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Technical sessions. (T42 - W38).

SESSION T42 Plastics Environmental Physical Property Enhancement of Recycled Polymers

Moderator: Dennis Denton Denton Plastics Inc.

#101 (2:00 PM)

Photodegradation of Polystyrene

Young, Eric - Nigeria Society of Polymer Engineers

#705 (2:30 PM)

Effect of Multiple Processing Cycles on Post-Consumer Plastics Recycled via Solid-State Shear Pulverization

Khait, Klementina; Riddick, Erin G. and Torkelson, John M. - Northwestern University

#118 (3:00 PM)

Upgrading Recycled Waste Stream Polyethylene by Modification with Nanoscale Clay Hybrids

Puttarudraiah, Amrutheswar H. and Goettler, Lloyd A. - University of Akron

#161 (3:30 PM)

Evaluation of the Impact and Tensile Properties of Virgin and Reground

Delrin[R] 500 Exposed to Nitric Acid Rush, Rhonda M. - S&C Electric Company

#521 (4:00 PM)

The Effect of Additives on the Processing and Physical Properties of Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (RPET)

Kegel, Mark; Sbarski, Igor; Kosior, Edward and Masood, Syed - Swinburne University /Visy Industries

#688 (4:30 PM)

Processing and Characterization of Recycled PC/ABS Blends with High Recycle Content

Liang, Ruifeng and Gupta, Rakesh K. - West Virginia University

#835 (5:00 PM)

Comparative Study of Polystyrene Foam Degradation in the Open-Air and Artificial Weathering Exposure

Meekum, U. and Kenharaj, R. - Suranaree University of Technology


Product Design and Development Design/Simulation and Product Development Planning

Moderator: George Nelson Stonel Associates

#741 (2:00 PM)

Keynote Speaker The Cost of Tolerances in Injection Molded Parts

Bernhardt, A - Plastics & Computer Inc.

#741 (2:30 PM)

Continuation of Keynote Speaker

#828 (3:00 PM)

Usefulness of Numerical Injection Molding Simulation Results for Prediction of Mechanical Behavior of Plastics Components

Koster, Rolf - Delft University of Technology

#496 (3:30 PM)

Investigation of Applicability of Two Biodegradable polymers for Mechanical Applications

Koster, Rolf - Delft University of Technology

#828 (4:00 PM)

Examination of Finite Element Analysis and Experimental Results of Quasi-Statically Loaded Acetal Copolymer Gears

Wyluda, Paul and Wolf, Dan - Ticona /MSC

#167 (4:30 PM)

Recommended Factors of Safety and Related Considerations

Krishnamachari, S. I. - Pioneer Technologies, Inc.

#815 (5:00 PM)

A Review of Recent U.S. Ultililty Patents on Tamper-Evident Resealable Push-Pull Baffle Closures

Tayebi, Amad - University of Massachusetts Lowell

#824 (5:30 PM)

Investigation of Applicability of Two Biodegradable Polymers for Mechanical Applications

Koster, Rolf - Delft University of Technology



Moderator: Nicole Hoekstra - Western Washington University

#773 (2:00 PM)

The Prep Virtual Factory: A Suite of Processing Simulators

Cantor, Kirk; Weston, Timothy and Baczek, Stanley - Pennsylvania College of Technology

#777 (2:30 PM)

The Plastics Resources for Educators Program (PREP) - Phase 2, Dissemination and Evaluation

Weston, Timothy E. - Pennsylvania College of Technology

#800 (3:00 PM)

Integrating Plastics Manufacturing and Experimental Mechanics Courses

Anderson, John C. and Sazaroletta, William K. - Purdue University

#100 (3:30 PM)

Cape-VIT - A Different View of Education in Plastics Design

Elmecker, H.; Brito, A. M. and Pouzado, A. S. TGM- Institute of Technology /University of Minho

#841 (4:00 PM)

Revisiting an Old Tool for Plastics Manufacturing Education

Anderson, John C. - Purdue University

#1074 (4:30 PM)

Ten Essential Pictures for Understanding the Mechanical Behaviour of Plastics

Spoormaker, J. L. - Delft University of Technology


Injection Molding Student Session

Moderator: TBD

#1199 (2:00 PM)

Investigation of Injection Molding Process Robustness for Various Molding Strategies

Albertson, Angela S. and Brendel, Michelle V. Pennsylvania State University: The Behrend College

Tuesday Afternoon, May 7

#1185 (2:30 PM)

Effects of Oil Temperature Difference on Part Weight

Lorya, Albert O. - Pennsylvania State University; The Behrend College

#1209 (3:00 PM)

Asymmetric Conductive Heat Transfer Resulting from Air Gap Formation During Shrinkage

Thamsir, Andric and Wolf, Robert A. - Pennsylvania State University: The Behrend College

#1227 (3:30 PM)

Comparison of Energy Consumption with Two Methods of Injection Mold Cooling

Carl, Trina R. and Burrows, James L - Pennsylvania State University: The Behrend College

#1190 (4:00 PM)

Cold Slug Wells in Injection Molding

Auell, Patrick and Martonik, Brian - Pennsylvania State University: The Behrend College

#1165 (4:30 PM)

Ultra High Shear Rates and Their Effect on the Physical Properties of an Injection Molded Part

Astor, Kyle G. and Hlopick, Stephen G. - Pennsylvania State University: The Behrend College

#1219 (5:00 PM)

Investigation of Stress Cracking and Fatigue Failure in Two-Shot Cavities Using Finite Element Analysis

Camlin, David D. - Pennsylvania State University: The Behrend College

#702 (5:30 PM)

The Role of Simulation and Computer Aided Analysis in Injection Molded Products

Adetunji, Philip - RMIT University


Polymer Modifiers and Additives Student Session

Moderator: TBD

#1201 (2:00 PM)

Nanocomposite Modeling and Simulation

Swannack, Charles; Cox, Christopher; Hirt, Douglas and Liakos, Anastasios - Clemson University /U.S. Naval Academy

#1187 (2:30 PM)

Effects of Nanocomposites on the Oxygen Barrier Properties of Polyethylene

McConaughy, Shawn D. - Pennsylvania State University: The Behrend College

#1207 (3:00 PM)

A Study of Blown Film Nanocomposites Consisting of Polycaprolactone and Montmorillonite Clay

Thellen, Christopher and Culhane, Elizabeth - University of Massachusetts Lowell

#1237 (3:30 PM)

Tensile Properties of PE Clay Nanocomposites via Taguchi Based Design of Experiments

Miller, Joshua and Greene, Joseph - California State University

#1221 (4:00 PM)

Dynamical Mechanical Study of Single Wall Nanotube Reinforced ABS Composite

Rios, Oziel; Fuentes, Arturo A.; Lozano, Karen; Barrera, Enrique V. and Brotzen, Franz R. - University of Texas Pan American /Rice University

#1235 (4:30 PM)

Material Characterization of LDPE Composites Reinforced with Granite Fines

Filliberti, Tony and Greene, Joseph - California State University

#1196 (5:00 PM)

Effect of Long Glass Fibers on Mold Filling Analysis

Jaglowski, Andrew W. and Cypher Jamie A. - Pennsylvania State University: The Behrend College

#1171 (5:30 PM)

An Experimental Study of Antioxidants Effects on the Performance of Blow Molded HDPE

Homopolymer Packaging Containers Hoover, Erica - Pittsburg State University


Failure Analysis and Prevention Case Studies II

Moderator: Noor Jivraj and Shaofu Wu - Dow Chemical Company

#467 (2:00 PM)

Failure Analysis and Redesign of a Polycarbonate Spring

Spoormaker, J. L.; Skrypnyk, I. D. and Kaveline, K. - Delft University of Technology

#1077 (2:30 PM)

Failures Due to Stress Concentrations

Spoormaker Jan L. and Heidweiller, Anton H. - Delft University of Technology

#480 (3:00 PM)

Review of Plastics Pipe Lifetime Evaluation Methods: Predictive Capability and Limitations

Chudnovsky, A. and Sehanobish, K. - University of Illinois at Chicago /Dow Chemical

#386 (3:30 PM)

Chlorine Resistance Testing of UV Exposed Pipe

Couch, J.; Toro, M.; Oliphant, K. and Vibien, R - Jana Laboratories Inc.

#1 (4:00 PM)

Analysis of Large Diameter Polyethylene Piping Failures

Duvall, Donald E. - Engineering Systems Inc.

#614 (4:30 PM)

Mechanical Properties of Injection Molded CF/LCP in Direction of Thickness

Gon, Chimyon; Fujita, Akihiro; Baba, Fumiaki; Watanabe, Daisuke; Nakai, Asami and Hamada, Hiroyuki - Kyoto Institute of Technology /Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

#412 (5:00 PM)

Case Studies Illustrating the Four Primary Causes of Product Failures

Sepe, Michael P. - Dickten & Masch Mfg. Co.

#463 (5:30 PM)

Stress Corrosion Cracking of Nylon 6,6

Lewis, P R. - The Open University


Alloys & Blends Morphology Development

Moderator: Bruce Eu - Baxter

#920 (2:00 PM)

Analysis of Tiger Striping in Injection Molding TPO

Jayaraman, K.; Papworth, P.; Shu, Chichang and Wolkowicz, M. D. - Michigan State University /Basell Polyolefins

#430 (2:30 PM)

Morphology Evolution of Binary Polymer Systems Using Microfabricated Samples

Yang, Yong; Lee, L. James and Koelling, Kurt W. - Ohio State University

#244 (3:00 PM)

Effects of Supercritical CO 2 on the Dispersed Phase Size and Cocontinuity of PS/LDPE Blends

Xue, Anle and Tzoganakis, Costas - University of Waterloo

#160 (3:30 PM)

Morphology of PMMA/PP/PS Ternary Blend Based on the Interfacial Tension between Their Components

Morita, Augusta Teruo and Demarquette, Nicole Raymonde - University of Sao Paulo

#356 (4:00 PM)

Morphological Study of Polyamide-6/Polystyrene/Polyethylene Ternary Blends

Kim, Sea Hwa; Lee, Minhee and Lee, Bong-Keun - LG Chem Ltd.

Tuesday Afternoon, May 7

#814 (4.30 PM)

The Effect of Polypropylene MFI on the Rheological, Morphological and Mechanical Properties of Polypropylene/Polyethylene-Octene Copolymer Blends

McShane, P. M.; McNally, G.; McNally, T.; Murphy, W. R.; Cook, M. and Miller, A. - Queen's University Belfast /Teleflex Fluid Systems Europe

Session T49 Joining of Plastic and Composites IR and Lase Session 2

Moderator: Bobby Nayar - 3M Corporation

#847 (2.00 PM)

Diode Laser Microwelding of Polycarbonate and Polystyrene

Grewell, David; Benatar Avraham and Jerew, Timothy - Ohio State University

#704 (2.30 PM)

Laser Assembly Technology for Planar Microfluidic Devices

Chen, Jie-Wei and Zybko, Jerry - Leister Technologies

#549 (3:00 PM)

Infrared Welding of Large Semi Finished Products

Tuchert, C. and Bonten, C. - University of Essen

#279 (3:30 PM)

Comparative Investigations into Quasi-Simultaneous Welding on the Basis of the Materials PEEK and PC

Potente, H.; Fiegler, G.; Becker, F. and Korte, J. - University of Paderborn

#902 (4.00 PM)

Relationship between Optical Properties and Optimized Processing Parameters for Through-Transmission Laser Welding of Thermoplastics

Grewell, David A.; Rooney, Paul and Kogan, Val A. - Bransom Ultrasonics Corporation/Honeywell Plastics

(4.30 PM)

Joining of Plastics and Composites Committee Meeting

SESSION T50 Applied Rheology Rheometry and General Rheology

Moderator: Montgomery Shaw - University of Connecticut and Jeffrey Giacomin - University Wisconsin

#665 (2.00 PM)

On-Line Viscosity Measurements on Fiber Forming Polymers

De Laney, Donald and Oliver, Steven - DrD Polymer Consulting Services /Dynisco Polymer Test

#136 (2.30 PM)

Application of an Online Rheometer to Evaluate the Melt Properties of PVC

Limper, Andreas and Faltmann, Gordon University of Poderborn

#699 (3.30 PM)

Dynamic Piston Speed Control during Low Shear Capillary Rheometer Measurements

Nelson, Burke I. - Goettfert Inc.

#417 (3.30 PM)

Rheological Characterization of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Mazzeo, Fred - TA Instruments

#359 (4:00 PM)

Introduction of a New Rheological Long Chain Branching Index for Isotactic Polypropylene Melts

Michel, Jacques C. - Atofina Research

#878 (4:30 PM)

Reliability-Based Method for Service Life Prediction of Materials

White, C. C.; Martin, J.; Weber, S. and Shultz, L.- National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

# 1083 (5.00 PM)

Mechanical Hole Burning Spectroscopy: A Nonlinear Viscoelastic Analysis

Shi, Xiangfu and McKenna, Gregory B. - Texas Tech University

#778 (5.30 PM)

Standard Reference Materials: Non-Newtonian Fluids for Rheological Measurements

Schultheisz, Carl R. and McKenna, Gregory R. National Institute of Standards and Technology /Texas Tech University

(6:00 PM)

Applied Rheology Interest Group Business Meeting

SESSION T51 Flexible Plastics Packaging Barrier Packaging Materials and Applications

Moderator: Kelly Williams Equistar Chemicals

#1031 (2.00 PM)

High Performance Barrier Films from Polyacrylonitrile Homopolymers

Tan, V.; Qian, B.; Xanthos, M. and Ross, L - New Jersey Innstitute of Technology /Solca Polymer

883 (2:30 PM)

The Effect of High Barrier Emulsion Polymers on the Reduction in Water Vapor Transmission Rates of Laminated Carton

Lendrum, S.; Ryan, N. M. and McNally, G. M. - Queen's University Belfast

#918 (3.00 PM)

New MDO Medium Molecular Weight High Density Polyethylene Films

Hatfield, Eric; Tate, Rick; Williams, Kelly and Todd, Bill - Flex Tech Packaging, Ltd. /Equistar Chemicals

#84 (3.30 PM)

Styrene Block Copolymers Modified Food Wrap Film

Maris, Catherine and Modic, Michael - Kraton Polymers

#781 (4.00 PM)

Cyclic-Olefinic Copolymers as Non-Migrating, Polymeric Slip Additives in LDPE Cast Films

Constant, David R. - Ticona LLC.

#449 (4:30 PM)

Effect of Gas-Transmission Property in Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Fresh Produce

Kahata, Shin and Karouji, Masao - Asahi Kasei Corporation

(5.00 PM)

Flexible Plastics Packaging Business Meeting

SESSION T52 Injection Molding, Polymer Modifiers & Additives Interactive Presentations

(2.00 3.00 PM)


A Procedure for the Design Optimization of Injection Molded Plastic Parts Using CAD/CAE Softwares

Candal, M. V.; Morales, R. A. and Gonzalez, O.- Simon Bolivar University


Shiny Solid Surface Structural Foam Injection-Molded Parts with Rapid Mold Temperature Control by MmSH Process (Momentary Mold Surface Heating and Cooling Process)

Kim, Dong-Hak; Kang, Myung-Ho and Chun, Young Ho - Saanchunhyang University /NADA Innovation /Kumho Chemical


The Part Quality Prediction from Ultrasonic Wave and Artificial Neural Network ing Injection Molding Process

Kim, Jung Gon and Lee, Jae Wook - Sogang University /Hyosung Corporation


Self-Optimizing MPC of Injection Velocity during Mold Fill

Lakhram, Rodney and Dubay, Rickey - University of New Brunswick

Tuesday Afternoon, May 7


Considersations in the Roughness of the Molds Surface and the Molded Parts Utilized in Injection Molding

Pereira, Alejandro and Hernandez, Primo - University of Vigo /Troqueles y Maldes de Galicia


A Novel Tuning Method for Predictive Control of Melt Temperature and Plastication Screw Speed in Injection Molding

Pramujati, Bambang and Dubay, Rickey - University of New Brunswick


Effects of the Mesh Number Elements in the Simulation Results of Normalized Test Specimens Injection Molded

Villarroel, S.; Morales, R. A. and Sanchez, A. - Simon Bolivar University


Characterization of Fluorinated Polycarbonate Thin Films

Chinellato, Anne Cristine; Pessan, Luiz A. and de Moraes, Mario Bica - Federal University of Sao Carlos


A Study of Degradation of LLDPE under Accelerated Conditions

Mendes, Luis C.; Costa, Ana C. M. and Games, Ailton de S. - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro


Effects of Low Molar Mass Additives on the Molecular Mobility and Transport Properties of Polysulfone

Vidotti, Suel E. and Pessan, Luiz A. - Federal University of Sao Carlos


The Effect of Phyllite as a Filler for PVC Plastisols

Valera, T. S.; Ribeiro, A. P.; Valenzuela-Diaz, F. R.; Yashiga, A.; Ormanji, W. and Toffoli, S. M. - University of Sao Paulo /OPP Chemical


Amine Modified Polypropylene as Adhesion Promoting Agent, Preparation and Characterization

Vazquez-Rodriguez, S.; Sanchez-Valdes, S. and Manero-Brito, O. - CIQA

SESSION T53 Students, Process Monitoring and Control, Electrical and Electronic, Medical Plastics, Thermosets, Product Design & Development, Education and Training, Mold Making and Mold Design Interactive Presentations

#3:30 - 4:30 PM)


Polyethylene Obtained with 1,3 Xylylene-Cp2Zrc12/Methylaluminoxane Catalyst System

Lopes, Daniela Emilia Bastos; Brandao, Juliana Barreto and Marques, Maria de Fatima Vieira - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro


Ethylene Polymerization with Cp2ZrC12 Supported Catalyst

Silva, Rodrigo A.; Pombo, Carla C.; Conte, Anunciata and Marques, Maria de Fatima V. - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro


Thermal and Mechanical Studies of Recycled HDPE, PP and PET from Blow-Extruded and Blow-Injected Bottles

Boquero, Imaru; Moreno, Natalia; Ichazo, Miren and Sabino, Marco A.- Simon Bolivar University


Modeling the Temperature Variation of Intrinsic Viscosity Using a Temperature Dependent Scaling Component

Barrick, Lindsey; Cenci, Veronica; Sukumaran, Sathish K. and Beaucage, Gregory - University of Cincinnati


Polypropylene Produced by Binary Supported Catalyst based on Metallocene

Pombo, Carla C.; Conte, Anunciata and Marques, Maria de Fatima V. - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro


Copolymers of Ethylene and a Highly Branched Unsaturated Comonomer

Rego, Juliano D. and Marques, Maria de Fatima V. - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro


Characterization of Phenolic Composites Reinforced with Jute/Cotton Hybrid Fabrics

de Medeiros, Eliton S.; Agnelli, Jose A. M.; Joseph, Kuruvilla; de Carvalho, Laura H. and Mattoso, Luiz H. C. - Federal University of Sao Carlos/Saint Berchman's College /Federal University of Paraiba /EMBRAPA


A Comparative Study of Corn Starches with Different Amylose Content

Lotti, Celso L.; Corradini, Elisangela; de Medeiros, Eliton S. and Mattoso, Luiz H. C. - Federal University of Sao Carlos/EMBRAPA


Fin Assembly in Energy Management

Sharma, Kal. Renganathan - Vellore Institute of Technology


Poly(3-Hydroxybutyrate) Porous Structure for Tissue Engineering Applications

Sader, Marcia S.; Ferreira, Marysilvia and Dias, Marcos L - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro


Viscosity Characterization of Bulk Molding Compounds

Weber, Brett W. - Bulk Molding Compounds


Load-Carrying Ability of Bolted Connections in Glass Mat Thermoplastics

Heidweiller, Anton J. and de Bruijn, J. C. M. Delft University of Technology


RNPR - Portuguese Prototyping Network, A Successful Case of a Competitive Collaborative Network

Araujo, Billy and Soares, Rui - Centimfe


Production, Research and University Courses in the Field of Plastics in Croatia

Catic, Igor; Rujnic-Sokele, Maja and Baric, Gordana - University of Zagreb


Development of a Data Acquisition and Control Software for an Extrusion Process

Caldwell, Linda; Chen, Mark; Thompson, Steve and McNally, Gerry - Queen's University of Belfast /Polymer Processing Research Center


Study of the Parameters of Influence in the Mold that Vary the Roughness of Molded Parts

Pereira, Alejandro and Ares, J. Enrique University of Vigo


Fundamentals Forum What Makes innovation Successful? New Processes

Moderators: Kun Sup Hyun - Polymer Processing Institute and Stuart Kurtz - Dow Chemical Co.

(2:00 PM)

Introduction Stuart Kurtz

#812 (2:05) PM

Innovations in Selected Commercially Signficant Polymer Blends and Blending Processes

Shih, Chi-Kai and Subramanian, Pallatheri M. - SPM Technologies

#126 (2:50 PM)

Innovation in Extrusion

Rauwendaal, Chris- Rauwendaal Extrusion Engineering

Tuesday Afternoon, May 7

#434 (8:35 PM)

Overview of Ultrasonic Welding - Principles and Applications Park, Joon - Visteon Corporation

#144 (4:20 PM)

Commercialization of Gas-Assist Injection Molding or 'The Gas Wars' Avery, Jack - GE Plastics

#407 (5:05 PM)

Thermoforming: From Baby Bottles to Bed Springs and Beyond

Throne, James L - Sherwood Technologies, Inc.


New Technology Forums High Through-Put Methods for Synthesis and Characterization

Moderator: Alamgir Karim - NIST

(2:00 - 6:00 PM)

Wednesday Morning May 8

SESSION WT Extrusion Extrusion General

Moderator: Dan Cykana Bemis Contract Extrusion

#370 (9:30 AM)

Rheological Properties and Their Influence on Extrusion Characteristics of HDPE-Wood Composite Resins

Xiao, Karen and Tzoganakis, Costas - University of Waterloo

#1079 (10:00 AM)

Characterization of Apparent Viscosit with Respect to a PVC-Wood Fiber Extrusion Process

Bender, Timothy M. - Aspen Research Corporation

#28 (10:30 AM)

Structure Development in Fiber Extrusion of Isotactic Polypropylenes of Varying Tacticity

Choi, Dongman and White, James L. - University of Akron

#228 (11:00 AM)

Fiber Orientation in Multilayer Tubes from a Conical Extruder

Sarioglu, Alp; Hagstrand, Per-Olo and Manson, Jan-Anders E. - Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne

#1104 (11:30 AM)

Investigation of the Local Residence Time Distribution in Special Mixing Elements for Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruders

Potente, H.; Kretschmer, K.; Preuss, Th. And Flecke, J. - University of Paderborn /Bayer

SESSION W2 Extrusion Inline Compounding

Moderator: John Christiano Davis Standard

#109 (9:30 AM)

New Developments in Co-Rotating Twin-Screw Extrusion for Production of Long Glass Fiber Composites

Schwendemann, Daniel - Coperion Werner & Pfleiderer

#373 (10.00 AM)

Thick Composite Extrusion Process

Okerson, Al and Mack, Martin - Vinyltec/Berstroff Corporation

#1085 (10:35 AM)

The Evolution of Direct Extrusion Using High Speed Twin Screw Extruders

Martin, Charlie - Leistritz

#1082 (11:00 AM)

In-Line Compounding: Characterization of Melt Pump Performance

Donoian, Gary S. and Christiano, John P. - Davis-Standard Corporation

(11:30 AM) Forum

SESSION W3 Intechon Moldina CAD/Simulation 3

Moderator: Glenn Kisch

#718 (9:30 AM)

Mathematical Modeling of the In-Mold Coating Process for Injection Molded Thermoplastic Parts

Chen, Xu; Castro, Jose M. and Straus, Elliot J. - Ohio State University /OMNOVA Solutions Inc.

#638 (10:00 AM)

Reducing Shrinkage and Warpage for Printer Parts by Injection Molding Simulation Analysis

Ni, Shijun - Lexmark International Inc.

#660 (10:30 AM)

Development of an Integrated Computer-Aided Engineering and Optimization System for Injection Molding

Peic, Michael and Turng, Lih-Sheng - University of Wisconsin - Madison

#608 (11:00 AM)

Fuzzy Modeling for Injection Molded Part Quality Control

Yang, Yi and Gao, Furong - Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

#759 (11:30 AM)

Prediction of Anisotropiuc Shrinkage Behavior of Plastic Injection Molded Parts by Experimental Design Approach

Chang, Tao C. and Gadiyar, Ananth U. - Iowa State University


Engineering Properties and Structure Modeling of Polymer Mechanical Properties

Moderator: James Klein 3M Corporation

#472 (9:30 AM)

Deformation Modelling of Glassy Polymers Incorporating Structural Change

Wu, J. J. and Buckley, C. P. - University of Oxford

#548 (10:00 AM)

Improved Material Modeling for the FEA by the Specific Use of Campus- Data

Glif[ss]mann, M. and Michaeli, W. - Institut fur Kunststoffverarbeitung (IKV)

#557 (10:30 AM)

Improvements in Design and Failure Prediction of Short Fiber Reinforced Plastic Parts

Yazici, N. M. and Schmachtenberg, E. - University of Essen

#716 (11:00 AM)

Reliability Assessment of New Polymer Products with Environmentally Driven Failures

Hage, Richard and Lightfoot, Anthony - Aspen Research Corporation

#787 (11:30 AM)

Optimisation of Plastic Boxes Accounting for Visco-Elasticity

Skrypnyk, Ihor D.; Vasilkeyvsk, T. and Spoormaker, J. L. - Delft University of Technology

SESSION W5 Engineering Properties and Structure Preparation and Characterization of Properties

Moderator: Brian Grady University of Oklahoma

#1129 (9: 30 AM)

Sulfonated Poly(Ether Ketone Ketone)

Chun, Yong Sung and Weiss, Robert A. - University of Connecticut

#687 (10:00 AM)

An Ultrasonic Spectroscopic Evaluation of the Ring Opening Metathesis Polymerization of Dicyclopentadiene

Constable, Gregory S.; Lesser, Alan J. and Coughlin, E. Bryan - University of Massachusetts Amherst

Wednesday Morning, May 8

#307 (10:30 AM)

Evaluation of the Tensile Properties of PET Before and After Chemical Exposure

Rush, Rhonda M. - S&C Electric Company

#357 (11:00 AM)

Model Studies in Enzyme Catalyzed Transesterification Reactions

Mahapatro, Anil; Kalra, Bhanu; Kumar, Ajay and Grass, Richard A. - Polytechnic University

#311 (11:30)

Sythesis and Characterization of Styrene/Butyl Acrylate Gradient Copolymers Obtained by Emulsion Polymerization

Jasso, Carlos F.; Lopez, Luz C.; Gonzalez, Ignacio R.; Monsebaiz, David; Gonzalez-Ortiz, Luis J. and Garcia, R. Luis H. - University of Guadalajara/University of South Florida


Engineering Properties and Structure Polymer Properties under Deformation

Moderator: Michael Read Dow Chemical Company

#203 (9:30 AM)

Basic Mechanisms of Structural Ordering in Unaxial Stretching of PLA Using Fully Automated On-Line Birefringence Coupled with True Stress-True Strain Measurement

Mulligan, Jake; Cakmak, Miko and Sen, T. Z. - University of Akron

#380 (10:00 AM)

Correlations Between Orientation and Some Properties of Polymer Films and Sheets

Ajji, A. and Zhang, X. - National Research Council Canada

#950 (10:30 AM)

Internal Stress and Stretchability in Blown Oriented Polystyrene Films

Chau, C. C. and U, J. C. M. - Dow Chemical Company/University of Rochester

#717 (11:00 AM)

Phase Separation in a Homogeneous Shear Flow

Keestra, B.J.; Anderson, P.D.; van de Vosse, F.N. and Meijer, H.E.H - Eindhoven University of Technology

#488 (11:30 AM)

Deformation and Breakup Process of Agglomerates in Polymer Melts under Shear and Extensional Flows

Moribe, Takashi and White, James L. - University of Akron


Vinyl Plastics Vinyl Composites

Moderator: Art Korney - Consultant

#455 (9:30 AM)

Vinyl Foam Technology: Trends /New Developments

Patterson, John - Rohm & Haas Company

#853 (10.00 AM)

Moisture as a Foaming Agent in the Manufacture of Rigid PVC/Wood-Flour Composite Foams

Matuana, Laurent M. and Mengeloglu, Fatih - Michigan Technological University

#811 (10:30 AM)

PVC/Wood Flour Composites Compatibilized with Chlorinated Polyethylene

Guffey, Virginia O. and Sabbagh, Amiel B. - DuPont Dow Elastomers

#1118 (11:00 AM)

Aminosilane Superficial Treatment of Lignocellulosic Fillers: Composite Preparation and Mechanical Properties

Rodriquez-Fernandez, O. S. and Jimenez-Valdes, L. L. - Center for Investigation of Chemical Applications/Autonomous University of Coahuilo

#173 (11:30 AM)

The Effect of Calcium Carbonate Size and Loading Level on the Impact Performance of Rigid PVC Compounds Containing Varying Amounts of Acrylic Impact Modifier

Bryant, William S. and Wiebking, Henry E. - Specialty Minerals, Inc


Thermoplastic Materials and Foams Applications of Engineering Plastics and Other Resins

Moderator: James Scobbo General Electric Company

#77 (9:30 AM)

Expandable Foam from Amorphous Polyester Resin

Park, Chung R; Garcia, Gerald A. and Watson, Roby G. - Dow Chemical Company

#238 (10.00 AM)

The Effect of Moisture on the Rheological Behavior of Calenderable Copolyesters

Moskala, Eric J. and Seo, Kab Sik - Eastman Chemical Company

#748 (10:30 AM)

Comparison of PET Chemical Modifiers for Extrusion Foaming

Xanthos, M.; Dhavalikar, R.; Wan, C.; Zhang, Q. and Dey, S. K. - New Jersey Institute of Technology

#844 (11:00 AM)

Correlation of Processing Temperature, Density Gradients and Mechanical Properties in a Molded Polyurethane Foam System

O'Toole, Brendan; Nelson, Michelle Cameron; Mullin, Michael; Jackovich, Dacia; Mohan, Robert; Sapochak, Linda; Fogarty, Daniel and Bennicasa, Flocerfida - University of Las Vegas

#138 (11:30 AM)

Mechanical Behaviour of Magnetizable Polymers Under Dynamical Load

Drummer, D. and Ehrenstein, G. W. - University of Erlangen-Nuremberg


Polymer Analysis Combined Polymer Analysis Methods

Moderator: Mohan Srinivasarao Georgia Institute of Technology

#647 (9:30 AM)

Analysis of Silicone Polymers at Trace Levels by Pyrolysis Gas

Chromatography/Mass Spectroscopy Ezrin, Myer and Lavigne, Gary - University of Connecticut

#910 (10:00 AM)

Investigation of Long-Chain Branching in HDPE Using Triple-Detector GPC

Lu, J.; Hammons, K.; Sue, H.-J. and Yau, Wallace W. - Texas A&M University /Equistar Chemicals

#1050 (10:30 AM)

Analysis of Low Levels of Polyvinylpyrrolidinone in Polysulfone by FTIR and Pyrolysis GC/MS

Way, Wayne K. and Gloeckner, Charles - Chemir/Polytech Laboratories

#111 (11:00 AM)

Characterization of Molecular Weight Distribution of Polyamides by Gel Permeation Chromatography

Cooper, Anthony R. and Pinkerton, Gibson B. - Lockheed Martin Missles and Space Company

#471 (11:30 AM)

Rheological Cure Monitoring in Blends of PMMA and Epoxy

Wimberger-Friedl, R. and David, R - Philips Research Laboratories

Wednesday Morning, May 8


Mold Making and Mold Design Joint with Injection Molding Injection Molding Processing

Moderator: Robert Hart Hasco America

#41 (9:30 AM)

Practical Relationships for Calculating Pressure Drop in Injection Molds

Rao, Natti S.; Schumacher, Gunter; Schott, Nick R. and Edwards, Ray - Plastics Solutions International/Forschungszentrum Informatik/University of Massachusetts Lowell/Eastman Chemical Company

#534 (10:00 AM)

On The Prediction of Ejection Forces for Tubular Moldings

Pontes, A. J.; Pantani, R. and Pouzada, A. S. - University of Minho/University of Salerno

#94 (10:30 AM)

Analysis of Parameters Determining the Friction Properties of Thermoplastics in Injection Molding

Ferreira, E. C.; Muschalle, R.; Neves, N. M. and Pouzada, A. S. - University of Minho

#699 (11:00 AM)

Compact Slide Action Closure Mold Technology

Joseph, Ealias C. - Unique Mold Makers

#617 (11:30 AM)

Effect of Pulsed Tool Cooling on the Injection Moulding Process

Kelly, A. L.; Woodhead, M.; Coates, R D.; Allan, P. and Evans, R. - University of Bradford / Brunel University /RE Promotion Services


Medical Plastics Web-Based Collaboration in the Development of Medical Products

Moderator: Len Czuba Czuba Enterprises, Inc.

(9:30 AM)

Web- Based Collaboration for Device Development

Brentin, Bob -- Dow eBusiness

(10:00 AM)

e-Medica, a Community for Medical Device Developers

Diodato, Frank - Conferos

(10:30 AM)

Web Capabilities Offered by the FDA TBD

(11:00 AM)

Needs of Medical Device Developers-A Case Study

Czuba, Len - Czuba Enterprise

(11:30 AM)

Panel of Web-Based Collaborators

Moderated by Karen Winkler, Dow Plastics


Composites Other Reinforcements in Composites II

Moderator: A. Azari - Pure Fishing

#507 (9:30 AM)

Cellulose Fiber Reinforced

Polypropylene: Compounding and Properties Study

Dalpiaz, J.E. - Basell USA Inc.

#503 (10:00 AM)

Photostabilization of Wood Flour Filled HDPE Composites

Stark, Nicole M. and Matuana, Laurent M. - Forest Products Laboratory /Michigan Technological University

#977 (10:30 AM)

Finite Element Analysis of Impact Durability on Extruded Plastic-Wood Fiber Composite Lineals

Arney, Michael S.; Bai, Runyuan and Hage, Richard T. - Aspen Research Corporation

#1023 (11:00 AM)

Laboratory Tests on Fungal Resistance of Wood Filled Polyethylene Composites

Clemons, Craig M. and Ibach, Rebecca E. - USDA Forest Service

#618 (11:30 AM)

Comparison of the Mechanical Properties of a Wood-Fibre and a MDF Polymer Composite

Billham, M.; Murphy, W. R.; Garrett, G. and McNally, G. M. - Queen's University of Belfast


Composites Joint with Engineering Properties and Structure Nanocomposites I

Moderator: J. Griffing Boeing Company

#1056 (9:30 AM)

Polyolefin Nanocomposites Using Maleic Anhydride Modified Polyolefins

Lee, J. A.; Gopakumar, T. G.; Kontopoulou, M. and Parent, J. S. - Queen's University

#679 (10:00 AM)

Fatigue Resistance of Polyamide-6 and Polyamide-6/Clay Nanocomposite

Bellemare, Simon; Bureau, Martin N.; Denault, Johanne and Dickson, J. Ivan - Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal /National Research Council of Canada

#840 (10:30 AM)

The Effects of Power Ultrasonic Wave on In-Situ Polymerization and Formation of PMMA-Clay Nanocomposites

Joungul Ryu, Jong Gul; Kim, Hyung Soo and Lee, Jae Wook - Sogang University /Dankook University

#854 (11:00 AM)

Effects of Processing Parameters on the Preparation of High Density Polyethylene/ Layered Silicate Nanocomposites

Kwak, Minhan; Lee, Minhee and Lee, Bong-Keun - LG Chem Ltd.

#845 (11:30 AM)

Modified Clay in Polyvinylchloride (PVC) Matrix

Kalendova, A.; Kovarova, L; Malac, Z.; Malac, J.; Vaculik, J.; Hrncirik, J. and Simonik - Tomas Bata University


Engineering Properties and Structure Student Session

Moderator: TBD

#1198 (9:30 AM)

Adapting Finite Element Analysis to Perform Small Molecule Permeation Analysis

Bennett, Daniel P. - Pennsylvania State University: The Behrend College

#1210 (10:00 AM)

The Decrease in Strength of Polypropylene as a Direct Result of Thermal History and Oxidation

Jackson, Matthew M. and Bullard, Stephanie - Ferris State University

#1169 (10:30 AM)

The Effects of Multiple Heat Histories on the Mechanical Properties of High- Impact Polystyrene

DeSousa, Jonathan - University of Massachusetts Lowell

#1215 (11:00 AM)

Comparing Mechanical Properties of Hot Water Piping Using Electron Beam Cross-Linking to Chemically Cross-Linked Water Piping Using a Silane Reactant

Young, David J. - Pennsylvania State University: The Behrend College

#1186 (11:30 AM)

Synthesis and Characterization of Liquid Crystalline Polyamides

Heidecker, Matthew J, - Pennsylvania State University: The Behrend College

Wednesday Morning, May 8

SESSION W15 Failure Analysis and Prevention Polymer Performance

Moderator: Allen Lesser -- University of Massachusetts Amherst

#1248 (9zz:30 AM)

Keynote Speaker Prediction of Long-Term Performance of Polymers

Brostow, Witold -- University of North Texas

#1080 (10:00 AM)

Brittle-to-Ductile Transition Temperatures of Miscible Copolyester/Polycarbonate Blends

Crawford, Emmett D. - Eastman Chemical Co.

#609 (10:30 AM)

Fracture Behavior of Weldline in Polystyrene Injection Moldings

Yamada, Kohji; Tomari, Kiyotaka; Harada, Toshihiko and Hamada, Hiroyuki - Osaka Municipal Technical Research Institute /Kyoto Institute of Technology

(11:00 AM)

Awards Presentation and Business Meeting

SESSION W16 Joining of Plastics and Composites Ultrasonics and Hot Plate Session

Moderator: Alex Savitski Edison Welding Institute

#96 (9:30 AM)

Ultrasonic Weld Shear Strength of Mineral Filled and Glass Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene Blends

Carlone, Matthew S. - University of Massachusetts Lowell

#266 (10:00 AM)

Ultrasonic Riveting and Hot-Air-Sticking of Fibre-Reinforced Thermoplastics

Hahn, O. and Finkeldey, C. - University of Paderborn

#802 (10:30 AM)

Experimental Evaluation of Methods for Characterization of Power Output of High Power Ultrasonic Transducers

Grewell, David; Graff, Karl and Benatar, Avraham - Ohio State University /Edison Welding Institute

#1007 (11:00 AM)

Photoelastic Measurement of Residual Stresses in Hot Plate Welded Polycarbonate

Anantharaman, Satish and Benotar, Avraham - Ohio State University

#879 (11:30 AM)

Gas-Assisted Non-Contact Hot Plate Welding of HDPE

Poopat, Bovornchok and Benatar, Avraham - King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi /Ohio State University

SESSION W17 Applied Rheology Wall Slip Instabilities and Processing Aids

Moderator: Paula M. Wood-Adams and Krishnamurthy Jayaraman

#877 (9:30 AM)

Effect of Wall Slip of Polymer Melts on their Relaxation Modulus Behavior

Kalyon, Dilhan M. and Gevgilili, Halil - Stevens Institute of Technology

#795 (10:00 AM)

Analysis of Melt Instabilties of Poly (Vinylene Fluoride) in Shear and Extensional Flows

Mekhilef, N.; Rondeau, E. and Pattamaprom, C. - Atofina Chemicals, Inc.

#376 (10:30 AM)

Catastrophic Failure of the No-Slip Condition at the Wall during Torsional Flows and Development of Gross Surface Irregularities during Capillary Flow of Three Polymers

Gevgilili, Halil and Kalyon, Dilhan M. - Stevens Institute of Technology

#782 (11:00 AM)

Rheology and Extrusion of CO2 Plasticized Acrylic Copolymers

Bortner, Michael J. and Baird, Donald G. - Virginia Polytechic Institute and State University

#653 (11:30 AM)

Rheological Behavior of Blends Based on Polypropylene and Commercial Ethylene-Octene Copolymers

do Silva, Ana Lucia N.; Rocha, Marisa C. G.; Coutinho, Fernando M. B.; Bretas, Rosaria E. S. and Farah, Marcelo - State University of Rio de Joneiro /Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

SESSION W18 Flexible Plastics Packaging Keynotes A Global Market Perspective

Moderator: David Kuethe - Oscar Mayer Foods and David Seller - ExxonMobil

#1153 (9:30 AM)

Keynote Speaker

The Challenges for Flexible Packaging Bower

#1145 (10:00 AM)

Keynote Speaker

Effects of Extrusion Machinery on the Evolution of Flexible Packaging Weeks

#1147 (10:30 AM)

Keynote Speaker

Latin America's Flexible Packaging Industries - An Overview Ashe

#1148 (11:00 AM)

Keynote Speaker

Flexible Plastics Packaging (FPP) Perspectives in Romonia

Asian, Vintila N.; Iliescu, Mircea; Asian, Rominita and Decu, Nicolae - Modaplast SRL /Iprochim Chemical Eng. Co.

#74 (11:30 AM)

Keynote Speaker

New Developments for Biaxially Stretched Polyolefin Films with Linear Motor Driven Simultaneous Stretching Technology

Breil, Juergen - Bruechner Maschinebau

SESSION W19 Special Session Personal and Professional Development

Moderator: TBD

(9:30 - 11:30 AM)

Wednesday Afternoon, May 8

SESSION W20 Extrusion Single Screw Extrusion

Moderator: Jim Frankland - Milacron

#448 (2:00 PM)

Fundamental Characterization of Polypropylene Extrusion

Stanglond, Eric E.; Dooley, Joseph; Spalding, Mark A.; Kim, EungKyu and Hyun, Kun Sup - Dow Chemical/New Jersey Institute of Technology

#659 (2:30 AM)

An Experimental Study of the Flows in an Energy Transfer Screw

Somers, Susan A.; Spalding, Mark A.; Dooley, Joseph and Hyun, Kun Sup - Dow Chemical Company /New Jersey Institute of Technology

#206 (3:00 PM)

Stability of Two-Stage Single Screw Extruders

Derezinski, Stephen J. - Eastman Kodak Co.

Wednesday Morning, May 8

#700 (8.30 PM)

Experiments and Simulations with Barrier Screws

Castillo, Rafael J.; Struff, David and Vlachopoulos, John - Dual Spiral Systems, Inc./Polydynamics Inc./McMaster University

#762 (4.00 PM)

Effect of Groove Geometry on the Performance of Grooved Feed Extruders

Ronaghan, Christine and Christiano, John P.- Davis-Standard Corporation

#235 (4.30 PM)

An Experimental Investigation of Solids Conveying - Flow Rate and Temperature rise in Single Screw Extruders

Campbell, Gregory A.; Baird, Jason C.; Gilette, Lonnie; Bullwinkel, Maff and Stowe, Jennifer - Clarkson University

#53 (5.00 PM)

A Plasticating Screw Design for the Reprocessing of Multi-Layer or Multi-Material Plastic Formulations

Malloy, Robert; Filip, Anthony and Colella, Mark - University of Massachusetts Lowell/Spirex Corporation

#815 (5.30 PM)

New Forced Feeding System for Regrind Extrusion

Kaczmarek, Dirk; Wortberg, Johannes and Mercator, Gerhard - University of Duisberg



Extrusion Melting

Moderator: Mark Spalding Dow Chemical Company

#428 (2:00 PM)

Evaluation of Melting Performance of a Co-Rotating Twin-Screw Extruder

Elemans, P.H. M.; Bleiman, P. and Blanchard, J. - DSM Research


Melting Model for Co-Rotating Twin-Screw Extruders

Bleiman, P.; Bulters, M; Elemans, P. and Slot, H - DSM Research

#701 (2.30 PM)

The Melting Behavior of Amorphous Polyester in a Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder

Qian, Bainan; Gogos, Costas G. and Todd David B. - NJ Institute of Technology

#912 (8.00 PM)

Experimental Study of LDPE Melting in a Twin Screw Extruder using On-Line Visualization and Axial Pressure and Temperature Measurements

Wetzel, Mark D. - DuPont

#362 (8.30 PM)

Comparison of the Experimentally Observed TSE Melting Lengths with Those Predicted from Simple Plastic Energy Dissipation Compressive Experiments (Part I: Experimental)

Gogos, Costas G.; Qian, Bainian; Todd, David B. and Kim, Myung-Ho - NJ Institute of Technology/LG Chemical

#186 (4.00 PM)

The Melting Behavior of Polyethylenes Synthesized with Ziegler-Natta and Constrained Geometry Catalysts

Smith, A. Neil; Hrymak, Andrew; Dooley, Joseph; Spalding, Mark A. and Hyun, Kun Sup - McMaster University/Dow Chemical /New Jersey Institute of Technology

#868 (4:30 PM)

Dispersed Solids Melting Model in Single Screw Extrusion

Potente, H. and Pape, J. - University of Paderborn

#465 (5.00 PM)

The Melting Characteristics of Polycarbonate Resins

Hogan, Todd A; Spalding, Mark A.; Cho, K.S. and Chung, Chan I. - Dow Chemical /Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Injection Molding

General Session 3

Moderator: Brad Johnson Penn State University

#754 (2.00 PM)

Co-Injection Molding: Effect of Processing on Material Distribution and Mechanical Properties of Short Glass Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene Test Bars

Messaoud, D. Ait; Sanschagrin, B. and Derdouri, A. - Polytechnique School of Montreal/Industrial Material Institute

#916 (2.30 PM)

Optimize Injection Molding Cycles for HDPE by Considering the Effect of Cooling Times on Part Performance

Dickerson, C.M.; Todd, W. G.; Schwab, T.J. and Wise, D.L. - Equistar Chemicals

#968 (8.00 PM)

Process Capability Comparison of Various Switchover Modes from the Filling to Packing Stages in Injection Molding

Chang, Tao C. - Iowa State University

#1026 (3.30 PM)

Surface Cleaning of Mold Release Compounds from Metals and Non-Metallic Materials

Rich, Michael J.; Pschigoda, Sara and Drzal, Lawrence T. - Michigan State University

#1098 (4.00 PM)

Cavity Based Ultrasonic Resonance Monitoring in Injection Molding

Edwards, Russell; Diao, Liyong; Thomas. Charles L. and Groleau, Mike - University of Utah / RJG, Inc.


Injection Molding

Novel Process

Moderator: Stephen Byrnes Synventiv, Inc.

#1111 (2.00 PM)

Two in One, Inline Compounding and Injection Molding

Sieverding, Matthias - Krauss - Maffei Munich

#55 (2.30 PM)

Multi-Component Laminate Moulding (MLM)

Allan, P.S.; Bevis M. J.; McCalla, A., Mubarak, Y. and Yasuda, K. - Brunel University / Asahi Chemical

#552 (3.00 PM)

Foam Injection Molding (FIM) - A New Nozzle for Fluid Injection

Michaeli, Walter and Habibi-Naini, Sasan - Institut fur Kunststoffverarbeitung (IKV)

#553 (3.30 PM)

The Water Injection Technique (WIT) as an Attractive Alternative and supplement to Gas-Assisted Injection Molding (GAIM)

Juntgen, Tim and Michaeli, Walter - Institut fur Kunststoffverarbeitung (IKV)

#608 (4.00 PM)

Comparison of Effects of Vibration-Assisted Injection Molding on Polystryrene and Polycarbonate

Kikuchi, Akihisa and Coulter, John P. - Lehigh University

#610 (4.30 PM)

Increased Shear through Weldlines Using Controllable Compliance Accumulator

Hallowell, Daniel J. and Coulter, John P.- Lehigh University

#886 (5.00 PM)

Horizontal turntable and Stackmold Technologies - Innovative Technologies in Multi Component Injection Molding Plank Hermann - Ferromatic Milacron

Wednesday Afternoon, May 8

#1049 (5:30 PM)

Effects of Processing Conditions on the Hollow Structure of Liquid Gas Assisted Injection-Molded Parts

Kim, Dang-Hak - Soonchunhyang University / Kwansik OH


Engineering Properties and Structure

Novel Characterizathor Techniques for Determining Structure Property Relationships

Moderator: Shriram Bagrodia Eastman Chemical Company

#474 (2:00 PM)

At-Process Spectroscopy and Ultrasonic Monitoring of Polymer Melt Processing for Process Monitoring and Control

Barnes, S. E.; Sibley, M. G.; Brown, E. C.; Edwards, H. G. M.; Scowen, I. J. and Coates, P. D. - University of Bradford

#1068 (2:30 PM)

A New Instrument for Measuring Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Samples Immersed in Fluid

Van de Velde, J. G.; Foreman, Jonathan and Weddle, Blaine - Triton Technology / Mettler-Toledo

#70 (3:00 PM)

Heat Transfer Properties of Engineering Plastics by Effussivity Measurements

Riga, Alan; Chandler, Christina and Mathis, Nancy - Cleveland State University / Mathis Instruments Ltd.

#2 (8:30 PM)

Indentation of Some Plastic Materials by Indenters of Different Shapes

Benabdallah, Habib S. - Royal Military College of Canada

#765 (4:00 PM)

A Novel Device for Characterization of Profile Flexural Properties

Hage, Richard - Aspen Research Corporation

#382 (4:30 PM)

Micro-Tensile Testing Method and Sample Preparation for Small Samples

Thurston, Rachel M. - Battelle Memorial Institute

#54 (5:00 PM)

The Mechanical Testing of Micro Injection Mouldings

Greenway, G. R.; Allan, P. S.; Bevis, M. J. and Hornsby, P. R. - Brunel University

#292 (5:30 PM)

A Hot Runner Manifold as a PvT Apparatus

Castillo, Magda M.; Schott, Nick and Nunn, Robert - University of Massachusetts Lowell


Engineering Properties and Structure Recent Advances in Polymer Structure Properties and Morphology

Moderator: Harri Reddy Dow Chemical Company

#406 (2:00 PM)

PMF (R) Fiber-Processed Mineral Fiber High Performance Reinforcement for Thermoplastics

Dharia, Amit and Henry, Jim - Transmit Technology Group /Sloss Industries

#592 (2:30 PM)

Structure Development in Melt Spinning of Cyclopolyolefin Filaments

Hong, Myeong-Ho and White, James L. - University of Akron

#364 (8:00 PM)

Electrical Conductivity of a Graphite Based Composite as Affected by the Degree of Mixedness of Graphite in the Elastomeric Matrix

Kalyan, Dilhan M. and Birinci, Elvan - Stevens Institute of Technology

#394 (3:30 PM)

Effects of Moisture Conditioning Methods on Mechanical Properties of Injection Molded Nylon 6

Jia, Nanying; Fraenkel, Howard A. and Kagan, Val A. - Honeywell International

#528 (4:00 PM)

Influence of Semi-Crystalline Morphology on the Physical Aging Characteristics of Poly(Phenylene Sulfide)

Krishnaswamy, Rajendra K.; Geibel, Jon F. and Lewis, Barbara J. - Chevron Phillips Chemical Co.

#1086 (4:30 PM)

Hygro-Thermal Effects on the Physical Aging Response of Glass Polymers

Zheng, Yong and McKenna, Gregory B. - Texas Tech University

#1006 (6:00 PM)

Gas Permeation Properties of Soluble Aromatic Polyimides base on 4,4' Diaminotriphenylmethane

Nazarenko, S.; Rezac, M. E.; Sturgill, G. L.; Loza-Orozco, A. and Likhatchev, D. - Case Western Reserve University /Georgia Institute of Technology /Institute of Investigations of Materials

#3 (5:30 PM)

Gas Barrier Mechanisms in Copolyesters

Dairanieh, I. S. - BP America


Engineering Properties and Structure

Recent Advances in Polymer Toughening Mechanisms of Polymetric Materials

Moderator: Richard Bopp Cargill Dow

#780 (2:00 PM)

Chung, James Y. J. and Paul, Winfried G. - Bayer Corporation

Dynamic Mechanical Analysis and Toughening Mechanisms of Polycarbonate and 4.4' Dihydroxydiphenyl Copolycarbonate

#819 (2:30 PM)

Toughness Response of Amorphous (Co)Polyesters Using the Essential Work of Fracture Approach

Karger-Kocsis, J. and Moskala, E. J. - University of Kaiserslautern /Eastman Chemical Co.

#761 (8:00 PM)

Notched Impact Resistance of Sulfone Polymers: Factors Influencing the Significance of the Izod Test

EI-Hibri, M.; Buckwald, Edward M. and Looney, William W. - Sovay Advanced Polymers

#149 (8:30 PM)

Role of Adhesion Promoters in Fatigue Crack Propagation (FCP) Behavior of Glass Filled Epoxy

Kawaguchi, Takafumi and Pearson, Raymond A. - Lehigh University

#66 (4:00 PM)

Design of an Integrated Crash Energy Absorber for Compression Molded Bumper Beams

Heidweiller, Anton J. - Delft University of Technology

#648 (4:30 PM)

The Effect of Natural Rubber Crosslink Density on Real Time Birefringence, True Stress and True Strain Behavior

Valladares, D. and Cakmak, M. - University of Akron

#262 (6:00 PM)

Pet/Epoxide Reactive Extrusion Process Requirements from Batch Kinetic Data

Dhavalikar, R.; Xanthos, M. and Patel, S. H. - New Jersey Institute of Technology

Wednesday Afternoon, May 8


Vinyl Plastics Performance Enhanced Vinyl

Moderator: Richard Kozlowski -- Sunoco Chemical and Bill Arendt - Velsicol

#827 (2:00 PM)

Balance between Drop Dart and Izod Impact: Predicting Performance in PVC Window Profile Compound

Rapacki, Steven R. - Rohm and Moos Company

#253 (2:30 PM)

Effect of Strain Rate on PVC Impact Performance

Sabbagh, Amiel - DuPont Dow Elastomers

#293 (3:00 PM)

High Output PVC Extrusion Benefits with Acrylic Impact Modification

Szamborski, Gene Rohm and Moos Company

#230 (3:30 PM)

Enhanced Impact Modifier for Rigid PVC Formulations

Effler, Lawrence J. and Berard, Mark T. -DuPont Dow Elastomers

#340 (4:00 PM)

The Rheological and Mechanical Performance of Ethyl-Vinyl Acetate/Polyvinyl Chloride Formulations

McConnell, D. C.; McNally, G. M. and Murphy, W. R. - Queen's University of Belfast

#329 (4:30 PM)

Enhanced Weatherability of Exterior PVC Building Products - Part II

Crabb, Charles and Schipper, Peggy - Atofina Chemicals, Inc.

#634 (5:00 PM)

Acrylic Capping Resin Compositions

Bastain, Craig; Marshall, David; Nishimura, Riichi; Silbermann, Joseph; Sugaya, Takahiko and Tajima, Kazuhisa - Kaneka Texas Corporation /Kaneka Corporation

(5:30 PM)

Vinyl Plastics Division Business Meeting followed by Wine and Cheese Party


Thermoplastics Materials and Foams Microcellular Foams

Moderator: Vipin Kumar - University of Washington

#1245 (2:00 PM)

Microcellular Plastics: Does Microcellular Structure Always Lead to an Improvement in Impact Properties

Kumar, Vipin - University of Washington

#154 (2:30 PM)

Microcellular Foaming of Polypropylene Containing Wood Fibre in an Injection Moulding Process

Bledzki, Andrezej K. and Faruk, Omar - University of Kassel

#751 (3:00 PM)

A New Method for Producing Lower Density Ultramicrocellular Foams Using CO2

Nawaby, Victoria; Yamamoto, Yashitaka and Honda, Paul - National Research Council Canada /NIAIST /Pactiv Cop

#25 (3:30 PM)

Prediction of the Mechanical Properties with Part Weight Reduction for Injection Molding Microcellular Foam Parts

#649 (4:00 PM)

Xu, Jingyi; Kishbaugh, Levi and Casale, Mike - Trexel Inc.

Influences of Solubility and Viscosity in the Polystyrene/CO2 Microcellular Foaming Extrusion

Han, Xiangmin; Baxter, Adam R.; Koelling, Kurt W.; Tomasko, David L. and Lee, L. James - Ohio State University

#381 (4:30 PM)

Processing and Cell Structure of NanoClay Modified Microcellular Foams

Han, Xiangmin; Zeng, Changchun; Lee, L. James; Koelling, Kurt W. and Tomasko, David L - Ohio State University

#881 (5:00 PM)

A novel Couette Viscometer for Polymer Solutions in Supercritical Fluids

Oh, Jang-Hoon; Lindt, J. Thomas and Ottoy, Mette H. - University of Pittsburgh/Norsk Hydra ASA


Medical Plastics Joint with Polymer Analysis Analysis in Medical Plastics

Moderator: Mark Roller -- Johnson and Johnson Corporate Biomaterials

#966 (2:00 PM)

Keynote Speaker Polymers in Tissue Engineering: Basic Principles, Main Challenges and Characterization Requirements

Reis, R.L. - University of Minho

#919 (3:00 PM)

Thermochemical Characterization of a Novel Series of Shape Memory Polymers

Liu, Changdeng and Mother, Patrick T. - University of Connecticut, Storrs

#435 (3:30 PM)

Characterization of Polydimethylsiloxane Deposition on Hair by XPS and Imaging SIMS

Wang, Tiejun; Ho, Kie and Yeh, Hsing - Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products Worldwide

#408 (4:00 PM)

Application and Considerations of Chemiluminescence in Polymer Degradation Studies

Woo, Lecon; Sandford, Craig L. and Blom, Henk - Baxter Healthcare

#464 (4:30 PM)

Fracture of a Breast Tissue Expander

Lewis, P. R. - The Open University

#686 (5:00 PM)

Resin-Gas Injection Technique for Bonding and Surface Modification of Polymer-Based Microfluidic Platforms

Lai, Siyi; Hudiono, Yeny; Lee, James; Daunert, Sylvia and Madou, Marc J. - Ohio State University /University of Kentucky /Nanogen Inc.


Composites Joint with Engineering Properties and Structure Nanocomposites II

Moderator: P. Bates - Queens University and Klaus Gleich - SRI

#1089 (2:00 PM)

Routes to and Properties of Intercalated Silicate Nanocomposites

Zerda, Adam S.; Caskey, Terrence C. and Lesser, Alan J. - University of Massachusetts Amherst

#1094 (2:30 PM)

In-Situ Polymerization and Nano-Templating Phenomenon in Nylon Fiber/PMMA Composite Laminates

Caskey, Terrence C.; Lesser, Alan J. and McCarthy, Thomas J. - University of Massachusetts Amherst

#363 (3:00 PM)

Morphological Studies of Poly (Trimethylene Terephthalate) (PTT)/CIay Nanocomposites

Hu, Xianbo and Lesser, Alan J. - University of Massachusetts Amherst

Wednesday Afternoon, May 8

#427 (6:30 PM)

Flammability and Mechanical Properties of Vinyl Ester /Clay Nanocomposites

Shah, Apoorva P.; Gupta, Rakesh K.; Jones, J. Clifford and Hilado, Carlos J. - West Virginia University/University of Aberdeen/Fire Safety Corp.

#586 (4:00 PM)

Mixing and Surfactant Degradation in Nanocomposite Preparation

Zeng, Changchun and Lee, L. James - Ohio State University

#600 (4:30 PM)

Effect of Processing Conditions on the Development of Morphology in Clay Nanoparticle Filled Nylon 6 Fibers

Ergungor, Zeynep; Cakmak, Miko and Batur, Celal - University of Akron

#672 (5:00 PM)

Investigation of Superstructure Developed in Injection Molded Nylon 6 Nanocomposites

Yalcin, B. and Cakmak, M. - University of Akron

#848 (6:30 PM)

Ionomer-Class Nanocomposites with Clay Nanofiller

Kovarova, L.; Kalendova, A.; Malac, J.; Vaculik, J.; Malac, Z. and Simonik, J. - Tomas Bata University


Product Design and Development Joint with Decorating and Assembly Design Factors Including Safety Decorating and Recycling

Moderator: Chul Lee - Honeywell

#1019 (2:00 PM)

Keynote Speaker Controlling Warpage for the Decorating and Assembly of Plastics Parts

Rotheiser, Jordan I. - Rotheiser Design Inc.

#1019 (2:30 PM) Continuation of Keynote Speaker

#817 (3:00 PM)

Product Designer Wish-List Can be Done Now!

Allen, Paul E. - Logic Corp.

#166 (3:30 PM)

Distinguishing Features of the Mechanical Design of Plastic Parts Commentaries for the Undergraduate Student

Krishnamachari, S. I. - Pioneer Technologies, Inc.

#555 (4:00 PM)

Model of Isothermic Laser-Sintering

Schmachtenberg, E. and Seul, T. - University of Essen


Student Session General

Moderator: TBD

#1217 (2:00 PM)

Twin-Sheet Thermoforming of Elastomers

Bailey, Laura; Dillon, Bryan and Imbimbo, Amy - University of Massachusetts Lowell

#1214 (2:30 PM)

Twin-Sheet Thermoforming of Dissimilar Materials

Imbimbo, Amy; Dillon, Bryan and Bailey, Laura - University of Massachusetts Lowell

#953 (3:00 PM)

Soft Contact Lenses: A Material Review

Rajan, Annapoorna and Crugnola, Aldo - University of Massachusetts Lowell

#1193 (3:30 PM)

Establishing a Foaming Agent Material to Aid in the Development in a New Expandable Cast

Lecker, Amanda R. and Avolio, John M. - Pennsylvania State University: The Behrend College

#1204 (4:00 PM)

The Effects Colorant Particle Size on the Mechanical Properties of Polycarbonate Resin

DeVore, Damon; Latchaw, Joseph and - Caldwell, Carl - Pennsylvania State University: The Behrend College

#1236 (4:30 PM)

Taguchi Based Design of Experiments of HDPE and Granite Fines

Kopple, Greg and Greene, Joseph - California State University

#1184 (5:00 PM)

Separation of Polyphenylene Ether from Its Additives

Reynolds, Sarah M. and Ober, David F. - Pennsylvania State University: The Behrend College

#1222 (5:30 PM)

Recyclability of Crosslinked Polyethylene Based on Creep

Smerkar, Ryan E. - Pennsylvania State University: The Behrend College


Polymer Analysis Student Session

Moderator: TBD

#1150 (2:00 PM)

The Use of Nanometer Sized Glass as a Filler for Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF)

Baker, Matthew W. and Movarek, Scott J. - Pennsylvania State University: The Behrend College

#1152 (2:30 PM)

Investigation into Silinosis Coupling of Polyethylene Polymer Chains

Moravek, Scott J. and Astor Kyle G. - Pennsylvania State University: The Behrend College

#1170 (3:00 PM)

Investigation of Optimum Crystallization Conditions of Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF)

Hlopick, Stephen G. and Matthew W. Baker - Pennsylvania State University: The Behrend College

#1168 (3:30 PM)

Effects of a Diamond-Like Nano-Composite Coating on an Injection Blow-Molding Machine Core Rod

Gutman, Mark K. and Page, Justin M. - Pennsylvania State University: The Behrend College

#1181 (4:00 PM)

Sensory Aspects of Plastics Materials

Noreux, Jean-Emmanuel and Jeannin, Sylvain - Ecole Superieure de Plasturgie

#1188 (4:30 PM)

Wear Mechanisms in Plasticating Units - A Literature Survey

Garnier, Mael - Ecole Superieure de Plasturgie

#1213 (6:00 PM)

The Effect of Orientation on Mechanical Properties of Recycled PET

Hasenbalg, Angela D. - Western Washington University

#1230 (5:30 PM)

Using Recycled Concrete as a Filler in Polyethylene Resins

Bush, Joshua R.; Goetz, Michael H. and McCluskey, Michel J. - Pennsylvania State University: The Behrend College


Alloys and Blends Structure and Property

Moderator: J. C. Liu - 3D Systems

#218 (2:00 PM)

Rheological Properties of Phosphate Glass (Inorganic)-PS-LDPE (Organic) Ternary Hybrids

Guschl, Peter C. and Otaigbe, Joshua U. - Iowa State University

#248 (2:30 PM)

Properties of Hydrosilylated Polypropylene Blends

Bulsari, Mercy P. and Tzoganakis, Costas - University of Waterloo

Wednesday Afternoon, May 8

#296 (3.00 PM)

Dynamic Mechanical and Rheological Properties of Ethylene/1-Octene Resins with Bimodal Structural Distributions

Shan, Colin Li Pi; Soares, Joao B. P. and Penlidis, Alexander - University of Waterloo

#231 (3.30 PM)

Development of Blends of HIPS/SB Copolymers with Superhigh Impact Properties

Adewale, Kolapo P. and Wilson, Holly -- NOVA Chemicals

#848 (4.00 PM)

Phase Equilibrium in Blends of Polypropylene and Linear Low Density Polyethylene

Jollands, M. C.; Cser, F. and Chryss, A. - RMIT University

#722 (4.30 PM)

Properties of High Density Polyethylene and Poly(Ethylene-co-Octene) Blends

Rocha, Marisa C. G.; Guimaraes, Maria Jose O. C. and Coutinho, Fernando B.


Joining of Plastics and Composites Vibration Session

Moderator: Hong Yeh - Baxter Healthcare Corporation

#542 (2.00 PM)

Strength of Vibration Welds Made from Dissimilar Nylons

Dyck, C.; Osti, M. and Bates, P. U. - Royal Military College of Canada /Queen's University

#544 (2.30 PM)

Improving Vibration Weld Strength by Equipment Modification

Tucker, B.; Bates, P. J. and Sidiropoulos, V. - Royal Military College of Canada /Center for Automotive Materials and Manufacturing

#248 (3.00 PM)

Neuro-Fuzzy Quality Recognition in Vibration Welding of Thermoplastics

Vetter, Joerg - Branson Ultraschall

#420 (3.30 PM)

Vibration Welding of Thermoplastic Polyolefins

Wu, Chung-Yuan and Trevino, Lisandro - Visteon Corporation

#273 (4.00 PM)

The Effects of Weld Geometry and Glass-Fiber Orientation on the Mechanical Performance of Joints - Part I: Welds Design Issues

Kagan, Vol A. and Roth, Christopher Honeywell Plastics

(4.30 PM)

Joining of Plastics and Composites Business Meeting


Applied Rheology Structure-Property Relationships

Moderator: Jeffrey Giacomin - University of Wisconsin and Kalman Migler - NIST

#1073 (2.00 PM)

Temperature Sensitivity of the Linear Viscoelastic Properties of Long Chain Branched Metallocene Polyethylene

Wood-Adams, Paula and Costeux, Stephane - Concordia University/McGill University

#742 (2.30 PM)

The Effect of Molecular Weight and Polydispersity on the Rheological Properties of Pigmented Polypropylene

Marks, A. F.; McNally, G. M.; Murphy, W. R. and Orr, P. - Queen's University Belfast

#1030 (3.00 PM)

Spectrum Determination for a Very Broad Molecular Weight Distribution Polyethylene

Depire, Sebastien; Heuzey, Marie-Claude; Wood-Adams, Paula and He, Chunxia - Polytechnic School of Montreal /Concordia University /McGill University

#922 (3.30 PM)

Single Capillary Rheometer Technique of Determining Molecular Weight Distribution of Conventional and Metallocene Catalysed Polyethylenes

Millar, B. G.; McNally, G. M. and Murphy, W. R. - Queen's University Belfast

#799 (4.00 PM)

Determination of Molecular Weight and Molecular Weight Distribution of I-PP by Rheological Measurements - A Comparcitive Study

Scuracchio, C. H. and Bretas, R. E. S. - Federal University of Sao Carlos


Flexible Plastics Packaging Form/Fill/Seal Packaging and Sealant Materials

Moderator: Piaras de Cleir Kraft Foods

#81 (2.00 PM)

Film Properties for Good Performance on Vertical Form/Fill/Seal Packaging Machines

Clark, Terry A. and Wagner Jr., John R. - Crescent Associates, Inc.

#157 (2.30 PM)

Use of Fitments on Stand-Up Pouches for Liquids

Ferrua, John P. - Volpak - North America

#75 (3.00 PM)

Predicting the Heat Seal Performance of lonomer Films

Morris, Barry A. - DuPont

#72 (3.30 PM)

Influence of Sample Preparation and Instrument Settings on Hot Tack Measurements of Thin Sealant Films

Berger, Kenneth R.; Knoelke, Matthew and Welt, Bruce - University of Florida

#1.109 (4.00 PM)

Seal Through Contamination Performance of Metallocene Plastomers

Mesnil, Philippe; Arnauts, Jan; Halle, Richard W. and Rohse, Norbert -- ExxonMobil Europe /DexPlastomers

#1140 (4.30 PM)

Blown PP Based Coextruded Films as an Alternative for the Flexible Packaging Industry

Laverde, German V. - Battenfeld Gloucester Engineering

#979 (5.00 PM) Tuforial

Challenges in Winding Flexible Packaging Film

Smith, R. Duane - Black Clawson Converting Machinery


Special Session

Moderator: TBD

(2.00 - 4.00 PM)

Business Skills for the 21st Century
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