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Techirghiol balneal and rehabilitation sanatorium--statistical analysis of pathology types on admitted patients.

Keywords: Sapropelic Mud; Statistical Analysis; Osteoarthritis; Balneal Cure

Introduction and Objectives

Balneal and Rehabilitation Sanatorium is situated on the shore of Techirghiol Lake, 3 km away from the Black Sea. The sanatorium gained its fame over the years, due to the great number of Romanian and foreign patients treated here with natural cure factors--salted water of the lake and sapropelic mud extracted from the lake. Most of the inpatients are admitted in the sanatorium on a basis of state medical insurance system, only a small number come by direct payment.

Aim: to analyze the type of pathology; to determine addressability degree of patients with different diseases; to evaluate periodic return of patients.

Materials and Methods

The study is still ongoing up to 30th of April 2012. Until now over 6000 patients were registered. The patients were admitted for a period of 12 days up to 30 days and received complex rehabilitation treatment: hydro-kinetic-therapy in the salted water of the pool, alternative with warm mud baths or hot mud wrapping, massage, electrotherapy, kinetotherapy. All patients underwent an initial clinical examination and then the physician filled up a questionnaire, which includes some personal data, information about the disease requiring admission (predominant symptom, main symptom location, stress level, physical activity at home, person who recommended balneal cure), if the patient has in the medical history balneal treatment and what were the results, and finally the group of affections in which fit the existing symptoms. Data from the questionnaires were statistically processed and plotted. The used questionnaire was conceived by a group of physicians from the sanatorium.


Among all pathology types the most frequent is osteoarthritis, followed closely by neurological diseases (mainly lumbar and cervical slipped disc associated with radiculitis). The most affected segment by degenerative rheumatic process is the spine, followed by weight bearing joints (knees). Age of onset in patients with osteoarthritis is decreasing continuously.


Preliminary data obtained for the time being after partial processing of the questionnaires suggest that osteoarthritis is predominant, nearly equally with neurological pathology. Also, it seems that age of onset for each group of diseases changed, as a consequence of actual social and economic context. Balneal cure with specific natural factors used in sanatorium is efficient for most of the treated affections, fact evidenced by periodic return of patients in this medical unit.

Profir D(1),Marin V(1),Surdu O(12),Demirgian S(1),Ionescu EV(1)

(1)Balneal and Rehabilitation SanatoriumTechirghiol. Romania

(2)Department of Rehabilitation, Faculty of Medicine. University Ovidius Constanta. Romania

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Title Annotation:Scientific Sessions: New Trends 2--Session 06; texto en ingles
Author:Profir, D.; Marin, V.; Surdu, O.; Demirgian, S.; Ionescu, E.V.
Publication:Anales de Hidrologia Medica
Date:Dec 1, 2012
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