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Technical Report (Marc Heroux).

* The technical standards for CANNT get a bi-annual review by members of CANNT under the direction of the technologist VP. This year, the emphasis will be on the creation of a home dialysis segment of the standards.

* Technologists have created a work group for the technical part of the Nephrology Healthcare Professionals Day.

* Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Extracorporeal Circulation Technical Committee (TC) agreed that the TC and the Dialysis Technical Subcommittee members' names should be added to the Standards Council of Canada website for CAC/ISO/TC150/SC2-Cardiovascular Implants. This is so members can be advised of international dialysis standards work going on at ISO/TC150/SC2/WG5 that deals with renal replacement, detoxification and apheresis.

Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre--Mark Kusznier, CET

Our new Home Hemodialysis Program is now in full swing, with the hiring of our training nurses and the building of our training facilities started the end of January. We held a vendor demonstration day in December, where we were able to see all the different machines and water systems, listen to the presentations of each supplier and what they could offer us in service, training, and support. After many hours of discussion, we finally made our choice of which vendor we will be going with. It was a tough decision to make, especially when there are so many good companies out there offering excellent service and solid products.

Toronto Sick Kids Hospital--Mukesh Gajari

* New equipment has replaced some of the older dialysis machines from our fleet.
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Date:Jan 1, 2008
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