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TechCorr's website describes it as a leading materials-corrosion engineering, inspection and non-destructive testing company with more than 300 highly skilled employees dispatched from more than 15 locations worldwide. For more than a decade, engineering, inspection and non-destructive testing has been provided to the pipeline, oil and gas and other industries. The company says it is highly experienced in providing conventional non-destructive testing services, advanced non-destructive test ing services and specialty inspection services. Expertise in, among others, the areas of pipeline construction (conventional radiography, portable radiography, X-ray pipeline crawlers, automated ultrasonics AUT--girth weld, certified welding inspectors and asset integrity management); pipeline integrity (close interval potential survey, direct current voltage gradient survey, pipeline current attenuation survey, pipeline depth of cover and survey, pipe line right-of-way GPS survey, pH soil analysis and continuous resistivity surveys, chemical and mechanical pipeline cleaning, MFL inline inspection tools and deformation/caliper tools). 713-524-2768,

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Title Annotation:What's New In... Corrosion Control Products
Publication:Pipeline & Gas Journal
Date:Mar 1, 2010
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