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Articles from Technical Communication (May 1, 2002)

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A brief history of the future: from radio days to internet years in a lifetime. (Book Reviews). Semonian, Geoff 1570
Acknowledgment of review coordinators and peer reviewers. (Editorial). Hayhoe, George F. 237
All in a day's work: a roundtable. (Management). Kryder, LeeAnne 104
An analysis of a user's exploration and learning of a multimedia instruction system. (Design). Place, Melissa 102
Are you ready for the e-lance economy? (Applied Theory). Florzak, Doug 7146
Books received 1 September 2001 to 30 November 2001. (Book Reviews). 592
Bring in the reader: addressee features in academic articles. (Writing). Cranford, Christine 152
Clarity in context: Rethinking misunderstanding. (Applied Theory). Schneider, Barbara 6778
Compensatory adaptation to a lean medium: an action research investigation of electronic communication in process improvement groups. (Communication). Tovey, Janice 154
Contracting versus consulting: making an informed, conscious decision. (Applied Theory). Ames, Andrea L. 5346
Customer-effective web sites. (Book Reviews). Sullivan, Bill 739
Defining the employee status of independent contractors in the U.S.: a review and report on the legal issues for technical communicators. (Review of Research). Clements, Rhonda 8054
Design for interaction: User-friendly graphics. (Book Reviews). Brodersen, Carolyn Blount 1565
Designing online courses: User-centered practices. (Education). Tovey, Janice 114
Development and validation of ethical computer self-efficacy measures: the case of softlifting. (Professional Issues). Cranford, Christine 157
Distance learning online for dummies. (Book Reviews). Porter, Lynnette R. 874
Ethics of engagement: user-centered design and rhetorical methodology. (Professional Issues). Rouse, Chrissie 103
Exploring the use of multimedia examination formats in undergraduate teaching: results from field testing. (Multimedia). Vaughn, Elizabeth 171
Facilitating interactivity in an online business writing course. (Education). Holliday, Chad 111
Gen/ethics? Organizational ethics and student and instructor conflicts in workplace training. (Professional Issues). Rouse, Chrissie 124
Gender and modes of collaboration in an engineering classroom: a profile of two women on student teams. (Research). Rouse, Chrissie 124
Get organized, get published!: 225 ways to make time for success. (Book Reviews). Lunemann, Rhonda 792
How to produce effective operations and maintenance manuals. (Book Reviews). Andrews, Bob 676
Human computer interaction: issues and challenges. (Book Reviews). Langfield, Doug 1114
Icon design: graphic icons in computer interface design. (Book Reviews). Sullivan, Bill 1077
If we build it, will they come? a usability test of two browser-based embedded help systems. (Applied Research). Grayling, Trevor 7955
In your face too! The best interactive interface designs. (Book Reviews). Toth, Patricia A. 870
Indexing: the manual of good practice. (Book Reviews). Lathrop, Lori 538
Intercultural business communication, international students, and experiential learning. (Education). Holliday, Chad 103
Issues of validity in intercultural professional communication research. (Communication). Rouse, Chrissie 112
Kudos and constructive criticism. (Correspondence). 753
Language-based communication zones in international business communication. (Communication). Rayburn, Cindy 163
Levels of technical editing. (Book Reviews). Simmons, Barbara A. 1280
Meaning to change: how diverse stakeholders interpret organizational communication about change initiatives. (Communication). Tovey, Janice 142
Narrative discourse and management action. (Management). Rayburn, Cindy 117
Primal leadership: The hidden driver of great performance. (Management). Kryder, LeeAnne 125
Prospects for research in technical and scientific communication--part 2 [Special Issue]. (Communication). Rouse, Chrissie 110
Required reading. (Management). Kryder, LeeAnne 103
Skating on thin ice? Judging the quality of communication products. (Editorial). Hayhoe, George F. 1295
So you are going to be an online writing instructor: issues in designing, developing, and delivering an online course. (Education). Tovey, Janice 133
Super searchers go to the source: the interviewing and hands-on information strategies of top primary researchers--online, on the phone, and in person. (Book Reviews). Zegiorgis, Seyoum 524
Teach yourself Java 2 in 21 days. (Book Reviews). Wahl, Scott 829
Teaching intracultural and intercultural communication: A critique and suggested method. (Education). Rouse, Chrissie 140
Technical and business communication for working professionals. (Book Reviews). MacLemale, Laura A. 1060
Technical communication consulting as a business. (Review of Research). Poe, Stephen D. 7441
Technical document basics for engineering technicians and technologists. Norden, Tracey 595
Technical editing. (Books Reviews). Jennings, Ann S. 1486
Technical english: writing, reading and speaking. (Book Reviews). Rupert, Avis Winifred 1007
Technical writing 101: a real-world guide to planning and writing documentation. (Book Reviews). Romaine, Garret H. 863
Technical writing: A practical approach. (Book Reviews). Rupert, Avis Winifred 1018
Technology abounds to protect marketers' intellectual property. (Management). Williams, Travis 118
Textbooks versus technology: teaching professional writing to the next generation of technical communicators. (Education). Tovey, Janice 138
The art of ALT: toward a more accessible web. (Design). Cranford, Christine 105
The changing world of the independent: a broader perspective. Barker, Thomas; Poe, Kathryn 2136
The organization of external communication disciplines in UK companies: A conceptual and empirical analysis of dimensions of determinants. (Communication). Rayburn, Cindy 241
Toward an ethic of evocative language: contemporary uses of Holocaust-related terminology. (Professional Issues). Rayburg, Cindy 112
Toward integrating our research scope: a sociocultural field methodology. (Communication). Rouse, Chrissie 163
User attitude as a mediator of learning performance improvement in an interactive multimedia environment: An empirical Investigation of the degree of interactivity and learning styles. (Multimedia). Vaughn, Elizabeth 143
Verbal versus visual: a world is worth a thousand pictures, too. (Applied Theory). Doumont, Jean-Luc 3580
Web accessibility for people with disabilities: an introduction for web developers. (Design). Tovey, Janice 109
Winners: Frank R. Smith Outstanding Article Award. (Editorial). 607
Writing as an embodied practice: the case of engineering standards. (Writing). Rouse, Chrissie 149
Writing effective use cases. (Book Reviews). McManus, Donna 1625

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