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Articles from Technical Communication (November 1, 2004)

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"A Flare from the Margins": How the Association for Business Communication Fails Two-year College Faculty. Hadley, Tim 125
A Simulation Model of Intergroup Conflict. Cranford, Christine 119
A successful documentation management system using XML. Broberg, Mats 6219
Acknowledgment of review coordinators and peer reviewers. Hayhoe, George F. 357
Acquiring Procedural Knowledge of a Technology Interface [Special Issue]. Tovey, Janice 122
Activity Systems and Conflict Resolution in an Online Professional Communication Course. Sheth, Amy 203
Agile Documentation: A Pattern Guide to Producing Lightweight Documents for Software Projects. Staples, Jeff 605
As others see us. Hayhoe, George F. 1278
Book-length Scholarly Essays as a Hybrid Genre in Science. Hadley, Tim 158
Books received 1 March 2004 to 31 May 2004. 1031
Branding: Brand Strategy, Design and Implementation of Corporate and Product Identity. Willerton, Russell 635
Can Absence Make a Team Grow Stronger? Kryder, LeeAnne 144
Central Works in Technical Communication. Warren, Thomas L. 1037
Communicating in Style. Damrau, Jackie 1047
Cultural differences and usability evaluation: individualistic and collectivistic participants compared. Hall, Marinda; de Jong, Menno; Steehouder, Michael 9913
Do Women Lack Ambition? Kryder, LeeAnne 127
Electronic editing and the author. Lanier, Clinton R. 7665
English Business Communication Needs of Mexican Executives in a Distance-learning Class. Sheth, Amy 111
Expanding Internships to Enhance Academic-Industry Relations: A Perspective in Stakeholder Education. Cranford, Christine 132
Factors Affecting the Processing of Procedural Instructions: Implications for Document Design. Tovey, Janice 136
German Academic Programs in Technical Communication. Cranford, Christine 117
Helping readers connect text and visuals in sequential procedural instruction: developing reader comprehension. Roy, Debopriyo; Grice, Roger 5969
How to Start a Home-based Writing Business. Wofford, Tracey N. 729
How Web Site Organization Influences Free Recall, Factual Knowledge, and Knowledge Structure Density. Lang, Mary 138
Human-computer Etiquette [Special Issue]. Eble, Michelle F. 292
Information Architecture: Designing Information Environments for Purpose. Warren, Thomas L. 904
Instructional Design in the Real World: A View from the Trenches. Porter, Lynnette R. 748
It's Easier to Ask Someone I Know. Sheth, Amy 109
Java Certification Jumpstart. Vaishampayan, Vivek 562
Localization of digital games: the process of blending for the global games market. Thayer, Alexander; Kolko, Beth E. 9377
Multinational Data-privacy Laws: An Introduction for IT Managers. Tovey, Janice 146
New Architectures for Financial Services [Special Issue]. Eble, Michelle F. 264
Online and in the Classroom: Retention, Return, and Effect (or, What the Numbers Might Mean!). Tietjen, Phil 105
Pillaging the Tombs of Noncanonical Texts: Technical Writing and the Evolution of English Style. Bates, Christine 174
Pocket Guide to Technical Writing. Lane, Karen 1052
Prefiguring Cyberculture: an Intellectual History. Forel, David 1009
Presentations and the PowerPoint Problem [Special Issues: Part 1 and Part 2]. Sheth, Amy 180
Reflections of an Online Tutor. Tesdell, Lee S. 104
Rethinking the Idea of Profit in Professional Communication and Cultural Capitalism. Bates, Christine 118
Scientific Jargon, Good and Bad. Cranford, Christine 167
Solving Problems on Your Own: How Do Exercises in Tutorials Interact with Software Learners' Level of Goal-orientedness? Tovey, Janice 199
Some Effects of System Information in Instructions for Use. Tovey, Janice 151
Synchronous Electronic Discussions in an EFL Reading Class. Tesdell, Lee S. 139
Tape It Yourself: Videotapes for Teacher Education. Tesdell, Lee S. 113
Technical and Professional Communication Programs and the Small College Setting: Opportunities and Challenges. Cranford, Christine 175
Technology Use and Organizational Newcomer Socialization. Sheth, Amy 142
The Academic Job Market in Technical Communication, 2002-2003. Bates, Christine 131
The Chicago Manual of Style. Hudak-David, Ginny 1041
The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint. Cathcart, Peggy 679
The Concise Guide to Copy Editing: Preparing Written Work for Readers. Damrau, Jackie 978
The Craft of Revision. Guy, Judie 962
The effect of heading frequency on comprehension of online information: a study of two populations. Schultz, Laura D.; Spyridakis, Jan H. 8938
The Four Components of a Procedure. Tovey, Janice 132
The Impact of Business Communication Education on Students' Short- and Long-term Performances. Sheth, Amy 109
The Impact of the Internet and Digital Technologies on Teaching and Research in Technical Communication. Bates, Christine 107
The Practical Technical Writer: Planning and Producing Documents. Damrau, Jackie 991
The State of Research in Technical Communication. Bates, Christine 112
The Textualizing Functions of Writing for Organizational Change. Bates, Christine 137
Tracing Genres Through Organizations: A Sociocultural Approach to Information Design. Willerton, Russell 805
Tracking Rapid HIV Testing Through the Cultural Circuit: Implications for Technical Communication. Bates, Christine 120
User-Centered Website Development: A Human-Computer Interaction Approach. Redish, Janice (Ginny) 1089
Using New Technology to Assess the Academic Writing Styles of Male and Female Pairs and Individuals. Cranford, Christine 211
Variations in Use of Meta Tag Descriptions by Web Pages in Different Languages. Rao, Adarsh 117
Web-based Education: Learning from Experience. Hernandez, Gary 947
What Makes an Effective Executive. Kryder, LeeAnne 123
Winners: Frank R. Smith Outstanding Article Award. 373
Writing.Com: Creative Internet Strategies to Advance Your Writing Career. Kawano, Julie Hazra 353

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