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Tech wars: with so many cool gadgets on the market, it's hard to pick just one. So why pick just one?

From Jellio comes GummiLights ($125 each), kitschy rubber bears that look almost edible--but no munching. They're meant to fill up a dark room, not your empty stomach.


Memorex is guessing that USB flash drives are becoming the new diskette--just check its memorex FlashDiscs (3 for $20), which hold 16 megabytes of data and also feature labels, just like the good old floppies of yore.


Somehow Motorola has gone from chunky and sensible to fashion-forward with its RAZR, SLVR, and PEBL lines--now the Motorola PEBL gets candy-coated with a variety of shades to fit your personal style. Plus you can call people or something.


Norelco Bodygroom ($40) is your one-stop shop for everything below the neck. There's a trimmer attachment and a hypoallergenic shaver that's even safe for use in the shower. It's perfect for all of your 2,000 parts--yeah, even that one.


It was a collaboration made in silicone heaven. Jason Wu, fashion designer creator of the RuPaul doll, has come together with Amanda Lepore to create the Amanda Lepore doll, a collectible with proceeds going to benefit the Design Industry Foundation Fighting AIDS. "I drew inspiration from a lot of '50s pinup images and bombshell icons and infused them with some edgy New York attitude," says Wu, and it shows. The $200 doll comes in three versions--Work Out, Couture Baby, and Trannytale Glam--and is sold exclusively at Jeffrey New York and the David Barton Gym.

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