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Technologies for RF Systems.

Technologies for RF Systems

Terry Edwards

Artech House

685 Canton Street, Norwood, MA 02062

9781630814502, $159.00, HC, 330pp,

"Technologies for RF Systems" by Terry Edwards (who is an executive director at Engalco Research) is comprehensive resource that provides an complete introduction to the main concepts, technologies, and components in microwave and RF engineering. "Technologies for RF Systems" presents details about how to design various amplifiers, circuits, and chips for communication systems. It offers insight into selecting appropriate ADC and DAC technology. Several worked examples are found throughout the book. "Technologies for RF Systems" also provides a summary of 21st century RF systems and electronics and discusses the challenges of frequency bands and wavelengths, software-defined radio (SDR) and cognitive radio. RF semiconductors are covered, including bandgap, drift velocity, resistors, diodes, and various transistors. "Technologies for RF Systems" offers details about passive RF components, capacitors, inductors, resistors, coaxial, and microstrip lines as well as coplanar waveguide. Passive RF circuit elements are presented, along with the fundamentals of directional couplers, including Lange couplers and Wilkinson dividers. Switches, attenuators, and digital circuits are discussed. It should be noted that "Technologies for RF Systems" is packed with additional coverage of RF filters, antennas, and small-signal RF amplifiers, and includes chapters on noise and LNAs, RF power amplifiers and RF-oriented ADCs and DACs. Modulation techniques and technologies are also presented. An essential, core addition to corporate, technical college, and university library Technology collections in general, and RF Systems supplemental studies lists in particular.

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Title Annotation:Terry Edwards
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Date:Jun 1, 2018
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