizing vibration, for stable imaging of the sample. All controls are positioned for ease of use and provide a high degree of user comfort. A wide range of accessories and objectives are available to customize an instrument to create the ideal microscope for any user applications.

With the advent of digital imaging systems, Carl Zeiss has been a leader in combining the high resolution of the microscope with the ease of use of true digital image capture. By producing a system to image, archive and analyze samples, Carl Zeiss has created workstations to allow end users the ability to transfer information from the microscope with unparalleled speed and confidence. Whether in the areas of Materials or Life Sciences, we can enhance the way in which all microscopic studies are now being accomplished. The capability to locate areas of interest, count cells or grain structures, store images, and retrieve results quickly, enhances the use of the microscope and the laboratory technician's ability to easily see their results. This is seen as a tool to produce higher throughput and productivity, combined with state of the art technology in optics and digital microscopy.

The advantage of application through design of our instruments ensures that we are able to provide solutions with the level of sophistication required by the end user. For instance, today's laboratories use microscopes in many varied disciplines, from benchtop brightfield hematology work, or basic materials observation, to multichannel fluorescence, and laser scanned images in materials failure analysis work. The advances in fluorescence techniques, laser scanning microscopy, digital imaging and archiving, 3-D reconstruction, and automated counting and analysis, are only matched by the advances and innovative design of our instruments. From the harmonic drive focusing system to a fully motorized and encoded imaging microscope, Carl Zeiss can accommodate the most advanced application. Today's instruments prove that the future of microscopy is here today! Carl Zeiss, Inc., Thomwood, NY 10594.

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ACCU-SCOPE Inc. Brian Taub, Business Development Manager

ACCU-SCOPE Inc., a world leader in the manufacture of optical instruments offers the 3015 microscope series for the laboratory market. In a research environment, quality optics and proper illumination are essential. The 3015 microscope series incorporates infinity corrected optics, Koehler-type illumination and an enhanced 6 volt, 20 watt halogen illumination system. Accessories are available for epi-fluorescence, darkfield, brightfield, phase contrast, or polarization.

This series features a modern ergonomic design ideal for extended viewing periods. The binocular or trinocular head is inclined 30 [degrees], rotates 360 [degrees], and provides a 20 mm field of view to ensure easy observation and a wide field of view in any position. The coaxial fine and coarse adjustment controls are set at an easy to reach low position for comfortable use and feature a fixed focus stop to permit rapid image focusing while offering protection for specimens and the objective lenses.

ACCU-SCOPE's broad product line addresses the needs of hospitals, laboratories, and learning institutions. Our optics are renowned for crisp, high contrast images with outstanding resolution. All mechanical components are of the highest precision, manufactured and assembled to the strictest quality standards. The 3015 microscope series incorporates the latest advancements in infinity optics and mechanical improvements providing the user exceptional value at a reasonable price. ACCU-SCOPE, Inc., Sea Cliff, NY 11579.

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Nikon Instruments Inc. Melina Vratny, Clinical Sales Coordinator, Biosciences Group

User feedback, as well as computer-aided engineering, were incorporated by Nikon Instruments in designing the Nikon Eclipse E400 microscope so it offers new advantages in clinical microscopy. The two major differences in the Eclipse E400 are its unprecedented ergonomic design and conveniently located controls, which work together to provide additional comfort, along with the incredible view.

The Eclipse E400 is the only microscope with patented in-line focusing that enables you to sit square and straight at your microscope with your wrists resting comfortably on the countertop as you work. It is also the first microscope with a tilting-telescoping head that adjusts to bring the eyepieces to you, for maximum neck and head comfort. This exclusive Nikon combination of in-line focusing and tilting-telescoping head allows you to sit in a more relaxed natural posture for additional comfort and fatigue-free operation throughout your work day.

To ensure outstanding optical performance, Nikon adopted completely new specifications for its CF160 series of infinity objectives. Nikon is the only company to meet these new optical benchmarks. To further assure quality control of lenses, Nikon is the only major microscope company to manufacture its own glass from raw silicon to the final optical coatings. The proprietary CF160 optical system of the Eclipse E400 provides you with brighter, sharper, crisper, clearer images for a noticeably enhanced view.

The modular design of the Eclipse E400 microscope, as well as the enhanced rigidity and stability of E400 microscope stand, allow you to easily add accessories to your standard microscope package. Fluorescence attachments, Dualview and Multiview accessories, Phase Contrast, Gout Kits, 35 mm and Video Cameras are available and conveniently upgradable. Nikon Instruments Inc., Melville, NY 11756.

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