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Technical news: FHWA offers self-assessment tool for roadway operations. (Along the Road).

To improve the performance of roadway operations, FHWA developed an easy-to-use, self-assessment tool that State and local transportation agencies can use to evaluate a broad range of operations areas, including traffic signal timing, incident management, work zones, and freeway service patrols.

The tool, which agencies can download from the Web, consists of a Microsoft[R] Word document containing instructions and the self-assessment questions and an Microsoft[R] Excel file for calculating the score. FHWA organized the tool into discrete modules based on input from more than 40 State and local agencies involved in the development process. The modules enable an agency to use the complete set of topics or choose only specific portions of the tool. In addition, all the questions in the tool apply to both local streets and freeways.

The concept for the roadway operations self-assessment originated with the National Dialogue on Transportation Operations, a joint effort of FHWA and a core group of government and transportation industry associations that are working together to raise awareness of the value of effective transportation operations.

The self-assessment is a great example of a tool employed by FHWA to offer low-cost opportunities for State agencies to improve the performance of the transportation system through enhanced management of existing facilities.

Registered users will receive updated versions of the tool as they become available. Download the self-assessment tool on FHWA's Web site at
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Publication:Public Roads
Date:May 1, 2003
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