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TechGuard Security.

TechGuard Security

703 Seibert Road, Suite 2, Scott AFB, IL 62225 636-489-2230 * * @tgscyber

Carla Stone, President/CEO 636-489-2230 *

Melanie Nagel, Customer Relations 636-489-2230 *

Jennifer Coliny, Vice President of Operations 636-489-2232 *

TechGuard Security[R], LLC was founded with a singular purpose and mission--to SECURE the US critical infrastructure and provide for national cyber defense. We are a trusted partner of the federal government and the commercial sector, providing strategic security solutions to them for almost two decades. Our cyber security professionals protect what matters most--your data and your privacy.

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Title Annotation:INDUSTRY MEMBERS--Regional Patrons
Publication:Defense Transportation Journal
Article Type:Company overview
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Date:Jun 1, 2019
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