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Articles from Technical Communication (November 1, 2003)

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"The big chill". Letter to the Editor 3370
"You're a guaranteed winner": composing "you" in a consumer culture. Bates, Christine 156
A genre system view of the funding of academic research. Cranford, Christine 154
A golden opportunity. Hayhoe, George F. 1453
A rapid "debugging" technique. Hays, Robert 3901
Adding value as a professional technical communicator. Redish, Janice 9264
An interdisciplinary course in technical communication. Andrews, Deborah C. 4653
Beyond Borders: Web Globalization Strategies. Staples, Jeff 2738
Books received 1 March 2003 to 31 May 2003. 480
Color: the newest tool for technical communicators. White. Jan V. 4679
Communication skills of IS providers: an expectation gap analysis from three stakeholder perspectives. Bates, Christine 193
Communication-focused business process redesign: assessing a communication flow optimization model through an action research study at a defense contractor. Bates, Christine 188
Confessions of a technophobe and a technophile: the changing perspective of technology in ESL. Tesdell, Lee S. 141
Copyediting: a Practical Guide. Lathrop, Lori 893
Design and Management of Multimedia Information Systems: Opportunities & Challenges. Willerton, Russell 1080
Designing theory in communication. Cranford, Christine 111
Directness in Chinese business correspondence of the nineteenth century. Bates, Christine 133
Documentation and training productivity benchmarks. Barr, John P.; Rosenbaum, Stephanie 7373
Easy Web Graphics. Hudak-David, Ginny 530
Envisioning Science: the Design and Craft of the Science Image. Winn, Wendy 947
Essential works on technical communication. Alred, Gerald J. 23713
Establishing a presence on the World Wide Web: a rhetorical approach. Hunt, Kevin 5243
Fear of feedback. Kryder, LeeAnne 152
Fifty years and growing. Fredrickson, Lola 649
From the moon to the microchip: fifty years of technical communication. Durack, Katherine T. 7347
Get real: the need for effective design research. Cranford, Christine 132
Information Architecture: Blueprints for the Web. Deaton, Mary 1703
Information technology and the emergence of a worker-centered organization. Sharpe, Victoria M. 146
Internet abuse in the workplace [special issue]. Sharpe, Victoria M. 218
Is silence killing your company? Kryder, LeeAnne 197
Leadership and the psychology of turnarounds. Kryder, LeeAnne 130
Making and breaking rules: a manager's viewpoint. Zook, Lola M. 4309
Managing Enterprise Content: a Unified Content Strategy. Lunemann, Rhonda 1091
Mapping Websites: Digital Media Design. Price, Jonathan 923
Metaphor in theory and practice: the influence of metaphors on expectations. Sharpe, Victoria M. 150
Modeling information for three-dimensional space: lessons learned from museum exhibit design. Carliner, Saul 12807
Negotiating order in interorganizational communication: discourse analysis of a meeting of three diverse organizations. Bates, Christine 107
Ontology: applications and design [special issue]. Sharpe, Victoria M. 140
Our little help machines and their invisibilities. Sharpe, Victoria M. 106
Participating from the sidelines, online: facilitating telemonitoring projects. Sharpe, Victoria M. 147
Product, process, and profit: the politics of usability in a software design venture. Sharpe, Victoria M. 130
Reflections @ 50. 3065
Reporting Technical Information. Coleman, Colleen 1152
Researching the use of voice recognition writing software. Bates, Christine 102
Resolving the directness dilemma in document review sessions with nonnative speakers. Bates, Christine 113
Responses to reviews. Letter to the Editor 519
Review of three books on FrameMaker. Sauer, Deborah 2686
Robots: intelligence, versatility, adaptivity [special issue]. Sharpe, Victoria M. 220
Situational editing: a rhetorical approach for the technical editor. Buehler, Mary Fran 4972
Supporting community and building social capital [special issue]. Sharpe, Victoria M. 216
Teaching and learning design presentations in engineering: contradictions between academic and workplace activity systems. Bates, Christine 147
Teaching documentation writing: what else students--and instructors--should know. Boiarsky, Carolyn; Dobberstein, Michael 5378
Teaching MA-TESOL Courses Online: Challenges and Rewards. Tesdell, Lee S. 126
Teaching the history of technical communications: a lesson with Franklin and Hoover. Cranford, Christine 160
The Adaptive Web [special issue]. Sharpe, Victoria M. 179
The Complete Guide to Digital Graphic Design. Craft, Tiffany 923
The Dream Machine: J. C. R. Licklider and the Revolution That Made Computing Personal. Gregory, Terri 789
The effects of using colored paper to boost response-rates to surveys and questionnaires. Cranford, Christine 150
The Handbook of Digital Publishing. Hudak-David, Ginny 673
The indefinite "we" (het "wij"-gevoel/le "nouns" indefini)--sender and receiver references in top-down communication: a text type-based approach. Cranford, Christine 112
The influence of semantics and syntax on what readers remember. Isakson, Carol S.; Spyridakis, Jan H. 9738
The New Oxford American Dictionary. Davis, Linda M. 948
The Peter effect in early experimental education research. Cranford, Christine 154
The Power of the Tale: Using Narratives for Organisational Success. Hernandez, Gary 703
The role of technical expertise in engineering and writing teachers evaluations of students' writing. Cranford, Christine 157
The term "win-win" in conflict management: a classic case of misuse and overuse. Bates, Christine 113
The tides of talent. Kryder, LeeAnne 165
The Writer's Guide to Queries, Pitches and Proposals. Sharpe, Victoria 715
Toward consistency in visual information: standardized icons based on task. Gurak, Laura J. 3364
Translating the World: Science and Language. St. Amant, Kirk 980
User analysis framework: thoughts on user's cognitive factors for information design on web-based media. Cranford, Christine 183
User perceptions of e-mail at work. Bates, Christine 111
Value-added text: where graphic design meets paralinguistics. Cranford, Christine 183
Walking the labyrinth of multimedia law. Helyar, Pamela S.; Doudnikoff, Gregory M. 5315
What is Graphic Design? Kitalong, Karla Saari 831
White Graphics: the Power of White in Graphic Design. Hudak-David, Ginny 780
Workplace Communication: the Basics. Foskin, Susan 727
www.layout: Effective Design and Layout for the World Wide Web. Wofford, Tracey N. 656
XML and the new design regime: disputes between designers, application developers, authors, and readers in changing technological conditions and perceptions of social and professional need. Sharpe, Victoria M. 105
XML Step by Step. Lunemann, Rhonda 801

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