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Techno-Bio-Poetica: Reweaving the Posted Poetics of Academic Travel.

In this duethnographic experiment (Norris, Sawyer, & Lund, 2012), we revisit our techno-bio-poetica lives to consider more fully how we enframe order and reframe reality. We reweave 'seines' to mediate on spaces between --to draw attention to the missing thoughts, emotions, and experiences in our digital posts. By contrasting our intertextual renderings and styles, we seek to highlight absence in presence in a triptych (three panels for three locations) of photos to juxtapose in text our sensory memory of both exhilarating and mundane moments that surround such learning journeys. Through poetic verse we move beyond the image to unpack the affect and aesthetic experiences. Thus, our travels emerge side-by-side as virtual parallels (Sameshima & Sinner, 2009), offering expressions that uncover a shared affinity for how we become-other in the course of venturing in the world, and how we can learn more about ourselves by re-visiting partial documentation. In this, we are artistic teachers (Martin, 2019) hoping our reification can inspire others to reflect upon and redraw the circles often filtered out of technology-mediated biographies.


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Brittany Harker Martin

University of Calgary Calgary Canada

Anita Sinner

Concordia University Montreal Canada

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Author:Martin, Brittany Harker; Sinner, Anita
Publication:Vitae Scholasticae
Date:Mar 22, 2019
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