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Technology: driving growth and profitability.

Franchises are constantly seeking to make the most of available resources and the effective use of technology is one way to accomplish this goal. This issue of Franchising World magazine offers the ideas of some of the industry's leading experts on ways to best use technology options to boost your company's growth and development.

For example, the understanding and use of Web analytics, writes mUrgent Corp.'s Boris Bugarski, is critical to lead generation. And Voice-Over-Internet Protocol, if not high on your system's list of marketing strategies, should be, notes Top Local Search's Steve King who describes ways to enhance online search marketing.

It's always about the bottom line, isn't it? An article by National Cable Communications' Andrew Capone addresses things franchise companies can do to bolster the bottom line by using cable television advertising. The Dwyer Group's Doyle James, CFE, explains tactics for managing your vendor program for best results with technology. And Elements Inc.'s Jeremy LaDuque encourages the use of mobile Internet marketing to help strengthen brand awareness among customers.

This issue also features the results of IFA's latest Membership Survey which gives you a pretty clear idea of what's foremost among the important services offered by the association and how respondents view their delivery. IFA's functions on behalf of the franchising industry are, of course, closely tied to a strategic long-range plan, which got some close scrutiny recently during the board of director's summer meeting in Massachusetts, displayed in a photo feature in this issue.

And to help franchises with solutions to the current economic downturn, Franchising World continues its "Special Report: Succeeding in Challenging Times," which since January has offered a wide variety of best practices that have proved, over time, to offer efficient and effective operations ideas. Note the suggestions made by Roark Capital Group and FOCUS Brand's Steve Romaniello, CFE, about when to consider a private-equity acquisition offer and the insights of VL Service Corp.'s Linda Burzynski, CFE, about steps to advance your franchise toward economic recovery.

This issue of Franchising World is one you'll want to share with others in your company and that's even easier to do today since you can receive both the printed version and a digital replica delivered to your e-mail address. Of course, if for some reason you can't lay your hands on either, you can always visit the Franchising World section of the IFA Web site,, where back issues are archived for your convenience.

We hope you'll read this issue carefully and put some of the ideas into practice in your franchise. Next month, we'll bring you some great information about building strong and profitable franchise relations.

Dina Dwyer-Owens, CFE

Chairwoman, IFA

Chairwoman and CEO, The Dwyer Group

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Date:Aug 1, 2009
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