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TechWorks intros first mainstream 3D graphics accelerator for the PC market.

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 7, 1997--

Offers special introductory pricing through June 6, 1997

TechWorks Inc., a leading provider of computer enhancement products, Friday announced the release of Ultimate 3D(TM), a three-dimensional graphics board which offers high performance in an affordable solution.

Ultimate 3D is a breakthrough in providing high 3D realism at a retail price under $100. It brings Rambus and other new technologies used in high-end Silicon Graphics systems to PC users. Ultimate 3D is optimized for Microsoft Direct3D, which will be the API of choice for 3D computer game titles written for Intel-based PCs.

TechWorks offers four configurations: Model 642, which uses 2MB of memory, Model 644, with 4MB, Model 646, with 6MB, and Model 648, with 8MB. In addition, Models 642 and 644 are upgradable with another 2MB or 4MB of graphics memory. TechWorks' new 3D offering is the ultimate consumer value because it is the first high performance 3D graphics board available for a list price under $100.

TechWorks' new Ultimate 3D graphics enhancement board supports Rambus DRAM, a high performance memory architecture currently used on workstations and other specialty devices. Rambus memory provides up to 600 megabytes per second of bandwidth and is usually faster than alternative memory architectures for 3D graphics.

Intel has also announced they are working with Rambus to plan the system memory of the future. PCI bus support enables the dynamic use of main memory for 3D graphics structures like textures, z-buffering, and alpha blending.

In addition, Ultimate 3D supports Cirrus Logic's Laguna3D chips (CL5464). These accelerators deliver more than three times the performance of many current 3D solutions, with over 50 million perspective-corrected texels per second.

Laguna 3D chips are the first optimized to support both the Microsoft Direct3D API for real-time 3D graphics as well as Intel's Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP). TechWorks is also able to show a clear migration path to support for Intel's AGP standard. Intel's AGP design gives the Rambus graphics controller a high-bandwidth, low-latency connection to system memory through the chip set.

"Ultimate 3D is a major step forward in 3D graphics design," said Sid Shriver, TechWorks' director of engineering. "It's a significant offering for the games market because of its mainstream value and pricing coupled with the latest in 3D graphics technology.

"It's to our advantage that Rambus is likely to provide the future architecture of PC memory. And since TechWorks is working with Cirrus Logics, we can easily support Intel's new AGP standard with future products."

"We recognize that TechWorks is introducing the first mainstream 3D graphics board for game use designed especially for D3D," said Craig Fryar, director of OEM for Interplay's OEM division. "This new technology provides the performance for games to be written under Windows instead of the MS DOS operating system, and it's the first graphics accelerator to make D3D possible at this price point.

"Ultimate 3D breaks through the $100 barrier with significant performance, and with 2D, 3D, and video playback capabilities it provides increased realism and playability in next generation D3D games."

The Ultimate 3D graphics accelerator card is now available from TechWorks and will soon be available from distributors and retail stores worldwide. Introductory pricing through June 6, 1997, is $79.95 for the 2MB version (Model 642), $99.95 for the 4MB version (Model 644), $139.95 for the 6MB version (Model 646), and $179.95 for the 8MB version (Model 648).

After the introductory period Model 642 will be sold at $99.95, Model 644 at $129.95, Model 646 at $179.95, and Model 648 at $199.95.

TechWorks' mission is to be the leading supplier of computer enhancement products and to maintain a 100 percent commitment to customer satisfaction. TechWorks produces more than 200 enhancement products for more than 2,500 different computer systems.

TechWorks Inc., founded in October of 1986, has more than 140 employees worldwide and distributes its products in more than 15 countries. The company's worldwide headquarters is in Austin with European sales and service headquarters located in the United Kingdom. In 1996, TechWorks grossed over $100 million, making it one of the nation's most successful privately held companies. TechWorks can be found on the Internet at .

CONTACT: TechWorks Inc., Austin

Dale Smith, 512/794-8533; Fax: 512/794-0024


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Date:Mar 7, 1997
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