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TechTarget is named among the world's Top 11 "Business Media Powerhouses".

B to B, "The Magazine for Marketing Strategists," rolled out its annual list of the world's "Top Business Media Powerhouses"--ten companies ranked on size of revenues, growth, and influence.

The McGraw-Hill Companies ranked #1, Thomson Corp. #2, Reuters #3, on down to London-based United Business Media at #10.

And the relatively young TechTarget, a UCG company, joined these media giants in a special category, "Up & Comer."

The citation read: "Ask media bankers--the people who analyze business

information companies for a living--if there are any up-and-coming businesses in this industry, and they laugh ruefully.

"'There are not a lot of companies pursuing interesting growth initiatives these days,' said Robert Crosland, managing director of AdMedia Partners Inc.

'They're spending most of their time figuring out ways to hang on to what they've got.'

"A lonely exception is TechTarget. Despite an unprecedented falloff in tech ad spending, privately held TechTarget recorded a profitable third quarter. It has posted 12 consecutive quarters of revenue growth, and in the third quarter its revenue grew 41 percent from the same period a year earlier.

"TechTarget has attracted more than 1,000 advertisers, including IBM and Microsoft, by amassing niche IT audiences on targeted sites such as and

"The company has recently expanded beyond the web into conferences and magazines, all the while maintaining its focus on niche markets. 'We get to a far more granular level than anyone else in this media space,' said TechTarget CEO Greg Stakosch.

"'We have been big on them since their inception, because there is no waste in their model,' said Sarah Fay, president of media-buying agency Carat Interactive.

"TechTarget, Strakosch said, is focused on providing a return on its advertisers' investment. 'Every single program we put out has to have an ROI justification on it. That's what customers are demanding,' he said. 'If you perform, you get more business. If you don't perform, you're gone.'"
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Publication:The Newsletter on Newsletters
Date:Dec 15, 2002
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