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Articles from Technical Communication (May 1, 2003)

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A Concise Guide to Technical Communication. (Book Reviews). MacLemale, Laura A. 1070
A Developmental Perspective on Technology in Language Education. (Technology). Tesdell, Lee S. 125
A New Look at Infinitives in Business and Technical Writing. (Technology). Cranford, Christine 126
A Project-based Approach to Interactive Web Site Design. (Education). Tesdell, Lee S. 115
ABCs of e-Learning: Reaping the Benefits and Avoiding the Pitfalls. (Book Reviews). Porter, Lynnette R. 549
Africa Online: A Web-and Content-based English Language Teaching Course. (Education). Tesdell, Lee S. 133
Assessing Business Proposals: Genre Conventions and Audience Response in Document Design. (Design). Bates, Christine 153
Books Received 1 September 2002 to 30 November 2002. 1271
Breaking the Island Chains: A Case Study Exploring the Intricate Powers of Language Shared on the World Wide Web. (Language). Tovey, Janice 162
Communication Audits and the Effects of Increased Information: A Follow-up Study. (Research). Bates, Christine 192
Conversations with Technical Writing Teachers: Defining a Problem. (Education). Southard, Sherry 153
Crisis Communication: Lessons from 9/11. (Communication). Kryder, LeeAnne 136
Culture Influences on Technical Manuals. (Writing). Cranford, Christine 118
Doctoral-level graduates in professional, technical, and scientific communication 1995-2000: A profile. (Applied Research). Cook, Kelli Cargile; Thralls, Charlotte; Zachry, Mark 7185
E-collaboration: The Reality of Virtuality. (Communication). Tovey, Janice 163
E-cooperative Design among Mechanical and Electrical Engineers: Implications for Communication between Professional Cultures. (Communication). Tovey, Janice 114
Electronic editing in technical communication: A survey of practices and attitudes. (Applied Research). Dayton, David 8346
Expanding the scope of technical communication: examples from the department of technical communication at the University of Washington. (Review of Research). Haselkorn, Mark P.; Sauer, Geoffrey; Turns, Jennifer; Illman, Deborah L.; Tsutsui, Michio; Plumb, Ca 11375
Hot Text: Web Writing that Works. (Book Reviews). Sullivan, Bill 955
How to Stay Stuck in the Wrong Career. (Professional Issues). Kryder, LeeAnne 138
How to Write and Sell Your First Book. (Book Reviews). Lunemann, Rhonda 1011
International Communication Technology [special issue]. (Technology). Tovey, Janice 107
Investing in the future: STC support for research and scholarships. (Editorial). Hayhoe, George F. 2128
Learning at work: The role of technical communication in organizational learning. (Case History). Wahl, Scott 7211
Lessons learned from discount usability engineering for the U.S. federal government. (Case History). Jones, Colleen Pettit 7969
Mail and Internet Surveys: The Tailored Design Method. (Book Reviews). Zimmerman, Donald E. 883
Marginal Pedagogy: How Annotated Texts Affect a Writing-from-Sources Task. (Technology). Cranford, Christine 158
Organizational Politics: Tactics, Channels, and Hierarchical Roles. (Communication). Cranford, Christine 123
Our Little Help Machines and Their Invisibilities. (Computer Documentation). Sharpe, Victoria 106
Politically correct covers; judging information products. (Correspondence). 1397
Power and the World Wide Web [Special Issue). (Education). Tovey, Janice 123
Power, Language, and Identity: Voices from an Online Course. (Education). Tovey, Janice 180
Practitioner's Handbook for User Interface Design and Development. (Book Reviews). Anderson, Darrill 730
Reading Ease of Bilingual Annual Reports. (Research). Bates, Christine 157
Reshaping Technical Communication: New Directions and Challenges for the 21st Century. (Book Reviews). Staples, Jeff 1657
Scrolling Forward: Making Sense of Documents in the Digital Age. (Book Reviews). Crawley, Charles R. 1507
Special Edition Using HTML and XHTML. (Book Reviews). Hawley, Todd 541
Spotting Management Fads. (Management). Kryder, LeeAnne 145
Submit Now: Designing Persuasive Web Sites. (Book Reviews). Coleman, Colleen 1255
Survey Research. (Research). Kryder, LeeAnne 127
Technical Communicators Beware: The Next Generation of High-Tech Recruiting Methods. (Professional Issues). Tovey, Janice 108
The big chill: Seven technical communicators talk ten years after their master's program. (Applied Research). Wilson, Greg; Ford, Julie Dyke 11972
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Technical Writing & Technical Writing for Dummies. (Book Reviews). Ecker, Pamela S. 1737
The Contribution of Electronic Communication Media to the Design Process: Communicative and Cultural Implications. (Communication). Tovey, Janice 179
The Copyeditor's Handbook: A Guide for Book Publishing and Corporate Communications. (Book Reviews). Hernandez, Gary 2070
The Elements of Technical Writing. (Book Reviews). Williams, Jocelyn 393
The Leadership Journey. (Management). Kryder, LeeAnne 157
The Online Educator: A Guide to Creating the Virtual Classroom. (Book Reviews). Porter, Lynnette R. 721
The Politics of the Program: MS Word as the Invisible Grammarian. (Technology). Tovey, Janice 101
The rhetoric of typography: The awareness and impact of typeface appropriateness. (Applied Research). Brumberger, Eva R. 5116
The rhetoric of typography: The persona of typeface and text. (Applied Research). Brumberger, Eva R. 11960
Typographic Design: Form and Communication. (Book Reviews). Hall, Rebecca C. 1016
Unspun: Key Concepts for Understanding the World Wide Web. Davis, Linda M. 918
Usability Testing and Research. (Book Reviews). Williams, Jocelyn 748
User-centered Design: An Integrated Approach. (Book Reviews). Langfield, Dough 1151
Using Focus Group Interviews. (Research). Kryder, LeeAnne 127
Virtual Team Interaction. (Communication). Kryder, LeeAnne 119
What's the Matter with the Internet? (Book Reviews). Kitalong, Karla Saari 765
Why Are Partnerships Necessary for Computer Classroom Administration? (Education). Southard, Sherry 101
XML and the New Design Regime: Disputes Between Designers, Application Developers, Authors, and Readers in Changing Technological Conditions and Perceptions of Social and Professional Need. (Professional Issues). Sharpe, Victoria 105
XML Pocket Consultant. (Book Reviews). Jungwirth, Barbara 728
You Send Me: Getting it Right When You Write Online. (Book Reviews). Crawley, Charles R. 1163

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